Android on PS Vita, the right approach?


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  1. LetsGo says:

    Sweet. First

  2. wololo says:

    First of all, I want to emphasize that we do not know the person behind this donation drive. For such projects, trust is essential, and in order to get trust, that person should either go through a trusted third party such as kickstarter, or gain trust by providing more information on their previous activity in the scene.

    Of course, Kickstarter is probably out of the question given that running Android on the vita would probably require at some point to play with Sony’s DRMs, which is illegal in the US.

    Now, the current amount ($112) is basically ridiculous for such a huge project, and it was at $100 5 months ago when I learned about this page for the first time. This is an interesting idea, but clearly the person behind this still needs to build trust before this can move forward.

    $1000 would be a much more reasonable starting point, and we’ve seen with the Genesis competition that we can easily reach $5000 if we put enough motivated sponsors in the mix. I have myself been toying with this idea (a bounty for PS Vita native unsigned code), but we haven’t started that yet because of legal concerns, and also because the scene, for now, is not totally blocked (there’s VHBL and UVL in progress)

    • ILOVEWOLOLO says:

      After working on this for a while, my team FINALLY PORTED The OS To the VITA!! On Ps Vita Version 1.68, We got it to Boot, We got Touch screen Working But No Apps are working Yet. We have to exploit the encryption Key. We made it work Through the Save data EXPLOIT. More Info SOON! For more info, Join Palringo room [waiting]

    • MGV says:

      Drm is in sony’s firmware. Android, on a user level I believe, is open source and can be modified as you please. I say on a user level because android developers still have to follow google’s guidelines for their respective smartphones/tablets, making it not so open for them.

      What would be considered illegal, is to modify sony’s firmware for any other use from which it was originally designed for.

  3. G0l3m says:

    Browsing and mining the own business sounds like you were browsing on *** sites 😀

    But indeed Android on the vita would be very nice. I bet hellcat would build a ktool for rooted vitas :-)

  4. This is riDICulousness… But it is interesting if the game developers on the phone will invest slightly to Sony. Love to have running games ^_^

  5. HaYNigloo says:

    Anything can be done with money, but I know this community has its minds in the right place. Our devs put thought into the cause/effect their work could have. I wanna see the vita do well, and all we need is a rouge dev to release a vita kxploit that would allow ISO’s, and kill development on the vita. Why would $ony want to develope, any further, something that hinders profit for all legal parties involved.

  6. Michael Woolf says:

    I am imagining actually being able to use my vita. It’s glorious.
    MX player especially with its new update. I would pay for that even if it was like $50

  7. KeZ says:

    It’s gonna be fine, but the graphics hw acceleration and others hw optimizations should be very hard to support.
    In spite of that, I would love see Android ICS running on my Vita :)

  8. Damn So Does This Like Make The Android Work On The Playstation Vita Oh And I Updated To

  9. Developing A Way To Bypass Vita Updates Guys Thank Wololo For Helping Me Figure Out What Sony Mistakenly Haven’t Taken Out…”WINK” Subscribe SuperVisionaryHD

    Dont Forget Follow Theawsomeon3 On Twitter I Found A New Exploit For VHBl
    And Bypass Updates So Thank God For Permanent Hacking!

  10. ILOVEWOLOLO says:

    Well i Saw this comment.. Had your name and website so just thought about showing you! “After working on this for a while, my team FINALLY PORTED The OS To the VITA!! On Ps Vita Version 1.68, We got it to Boot, We got Touch screen Working But No Apps are working Yet. We have to exploit the encryption Key. We made it work Through the Save data EXPLOIT. More Info SOON! For more info, Join Palringo room [waiting]” Thats It!

  11. WΘ↨Φ⌠σ says:


  12. ILOVEWOLOLO says:

    “After working on this for a while, my team FINALLY PORTED The OS To the VITA!! On Ps Vita Version 1.68, We got it to Boot, We got Touch screen Working But No Apps are working Yet. We have to exploit the encryption Key. We made it work Through the Save data EXPLOIT. More Info SOON! For more info, Join Palringo room [waiting]” Found it on The website you posted… Is this True?

  13. Zonic says:

    Ok I’m confused. When they say Android OS do they mean just look wise or the whole thing including the apps?

  14. sharlock says:

    This type of thing should be sony’s job : pay developers and hackers to find holes in your product and then fix it and in the process make more developers interested in your hard ware i thin sony should do that just to attract the developers back to the scene

  15. sonicjam says:

    It is totally possible for the vita to run android. Android runs on arm chips. the psvita cpu is an arm cpu just drivers will need to be written and that’s the hard part:

    Vita specs:

    Arm Cortex A9 Cpu:

    Anothe device same cpu:

  16. Brendan B. says:

    I remember on April 1st when some guy posted Android 4.0 on the PS Vita as an April Fool’s joke. I wanted it to be true so badly I fell for it.

    I would love to see this happen, and honestly if it did – VHBL wouldn’t be as big of a deal with all the emulator APKs. ;D

    Regardless, Android – PERIOD on the PS Vita would be the greatest thing ever. As much as I would love to donate, I lack the funds but I wish this project the best of luck and I’ll try to keep tabs on it.

  17. slipk487 says:

    Ive thought of running android on it when first got it, ics and jellybean accept game inputs

  18. super says:

    If it’s legit I’ll stop on the stuff that I’m currently doing on the Vita and try (with the help of my friends who work on android devices) to see if we can do this.

  19. aksiz says:

    It just seem highly improbable to me…
    I mean when the bootloader(IPL) of TA88v3 (psp2k) isn’t even hacked, how can we hack the bootloader of VITA to run Android…
    maybe kernel access is enough to run android with some tricks, but it doesn’t change much as we still need the kernel exploit.

    And if either(boorloader or kernel) gets cracked, I rather go for custom firmware for VITA over the android for vita.

    • KeZ says:

      I think the same. Look at PS3, all hacks started after years and with the help of Geohot with his peek/poke patch for OtherOS.
      Maybe someone knows a lot of crucial details of Vita, like hypervisor details and IPL. Without these infos, it should be even harder.

  20. SSJ-Vita says:

    We are all subject to the human condition and where there is a demand there is supply. Cash prize for accomplishment is a jolly path where everyone wins, but the same is accomplished free of charge as well. Either or won’t matter much in the grand view of these endeavors, but my own personal opinion on it is: I don’t think developers should turn down willing donations and here is why,People who donate made things like the Ouya possible, we like it that way, and it works out for us all Those who donate are choosing to financially back an entity who’s services are not only appreciated but expected to continue. But whatever happens, you devs have made incredible stuff happen before, and it’s not going to end anytime soon I’d wager.

  21. genie101 says:

    Maybe the owner want the android OS on vita soo badly that he’s willing to pay for it..!!! N it wont be a bribe to devs….. It’ll just be a work for them that’ll get paid for it!!!

  22. Kevin says:

    Why would you want Android on such a great device, seems like a waste to me. Android sucks in way too much cpu for itself. I’d rather see some version of linux on the Vita.

  23. Zett says:

    Give us some neat iOS for the Vita.

  24. C Gallagher says:

    Well I’ve donated, I like the idea.

    Programmers should be rewarded for their work.

    At the end of the day $10 is like £6.34 over here so it’s no big deal!

  25. Zer01ne says:

    That ***, this website just want take money from stupid people.

  26. Joe says:

    This seems highly improbable just because running unsigned code with the kind of privileges necessary to rewrite the onboard operating system is simply not something any homebrew developer could accomplish at this point.

    However, I will indulge the idea and presume we can, we can write to the internal storage medium inside the vita, how exactly are you going to port android? This would require android-x86 type porting. Most “custom ROMs” for phones and other devices are so readily available because by definition android is a highly encapsulated project; the core source is available directly, and in most cases, drivers for the hardware of the device are made available by the manufacturer. The “bare minimum parts” to cook a ROM are available due to the open source licensing. Of course, not all devices conform to this, especially ones created by manufacturers outside the OHA.

    The truth is developing Android for the vita would require the level of involvement that would come from Sony trying to port Android to the vita, a lot. A homebrew developer would be a great disadvantage trying to produce this. Said developer would have the probe the hardware, attempt to find, license or write drivers for every piece, and then work on building a kernel for android to run with. Squashing bugs and engineering inventive solutions the whole way. Doable? Yes very much so. Worth it? IMO no, it just isn’t.

    The kind of person who would donate to this project or even attempt to fund this project is people that do not understand the real implications of technology. A project like Android-x86 has a ton of uses (can we say cloud smartphones?), justifying the amount of development. Doing the same for the vita would involve a similar amount of effort and produce the result of running android on a gaming device that is selling miserably.

    It is not as simple as someone “finDing sUM l33t hAckz” and then boom, android. It would require a dedicated team, something the vita simply does not have an audience for. Most people that want their projects seen and used have already moved onto android and iOS. There was a time before the iPhone and android, where the PSP was an awesome target platform for homebrew game development. That time has passed and with the new expanded market of gaming devices and smartphones already running “app-developer friendly” operating systems with no hacks required to run their software, the vita is not in a position to take its place.

  27. UKDNA says:

    I know nothing, but wow, would/could the radio in the 3Gs (eventually maybe) allow phone and text in such a case?

    • Trigg says:

      This was what I thought/hoping the vita was going to be able to do when it the vita was in development before they even had pics and was going by the name NGP and had said ” that it was going to be 3G capable……. However I got truly exited when I got my Vita at release and put my cell phones sim card in the sim slot and started receiving text messages on it from friends but there was no way to reply just only recieve and read them BUT still gives me hope its capable and possible

  28. AL13NCRY says:

    It sonst work because there is no bootloader.
    I asked the same question in the Forum Hand some one from the xda developers (Genius android porters) said that it is Not possible.

  29. AL13NCRY says:

    Doesn’t *

  30. le4thab says:

    i think a cool place to start lookin would be haret on xda devs forum

  31. PsVITAHackbeginner says:


  32. AR says:

    if there will be a port android os to vita then what about the ps vita OS ? if there will be no Ps vita OS on the hardware how will the ps vita games will be played ?

    • Darkanubis74 says:

      We most likely will lose that functionality. The site owner offering the bounty stated that they must work though, so that alone makes me think this won’t happen.

  33. rodakk says:

    Kickstarter for homebrew… DUDE. This is a BRILLIANT IDEA!

  34. When I launched the site I was thing it could work with a multiboot. I don’t care about android apps but the phone

  35. neverthewiseone says:

    i wonder what happened to my old posts? the only way any of this great ideas becomes reality is that if and only the console will be fully broken and knowing sony they will do anything to stop it but that wont stop hacker for tring otherwise.

  36. neverthewiseone says:

    i wonder what happened to my old posts? the only way any of this great ideas becomes reality is that if and only the console will be fully broken and knowing sony they will do anything to stop it but that wont stop hacker for trying otherwise.

  37. testtater says:

    hacking the device is one thing. exploiting it so much that you rewrite the actual infrastructure is another. once the exploit is open to actually overwrite the internal memory to allow dual boot is a hard thing to do unless you have the actual build specs information (build spec info is how the memory and hardware works). it sounds great but i don’t see this happening unless a total memory and function re-write is found either now or in the near future before Sony cuts all ties to the world with its firmware updates. but i so did wish the Vita came with android or a dumb downed version of it at least. but that wouldn’t happen because that would ruin their somewhat smartphone sales and tablet sales.

  38. -X-77 says:

    Personally i would donate more so to the Ouya team so they can come out with a open-sourced handheld running android. that way we would have a HUGE support over the handheld and its homebrew. Hacked systems never have the same level of support that official ones do…

  39. Delila Samson says:

    Hello Wololo what can you say about this?? Is it real or fake I am not convinced with the bunches of comments they all seem fake please do reply directly <—- thats the link it says that it can play android games on the vita please reply ASAP

  40. agntromi says:

    looks like i found something about running android on vita

  41. ahmad says:

    how to ios on psvita?

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