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Vita Firmware 1.81 is out, patches VHBL


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125 Responses

  1. fran

    psvita running god of war II
    Thanks 😀 and sub please
    This video it’s not mine

  2. PSVitality

    Heres the Changelog for 1.81

    -Patched VHBL
    -Increased Version Number
    -Fired Some Employees for Not Pulling MHFU fast Enough

  3. mike7500

    nintendo 64 emulator running amazing if someone has an emulator that can actually load cps3 street fighter 3rd strike i would apreciate it thx in advance

  4. coldjim

    Updated due to getting in the beta of playstation all stars! 🙂 Hopefully going back to VHBL in the future!

  5. tonyuk73

    It could be worse, at least I’m not playing super collapse 3 for ever. Just MH.


    and now I have 2 legal copies of it.wow. I am spoilt. Looking forward to the next release of VHBL.

    • clicks

      Same here, but now I’m around $200 shorter after selling my PSP to buy a Vita and essentially back to a hacked PSP in terms of functionality.

      I was hoping for AT LEAST a better media device but I can’t even get that! In many ways it’s worse than the PSP…

  6. Art

    Hey how about if I download mhu from my ps3 and transfer it to my 1.80 PS vita for the exploit? Would that work?

  7. For Reals

    If I could run homebrew and still buy from the PS Store, I would. But if I’m not allowed to buy, I guess I HAVE to wait for the true vita hack and just run pirated copies. You hear me Sony? I WANT to give you money! Idiots.

  8. Wagic FTW!

    The problem is Sony makes no $ on Wagic.

  9. Dr_Spikes

    Sony is a pain in the *** .!
    Why do they spend all there time blocken a harmless vhbl
    They have alot of other things to work on besides that.
    I dident spend 300 dollars for sony to be blocken out thing on my device
    Thats my *** and i wood like to do wat i want with it

  10. clicks

    Man… Bought MHFU to update in anticipation for Persona 4 Golden (though at the time I was expecting it in October, not November). Everything I want for the Vita is always being pushed back and Sony is playing the same old game with the homebrew community…

    With my only Vita owning friend selling his Vita, it’s getting harder and harder to justify keeping this pricey piece of hardware when money is so short everywhere…

  11. nCadeRegal

    thats wierd my reply didnt post?

  12. solidsnake

    oh man. why is sony so focused on security. sony should make more games not firmware!!

    • An M n M

      So when Black Ops Declassified or GTA V comes out for PS Vita and your required to update, you guys are still gonna be using VHBL? Nice

      • jeremymd

        I know I would. Right now, 1.80 seems like our last stand. if anything miraculous is going to happen overnight(like vita finally gets fully working cfw), it will be for those who stayed with 1.80. i’m assuming it’s pretty much like how in the early psp scene, only those who were running 1.50 fw could run homebrew and downgrading fw was downright dangerous back then.

        so i would stay on old firmware as long as possible simply because it’s the easiest thing to upgrade and a nightmare to downgrade if ever you need to.

  13. solidsnake

    i mean. they need to focus on the gamers more, not the company. GAMERS is what keeps their company going!!!!

  14. jdubz

    Well, as much as i dont want to say this, I think sony has destroyed vhbl. Think about this past release, and how sony handled it. If they can suck up money from an exploited game and then patch it after they’ve made their money and render the exploit useless, how many ppl at this point do you think will continue to even bother putting vhbl on their device? How many devs will continue to support it? I know I am skeptical. Guess we’ll just have to wait for a kxploit so we can come back at sony with glorious vengeance.

    • wololo

      This is not different from what they did before, except this time they did not remove the game. It is still possible to keep using VHBL if you stay on 1.80 and use openCMA.

      • jdubz

        Ya, but I dont ever remember them doing forced updates that patch it a week later. 🙁 Sucks being able to choose between homebrew and full functionality of vita. Sigh…

  15. Dr_Spikes

    Stupid sony who cares if people wanna run vhbl on there vita its not gonna hurt any one and its like the koolest thing out
    Sony needs to stop with the firmware updatein and stArt maken some new games
    New firmware is just gonna stop people from goin on the psn store and buyen stuff
    I cant play online thanks to sony
    F the new update

  16. Dr_Spikes

    I hate the word update

  17. SonyIsRacist

    Sony said that N-ggers are the reason the Vita will fail.

  18. Azio

    Hey wololo if i updated cant i run the vhbl

  19. gjanko2

    is there anyway to bypass the update?

  20. Ted Sheckler

    I just got my Vita in today and purchased MHU last week on my PS3. The Vita is on FW 1.67 so I thought I was good, what I didn’t know is that it forces you to update before you can transfer anything.
    Anyway to bypass this or transfer the game through my PC somehow?

    • wololo

      As far as I can remember, transferring from your PS3 to your Vita does not require you to update… does it?

      • Ted Sheckler

        Doesn’t seem to be giving me much choice, like the PC content manager it requires the PS3 to be online so it can check for updates. Looks like I’m boned for now. 🙂