(Video) PS Vita native “Hello World” by YifanLu


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  1. Sessohmaru209 says:

    Gpsp is freezing on me and have glutches and issues emulating the video.

  2. Sessohmaru209 says:

    This is great news btw. Some games dont work like mario advanced super mario world. I load the rom up it says game corrupted.

  3. psVitovic says:

    so this is how the new homebrews might look like? impressive!

  4. OMFGOMFG says:

    Biggest. ***. Just now. I kid you not…

  5. BakaOsaka says:

    How was this developed, Sony SDK?

  6. Mars says:

    That video is sexy as heck.

  7. O-bake says:

    Perfect SNES emulation just one step ahead?

    • M says:

      Yes, I long for the day when I’m able to play an unredacted game of Super Metroid due to all the Mode 7 effects being blanked out.

  8. Dutt says:

    This will be so good for game ports like quake1 2 and 3 and all FPS… cant wait.

  9. Jvhellraiser says:

    Direct link please!!!!!! iam on my Psvita!!

  10. Johnny Cage says:

    Can we expect to see a GameCube emulator on PS Vita one day through this exploit?

    • Rowan says:

      Most likely not, the console used to run the emulator needs to be at least 10x times faster for smooth no lag/jitters/bottlenecking and the vita isnt a huge step above the game cube, maybe ps2 but i doubt it

      • Acid_Snake says:

        I assure you the Vita is NOT 10x faster than the psp and it can emulate it perfectly.

      • Acid_Snake says:

        I assure you the Vita is NOT 10x faster than the psp and it can emulate it perfectly.
        Also, the ps3 IS 10x faster than ps2, yet it can’t perfectly emulate the ps2

      • thevoiceover says:

        so you are pretty much saying the gamecube is more powerful than the PS2 ?

        • MikeBeav3r says:

          I actually thought that WAS the case, the Cube and original Xbox were better than the PS2 spec wise, I may be wrong of course…….

        • jacob says:

          voiceover, it’s completely circumstantial based on hardware, how it runs, and everything that Acid stated. However, yes, Gamecube is definitely more powerful than PS2. But that’s not really why.

          • thevoiceover says:

            yeah, I agree about the specs – I just know how hard it was for developers (not too many tools) to code on PS2, primarily b/c of the 64bit Emotion Engine (remember jaguar — 68k CPU which is an external 32bit proc and a 64bit “Tom and Jerry” blitter and object, causing heck for the coders b/c nobody new how to develop well except that ASM God, Mr Minter himself..

            I do however feel Gamecube is a little more straight forward and for that reason possibly easier to emulate. Gaming wise I probably have had more time out of my Gamecube as I still play it now thanks to DIOS MIOS and Devolution (devo is great, runs GC games at full Wii speed w/ streaming audio off IOS58 (no CIOS needed.)

    • Johnny Cage says:

      I have a quite slow laptop but Dolphin runs quite smoothly on it, so why not on Vita 🙂

      • Darkanubis74 says:

        i’m pretty sure I read that the Gamecube was the MOST powerful system of that generation, it just didn’t have the amount of quality titles xbox and ps2 did. such a wasted system.

        • Trey says:

          Not really lol…Think about the list of games on the GC compared to the Wii. The GC had the best game library in Nintendo history, in my opinion.

  11. 7 says:

    Just came I kid you not, no really I kid you fxcking not >_> <_<

  12. ky0_sama says:

    I get this feeling that a release is more imminent than people might imagine… probably the biggest question as to when he will release is whether or not he chooses to wait for another firmware update or just release for 1.8. I suspect the exploit will be fully developed lonnnng before that happens.

    I just hope the Vita hardware is beefy enough for full speed N64 emulation. At the point, I think the Vita might just become my most irreplaceable system 🙂

    • Rowan says:

      By all means its enough once a dev makes a propper emulator, Banjo tooie(didnt work on psp) here i come

    • OsirisFael says:

      Well, my dual core 1.5 ghz phone can run it pretty much full speed. I’m sure that the Vita will be fine being quad core, as long as it’s coded well. I mean, heck, the latest daedalus revision runs pretty much full speed on most things on VHBL and that’s like a single core at 333mhz or under.

  13. Essomet says:

    Holy ***, the demo is awesome!!
    Can’t wait for awesome emulators to pop up
    after the release. I hope it’s made pupblic.

  14. ace says:

    your the *** man yifan lu for doing what you do,
    big respect hope to hear more juicey info like this.
    keep up the good work man

  15. yosh says:

    Indeed how is this any proof with PSMobile out in the wild ?

  16. Minimur says:

    i dont get it, what is this ?

  17. Yifan Lu says:

    Sorry about taking the video offline. The toolchain isn’t complete yet, and I don’t want to get those involved in the making of this video in trouble 😉

    • mastarifla says:

      It’s understandable, thanks for letting us know/proving that it is indeed possible to gain user mode access, keep up the amazing work!

    • Elratauru says:

      Oh don’t worry, some stuff may stay “in the works” until the developer wants to released, and sometimes its for the better.

      But I really appreciate that you kinda let us know that UVL and/or other misc hacks are still doing fine! I’d love to try them sometime.

    • Yoti says:

      hey, i want to see it anyway >_<

  18. Toby says:

    video doesn’t work for me. I got the message: ” This vid is private ” -.-

  19. Minimur says:

    i dont understand, what exactly is this??

  20. Turd Sandwich says:

    Well the video has been removed. Who ever uploaded the video tell them to upload it on another site or something.

  21. INFINITY says:

    Maybe this could lead to emulating sega Saturn/Dreamcast but anything beyond I don’t think the PSVITA can handle it.

    It could emulate nintendo ds original games (Proberbly)

    • MikeBeav3r says:

      I think Saturn is one of the hardest console to emulate, pretty sure there isn’t a really good PC version out there, is there?

  22. fable says:

    Video is DOWN

  23. Scottbaylo says:

    SSF is a really good Saturn emulator for pc, It played every game I tried at full speed or very close to full speed. Panzer dragoon rpg, magic knight ray earth, etc. just thinking about it makes me giddy! Screw it, I’m calling out sick and playing it all day tomorrow.

  24. mecksg1 says:

    meh, happy with whats going on now. not many ps vita games i care about, happy that theres an exploit tgou

  25. Shelton Lee says:

    JGAMEX(Chinese PSV hacker),just gave us a video on YOUKU.His psv is running a ps2 game : GOD OF WAR II.
    I don’t know if you can see it because I guess it will soon be deleted.
    but im sure this video will be upload to Youtube soon;
    (sorry ,my English is not good.)

    • wololo says:

      Interesting. I have never heard of this person before, is he known for other things? Apologies for asking, but I am always suspicious when somebody comes out of “nowhere” with such a video. It could be using remote play, OR it could be a ps2 emulator ported to PSM (which, by the way, would be an awesome improvement).

    • ace says:

      guys looks like this mysterious hacker or more so a wana be hacker is leaking other people’s videos on exploits or stuff i dont think he actually made the emulator??

      how i know because he has just uploaded or shall i say ripped and reuploaded yifan lu’s demo on his exploit


      theres the link to prove my theory..
      hmmm whats your take on it guys???

  26. mean_able says:

    Thanks for your all impressive work.
    Don’t sell your vita now…

    I successfully download gsPS and know it is on my vhbl, BUT there is a error when I attempt to use the gpsp and play gba roms.

    PLEASE CAN ANY ONE CREATE A VIDEO ON YOUTUBE and teach the VIEWERS how to correctly load and use the gpsp?????

    Please send me a message my emails shaqthedude@gmail.com
    thanks bye

  28. Maxilus says:

    We need DarK_AleX back!!!!!

  29. Justin Watson says:

    That’s it on the site that everyone has been using here for posts.

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