New Tech Lets You Go Into Videogames: Sony/Microsoft in Beta Phase

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  1. Scragy says:

    That *** cray.

  2. sage says:


    Ii will possible be presented in a very raw form…
    But the future is bright and I am extremely excited. I waited for this since day 1 I entered the videogame world.

  3. th3pwnsh0p says:

    So my friends were talking about 2d and 3d yesterday. They jokingly made a statement that 4d would have you be able to smell and feel what was in a game or movie. what the fuuuu?

  4. Awsome says:

    Wololo,Wololo,Wololo yeah yeah Wololo song


  5. Atv says:

    In an interview last year, William Gibson used the expression “steam engine time” (he probably didn’t invent it) in order to describe these moments when technology that has been ready for a long time finally goes to the street. Although the Romans had both the knowledge and the technology to build steam engines, steam power remained a curiosity until someone finally assembled a steam machine, which ignited the industrial revolution in the 19th century.

    The same can be said of tablet computers. Many tablets has been built and sold before the iPad, but they remained confidential objects with niche applications. And all of a sudden, while all the pieces had been around for a long time, the iPad sparked it all.

    3D helmets, tactile gloves, odor diffusion systems have existed for maybe 20 years. They were experimented in some movie theaters. They’ve been used in research labs and for professional applications. But they’ve not reached the street yet.

    So, has steam engine time finally come for VR ?

  6. KirkD says:

    I can only imagine how bugs might manifest themselves in gaming when using the central nervous system in the future…

    News: Today, Company XYZ has issued an official apology regarding the bug with their latest game, which caused the players to feel extreme pain where only minor sensations should have been present. This bug occurred when players attempted to lift “heavy” in-game objects. A patch is expected to be available by the end of the month. Players are advised to wait until they can download and install this patch before continuing play.

  7. alatnet says:

    Soon, The World ala .hack!

    • SuzieJoeBob says:

      I have always dreamed of a .hack game with virtual reality; it may soon be possible… hopefully it will be released for NTSC systems…

      I think that pokemon game would be interesting as well, especially if there is one where you play as the pokemon. Then, the tv show’s “dodge X” or “grab the enemy’s vinewhip” would finally be possible.

  8. Aye Guy says:


  9. Randqalan says:

    The matrix has you…..:o

  10. ATG says:

    where can i download that gta IV mod????

  11. PSPcfwDUDE says:…god! Well, i was surprised with the new VR display/device by Sony, but, i was AMAZED with the 2 screenshots by GTA IV with realism mod. Technology has reached new levels…

  12. codestorm says:

    I’m REALLY excited for this, I didn’t expect it to happen in my lifetime.

  13. Sakuryu says:

    Oh yeah! *gets ready for THE WORLD and .hack// level tech

  14. Kefkiroth says:

    Let’s hope the HMZ doesn’t have a microwave…
    Anyways I’m sure the SAO fans in Japan will be pouring in to try the public experiments…

  15. Bret says:

    Demolition Man reality sex is in my near future!!! YES, any ladies out there wanna get with me when this hits the stores??

  16. Asdfjuma says:

    This is what makes me happy to have chosen to pursue a job in the games industry. This is something I have always been very passionate about and shows like Accel World or Sword Art Online. No matter how far away they are. Only makes me more excited to think that I could possibly be working on making something like that an actuality.

    This is where the future is at.

  17. fran says:

    it’s true. vhbl running isos?

    • zoraktorok says:

      Thanks for the link… PSP iso’s running on the vita has already been proven, but released vhbl exploits do not give kernal access… there is another video displaying an iso loader on vita that is legit… I’m guessing that one of those explots were used, vhbl was installed, extracted psp ISO was installed as any other hombrew and then ran through the vhbl menu…. Video starts in the vhbl menu and unfortunatly the ps button was never pressed to be able to see what it is actually being ran through… legit, i’d say, but the process behind it is unknown… not really good publicity for wololo.

    • OsirisFael says:

      That’s a repost of a video that the mod Fate6 posted of himself running a HEN with ymenu that he got from one of the kexploit groups. The vhbl part is just a background that he chose to use on it. Don’t get your hopes up, you’ll only get stuff like this if you are part of the in-group.

  18. Tyler Guy says:

    25 years my ***, look how far games have come since atari, they sey technology doubles every 10 years, that grows exponentially every time, being more and more, faster and faster.

  19. Haha… the one who wrote this article is Jd8531, I guess wololo is famous after all :p

  20. Luke says:

    i can see on the bottom pic that the so supports of the bridge have mirrored identical textures…..must be tru

  21. fabled says:

    Can’t wait for immortality, then my true plan can begin

  22. zoraktorok says:

    Ah, someone will press THE button befor 25 years passes… hope thats an overestimated figure. In the mean time though, does anyone remember the name of the holographic fighting game from the early 90’s? You caould only be one charcter, you seemed to fight a lot of girls and there was NO background. Video capture was used and it was a coin-op game. I remember being able to put my finger through the charcters to “phase out” body parts…. Just nastalgia but I’m wondering why the technology was there as crude as it was but I have yet to see any advancement in use…. 20 years has been a long time to finally see microsoft taking an intrest.

  23. CATPowah says:

    So this is like virtual world gaming industry? That would be awesome. But I still like the classic ‘push a button’ game console.

  24. Mariew says:

    Cool a new drug.

  25. oO Flowzilla Oo says:

    Sure as heck wouldn’t like to feel a zombie biting my neck…

    • Jd8531 says:

      Im sure there wouldn’t be pain as that’d take away from the game and not be pleasant; maybe just a light sensation of warmth.

  26. qwerty ace says:

    No thanks. I’m fine with controller lying on my sofa…

  27. shades says:

    I agree with Jd; they will never place true pain within our videogames for a myriad of reasons (most obvious that they’d get their *** sued within an hour of launch)

    Instead, “sensations” will be far more likely. You may feel impact, or pressure, but never actual pain. It just won’t happen.

  28. CYDeviant says:

    This idea bores me… until the point in time where my subconscious can literally be suspended inside a game, that’s when I’ll start thinking about it. But having some bulky gear strapped all over my body doesn’t sound fun… “I’m going to play Skyrim..(25min later)..Ready!” It’s just kinda meh..

    I enjoy playing games the way we have been for many years. I honestly don’t think this will be as big as a lot of people seem to think. Just look at the adoption of the PSMove, and Kinect, two titles that are todays VR tech. Almost nobody has them, save the Wii, but the Wii comes bundled with it’s VR gear. I strongly doubt that the next consoles from Microsoft, and Sony will include a console that is bundled with it’s new tech, like the Wii/WiiU E.g not an extra.

    This sort of thing will always be a niche is what I’m trying to say. Until a console comes around that ONLY sells VR games, and ONLY uses VR tech, then we will see this move from the niche market, into the living rooms of many.

  29. ChaosAgent says:

    Transhumanism, yay! I often joke that if I can only live long enough, I will live forever. I mean it as a joke to most people but I believe the technology will allow for immortality hopefully within my lifetime. Mind uploading, nano medical (medichines), cloning/rejuv (bio-hacking :)), etc. Beyond the singularity the line between reality and games will blur until reality is whatever you want it to be. Fun stuff.

  30. jhgerm says:

    Hey can we make it to Heaven with that stuff inside us i think not…

    • ChaosAgent says:

      … I think that is like saying you can’t get into heaven with your Vita. Don’t all religions separate the soul from the body? The body is the vessel, right? I just wanna pimp my ride 🙂

  31. Goddaryu says:

    The sony HMZ-T1’s have been out for months now, thats all that jap ad was about..

  32. gamer 1995 says:

    not that stupid matrix stuff again Randqalan? I’ve love track of how many people has been trying to get me to believe our world is the matrix but i cant wait for this to come out, its gonna be awsome!

  33. gamer 1995 says:

    sorry i meant lost track

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