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92 Responses

  1. stefan says:

    but I still can’t copy VHBL without the game? and get it working

  2. AsDraS says:

    I was wondering if its possible to add a delete function for the vhbl so that you can delete homebrews if you dont want them anymore. Or is there already a function?

  3. toxanik says:

    I had one strange problem with Error C1-2858-3 when installed VHBL. When i click on “…” in menu i received this error. I tried reinstall VHBL, change my console’s language, nothing helps. But when i just pressed R1 or L2 it disappeared. Sorry for my eng lang, maybe someone can read this and it will be helpfull.
    Ty for working snes emule wololo and all =)

  4. fran says:

    wololo on my youtube channel I have to do tutorials on how to package the, also how to run homebrews.

  5. plinker says:

    This is crazy… stop with the madness! I’m gonna use my PS Vita the way it should be, play games from psn. All this other stuff emulators homebrews apps, well You dont have to buy a chinese vita clone for all the emu stuff, We were all so preoccupied we forgot the Xperia Play is already coming off cheap online. Yeah, Xperia Play, the one with all the psp buttons and all. Jeeesssh! Just let all the coders do their stuff to find a easier way to hack our VITA. until then Go find an Xperia Play for $150 on ebay.

    • new says:

      Or you can get an Open Pandora used… I just got a used Pandora hand held for $220 from the Open Pandora community for these sort of things.

    • Tracekid says:

      It’s not hard at all. It’s really quite simple to tell you the truth if anyone has ever owned a PSP than they will know the kind of file system. As far as using the correct ZIP method, that’s just common sense. If it says to use store compression method, in winrar’s UI, under the “Compression Method” dropdown menu, press store…

      And why buy an Xperia for $150 instead of just buying a PSP for like 100 on eBay if that’s what you really want in the first place? And this isn’t hacking the Vita, it is exploiting a hole in the code of MHFU and other games.

    • alpmaster007 says:

      Xperia play can not play PSP. THE AMALOGS SUCK

  6. squiggs says:

    uhhh PSPlorer doesn work…. none of my homebrews run. from the us

  7. MakoChild says:

    I tried testing something last night on my vita just to see what would happen. I downloaded Prometheus ISO Loader and made an INSTALL.ZIP to see if it would work on my vita. The VHBL loaded the ISO Loader perfectly fine. However, no matter how hard I tried to figure this out, the ISOs would not show up under the ISO loader. I know we were all told that this wouldn’t work through HBL but I am a pushy person on some things. Maybe somebody else might want to help with this.

  8. Rodnutz says:

    Wololo thank you so much for VHBL. My Vita is FINALLY useful since purchasing it. I missed the first few VHBL releases because I tried to have faith in Sony. I seriously thought that Sony would step things up the Vita. Around the time of E3 I sat eagerly at my desktop computer awaiting Sony’s Vita title announcements. Hoping and praying that Monster Hunter 3rd and a few other key titles would be among them. Sadly it wasn’t and in my opinion the line up of the titles announced for the Vita was truly sad.

    I just don’t understand Sony or the decisions that they make. Monster Hunter is an incredible game and with a decent amount of marketing it can be just as popular here as it is in Japan. What kills me is companies love to say that X is not popular here like it is in Japan when they have never given X proper marketing in the area they consider it not to be popular. Monster hunter has been around for years I don’t think I’ve ever scene a US TV commercial for it. If it exist then I guess I missed it.

    Anyway, E3 has come and gone and my Vita was becoming a dust collecting paper weight with each day. Well no more thanks to VHBL. The only thing that’s left and while I don’t want to support the pirating scene is for someone to release a way to play my old PSP games on the Vita. I own 3 PSPs, 1 black PSP 1000, 1 white PSP 1000(Japanese) and 1 black PSP 3000. I own tons and tons of PSP games (probably almost 60 UMDs).

    I am 39 years old. I work so I can afford to buy these things, but I refuse to repurchase games that I already own. If they had given us the same option as they gave Japan I probably wouldn’t be so salty. Sony can screw themselves with this new lame business practice they have going on here. I have been playing games since 1981 and never have I seen a practice like what Sony is doing. Renting games on this level should be outlawed. By the way I loved your post entry entitled ” What will happen to your PS Vita the day Sony’s servers go down ”

    It was that post that made me take much notice into VHBL and kept me coming back to your site each day hoping not to miss the announcement of the next game. I’ve own pretty much every gaming Console at one point or another since the Atari 2600. I can tell you now if this lame renting to never own practice exist with the next generation of consoles I seriously think that is when I will stop buying games and new systems. I want to physically touch my games and I don’t want to be told that I can’t use it because a server is done or I live in an area that has no internet.

    Again thank you for all the hard work you put into VHBL and much thanks to Neur0n (hope I spelled correctly) for this exploit. I look forward to seeing what future improvements you will make to VHBL.

    Oh by the way the Dropbox link to PSPlorer is dead. :( Could you please setup a new link to the VHBL ready save? hehehe I prefer to download those because I one of the few who can’t seem to make the installation packages correctly. :) I’m new to a lot of this so I got lots to learn.

  9. Delta191 says:

    I got my INSTALL.ZIP to show in the VHBL menu at last, I did it by rebooting my PC and switching off my PC. I then knocked off my internet wi-fi and my vita’s Wi-Fi.

    I noticed that when I transfered my INSTALL.ZIP it was just just the files in the savegame folder transfering without the INSTALL.ZIP, although CMA didnt indicate in any way that it hadnt transfered the INSTALL.ZIP. you can check the file size in your vita’s settings/applications. you will know from the size, if its transfered your INSTALL.ZIP.

    I also managed to get Mame4all 4.7 running on Vita and you can exit the rom back to the rom list by Holding down the vita’s left and right shoulder buttons, then press the Vita’s home button, then come back to mame4all running app and the mame rom menu pops back up! fantastic!!

    Good work wololo :)

    space invaders, moon cresta, xevious, galaxians, stargate, frogger, asteroids, galaga, scramble, missile command………..Whay hey!!

  10. Empirix says:

    My god, do I need help.
    I’ll type what I did and please tell me what I did wrong.
    I downloaded a psp homebrew (sonic the hedgehog non-VHBL ready save version and doom Non VHBL)and used the Homebrew auto preparer, and shove the folder in user/psvita/PSVITASAVE/cae0f88ee5d0df0d I load up VHBL (with Ymenu) And all that appears is MHFU and Everybody’s tennis. So confused :L

  11. windgust says:

    hmmm i have some issue for the snes roms and maybe other things i have some roms setup then when i wanted to add more thing to the snes emu for more roms they dont show up and i did do it right. is there a size limit?.

  12. windgust says:

    well i think i figured it out for the roms. looks like renaming the name and the ext like .SMC works good all caps. you would have to rename it all

  13. miguel says:

    the game is still up on the usa can i still put vhbl on it

  14. miguel says:

    would it still work or has sony patch it plz some one

  15. Minimur says:

    yes i dont see why it should work if freedom unit isnt on there then they havent patched it but if freedom unit and 2 is up there then theyve been patched

  16. Armookie says:

    Can we not use the ps store or browser when using this? Thats something I’m still not sure on. Does anyone know if using the store or browser on the vita risk getting this patched or blocked? I just want that clearing up if possible! :O)

  17. Steve says:

    I have the snes emulator downloaded, I read the tutorial and it said to place INSTALL.ZIP into any PSP game save, how could i get one…?

  18. Nicky says:

    hello, My Monster Hunter 3rd was download from HK PSN, so could I still use your VHBL save for it??

    because of I tried to load the save which was entered to game directly in continue section or download section.

  19. niklg3 says:

    to solve the problem just create an executable file by opening Notepad
    ren “” “INSTALL.ZIP”
    save the file called “rename.bat” where “” is run

  20. fireproof says:

    Can someone help me. Windows wont let me open opencma 1.807z. It keeps telling me it needs to know what program to open it with.

  21. DS_Marine says:

    Why don’t $ony set up a service so you can mail your UMDs to them along with a PSN user, and they will enable that game for your account? (and destroy the UMD of course)

    • DS_Marine says:

      Yeah I’m dumb, was going to comment on the other post with the video but missed the window :p

    • un3gr0 says:

      Because they want more money, and will make you pay twice for a content. $ony is liar too. See:

      1. They sayid ps3 was retrocompatible with PS1 and PS2 discs, and just a year after removed the retocompatibility chip and start selling ps1 classic.

      2. They sayid ps3 was linux compatible, bus as they see it was an open door for hacking, they just removed it, whithout suport

      3. Psvita was goint to run remote play… And now just one game can run in ps3 in remote play.

      I dont trust $ony as a consumer, they have history of disrespect.

  22. Someone says:

    How can I move new content to an installation? Do I have to repackage the entire homebrew application with the new files and install it again?

  23. windgust says:

    can some one confirm this i think iyou need to shorten the name of your snes game to transfer to the vita. when i cap the name of the game still would not show up when i transfer the rom over seems like has to be like 8 letter or less.

  24. Wrozen says:

    MHFU is still on the u.s. store if you think u missed this one.

  25. Hrod87 says:

    Thnx for the quick faq and guide about VHBL and the homebrew install, and most of all Thank you for trusting enough on me to make me part of the ninja release 😀

  26. Miguelr says:

    Hola mi pregunta es si sera posible utilizar un iso loader como es el prometheus iso loader yo lo puse en el VHBL cree la ruta iso y coloque una copia de seguridad.iso ahi luego al ejecutarlo con el VHBL no me funciona se regresa al menu del VHBL…

  27. Trololo says:

    Im having trouble downloading roms can someone help me asap please.Thanx

  28. jvr94 says:

    im having the same problem i put the roms into the INSTALL.ZIP file but the roms dont show on the vita

    • Chris2121 says:

      You have to reinstall the emulator to see the changes also you have to overwrite your current emulator with the one you just changed with cma

  29. jvr94 says:

    wololo i need help cma wont transfer my INSTALL.ZIP file to the vita

  30. Rodnutz says:

    Does anyone know if the game has been patched yet? A friend of mines is also tired of his Vita being a paper weight and would like to download the game. Please if anyone has gotten the game today and VHBL works please let me know ASAP. Much thanks!

  31. Goldkill1 says:

    I downloaded gpSP and snes9xTYL, and they both have the same savedata from the motorstorm game, do i have to somehow look for another SAVEDATA, or can i just throw both emulators together in the same SAVEDATA folder?

  32. belgian says:

    hey wolo can you make a video on how to install it because m more of a visual learner then reading how to do it if its ok wit you and thanks again!!

  33. fireproof says:

    Will vhbl ever work for mac owners.

    • wololo says:

      It already works for mac owners, what exactly is your issue?

      • fireproof says:

        May be I just didn’t do enough research. Every time I see or read(exp. youtube) a tutorial its always for windows. My biggest issue right now is figuring out how to get opencma to work on a mac. If you download the file from this site onto a mac you cannot open it.

  34. Reli says:

    El tener Vhbl le puede afectar a mi ps vita como ya no poder jugar online o no poder conectarse en playstation network o sigue siendo igual que antes?

  35. b2p1mp says:

    Can we use MHFU on psp and the vhbl savedata ( or can you release a psp compatible hbl version) to test for compatibility? For instance, can i load up MHFU on the psp with a savedata and hit the wmenu? It would be so much easier for me to test homebrew on the psp2k model i have. I could test all things quick, I got picodrive UO modded rewind to run on vita btw. Pain though using opencma during testing phase.

  36. Mr-Shizzy says:

    I have a question about packaging your homebrew:

    I am a neat freak, and like things to be labeled correctly. I notice that homebrew preparer 0.2 makes your homebrew with the MotorStorm savedata.

    I would like to customize this to match the actual homebrew I’m installing. The .png files are easy enough to replace, and you can use SFO Edit to edit the .SFO file.

    But what about the data.bin file? this is where the “savedata_title” info is stored. How can I edit that?

    Thanks in advance for any replies :)

  37. Empirix says:

    Ah… No help? Dawn.

  38. Azio says:

    Hey i have big problem.When i play the daedalus64 really really slow.i mean i cant play like this.Do u have a solution for it wololo?

  39. omnipotent says:

    does anyone find it odd that monster hunter united (the most expensive on the market 19.99 usa $) is still up. 1.vhbl can not hack the vita
    2. everyone runs and buys it
    3. sony makes mad money on a game worth $5
    4. so why would they pull it off the market if they are going broke?
    5. vhbl makes sony money, i am not surpised they havent charged 29.99 instead of pulling it off the market.

  40. heero01 says:

    hi i am having a problem when copying lets say snes from my comp to ps vita the computer file is 23 mb but the vita is only 160 kb every time and not just snes ,i dont know what to do to correct this .

  41. jo says:

    hi Wololo,
    can you post the original INSTALL.ZIP file , i cant find the original , only have one save , i can load VHBL but cant see the ORIGINAL INSTALL ZIP, i know how to make it transfer etc.. but the original one is missing.(the one you replace the install ZIP file on another game)
    Do i have to have a second psp game as i can only see one monster hunter save file , that is all , i have other games like fifa and mod nation racers but nothing else appears in save files but the monster hunter game.

    Other people i think are having same problem i think , once again anhy help is appreciated .

  42. Mariew says:

    Hi, I’m dummie on this, but I think got some bug in VHBL (or need some help). I patched a emulator, like is described above, but when I load the VHBL and try install it, this stuck and install anything. It stuck in 8 files remained or 2 files remained, but the screen don’t show any install just show, for example 8 files remained, and sounds is like a install.

    This is a bug or I’m just a jerk?

    Sorry my english I’m brazilian.

  43. Zyphs says:

    Dude it was just us being stupid.. i totally missed the pre-packed files, LAWL..

  44. jonathan says:


  45. Azio says:

    Hey wololo can we run the GCN isos? Plzz make some homebrews with dolphine emulator.We need it!

  46. Chase says:

    I have vhbl ymenu not wmenu anymore so how do i install homebrews an emulators?

  47. Jeppe says:

    is there any who can tell me how to install lamecraft

  48. chase says:

    i dont know how to make INSTALL.ZIP file pls help?

  49. CATPowah says:

    Dude, if you people really need help just go to the tutorial section in /Talk Forums. That will save your time waiting for reply or spamming F5 button to get a reply. Seriously.

  50. darkkitsune says:

    wololo how to uninstall games in vhbl?

  51. deeziigames says:

    hae dude, ive done everything right, but when i click download on MH and click yes on connect to download content, it freezes and errors and closes. could u help me out bro?

  52. jaffar says:

    After i copy the GAMOCRACY ONE: LEGEND OF ROBOT in my ps vita it does not appear on the home screen so i dont know how to run the game i can find it in the setting but i can’t run it so if you can let me know what to do thanks.

  53. yasir says:

    me too i can not see the games on vita home

  54. mj says:

    hello all of u

    ok i put the new firmware 2.61 and after that i download the Half Byte Loader r166 for FW 2.61 (PP – JP) after that i put this file in into savedata i copy in savedata but noting happend thank u

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