Heads up. God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition ships with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate link)

Monster Hunter still available on the store, it’s still time to grab a copy and run VHBL


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  1. Rastan says:

    Just a little question:
    Can i backup on my pc the Monster hunter game i downloaded from the PSN? so i can use it also if i have a problem with the one inside the PSVita?

  2. Gui says:

    Of course they will patch this asap with a firmware update. But I actually hope they don’t. Monster Hunter is actually a game I want to and have yet had the chance to try out. I would download it now if I could, but unfortunately I won’t have the time or the means to do so for a couple of months. So there goes that added incentive.

    I must admit Sony isn’t doing bad playing it cool at the moment. Perhaps they have sussed a few more things out and realise that rushing to stop VHBL now is pointless as it probably already has plenty of circulation between the people who matter.

    Here’s for hoping they take this chill approach more often in the future aye?

    • James Way says:

      Dude seriously. Give the incentives on buying it now, broke or not broke put it on credit if anything. There are some things I’m frugal with, but this is not one of them. The game itself is good and with VHBL, the options are endless. You are better off getting it now for $30 and using that and VHBL, until you can get more games, like moi, than cheaping out and losing the opp to get it. I’m broke too, but I can see a good investment when I see one.

      • Gui says:

        Yeah but I not only don’t have the money. But don’t have the connection to download it from. So I would need to find someone’s wifi to download it from. XD Which I hardly have time to do, let alone playing the game or loading VHBL, until I have finished exams in November.

  3. GigaGaia says:

    Just wondering before I get it. Is Monster Hunter Freedom Unite a good game regardless of VHBL or not? I may end up playing the game itself too.

    • wololo says:

      It is one of the most popular games of the console and it’s definitely of the AAA grade so I’d say it’s a “safe” purchase. It being “good” or not is a matter of personal taste, though.

  4. Mariew says:

    Hi, I’m new on this, that’s my frist portable console and I got problems with VHBL. I just bought the game yesterday and run the VHBL, but it don’t install anything. Just, I press in install at homebrew in frist time and nothing happens, and press again and shows, for sample, 2 files remaining and anything start to install, but the sounds is like that, looks like a frozen install. I did reinstall and change all files but this remains.

    Any help?

    Sorry my english, I’m brazilian.

  5. Mariew says:

    Hi, I’m new on this, that’s my frist portable console and I got problems with VHBL. I just bought the game yesterday and run the VHBL, but it don’t install anything. Just, I press in install at homebrew in frist time and nothing happens, and press again and shows, for sample, 2 files remaining and anything start to install, but the sounds is like that, looks like a frozen install. I did reinstall and change all files but this remains.

    Something wrong with me?

    Sorry my english, I’m brazilian.

  6. squiggs says:

    why is it when i have the game there is no rush but when i dont have the game i almost always narrowly miss it.

  7. Drew says:

    Will there ever be a free app/game with an exploit? I don’t see the point in paying for an exploitable game to play emulators when I have several other portables (PSP, DS, iPod Touch) that all have emulators on them.

    • wololo says:

      Drew, thanks for your invaluable feedback. Feel free to send me an exploit in a free app, and I’ll gladly port VHBL to it for you. In the meantime, enjoy your iPod touch, I guess.

      • Lucas says:

        Wololo, you have such a way with words. I love your witty, informative articles and snarky comments. I’m not being sarcastic, it’s always a pleasure to read what you have to write. Keep up the good work.

      • Drew says:

        What can I say, I’m cheap and don’t know how to hack 🙂
        I assume eventually there will be a free method, just wondering if you spent any time looking for flaws within the free downloads/whatnot.

        • ndh777 says:

          Trust me, Wololo and other developers have. There was a huge discussion early on when the Vita had just come out and many were wondering if we’d be able to hack the Vita using demos like we saw on the PSP. I remember the last PSP Go I had, had me hack it using Papatron demo or something.

          The devs have looked for exploits in those. Trust me, they would rather find exploits in games that we don’t have to pay for, but that’s not realistic at the moment. But when we get some more Vita-related hacks, I can almost guarantee you that we will not be hacking it through games and such that we will pay for.

  8. Jethro says:

    Looks like in this case, we are having win-win situation, not for the iso loaders of course. Anyone testing the monster hunter freedom 2 (EU)? I am going to get it quite soon, while it is still hot.

  9. OciexGamer says:

    Pokémon Emerald : Frezez when torchik evolves?

    Anyone know any reasons for this?


    • ndh777 says:

      To get the best and quickest answers, I would highly recommend you visiting the /talk forums here rather than asking here. There are people there who will be able to help with your problem and you’ll be notified when people reply.

  10. raveous says:

    Is there any news on wifi/internet access through vhbl. Feel seriously crippled without a ftp to copy files.

  11. jotax says:

    or… sony probably confuses us with this, the vita could have a serious hole ¬¬

  12. Ivera says:

    hey wololo i sent you an email a few days ago, not sure if you got it, sorry this is in the completely wrong place, but i would like to design a new background for the VHBL that fits the vita’s native resolution. im not a programmer at all but i am a 3d artist so the best i can do is create a background, i actually created a sample to show you what i can do, if your interested please let me know


    had to throw my name over there for preview purposes, the real one doesnt have that. i can also do other images, a complete redesign if you want, even a 3D video intro that becomes a simple image background seamlessly
    so hope to hear back

    • Ivera says:

      is there really no one interested in this? i thought it would be cool to do this for you guys, not really getting any feedback from anyone..

      • Darkanubis74 says:

        I love the idea, although i am not sure if the PSP emulator on the vita actually supports vita’s resolution. As far as getting ahold of Wololo, try to create a /talk account and PM him. He is more likely to respond that way

      • wololo says:

        Sorry, I got your email but didn’t reply yet. This looks great. I guess my answer is that you don’t need any permission from me to add wallpapers to vhbl.
        For the video, you would have to find a programmer with enough free time to support this. Keep in mind that we are a community of hobbyists, this means that the best way to get things done is to do them yourself. A 3d video is awesome, but now you have to find the programmer who will integrate it.
        Also when you email me, please wait at least 3days before assuming I ignored you 🙂

        • Ivera says:

          oh ok cool wasnt sure how this was usually done lol, been following all this vita stuff and even older psp stuff for along time but this is the first time i really joined and talked to the community, thanks for getting back to me, ill try to figure out how i can get it set up in vhbl and share it with the community if i can get it working 😀

  13. ryugi says:

    hi now i go to the gamestop to buy a card. i’m italian, monster hunter 2 run normaly qhit the vhbl 1.80 or is another? you can link me the correct link? thanks

  14. Koksi says:

    Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is still available in AT EU PSN store and work perfect with VHBL

  15. SSJ-Vita says:

    I clumsily have gotten open cma up and working, vhbl perfectly tuned,’considering trying ymenu’ and can play homebrews no problem in particular: psplorer that in my opinion is an absolute must. Emulators are the last one’s giving me grief, but I’m hot on the trail of any mistakes packing them. Great job guys!

  16. Luiz says:

    Please, does anybody knows if EU Everybody Tennis was patched ??? I could not find Monster Hunter in Portugal psn store. Thanks

  17. manny says:

    Does any one know how to run the N64 ENU to work on the psv got the NES working ?

  18. ace says:

    whhaaat VHBL can run iso’s???


    is it possible somehow??

    • Drew says:

      Do not follow his post – it’s a virus!

    • Elratauru says:

      Not a virus. Just a Youko Video, I just downloaded in case it’s taken down.

      Well, there’s two things we can get from this video:

      1) It’s using the 1.80 VHBL since It has the four buttons on the corners on the screen.

      2) It’s using ymenu and loading the isos directly.

      Now…I’m really interested on this. I have been waiting to play my japanese UMD backups’s on my Vita for a loooong time, and I can see Project Diva on that video 😛

  19. Synntech says:

    In Aus atm. Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Essentials(Full Game) is in on the PS store. can VHBL run on this?

  20. muzz says:

    It is already a popular game Sony may have said many people already own it, why remove it. I wonder what’s the ratio of VBHL downloads to sales of that title. The other VBHL versions had titles I wouldn’t have purchased to begin with. MH I wanted to buy didn’t want to risk not being able to put more $$ in the wallet at the time announcement.

  21. Koc says:

    Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Essentials works?

  22. Jason says:

    should the other vhbl games be getting an update or if we want homebrew on 1.80 are we gonna have to buy monster hunter?

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