Trouble running VHBL? All your answers here!


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  1. heero01 says:

    hi i am having a problem when copying lets say snes from my comp to ps vita the computer file is 23 mb but the vita is only 160 kb every time and not just snes ,i dont know what to do to correct this .

    • oxMUDxo says:

      The file must be named INSTALL.ZIP all CAPS.
      I had the same problem, my files where after changing to .ZIP they worked. 🙂

  2. jo says:

    hi Wololo,
    can you post the original INSTALL.ZIP file , i cant find the original , only have one save , i can load VHBL but cant see the ORIGINAL INSTALL ZIP, i know how to make it transfer etc.. but the original one is missing.(the one you replace the install ZIP file on another game)
    Do i have to have a second psp game as i can only see one monster hunter save file , that is all , i have other games like fifa and mod nation racers but nothing else appears in save files but the monster hunter game.

    Other people i think are having same problem i think , once again anhy help is appreciated .

  3. Mariew says:

    Hi, I’m dummie on this, but I think got some bug in VHBL (or need some help). I patched a emulator, like is described above, but when I load the VHBL and try install it, this stuck and install anything. It stuck in 8 files remained or 2 files remained, but the screen don’t show any install just show, for example 8 files remained, and sounds is like a install.

    This is a bug or I’m just a jerk?

    Sorry my english I’m brazilian.

    • wololo says:

      Read the article again, your exact use case is described. This happens because you compressed some of the files

  4. Zyphs says:

    Dude it was just us being stupid.. i totally missed the pre-packed files, LAWL..

  5. jonathan says:


  6. Azio says:

    Hey wololo can we run the GCN isos? Plzz make some homebrews with dolphine emulator.We need it!

  7. Chase says:

    I have vhbl ymenu not wmenu anymore so how do i install homebrews an emulators?

  8. Jeppe says:

    is there any who can tell me how to install lamecraft

  9. chase says:

    i dont know how to make INSTALL.ZIP file pls help?

  10. CATPowah says:

    Dude, if you people really need help just go to the tutorial section in /Talk Forums. That will save your time waiting for reply or spamming F5 button to get a reply. Seriously.

  11. darkkitsune says:

    wololo how to uninstall games in vhbl?

  12. deeziigames says:

    hae dude, ive done everything right, but when i click download on MH and click yes on connect to download content, it freezes and errors and closes. could u help me out bro?

  13. jaffar says:

    After i copy the GAMOCRACY ONE: LEGEND OF ROBOT in my ps vita it does not appear on the home screen so i dont know how to run the game i can find it in the setting but i can’t run it so if you can let me know what to do thanks.

  14. yasir says:

    me too i can not see the games on vita home

  15. mj says:

    hello all of u

    ok i put the new firmware 2.61 and after that i download the Half Byte Loader r166 for FW 2.61 (PP – JP) after that i put this file in into savedata i copy in savedata but noting happend thank u

  16. Batman543 says:

    I need help because I have rons in my emulators then when I go to the emulator and select roms nothing is there