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Sony’s hypocritical comments and How the Vita will be dead soon


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  1. チ ランキング ブランド 人気 高

  2. Mars says:

    I couldn’t have said it better. When it comes to MS and Nintendo you instantly picture Master Chief or Mario. Sony just has too many characters they try to focus on when they need 1 big name, a character everyone (mostly) loves and would buy a system to play that game.

  3. Jd8531 says:

    Gearbox wants Borderlands 2 yet sony hasnt made a move. Third parties are out there saying it could be a good future. Sony needs to sell their console

  4. Asmith906 says:

    Gearbox wants SONY to port Borderlands 2. Let’s be real Sony doesn’t have an infinite amount of cash to throw around at this point. And for them to port Borderlands it’d take a while considering the game is out like next week. How many people are going to buy a Vita for Borderlands 2 next year. If they really wanted Borderlands 2 on the Vita they should have been trying to get it going a while ago to try in release alongside the vita. Or do something like AssCreed 3

  5. yyy says:

    Why should Sony make a move in this case? I’m sure that tons of 3rd party developers would love Sony to fund their games. Borderlands 2 on Vita sounds like a cool idea, but it isnt sure that it is a very good business decition.

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