Release: VHBL r160 for Vita 1.80


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188 Responses

  1. alex

    hey wololo could you send me instruction of how to use vhbl on vita 1.80.
    And one more question how long we have to wait for a full jailbreak?

  2. Jason

    should the other vhbl games be getting an update or if we want homebrew on 1.80 are we gonna have to buy monster hunter?

  3. alex

    wait if i want to run vhbl on my vita 1.80 i need buy game everybodies tennis or i just need to download a hacked version ?

  4. DarkZenRitual

    SONY is trying their best for the PSV to succeed, sure its a joke when you see a PSP game for 40 bucks on PSN but just get it for free on the PSP and even all the PSONE games! why do you wanna screw up the PSV??

  5. sonic99190

    i do not have any of the games can you just make an open download for the vhbl

  6. sonic99190

    i rilly rilly want to play lamecraft because i love minecraft!

  7. Albert

    Can i use this on my ps vita 2.00 too and please teach me how to get this stuff work on mine too and i will be waiting for a reply Asap