Sony’s hypocritical comments and How the Vita will be dead soon


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  1. wololo says:

    I’d like to emphasize that the opinion of guest bloggers is of course their own and I do not always agree :)

    I think Sony has made a few mistakes on the Vita, but I am actually excited about what has been announced recently at Gamescom. IMO they could have done a much worse job so far. I would agree with you if it wasn’t for all the exciting announcements I’ve seen at gamescom.

    I agree however that they should really speed up compatibility with PS1 and PSP. We’ve seen recently that hackers can already run more psp/ps1 games on the vita than the official offer, which really sucks

    • Jd8531 says:

      Ofcourse they are :) Im excited too for some things coming out like LittleBigPlanet, AC, Killzone ect. Its not all doom and gloom. Its just very lackluster , there’s not much that makes me say “wow, ive never seen that before. I have to buy that game.” Credit is due as it is still launch year but if it continues like this then….

    • Asmith906 says:

      Hackers also don’t have to worry about licenses and compatibility with games not working. Hackers don’t have to playtest games completely before releasing them to the public. Yeah sony deserves a lot of *** but it’s not always as easy as we think.

  2. Edward says:

    I guess it counts for something that I spend 90% of my Vita time on PSP games and VHBL homebrews.

  3. Uncle Pirate says:

    This doesn’t worry me..
    Simply shows that complete morons are working at Sony.
    Not all of them.. The RND are doing there job.
    But those in charge of software overlook and promotion of the systems are complete MORONS.

  4. James Way says:

    Yup snes9x and daedalus for me now. Although daedalus is giving mme someissues on games running st superfsst speed and thus the sound also not playing. Its like when you 20x fast forward a movie. They have few good games at too expensive a price. If sony were more proactive with their system’s devs they find ways to get great games at a cheaper price. In all honesty I wouldnt even mind less graphics, more story too. Lookat games like duke nukem that was pretty good in the graphics dept but sucked elsewhere. Now im plaaying blackthorne on snes9x, good old 32?bit stories. Meanwhile im waiting for blazblue’s price to drop.

  5. quetz says:

    yep. at least we got vhbl… and i saved money from buying stupid mini games, now i can play emu’s 😉 sony will fail again, they’ll never learn the lesson

  6. Malte Andersen says:

    Nice read but,

    “If Sony cared they would of gone big”

    Really? It’s would’ve – a conjunction of would have!!

    • wololo says:

      I corrected, thanks!

      • Malte Andersen says:


        This is by far the most annoying mistake in the world :)

        I agree with what you’re saying though Sony is on real thin ice with the vita.
        Regarding the 3rd parties it reminds me a little of OnLive’s Steve Perlman who discontinued ALL collaboration with game companies that had demo’s on Gaikai’s service. Guess what, they nearly went bankrupt because of greed and stupidity and not allowing game developers easy access.

    • Jd8531 says:

      Auto correct-_-, thanks for the catch

  7. thevoiceover says:

    I worked with a multi “BILLION” dollar company for over 10 years. We worked with many hardware manufacturers and other software companies at that (Broadcom, ST, LSI, Tiger Tech and guys a LabVIEW, etc…) I can tell you the one thing we had in common with all the companies listed were support engineers. We had them on location (some of it took years to happen) but what a PERFECT job for an intern and senior engineer?? Why isn’t Sony sending some of these engineers out to help get this baby going?? They need to show them how wonderful of a machine it is and “they” we will back you up if you release for it!!

  8. androider says:

    But I want PS3 port. Not everyone owns a PS3

  9. garrei says:

    Well, i havent seen a single ps vita TV ad since the launch… maybe they could show more of those… heaps of people i talk to have no idea what a ps vita is. maybe get the word out there and it might do a little better.

    • Lelouch says:

      I know, F***. Nobody even mentions the Vita. If you go on and look at it’s tab on your browser, you’ll see that it says PS3, Xbox 360, DS, 3DS, PC, etc. but not Vita. I’ve yet to see anyone with a Vita. The only time I’ve seen the words “PS Vita” was during a soccer game, they had it on the edges of the field.

  10. Jd8531 says:

    Like I said if their reasoning behind the psps death was ports, the Vita hasn’t changed. At the end i said we need more ports, original games and classics. Nothing wrong with ports.

  11. O-bake says:

    I don’t understand, why they didn’t design the hardware and appropriate to the PS3, with their devkit doing the same. Then a PS3 game could be compiled for the Vita, just with lower details, appropriate to its screen size. It wouldn’t be a port, it would be the exact same game und you could open your savegames on both devices and so on.
    With this being doune, the PS3 could have started with hundreds of games in its beginning and would have become much more popular.
    Then, third party developers would maybe be more encouraged on developing stuff and the whole thing would have become a much bigger thing.

    For now, I don’t know what the Vita is exactly. A real handheld with no games (anyone remembers Atari Lynx), or a device for playing smartphone games, as more and more of these will get released?

  12. Mars says:

    To be fair, Lego Batman 2 is the ds version. I also hear that LittleBig Planet Vita is supposed to be an original game not a port.

  13. senas8 says:

    Why was psp a failure? It sold 70+ Million.

  14. Karma_Darkly says:

    I really do wanna see borderlands 2 on the vita. :/

  15. zorrodood says:

    i doubt that the currently existing extend of piracy is killing anything except unlucky boat crews on the oceans.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The biggest problem with the Vita is that Sony seems to be trying to go against the landscape of handheld console gaming. They are trying to promote the Vita heavily in the west, failing to realize that outside of the recent trend of mobile gaming, the japanese development scene has dictated market reception by Western countries. The PSP’s success in Japan was the only reason it did not completely die a horrid death outside of Japan. Try naming more than a handful of NON-JAPANESE developed games for PSP that were not first party Sony products… Then count down the list of incredible localizations and the even larger list of unlocalized quality games from Japan.

    You would think that Sony would try to leverage this with the advent of digital distribution; that is encouraging companies in Japan to develop, and then streamlining the localization process for companies interested in bringing Japanese games over.

    Instead we see Monster Hunter move to the 3DS, and most japanese gaming companies still developing for the PSP and incredibly cautious about the Vita. I cannot understand what the people working on the business strategy for the Vita were thinking; they should have fought tooth and nail to get dev support for the vita, because with the advent of gaming on iOS and android its much more difficult to sell the idea of developing games for a console handheld.

  17. Lbp is not a port. The author is an idiot.

  18. All people care about is money.

  19. Bobby Harrell says:

    Agreed! I dont understand why Sony does not provide more content, just like with the PSP, the PS3 gets a few new games weekly, the PSP and Vita gets well .. PS1 ports if anything and maybe a big game once a month. Sony should forget about trying to prevent hackers, forget trying to Market the system, and put some freakin content on it, then go after the market. No one wants to buy something that serves no purpose and doesnt have a future.

  20. Riku says:

    I think AC:Liberation looks pretty good :(

  21. fggt says:

    I don’t see how selling 80 million consoles is doing something wrong, they need to realize.

    • Asmith906 says:

      There was a lot of piracy on the psp. Sure there was piracy on the ds but there were a lot of people who didn’t know about it and bought software. Of course UMD’s and Sony’s digital Prices didn’t help the situation.

  22. Portable Gaming Systems like for example the:

    > DS
    > PSP
    > PS Vita
    > Etc..

    are going to die very soon. Reason why I say this is because smartphones are taking over. Nintendo will probably go out too. Not many people are excited about the Wii U and I don’t think the 3DS is going to be as successful as the NDS. Only little kids are keeping Nintendo alive and very slowly they’re moving on to the Xbox 360 and PS3. I see a very bad future for Portable Gaming Systems and Nintendo…

    • Jd8531 says:

      I agree. Smartphone games are posting record breaking profits but a smartphone is not the same experience as a psvita or 3ds. Id rather have LBP over an AngryBirds any day of the week. Maybe sony should look at free to play games?

      • matt says:

        God, free to play is terrible, imo.

        I really believe that smartphones can’t take over portable gaming until there are high quality physical control add ons for a variety of phones that allow people to play fighting games and shooters more comfortably. Gaming with no buttons really can mess up your timing…

        Obviously games like Angry Birds and probably lots of creative sims or platforming games could function well on a touch screen only device, but many games require highly precise physical controls that don’t seem to exist for phones presently. While I’m certain that there is a controller case of some sort for an iPhone, it would require a coordinated push from Apple and the various game/app devs to make it catch on and really be useful.

      • Believe me. Those high-quality games you’re talking about? They’re coming.

      • James Way says:

        Smartphones will never usurp portable gaming devices simply due to their namesake, they are smartphones. I would hate to use my vitaa to make phone calls and the formfactor for each is based on what they are meant to do. Look at the galaxy note. Huge screen, I personally find useless for calls as such, and ever try playing anything other than angry birds? I’ve got crash bandicoot on my tablet s, I hate playing with the on screen controls, I use the ps controller instead, ie no longer as portable. The closest thing out there was the xperia play and we all now the failure that was. Mp3 player on my phone, good. My little black book, good. Remote controller, good. They are all amalgamations on technology that don’t require a specific formfactor or analog sticks. I’ve the galaxy s phone and i’d hate nubs on it. I have the vita aand i’d hate it to be smaller, square and buttonless. Phones and tabs will never replace portable gaming devices. Written from my tab, not my vita.

        I think that’s the issue too, the vita is trying too hard to replace, my phone, my pc, my ps3 and my xbox. It has social networking apps, netflix, etc, etc, etc. I don’t use it for any of that, but because said apps need to be ported to the vita, sony needs to spend money to get them on it. Part of it is due to not being open, a la android, where anybody can make something free of charge to sony.

        I have been and will forever use it for psone games, some vita games and my emus, ie vhbl. I don’t pirate because i’m no looter, but I don’t purchase because i’ve got more important things to buy. All the money spent by them to cater to everyone but gamers results in higher prices for gamers. Ask any gamer about the vita and they know about it. Ask anyone else and it’s latin to them.

    • matt says:

      expanding on my other comment…

      I also think that smartphones would require a serious pricing structure overhaul in the US to completely eliminate portable video games. Lots of people are willing to buy a DS for fairly young kids, but very few people would buy a young child a smartphone. There are a large number of people who are in the intended market of the DS and 3DS and even PSP/Vita that really aren’t able to afford a smartphone contract for a child, just to have the phone break before it’s due for an upgrade and be irreplaceable due to its 400-800 dollar price tag.

      Similarly, a fair portion of the people who will have smart phones & have been playing video games for most of their lives will still be willing to buy a system just for portable gaming *if the pricing is reasonable. iPod Touch’s and iPads probably cut into portable game system sales as much as iPhones do, if only because the cost of an iPhone is much more long term than a relatively inexpensive gaming only device.

    • MikeBeav3r says:

      how can you say that about the 3DS? it is currently AHEAD of where the DS was at this point in it’s life cycle.

  23. 007 says:

    Sony killed the PSP.

    If they managed to continue to get titles out they would have kept selling.

    They dont know how to market a portable.

    If they would of ported more to it and kept a consistant flow it would have kept selling.

    Lets say if they pushed for rock star to release San Andreas Stories (which was truly a idea over at rockstar) it would have sold like hot cakes.

    Quality titles were few and far inbetween.

  24. Asmith906 says:

    it would be a dangerous trend to set for Sony to start funding every big game on the vita. Why would any studio make an exclusive game for the vita if the cane just try and force sony to do it for them. IMO opinion no one would want the port because it’ll likely be a year(or more) after the original game is released. I would rather gearbox make some sort of spinoff that retains the loot based gameplay.

  25. yyy says:

    As someone mentioned above here, Little Big Planet Vita is not a port, it is a brand new game. Sony have actually been very good on this part. Uncharted, Wipeout, Resistance and Little Big Planet, they are all new games, not ports.

    Regarding Borderlands 2, what Gearbox have said (unless i have missed a more recent update) is that it is up to Sony if they want Borderlands 2 on the Vita. This could mean that Gearbox wants Sony to fund the entire developement cost of porting the game to the Vita. So i dont see the reason to complain about this.

  26. yyy says:

    I also dont understand why Sony is being blamed for 3rd party ports. Every port that is mentioned in this article is about 3rd party games. And Mortal Kombat also have a new challenge tower with 150 new challenges.

    About Call of Duty, Nihilistic Software is not a 1st party company. And how much power does Sony have over a 3rd party brand like Call of Duty? Do you think that Sony can choose if Treyarch should make the game? Honest question.

    I do agree that CoD Vita doesnt look very good so far, and i’m personally disappointed that is is 4vs4 and 30 frames per second only (CoD is afterall known for 60fps). But to blame Sony for this is just guessing, it is not facts.

    I also wonder why you dismiss AC3: Liberation? Call it a “franchise port” sounds like you’re writing off the game already without having even tried it. AC3: Liberation is actually the best example of what the Vita needs. It is a game from a big franchise and it is not a console port.

  27. Jason says:

    Hmmm i wish if DARK ALEX can come back to scene.
    good old psp days haha

  28. HIMFan says:

    Those aren’t ports. They’re the same games. Just like how a game gets released on PS3 and 360. They have their own features and console specific additives. Ditch this blogger.

  29. zoraktorok says:

    Vita… fail…. don’t want to hear that… but lets see here…. I could generate a beleivable number within original IP hits to this bloag a week. NO this isn’t a flame… point is that I’d say atleast a tenth of all current vita owners visit here atleast a couple of times a month.. I’m here every day, thats just to say some people arn’t as enthused… we were the ones who pre-orderd a vita, mabey stood in lines, bought the nonsensical prephreials ( yeah, I got the media “dock”) and even did research from the point we first heard ngp…. however we are considered to be a thorn in their side… locked out from their servers… unable to buy and play games they sell, while at the same time unable to pirate those games as well. I just came out of a quartly meeting with my company 2 1/2 hours ago… for a facility that generated 6 million in sales for a month, only 62,000 was actual profit, so if you take out 10 percent of their customers your left with 2,000 … still profit, but is it REALLY worth it? Tack on such a minute gain and you will get shoddy quality games and very little support from outsiders. If sony would broden their horizons and release a sdk for vita only ( not for xperia that happens to run on vita) you might get some business back and make it worthwhile again… The only problem area is emulators, which only seem to hurt everyone else BUT sony even if realativly minor…. of course it would allow more dorrs to by pried upon, but come on… who has the money to make locktite encryption? Mabey a super corperation? Would I like free vita games? Yes…. Don’t front on here because … well, I don’t know why people do, they just do… I’d say only 3 percent on here wouldn’t dl a viso loader if it was in the download section. However, if I could have user dev games, gui’s, apps, and browsers (HTML5 sony dorks) AND ONLINE PLAY I would be more than happy to shell out 50-60 a game…. I have already spent atleast 3000 for dlc, dlg, Vita sd cards, 32 gb memory, screen covers, skins from ebay, microphone headset, blootooth headset, replacement usb cable (don’t wrap the cables around the power module, they frey) accidental replacement plan ( which I can say I have used it once… sony did me right on that) Music Unlimited, ATT service….. I’m depressing myself :-> So.. spending the money on the merchendise isn’t a problem for me or most others who bought a vita (I’m not rich, just an addict)…… ***, I have to go to bed and i didn’t get to a real point… make of this what you will.. I think I got what I wanted embedded in there somewhere.

  30. Pirate Cat says:

    At Wololo: I think the last part of this post is pretty spot on. The system needs more games and less of the ‘play one game with loads of DLC’ strategy that many publishers are shooting for. We get some games in October, then the releases dry up again.

  31. Roland says:

    I admit before I write this that I started skipping posts and only read about a 3rd of the comments so if I end up repeating someone else’s statement I apologize.
    I think that ports are not necessarily a bad thing per say. What the ports often need is uniqueness. And a heavy amount of it at that.
    One of the above comments mentioned an excess of DLC and not enough games. This is definitely true! Dynasty Warriors NEXT is a great example of that. I bought it with my Vita, being a long time fan of the Warriors series’, and I have not and will not buy a single DLC for it. The amount of DLC for the game is ridiculous and frankly they could have used those man hours to at least start on another project. Not to mention buying the DLC alone you could buy another Vita title (possibly even 2)!
    Personally I love my Vita and the only reason I haven’t touched it much in the past few weeks (aside from no longer having VHBL) is I’m waiting for new titles. I’ve beaten 6 titles on it already and am partially through another 2. Granted I’ve only Platinumed 1 but the others are there for when I feel like it. My Vita will be getting a lot more attention though once I get my g/f one too cuz I’m all about playing games with her.
    Personally I feel the Vita’s current failures are due to the lack of dev’s supporting it and not so much Sony. Though I will say Sony denying BL2 on Vita is a huge mistake. If Sony has done, or continues to do such things frequently then they can be directly blamed for it’s potential “failure”. Not that I’m defending Sony, just sayin.
    Oh and final thought: Sony used to have this really awesome character that helped sell their products (at least for everyone I know) his name was Snake. He was a boss. Also they had 2 exclusive series’ that sold their consoles like wild fire: Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. (okay maybe not KH so much, but still) Both found their way to other consoles and FF warped into something that doesn’t feel like Final Fantasy anymore (at least for me)

    • Roland says:

      Something just crossed my mind. FF technically wasn’t exclusive. Though it had it’s span of Sony-only games, which it should have (maybe) stayed that way.

  32. CATPowah says:

    Even Patrick Star is smarter then them Sony.

  33. nCadeRegal says:

    wow, after having read all replies and hearing the same things 300 hundred times, IMO all console releases are the same. you get a trickle of games at first,a few good, a few bad. IT hasnt been a yr yet therfore how can you guys even deduce that a system is a failure or not, Im sick and tired of the same posts and replies. sony this or sony that, WHO CARES! how about lets acknoledge wololo, neuron, coldbird, virtuosflame, and the developers who are trying to fill the gaps between AAA releases with homebrew. whatever this is my opinion, like it or not i dont care! but dont even try to say that a system has failed b4 its first bday, or until after the 2 to 3 year period is what i call it. the time in which companies learn the hardware,and how to best use it and dev on it. ridiculous nonsense!

  34. Cristal666 says:

    Did anyone saw the playstation list?,where is Castlevania,Final fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX,Medievil,Klonoa,Rockman X4,5 and 6,King of fighters,Mortal kombat,Eretzvaju.The are not working like i thought they will,a few months ago i put a list of games that i have since playstation have been released and they just dont care about it and they will pay for that very soon at least i have the isos created from my copy and original disc.

  35. チ ランキング ブランド 人気 高

  36. Mars says:

    I couldn’t have said it better. When it comes to MS and Nintendo you instantly picture Master Chief or Mario. Sony just has too many characters they try to focus on when they need 1 big name, a character everyone (mostly) loves and would buy a system to play that game.

  37. Jd8531 says:

    Gearbox wants Borderlands 2 yet sony hasnt made a move. Third parties are out there saying it could be a good future. Sony needs to sell their console

  38. Asmith906 says:

    Gearbox wants SONY to port Borderlands 2. Let’s be real Sony doesn’t have an infinite amount of cash to throw around at this point. And for them to port Borderlands it’d take a while considering the game is out like next week. How many people are going to buy a Vita for Borderlands 2 next year. If they really wanted Borderlands 2 on the Vita they should have been trying to get it going a while ago to try in release alongside the vita. Or do something like AssCreed 3

  39. yyy says:

    Why should Sony make a move in this case? I’m sure that tons of 3rd party developers would love Sony to fund their games. Borderlands 2 on Vita sounds like a cool idea, but it isnt sure that it is a very good business decition.

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