Neur0n explains how to run VHBL on Monster Hunter 3rd


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11 Responses

  1. Nicky says:

    If you post it early, I don’t spent 2 days for investigation !!!=__=

  2. edomaru7 says:

    1.Select CONTINUE at the game.
    2.Go to the Gathering Hall.
    3.Talk to the low rank quest girl (pink dress).
    4.Choose downloadable quest(option at the most bottom). you need to download the Downloadable quest if you dont have it.
    5.Press left when the quest appears.

  3. manny says:

    so what emulators can i use on the PSV?

  4. th3pwnsh0p says:

    The guy in pink xD

  5. Mr. Awsome says:

    Wow, even more complicated than the US Freedom Unite release, in that the waiting time was due to ads for dolby 5.0, and just went to Download and pressed yes.


  6. fran says:

    It’s true. vhbl running isos?

  7. uzi says:

    can i use the USA version of monster hunter? and use that save file? or i have to wait still?

    • uzi says:

      Ok never mind. I finally got cma to work. I was following how to get it to glitch over to vhbl by talking to the person in pink. That didn’t work after trying 3 times.

      So I restarted the vita. Loaded the game. I DIDN’T hit continue. I went to download instead. Then tadaaaaaaa it went into vhbl.

      Now i can load psp home brew right?