Clearing the confusion. VHBL, UVLoader and Kexploits


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  1. Mr Jack says:

    Thanks wololo 🙂

  2. Some1 says:

    “One example of this is Davee and his exploit that allows him to run Iso backups of PSP games”

    I’d like to say, because everyone has been confusing it, Davee has *not* loaded any ISO backups of PSP games. Yes he can if he wanted to, but in the video that is an official PSN game, with the license, loaded from the PSP emu.

  3. b7 says:

    I see what you mean, especially after reading the last section. But Isn’t it a given that exploits will eventually be patched? Dev’s like I know love challenges, so why not release, “get patched” and then further release. The circle of “coding” is the game for dev’s. It’s inevitable, might as well make better use of time before a patch is released for stopping a mod that is not even released…

  4. Goran Konjikusic says:

    Thanks,for all your hard work,following you since first HBL on 6.20…i’m from Serbia,still Vita is too much expensive for us but we have our share of PSP..and i just love my homebrew and emulators … much love and thanks for all Devs that work hard for giving us what we desiree..

  5. Alex says:

    This is the kind of scene I like to see. I’ve been around the scene since the very first psp release, and i have to say I’ve seen it go both ways. Honestly its guys like Wololo, and Neur0n and many others that make this all worth while. Not so much for the work they put out, which is greatly appreciated, but because of the attitude and willingness to help and treat noobs like myself with respect and dignity.

    Thank all of you for everything you do. Keep up the awesome work.

  6. PlaystationVita says:

    i wanna be hacked

  7. Azio says:

    Hey wololo can we run iphone aplications on vita?If not plzz make some emulator for it.

  8. busterg says:

    can you run 3ds games on vita or will 3ds ever be cracked

  9. PSPcfwDUDE says:

    Ok what i want for the next revision of VHBL : Make me a coffee while it brushes my teeth :DDD

  10. bigyobogyo says:

    kinda unrelated, but could anyone explain to me why is it not possible to port an android to the Vita, providing there is an user mode exploit? With a very limited technical knowledge what I have, it doesn’t seem to be an impossible challenge, and I feel that it’s much more hindered by the lack of interest from the devs / limited access to the Uexploit (and maybe the monstrosity of the task), but I’d love to know if there is anything from the technical side what makes it impossible?

    • Darkanubis74 says:

      I think it is technically possible, Vita has an ARM processor(compatible)It’s more waiting for someone to care enough to do it. Also you will most likely lose the ability to play Vita software when such a hack occurs, Not to mention touchpad and other features.

    • Pat says:

      I am not a hacker or coder or any thing super cool like that but I think this would require is admin or root what every you want to call it access to the kernel. Then you would need a boot loader to load the OS of choice and the last just format or partition the drive and install your OS.

    • pero como reinstalar OS VITA si no tenemos ningun OS vita que nos respalde todavia y acceder a la raiz de la memoria por ahora es imposible creo yo por lo tanto el instalador nunca reconoceria el hardware yo estoy interesado y creo que mas adelante podremos instalar android en nuestros dispositivos eso espero.

    • wololo says:

      An os requires access to the drivers, we dont have that with a user mode exploit.

  11. xoombie503 says:

    Come on wololo u don’t support piracy but put yourself in our position if you had 1000 umds and had to rebuy those games again,I’ve bought a few from psn but most are not there.the ones up are *** or just over rated by ppl.

    • Darkanubis74 says:

      I see this alot with the UMD debate, You bought those for a PSP. it is not Sony’s responsibility to make sure every console they release has to support the previous one. That being said it would have been nice to get the transfer program offered in japan. I do not like seeing so many people acting like spoilt brats because sony doesn’t cater to the PSP or PS1 as if it were this generation. They do what little they do because 1. it is a customer service and they want us happy(somewhat)
      and 2. because in the beginning of a consoles life there should be things to play on it so they make it BC to hold people over till more current software is available.
      it is a service. not perfect, but it doesn’t have to be

      • xoombie503 says:

        i agree with you that the main reason was to play vita games and not psp games but they promised that the vita would play all psp and ps1 games outta the box and look at where is at now.look at monster hunter freedom unite,how well it plays now because of the second analog stick,other example is rachet and clank and i have many other games i would like to try with the new control settings of the vita to be more enjoyable.

        • Darkanubis74 says:

          If your gripe is about all PSP games not being available on the PSN store(if they actually ever said that, I doubt it)then that’s fine, but you are saying you bought UMDs and when you bought those games, there was never a sticker on it that said “will always be compatible with Sony handhelds” really not trying to be a jerk, if you’re going to be a pirate, who cares. At least be honest about it and do not use buying original UMDs as a crutch, they still work perfectly fine on a PSP(non-GO)

    • wololo says:

      I have nothing in favor or against piracy. I have always made it clear that I think it is a matter of personal responsibility.

  12. drake says:

    There are a few main games I want. Star Ocean 1 and 2, and Valkyrie Profile. Crisis Core, maybe. The fact that these games are absolutely NOT available on the Vita should be embarrassing to Sony.

  13. VoDkA Vi says:

    perfect post…everything any1 needs to know…just cant wait for those kernel exploits ^_^

  14. VoDkA Vi says:

    and about the piracy thing….sometimes it’s not because people are being cheap or want to support pirating…for instance right now I want to play Parasite Eve on my’s not on the PSN for me to buy so if it was possible I would just put it on there through a mod

  15. SebasTorron says:

    Hey, i didnt get this: “people would no longer support the company in which we all want to see succeed lately”.

    like, i dont get the problem of hacking the PSP Emulator. Please explain me 🙂

    • Darkanubis74 says:

      If people were able to just pirate PSP games right now, no one would buy any off of the PS store. Not to say I am against those exploits. they will definitely open doors.

  16. PlayStation Vita says:



  17. PlayStation Vita says:

    SONY is updating me tonight with the firmware version 1.81!!!



  18. Arashi no yoru ni says:

    This is awesome can’t wait for this to happen. I’m gonna fill my PS Vita with piracy games. lol

  19. Asdfjuma says:

    Some of your articles have been getting really good lately Wololo!

  20. Knicknock says:

    “at the end of the day you have to see that these kexploits were shown to prove the concept, not to tease you or for devs to feel like elitists.”

    Why would these Dev’s feel the urge to post such video’s just to proove the concept without teasing? Of course it’s a tease.
    You don’t see Wololo posting PSP ISO’s running on the Vita just to proove it can be done, even though I have no doubt he has the skills to do so or he probably knows already but he has no interest in the “look what I can do but I’m not saying” attitude.

    • Darkanubis74 says:

      I am also sure there are others with hacks similar, the ones so far that have come forward I believe did so to show that VHBL would not be the only option ever. There may be a couple people who posted to just say “haha I have it” but I do not believe that was the aim of the bigger devs.

  21. Need2Fap says:

    I want to play Japanese PSP games on my Vita, but the Vita cant use UMDs.
    Either, I need an ISO loader or I need a way to switch between accounts which doesn’t require me to format everything… I just don’t know why Sony never incorporated this feature to start with, it’s like they purposely want people to pirate games.

  22. Mr Jack says:

    I could see 3DS coming to the Vita at some point but I would think it would have to be through the actual Vita side rather than the PSP side. Of course removing the 3D effect from the games but still possible. I mean they already tried with DS games which worked although it was slow. It was still a jump forward on the psp.

  23. sharlock says:

    I think the vita should be hacked a allow people to pirate games all over the place ,that way more people will buy it , i think this could be the reason why the Monster Hunter game is not removed (or is it now ,i didnt check),more sales should lead some developers to become interested in the vita and develop more games for it

    • Need2Fap says:

      What makes a console successful is games sales, not hardware sales. It means nothing if the console sales well and has no game!
      Pirating games only leads to people not buying games, hence less money for develops and eventually they will stop supporting the hardware. Piracy doesn’t lead to sales and interest by develops, on the contrary, why would anyone support a console which allows anyone to pirate a game instead of buying it?
      The games industry like any other business is a about making money, piracy lowers sales, how can such act be beneficial to a business if it does exactly the contrary of what the business wants?
      Yeah, I’ll open a store and let everyone steal from it, that will increase sales by attracting more customers…

  24. James Way says:

    I just hope no ISO loaders. I get using ROMS for old a$$ games that are no longer in circulation, ie snes, amiga, genesis, etc.. but for vita or psp games still being sold, the only description fitting for such act is theft. For legit reasons, I get it, eg I had chrono soft but got scratched up beyond use, so I got a bootleg version for the ps1 10 years ago. I’d hate to see the vita no longer receive games, solely because hackers/devs chose to make a buck out off someone else’s hard work, True blue i’m looking at you. I know the vita game prices are high and the variety is low, but piracy will only make it worse.

  25. YES! says:

    Thanks Darkanubis 🙂

  26. ·§oul×· says:

    I hope at some point the vita can be hacked to run custom apps/themes for cool things like better browsers/file browsing directory of vita memory card etc. would be so awesome to have 😀 until then, enjoying this device the way sony wants the experience to be like. 🙂

  27. applesauce says:

    Who wants an iPhone on a Vita? Hahaha. You will need to go through custom kernel then bootloader then the port of the OS and all that only to go cage yourself again with Apple. Android on the other hand would be different in my opinion but that is what cell phones are for anymore. For now I would be happy if my console only did what it was made to do. Then some!!! 😉

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