PsVita 1.81 Update Tonight and Could Block VHBL


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121 Responses

  1. SweepNeedles says:

    I can´t connect my Vita to the PC, maybe because of the Update?

    • super says:

      Try running CMA as administrator, on the bottom left you’ll see the CMA icon right click on it and click on settings. You’ll end up seeing CMA open. Now connect your Vita to your PC and see if it works now.

  2. Kris says:

    If the update doesn’t block VHBL, that will be VERY interesting. More interesting than them not removing Monster Hunter from the store.

  3. id ont nned the update but if you dont update you can acces to pstore or i am grong.

  4. HIMFan says:

    Maybe it won’t be mandatory like some PS3 updates and still let you access the store.

  5. mang says:

    …… next time just post the clear version. not in caps.

    what if!?!??! buy it … or wait for the next one, not much else you can do really.

  6. deckardbr says:

    Hopefully this will be like the last update where vhbl was working as long as it was already saved on your vita. OpenCMA will probably have to be updated again.

  7. Darkanubis74 says:

    I thought it was found out the page that update was on was unofficial? has scea said anything yet? they do like to announce their updates before pushing them usually, unless this is a return to the PSP days of suprise updates…
    Dark alex had them against the wall back then

  8. Rowan says:

    maybe Sony realized that this wont leed to piracy all people wanna do is play there own games that they made and will leave it vhbl on the psvita

  9. asdfg says:

    I’m going to get my vita in 10-12 hours, ETA of the patch?

  10. PS Vita says:

    i wanna be hacked

  11. Crimson says:

    Dang, my vita couldn’t turn off =_=

  12. bestapps says:

    Hope this update wont’ block VHBL. Things start to get interested as it determines Sony’s thought about VHBL

  13. armookie says:

    This might just be an update to give us “HTML5 with Flash support” lol
    We can but wish!!!

    • ZorakTorok says:

      If only… They would hold that one for a uvl.

      • armookie says:

        More like sony will hold it forever. They like to do that to their customers. Its about time Sony gave us something we wanted. Not just fixes for the exploits.
        Thats something that sony really bug me with. They should include something good with each and every firmware update. It sickens me when they force updates to get on the store, especially when the update brings us nothing usefull. Now if each update gave us more features then I would be more than happy. But Sony lack the brains to do that as we all know!

        • Darkanubis74 says:

          Flash is dead, we wont see that as adobe has already said they wont port it. Sony even asked them to do and offered to pay them and they still said no. HTML5 though will eventually see a release IMO.

  14. armookie says:

    OOOOOhhh Long Johnson!!!!!
    Ooooohhh Pianao!!!!

  15. armookie says:

    OOOOOhhh Long Johnson!!!!!
    Ooooohhh Pianao!!!!

    SO who is gonna try it then to see?

  16. confirmed market mexico ask update you cant accses to pstore

  17. armookie says:

    Uk store: Still no update to get on the store yet!
    As of 3.38am

  18. dovlek says:

    USA ask for update

  19. anon says:

    usa asks for update

  20. armook says:

    So they removed Monster hunter from eu store. Maybe they won’t force update in eu. Very unlikely though!

  21. eManuelvip says:

    I cant connect to CMA update is required puff good that I put all my games and emulators for vhbl before this, aNY news if the supfste blocks vhbl? I want to tray the n64 emulator but I cant! firmware was live at 3.00 Nederlands time :/

  22. Thorwak says:

    New FW live in EU (Sweden), forced update (can’t use PS Store etc). OpenCMA works fine, even after the PS Vita as “seen” the new FW being available.

    So, who’s going first? 😉

  23. bleep says:

    NOOO!! Looks like I won’t be able to download LittleBigPlanet upon release. Why couldn’t they just release the update next month?

  24. camspanners says:

    I can confirm it is required in US to use psn, and it blocks the exploit in Monster Hunter United.

  25. Jon says:

    I updated my PS Vita to 1.81 and it does indeed block VHBL for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

    • Kero says:

      Well, thanks for that… and, i didn’t got VHBL indeed becoz i dont use too much emulators, but, what’s new on the 1.81? noticed something aside of the fix of the xploit?

      • Jon says:

        Not really. I did not find anything else new about the update that was noticeable. I just remember trying to load VHBL with Monster Hunter and getting an error message.

  26. Xoombie503 says:

    O well i wanna see what wololo has to say,i wanna play lbp online when it goes live tho but i still want my emulators arrrgg

    • Kero says:

      Take the posibilities and balance it, if you prefer emu’s don’t update, if you wanna play online, access to PSN and get LBP, then update… xD

  27. Xoombie503 says:

    Im in the us and i can acces the store so whos lying?

  28. razor says:

    Wololo what ever happened to Dark Alex? Seems like the earth swallowed him

  29. shadowfire90 says:

    Looks like all online features are blocked until you update to the new 1.81

    I cant update my near location or play any game that access PSN or leader boards.

    The games are still playable, but all online features are blocked until you update.

    I do not have VHBL installed so cant test that.

  30. Bah says:

    (the pos browser still works)

  31. PSPGHOST says:

    im glad i didnt update i bought both final fantasy iv and vii ……thats all i wanted as for games for the vita ill buy the hard copies at the store …

  32. Jason says:

    Ye you can’t ues the ps store anles yo update dame sony for that ill wat to see iv the hbl works on 1.81 are not

  33. hene193 says:

    In Finland psn store is still working (7:26 AM)
    I think that they may reboot it at 8:00 AM

  34. tonyuk73 says:

    Vhbl is proving to be an expensive App to run. Another
    Ninja release, another game to buy of $ony that I already own.
    A vicious circle.

    • wololo says:

      If only the devs of VHBL were getting a percentage of the sale -_-

      • Darkanubis74 says:

        lol there would be releases every week 😀

      • tonyuk73 says:

        that’s why I donate wololo. But as a end user I only buy hardware like the vita because of good people like yourself putting your spare time into making homebrew.I’ve had my vita from first day of release in the UK I’ve only one vita game but ask me how much homebrew on it , I’ve too many to remember. Just hope soon that I can play my umd bk/ups. It’s not all about the money…..but it helps! :^)

  35. infinitetrax says:

    I am in the US and can access psn and the store with no issue so I think some people are lying

  36. tryonmydream says:

    guess its randomly to force or not

    im in asia still can access or playing online with 1.80 fw only they force to update is about CMA.

  37. PSPGHOST says:

    im on the east coast and i cant access the psn store without updating (which im not doing) so no one is lying at least on the east coast

  38. Jd8531 says:

    Everyone needs to be aware that there are different time zones. It’ll vary from place to place because of that or how long it takes to roll out.

  39. dovlek says:

    Yeah I guess it varies by region

  40. ZorakTorok says:

    Well, well, well…. USA here, ky unfortunately and it is true… Forced update, not gonna do it though, however maps, skype and youtube still going strong. Im really surprised youtube still works. Go ahead and try if you want people, just realize that the cancel button is awful damn close to the update button. I am going to buy lbp and i hope like heck that there isnt some update trick loaded on the card to force you online. This would be the first time that has happened and sony knew for a long time vhbl would come with 1.80 but it is highly doubtfull. As i stated earlier, due to manufacturing timelines atleast the initial carts will be for a lower firmare.

  41. Darien says:

    1.81 PATCHES VHBL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. PSPGHOST says:


  43. SIM sk says:

    What shall we do now wololo? I really want to play lbp. Will there be a patch from you guys ^^

  44. PSPGHOST says:

    @SIM sk DONT UPDATE …………….

  45. GabIsGod says:

    I cant play online but I can go on psn.

  46. PSPGHOST says:


  47. Norml says:

    Another worthless update, imagine that. 1.8WON, I think not.

  48. jayfelice says:

    LOL, if they block PSN with this update they will just lose more money in the long-run from people like me. Sony keeps making dumb decisions. Who ever runs that company is a ***.

  49. neverthewiseone says:

    Damn you sony!!! obviously they new that vbhl will be released the same time as the 1.80 update, they new that they will profit a lot with the exploit game(MHFU)so they allowed many of us to download it and after that they released their backup 1.81 for us not to use vbhl. they just “ate and run with our money”. when it comes to money they are more cunning than jackals!!!

  50. jayfelice says:

    Sony not too bright, they will lose more money. I’m not updating, oh no they’re gonna block me from buying games off psn now. Sony=fail

  51. Etnies22 says:

    Sony politics again sucks and prooves goes only for money! They don’t care to bring any satisfaction to us customers…

    I’m still thinking to sell my Vita an buy PSP CFW… :S

  52. jayfelice says:

    You know what I believe? I believe forcing updates encourages piracy, plus I believe Sony loses more money overall blocking people from PSN.

  53. I am on 1.81 cma offline still works fine i can send files ofline with CMA for 1.80 work.

    In my country still monster hunter but i dont know if this is patche.

  54. CYDeviant says:

    As far as a game plan goes, this is obviously the right decision on Sonys part. I would much rather see them keep the game on sale, then remove it from the store all together. It’s also a very popular game, they would have never removed it.

    • zoraktorok says:

      Capcom employee!!! j/k Best poossible move they could make with this exploit, but still not the “right” decision. The right decision would to be to deal with actual piracy, which as of yet is none… atleast not any that all of us are partaking of.

  55. ndh777 says:

    I know we’ve been tough on Sony lately and I think Sony is actually starting to come around. They realize that most of us that have VHBL are not using it for piracy, in fact, none of us are because we can’t. We’re just using the devices that they made even better than they thought they could be.

    I’m hoping that they don’t block it because this gives me more hope for a much better Sony that we can trust. In the Android scene, we’re starting to see it where manufacturers are listening more and more to the people about unlocked bootloaders. Hopefully Sony is doing the same with us. I’ve got a little bit of optimism here; Sony, don’t fail us.

  56. sepi says:

    I prefer 1.81 than a useless VHBL……….

  57. dert says:

    if some one has a 1.81 vita, can they get me they make me a dump of the files sent to psn using charles web debugging proxy; so i can compare them to the 1.80 files

  58. madphx says:

    Confirmed VHBL will not load once you update to 1.81. I load up the game select download and they you get an error message.

    For those of you who don’t want to lose VHBL DO NOT UPDATE!

  59. quetz says:

    i don’t get why sony wants his followers and fans to hate them

  60. svenn says:

    “fact Sony hasn’t removed Monster Hunter from the PSN points to VHBL getting blocked” I disagree. there was a time before VHBL, and I cannot believe that sony is that short-sighed.

  61. cuppajoe says:

    Why does the front page show 81 comments but only 9 here?

  62. quetz says:

    i noticed that you have to update in order to play online games and some apps, and access playstation store. browser works good, twitter too, skype even. facebook don’t.

  63. jamesssss says:

    All I can say, f*** you sony!

    What new feature have you added to this downgrade? last time I lost the ability to change user accounts with my memory card whats this one do? burn my PSN account permanently to the PS Vita so that I can never change it again or sell the damn thing.

    Why do they make such great hardware and then hate there customers so much? makes no sense to me.

    • yyy says:

      Nothing was added here, expect blocking VHBL and maybe some stability fixes. I’ve had my Vita freezing on me a few times, only time will tell if i will notice it in 1.81 as well.

  64. jlo138 says:

    I just put my Go on eBay. I just don’t have the time anymore… I seen the receipt and I got it in ’09. I hardly even play it.

    • Jd8531 says:

      How much? I’ve actually kind of been wanting another go

      • jlo138 says:

        I’m asking $300 with best offer option. It has 46 PSN games and three 16gb M2 Sticks. I also include all the games backed up on DVDs with licenses (in case of accidental deletion). 6.20 OFW. Plus two aluminum shells, RCA and component out cables, original charger. Adult owned and is in excellent condition. Screen protector since day one. And all manuals etc with original box. I don’t ship outside of the U.S though.

  65. jayfelice says:

    I’ve never had my Vita freeze on me, and I use VHBL. If you have your Vita freezing, I would get it checked out and get a new one or have it repaired by someone.

  66. tatsuya says:

    i have update 1.8 but it seem dont block psn 😉
    but they remove the urbanix game :(

  67. Mr Jack says:

    It won’t block you from using the vita. Maybe the psn but not the vita its self.

  68. 123 says:

    Madden is a game made by Electronic Arts, it is not made by Sony.

  69. icebox says:

    “Sorry Sony. I’ll take WTH over your overpriced half *** games.” +1

  70. ZorakTorok says:

    That the name of the game to stay with psn. Open cma works without an update. No one forced you to update or buy the game. Had you read the disclaimers posted all over the place you would have noted that the patches come very quickly and vhbl wasnt even guaranted to run on the game you bought in the first place. You bought a game and you still have it… Just not the underlying bonus you decided to remove by updating. Seriously, who are you mad at?

  71. ff6man says:

    Quit whining.

  72. no no no says:

    Your tears taste so incredibly delicious. If you didn’t know this was a possibility when you first bought a game for VHBL you deserve the pain of every capital letter you just typed. Please do the world a favor and smash your computer and Vita with a hammer and go play with a ball of yarn or some other comparable piece of technology that your primitive brain can actually handle.

  73. cuppajoe says:

    What the heck did you expect to happen? If you don’t realise that an update will patch VHBL it is your own fault.

  74. Jd8531 says:

    >Can’t use CMA
    >Open CMA has been posted about plenty of times
    >I told you in my post not to update to 1.81

  75. 123 says:

    You talked about Sony and their games, and from hen Madden. Thought it was worth mentioning it.

  76. 123 says:

    “and then you mentioned Madden” is what i ment to write, sorry for typos.

  77. Darkanubis74 says:

    There are always going to be people who do not pay attention, Yet will blame Wololo and Co. for their mistakes.

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