Release: VHBL r160 for Vita 1.80


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188 Responses

  1. XHARO says:

    So mhfu still runs vhbl in the us even tho the maintenance happened?

  2. XHARO says:

    So its all good to get then
    And thanks for replying

  3. mingzhi says:

    I want to keep the original archive can not be done, I do not know.

  4. Trololo says:

    Can i please get a reply on how to install emulators plz

  5. Azio says:

    Hey wololo i asking u.How to put the roms on emulator.Plzz wololo reply me

    • jdubs says:

      Yo man there is a walkthrough at the top of this page on how to install roms on your emulators. I also posted a pretty detailed walkthrough on the last page if you scroll back.

  6. Bokees says:

    Monster hunter freedom 2 essentials working or not???

  7. kris says:

    hey wololo can u making a vid or do u have already a vid on how to in stal the vhbl, im very nooby in installing files like this ok, thanks plz i hope u resent a messenger ok goodbye !!!

    • BigCockSurprise says:

      it’s really easy. when you extract the vhbl zip file you will have 3 folders, 1 for us one for europe and 1 for japan. since i’m in us i used the ulus10391 file (europe it’s ules01213 and japan uljm05500). you have to copy this file to documents\sony\psvita\pssavdata\(random caracters). this path is where all the save games are backed up when you connect you psvita and back them up. once you have it in there, open opencma and import from pc to vita select the psp save data (on your vita menu) and you will see a monster hunter save game, select it, click copy and it will be imported in your vita. on your vita, quit cma open MHFU, at the menu chose download, it will search the memory card and detect a file, click yes and voila vhbl will boot (a black screen loading stuff and you will end up in the vhbl menu)

      hope it helps, i’ve explained this the best i could.

      • jo says:

        hi there, would u know where i can find the ORIGINAL Install Zip file, i cant seem to find it.
        I know the process to copy it but the original isnt even present , it doesnt even exist ? any help is appreciated mate

  8. helder says:

    counter strike portable test, is a bit bugged but:

  9. kaas says:

    works great thanks wololololololo

  10. Armookie says:

    Can we not use the ps store or browser when using this? Thats something I’m still not sure on. Does anyone know if using the store or browser on the vita risk getting this patched or blocked? I just want that clearing up if possible! :O)

    • wololo says:

      You an still use psn, etc… We have had no reports of people being banned for using vhbl.

      • Uncle Pirate says:

        I can confirm this..
        This is the 2nd game I’m using with VHBL exploit.
        No problems whatsoever.

      • armookie says:

        Thanks Wololo for replying but can Sony patch this if we use vitas wifi? I sure as heck don’t want to loose the exploit with Sony doing a sneaky patch. Can they even see if Vhbl is on the Vita?

  11. alex says:

    So could i use VHBL on my ps vita 1.80?

  12. armookie says:

    Just wanted to thank you guys for your help and for working together to get VHBL to its current working state its in now.
    We all appreciate what you have done for the PsVita community. :O)

    Happy brewing!! :o)

  13. zoraktorok says:

    arrrghh… I guess thats what ymenu is for…. I guess I should finish my research befor I ask for help…. y-menu…. but having a problem with it… installing just as i did picodrive and snes9x, but I get 1 remaining Files beep beep beep beep beep……… beep…. etc

  14. luis need help says:

    where i download the vhbl i dont find the file and how i install the vhbl a video will be great for me and all the people is lost thanks

  15. alex says:

    hey wololo could you send me instruction of how to use vhbl on vita 1.80.
    And one more question how long we have to wait for a full jailbreak?

  16. Jason says:

    should the other vhbl games be getting an update or if we want homebrew on 1.80 are we gonna have to buy monster hunter?

  17. alex says:

    wait if i want to run vhbl on my vita 1.80 i need buy game everybodies tennis or i just need to download a hacked version ?

  18. DarkZenRitual says:

    SONY is trying their best for the PSV to succeed, sure its a joke when you see a PSP game for 40 bucks on PSN but just get it for free on the PSP and even all the PSONE games! why do you wanna screw up the PSV??

  19. sonic99190 says:

    i do not have any of the games can you just make an open download for the vhbl

  20. sonic99190 says:

    i rilly rilly want to play lamecraft because i love minecraft!

  21. Albert says:

    Can i use this on my ps vita 2.00 too and please teach me how to get this stuff work on mine too and i will be waiting for a reply Asap

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