Video: PSP Iso running on the PS Vita

You might remember the hacker whom I nicknamed “Tony”, who was able to run PS1 games and psp isos with a CFW on a PS Vita. Or you might remember Davee’s HEN running on a PS Vita back in march. You might also remember that I mentioned that several groups are now in possession of a PSP kernel exploit on the Vita.

Well it seems today that a beta tester for one of these groups was not completely careful, and leaked a video showing him running psp isos on a Vita (video below).

The video shows the tester (who is possibly Chinese) running isos for Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker and Shining Blade through a (PSP) kernel exploit.

I have been told that the initial video has since then been removed which is why I’m thinking of a beta-tester mistake, but that was probably too late and the video got copied to other networks such as youtube.

What I can tell you right now is that this video is legit, and that this is neither Davee nor “Tony”‘s work. But this should not be a surprise to most people here, as I’ve mentioned in the past that we know of at least 5 groups that have PSP kernel exploits.

It’s worth mentioning that these exploits do not use VHBL in any way, but it is likely that most of them would require to go through a user mode exploit first (which probably means one of the game exploits we typically release with our Ninja release system).

There is, of course, no word on a potential release of this hack.

Source: The Z on pspking

  1. Drakul Inchivarika’s avatar

    Here in china, they already have hacked ps vita’s for the price of $489 American dollars. This guy is running the iso on a ps vita dev system. check your’e resources first guys.


    1. un3gr0’s avatar

      I dont belive in you 2 times.

      -1. ps vita is not “public” hacked anywhere in world, all hacks are in testing phase. Ok, a guy from one of the testing team can be selling “their” team’s work for U$500,00 (2 psvita official price), but i dont belive this is happening, to load a iso you have to be at least an average user(Everyone knows how dificult is to copy files to psvita’s memory), and a noob wont pay 500 bucks for an exploit.

      -2. How can you Know this is an “DEV SYSTEM”? He is using 1.80 FW it can cleary be seen, how god they got a 1.80 DevFW?


    2. wololo’s avatar

      I dont know about the chinese black market, but I know what this iso loader is and I can tell you this is not a dev unit.


      1. V’s avatar

        To Un3gr0
        - I’ve confirm in the chinese website that 1.80 is an official firmware in the china market release on the 28th of August for PS1 support

        To Wololo
        - You might already have the full source, but there is a scene of Credit with “Hacked by” in Mandrin and i found a chinese article about the hacker. You have my email and let me know if you’re interested. In the China Market is using his work to hack PSV and sell to others, even though i believe that he manage to build the custom firmware but he doesn’t want to get too involved?? (i don’t see anything reveal in his blog unless my source is fake)


    3. Sin’s avatar

      lol , that was expensive , here in malaysia that mod vita only cost RM1200 … in USD its should be around USD380 … that vita comes with mod psn store , only psp games available to purchase in that store , no pirated vita games yet ..if want to play vita games , have to buy the game card since u dont have official psn store , also cannot update to 1.8


  2. Ryan’s avatar

    I am sick of people saying “omg you pircay you suck?!”
    WEll screw that! I wanna pircay! im not gonna go pay fucking 20$ for a game!


    1. clicks’s avatar

      Then I suggest you go play $1 glorified flash games on an iPhone. I only want to run PSP isos on the Vita because I don’t feel like re-purchasing my old UMDs (which I just did recently with MHFU for obvious reasons).


    2. anonymous’s avatar

      Fuck you, Ryan!!!!!!!!


    3. Goody’s avatar

      I believe the RICH hate piracy and the POOR who can’t afford love piracy. That’s the truth.


      1. Keyblade Spirit’s avatar

        I’m not poor and I support piracy.


        1. tatsuya’s avatar

          lol me poor but still buy original game XD


      2. jason’s avatar

        i agree. if you don’t have money, why would you give it to the people that already have money? almost a rhetorical question.


  3. mr.prirate’s avatar

    Look at the DS and 3DS, you didnt even need to hack that system. its a simple game cartridge with a memory stick and you have access to the entire catalogue of DS games.

    And its a very successful system with lots of developers. I have a VITA and can honestly say im disappointed.


    1. Jose’s avatar

      You spoke too soon my friend


  4. Popi421’s avatar

    This is not a hack if you have peace walker on the psn you can copy it to your ps3 then plug in your vita and copy it to mem. Stick wha lha push play


    1. Ronald’s avatar

      its hack he just happened to use that game.


  5. michael’s avatar

    I’m afraid an employee of Sony Corporation is selling information to hackers one way or another the vita will be hacked and peace will be restored and the earth will be saved.


  6. tatsuya’s avatar

    noo shining blade XD i don have credit card and malaysia dont sell psn card in convenient store :(
    oh well


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