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Why isn’t Sony removing the game from the store? My reasons…

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  1. wololo says:

    I mostly disagree. I have my own ideas as to why Sony hasn’t removed the game yet, but first of all I’m pretty sure Capcom doesn’t get a saying in all that, at least in Europe and the US. If anything, companies that have vulnerabilities in their games actually run the risk of being financially “punished” by Sony. There are contractual obligations about providing software that is not malicious (of course, this is not intentional so the clause probably does not apply, but them “being happy” about it is probably not true)

    So far this has shown us that the EU/US/JP stores do not really work together (MHFU was removed from the EU store but not from the US…).

    Possibly, your point about VHBL being mostly harmless is one good point.

    My main guess would be that they are leveraging the sales, and will push a firmware update asap.

  2. quetz says:

    I appreciate the work around VHBL, and since now, i’m really happy to have it. Sony probably really realized the value of it, but still i’m waiting for the Davee exploit, into kernel. Even for you anti-piracy guys, wouldn’t be great a bigger better powerful version of vhbl into psv kernel able to run impressive homebrews with infinite possibilities?

    • Meow says:

      it’s better with UVL, more raw power + touch screen is usable + it’s usermode so no piracy on it, that’s why i love UVL more than psp-emu kernel exploit.

  3. AL92 says:

    In my opinion they just don’t have anymore random firmwares to release 😛 + $ony wants moar money.

    (Or maybe the don’t even know how to patch that game ? trololo)

  4. Zorak_Torok says:

    Could be get the game patched while it is online and discourage vhbl hopefull users who buy a game they dont actually want… Sony is very slow, so if that is the case, most end users will already have it.

  5. Itherian says:

    There is no way to ever know the reasons behind what Sony does and why. But I bet as soon as the game was released they had a huge jump in sales just like every time a game is released. They need to create a AP store just like android and apple market place. Let devs sell their aps and sony take a small profit. Sounds like a big wim for everyone.

  6. brandonheat8 says:

    I can agree to this, Sony probably wants it down but capcom USA won’t take it down, and it does mean more money for both parties.also they probably will next Tuesday but only because I think it takes them a long time to go between offices.

    • francisco says:

      Sony gets the say whether it gets taken down or not, not capcom, thats why its on the playstation store not the capcom store (^_^)

  7. Foleyfactor says:

    I read somewhere that VHBL can be used in conjucntion with Fake_NP or Iso2Eboot converter to sign and then play PSP ISO’S?
    Is this true?
    I’m not asking in a pirating sense but if it is true then maybe all our UMD’S can be converted and used on the vita without re-purchasing.

    • quetz says:

      illuminating.. might try

    • wololo says:

      No. VHBL cannot run signed content

      • Foleyfactor says:

        Ah, ok, but what if you just used VHBL to move signed eboots(psp filer) to where the official PSP emulator could read them and run them or is that not possible?
        Basically using VHBL to run PSP Filer to move a signed psp eboot onto the memory card?
        Sorry for all the questions, just trying to learn something 🙂

        • shaitan says:

          No I’m pretty sure the vita won’t let you move or edit “those” files so you wouldn’t be able to copy anything important to those directories either

        • Zer01ne says:

          The PSVita can’t run anything with no licence.

          • Foleyfactor says:

            The whole idea of FAKE_NP is signing(licencing) homebrews and psp eboots to run on OFW. Thats how PSP’s on OFW were able to run homebrew without a CFW before.
            I could run Homebrew on a PSP on OFW 6.60 with Fake_NP, thats why I was asking, as the PSVita emulator is based on 6.60 OFW.

        • wololo says:

          As others have told you, the psp emu won’t let you edit files named EBOOT.PBP. details here: http://wololo.net/2012/03/04/a-few-technical-details-about-vhbl-the-ps-vita-and-the-psp-emu/

        • alpmaster007 says:

          The only reason i would say that would not work is any game on the menu. Shows up only when you have a psvita image in CMA Save data Folder.I replicated Super Collape 3 by copying it the image twice. So i feel that there is some kind of program Sony has to convert the games into three different folders like this.

          • quetz says:

            Let’s slow: from my VHBL i can see the psp games folders, but VHBL can’t launch the games even if they are really purchased and licensed, obviously. VHBL can’t, but PSV native may be able to run a properly licensed game if correctly placed into SD. Didn’t try’d yet, i will actually do it later and let ya know if iso2eboot can work on this… but i think that sony maybe already thought about this known possibility available in psp w 6.60, and maybe thats why there’s no psp demo available on the store for psv. i can’t even download older contents demo bought from my psp-go. Casualty?

          • Foleyfactor says:

            Yeah, I thought that maybe we could use VHBL to run PSP Filer and with that move a signed eboot that we have left inside a ps savedata folder to an area where the official psp emulator can read it but as @Wololo pointed out the psp emulator would not allow any kind of transfer or editing of files, therefore refusing the move.(I haven’t tried but I trust @Wololo knows what he is talking about.)
            I suppose there is a way to get past that check but it would be way over my head!

  8. Helder says:

    In europe store the team is more active than in usa store

    One exemple is, gta is available in eu store since i bought my vita and is only available some weeks ago in usa store

  9. YES! says:

    I’m sure they didn’t remove it because MH is a big selling title on the vita and they don’t want to lose money.

    • shaitan says:

      I’m guessing that sony needs permission from the developers to pull a game, and probably need to give them an incentive, so when it was confirmed a second game could be hacked in such a short time they wouldn’t let them remove it

  10. yussuf says:

    probably waiting for the bigger titles being released in the next few months or even little big planet to sneak an update. At the moment nothing is being released so easier to make the call to allow people to spend money on an old game to play some homebrews for a while before making them choose between vita games and homebrew again.

  11. sean says:

    They probably have some kind of update ready to release, maybe media server support. They know they can just milk this money launch it then deny store access to 1.8.

    just like the endless psp firmwairs.

  12. jason says:

    hope sony wont remove m.hunter till i can get psn creds(next week) :<

  13. hammer says:

    when I first found out monster hunter was the game I wondered if they would pull the game at all.as its one of the psp’s top selling games of all time they would not want to lose any legit sales by removing it for a extended period of time.

    since its such a popular game sony will probably contact capcom and actually patch the game itself this time.(that way they won’t lose sales from their best selling game)

    • aksiz says:

      i don’t think they’ll ever patch the game…
      there isn’t really a difference b/w patching the firmware and patching the game. (in a sense that both patches the vulnerability anyway)

      just that it’s easier for sony to patch the firmware and release instead of contacting the game developer and make them change the source code.

      i have no idea on why they’re not removing the game from psn, but i still think they’ll simply announce a new firmware that blocks the vulnerability.

      • hammer says:

        well if they don’t have a firmware ready to deploy it could take awhile to make 1 to patch the exploit.
        on the other hand patching the game could be quick and sneaky (the could patch it with minimal down time)

        but who knows ,maybe sony just said f it ,MH makes too much money to take it down. And they will just patch the firmware in due time.

        • hammer says:

          come to think of it ,no matter what they do they will patch the next firmware. Just so people with the exploit already installed will have to make the decision .keep the exploit or play new games

          • alpmaster007 says:

            Personally i would just buy a third Vita if i care about the games in the future. With this stupid WiiU im sure the Vita drop in due time. Personally what is Nintendo thinking with the 3DS XL. If Gamestop thinks i would trade my ps3 slim if i had one or one of my vitas for $150 off on a 8GB for $299 or a 32GB $350 they are out of there mind. I am just going to harvest Gamecube PSP and PS2 I love the classics. I will not be forced to buy downloaded games if i can get physical cheaper =D. P.S rumor has the Xbox 720 when they sell it you wont be able to get used games these company’s are going to have a wake up call. If not i just will keep playing Classics and not buy any of the Next Gen Systems.

  14. Myass says:

    I just think theyll release another firmware update and we get left behind like always

  15. Yes says:

    Concidered that the first Monster Hunter game was removed, i think this is more of a mistake, or that they only thought it was the first Monster Hunter game.

  16. Zimond says:

    i think this is just a sign of lazyness and/or stupidity. I highly doubt that they have changed their minds.

  17. Walnut says:

    The most likely answer is Sony did a cost analysis on perceived costs of letting users run homebrew through VHBL vs lost revenue from taking down one of their top selling PSP games

    Put simply, it’s not worth it. Wololo’s probably right, they’re going to try to push out a firmware update because in corporate speak it costs less to develop a patch that stops VHBL than it does to pull the game, even though the update is slower to the draw

    And one thing you have to understand… Even if you don’t have any insight into the business behind Sony’s decisions, you can count on them never changing. Their culture is always very similar through time and its been proven time and time again they will do what they can to stop unauthorized use of their systems, even if its half-***

  18. AR says:

    i think there is no video prove that’s why they didn’t remove monster hunter 2 from the UK store

  19. armookie says:

    Sony are way too thick to ever think about letting homebrew run this way. Sure they are thinking of official homebrew but not through any exploits. If they find someone who can do just as good a job as the hacking community, then they would patch them before anyone even knows about them.
    But alas the hackers better sonys devices and get punished.
    The problem is sony are so scared of the vita going the same way as the psp. But Sony also don’t realise its was the fault of themselves for the psp not doing so good. If only they gave developers the incentive to make games and apps instead sony let the psp slide with lack of games.

    Sony really need to let developers start to produce more usefull apps for the vita and not just games. I know I would be more than happy to pay for apps that were good and of use to people. But sony always shy away from apps and insist most apps are produced by themselves. All that equals is apps only sony can say we have.
    Sony just don’t realise that more apps means more interest. More interest means more developers will take notice and more games would start being developed. Sony really need to strech the functionality of the devices. Not restrict them like they do.
    What need would you have for exploits if developers sold apps cheap and homebrew for a few bucks. Yes I know homebrew is about free stuff but I would much prefer the best of both worlds. Not having to make the choice between homebrew and the latest firmware or loosing the Store. They need a good cheap system in place for developers to produce cheap apps and mini homebrew style games.
    Sorry sony but it really is as simple as that.

    • Moehammered says:

      Personally having the interest of a broad range of developers just from app hype would be bad in my opinion, considering how iOS and Android games are, I would not want a game like that on my Vita. My Vita serves its purpose, to provide a great gaming experience rivalling consoles on the go. It does that. Having hundreds of ‘Angry Birds’ or ‘Temple Run’ type games on my Vita… Well if I wanted that, my android phone serves me that purpose.

      However I see where your coming from, Sony wants people to be interested in their hardware, certainly making a broad range of apps would definitely create appeal to the hardware. As long as those apps were actual applications and not simply smartphone games… *barf*

      • armookie says:

        No no no I was not refering to the adroid side as much as you think. More the point that some people do have use for the vita if it had more apps to draw the attention away from just the gaming side of things. Imagine the apps the vita could have, especially when you look at the hardware and control side of things.

        If a developer produced some powerfull and easy to use apps it would open so many doors for Sony as far as Interest from the public and developers side of things. Then we would see much more than just a gaming device. But it would also push developers into making better games at a faster pace.
        Sony have always been very inconsistent and poor at producing good apps for any console they produce. They really need to take a broader look at the possibilities.

  20. Koksi says:

    Monster Hunter 2 Essentials is still available in the AT EU PSN store and work perfect with VHBL

  21. Pitiño says:

    They Dont remove the game becouse Sony already see that VHBL is USELESS, Im not sure all Homebrews for vita that are already,but if they are like: play Snes, nes games or something like those classics games!!! Come on guys! Android-iphones play those games without modification or jailbreaking and I think almost everybody we had our cell with us all the time , i have my Vita and my Psp modded, until I will see a really good job for Vita Im not going to touch it.. it just my point 🙂
    sorry for my english Im from Mars lol

  22. killersmod says:

    “we will release the next vhbl after sony pulls mh from theirs store”
    sony dosent release,they get sales,yall dont release vhbl.

  23. Jose says:

    They are on vacations !

  24. mannyshame says:

    I dont see the game on the european store!, did they took it out?

  25. ruguer says:

    My opinion for this play of Sony, I think the first option too, but, Sony, every time remove the games; example Luminex from psp.

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