Updated Open CMA, Fixes Errors

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    Wait I don’t understand why I shouldn’t use open cma with the new vhbl?

  2. TelcoLou says:

    Cool; one question though; I used the previous r4 version a couple of days ago, and had no bugs/glitches transferring a video file. Should I update mine with this patch?

  3. Jd8531 says:

    You don’t have to, this is more stable but it’s up to you 🙂

    • TelcoLou says:

      Thanks very much 😀 Stable = better, IMHO, so I started from scratch, also because I know of someone who was still having trouble. This version works for me just fine on WinXP Pro, so I shall pass the word! 😀

  4. MrRetard says:

    can sony detect your cma is hacked and force a secret update to patch your monster hunter game? sounds bad we should all take up wololos generosity and not complain if this should happen. thnx mate

    • Jd8531 says:

      That’s the point of Open CMA, it doesn’t send anything or talk to Sonys servers, if you turn off the Internet you’ll be offline also.

    • Itherian says:

      No Open CMA does not connect to Sony’s servers. Basically it has been patched so it is a offline file transfer and does not transmit any data through the internet about your activity. Hence why we say use that.

  5. MikeBeav3r says:

    I think I will leave mine until I need to use it, have just spent the last hour or two messing about with the r4 release, I have only JUST come back to doing my normal work online and then I spot that it’s had a bug fix, ha ha ha ha, just my luck for timing I guess :p

  6. meanmachine781 says:

    ive been trying to install it with no success the vita still asks for internet, do i need to uninstall it from the vita too? how?

    • Jd8531 says:

      You need to uninstall CMA on the PC if you are going to switch from the old one to this one. You don’t need to on the vita, just close it out and restart it

      • meanmachine781 says:

        alright, i kinda got it to work, when i first connect the vita it recognizes it and im able to copy to and from the pc with the content manager but if close it on the vita and try it again it tells me i need the internet it only works if i quit it on the pc and open it again, i can copy other stuff like pics and music without using content manager tho, any help?

  7. julien says:

    this news it totaly not clear …
    is it open cma R4 ?? or R5 fix ??

    newest version link goes to http://code.google.com/p/procfw/

    please clarify.. your new …..

  8. Joe says:

    just wanna thanks everyone hard work for making the vita a better device. 🙂 too bad i m too stupid, otherwise i could have help too 🙁

  9. Chase says:

    I have windows xp not windows 7

  10. shaitan says:

    Well Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has left the Australian store, is it just me or did it take longer than usual

  11. Turd Sandwich says:

    They removed the game from the U.S PSN store. Thank goodness I got the game few days ago. Now I just wait for the VHBL files. *** yeah! 🙂

  12. Peleep says:

    Thank you thank you! I completely uninstalled OpenCMA180 that was giving me errors, and deleted. Then I reinstalled the current version of CMA. Then used Ctrl Alt Del and stopped all CMA processes running. The I followed the instructions in this post re running run.bat as an administrator. Shazam….OpenCMA now works on my Eu 180 Vita in flight mode! Thank you!!!

  13. Could I still download and use the open cma 1.80 without the vhbl?

  14. Armookie says:

    Well roumour has it that site maintanance is removing Monster Hunter from all stores, among other things. wonder if all versions of monster hunter get removed or even just updated. Will wololo wait till they test after the update to see if Monster hunter is back and test to see if its been patched? Then we may get VHBL release!

    The waiting is frustrating to say the least.

  15. sasuke1981 says:

    guys i have got a question…which version of cma i need for vhbl? i just need the last one and then patch with this one so i dont have to be on internet for files transfer?

    • MakoChild says:

      You just need CMA 1.80. Open CMA 1.80 would be better so that internet is no longer required and so that sony cannot know what’s being transferred to and from your Vita. But Open CMA is not a requirement. Just suggested.

      • oxMUDxo says:

        I dont think you can copy hacked save files with out Open CMA or PSP files to install homebrews.

        So Open CMA is very needed.

        • MakoChild says:

          Oh yeah I believe your right. If you have a save file that was created from an unsigned game on a hacked psp, you may not be able to transfer it without Open CMA. But I don’t know for sure.

  16. Armookie says:

    How do we know if open cma connects to servers when wifi is on or not? Even though we may be able to transfer files offline, this does not mean for sure that sony still can’t see what we do when wifi is enabled on the pc. Correct me if thats not the case and that open cma totally removes connections to sony.
    Does any one know if that’s correct?

  17. Metalliphyll says:

    wouldn’t it be easier once CMA is installed to block internet connection to it with a firewall

    • Jd8531 says:

      If you mean blocking the official cma with a firewall, you cant as the official cma has to connect to their servers the entire time.

      • Metalliphyll says:

        i have open cma installed i just blockefd it with a firewall so i dont have to disable my net, i just turn flight mode on on the vita works perfect

  18. Haven’t had a problem since installing this update fix. Thanks. and I’m happy running vhbl on my white ps vita from japan 🙂

  19. JustinWeiber says:

    Srry if this is a dumb question but I installed the new 180 with the fix in it, but all it does is make the ability to transfer without being online correct? Is there a way to put snes on it without vhbl?

  20. Goldkill1 says:

    I seriously don’t understand why my vita is not detecting the open CMA when I clearly followed all the steps to working it -_- Any help?

  21. Dr swag says:

    What if i use regular CMA to put the file to my ps vita?

    • jdubs says:

      Nothing, it should still work. Just safer to do it offline so sony can’t butt in with forced updates and all their other spiteful spitefulness….

  22. thekamikazepr says:

    im getting an electronic cigarrete one i click the 1.80 to download … weird it work nice once but ISP crashed on the middle of waiting for DL now its messed .

    Any one else having this issue?

    • thekamikazepr says:

      Never mind lol sorry not enoguh sleep tried again: Theres a smal larrow on top that says “skip this add”


  23. Armookie says:

    Its official monster hunter removed from ps store.
    Wololo VHBL Release iminent.
    Arnookie will be very happy when wololo gives us Files ;O)
    EU Uk store ps1 classics reduced in price also.

  24. Yeah @ chasez671 from guam!!!

  25. Did u graduated 2001 from sanchez @ Chasez671

  26. Frank says:

    Psn back on and monster hunter united hasnt been pulled yet.

  27. Frank says:

    *US ps store

    • jdubs says:

      Yep, I can confirm this as well. I’d still be hesistant to download it at this point though. Sony may have pulled a ninja patch during maintainence.

  28. Rivroner says:

    Wololo my friend, I will sacrifice a virgin if you want man, but please don´t you make us suffer more time. 😀

  29. john says:

    i keep getting a error “a error has occurred (E-80182014)

    why ? and can some one help

  30. pinlos says:

    hey dude i have got the same error , can some one help me?

  31. Tony s says:

    k i had em both working offline then something happened and it stopped then update came on now it only works when vita is offline and pc online anyy solutions?

  32. yankeebravo says:

    i cant get it to work. keeps on giving me the (E-80182014) error. help?

  33. addsy says:

    i keep getting errors when i click run. first error reads error the procces cma.exe etc snd then other errors like couldnt back up etc. does nay one know what im doing wrong? iv tried over 10 times uninstalling then in stalling again

  34. CS72 says:

    Mhh do anybody have an idea? I install the normal CMA new. (Withhout connecting the Vita at the end or connecting to internet.) Then I try to install the Open CMA step by step as shown in the read me. (Bevor starting the run.bat I kill all CMA processes.) After this, and starting CMA, the CMA freezes, and processor runs with 100% and nothing happens. Killing CMA and restart doesn’t help, only uninstall and reinstall. (But as I said, after installing Open CMA and starting it, then it freezes.) Running XP SP3.

  35. fireproof says:

    Can someone help me. Windows wont let me open opencma 1.807z. It keeps telling me it needs to know what program to open it with.

  36. Miguel Silva says:


    (region id =”eu”>) united states (region id =”us”>)


  37. Tim says:

    When I click on the link to the fix for Open CMA to download itself opens a page where a window opens, if you want to enter or leave the page.
    In any case, the page freezes and has probably a Trojan on the computer.
    This is all the scrap Wololo page

  38. gjanko2 says:

    I can not seem to get Open CMA to work, I install CMA fresh then I proceed to copy the files to the directory and run the open CMA .bat file, but It shows a bunch of errors and will not work. Any advice?

  39. joey says:

    is there any way to know that opencma is running apart from trying it with the wifi off? cause i had no errors whatsoever from my first try so im kinda paranoid that it didnt work lol

  40. Disgusted_Vita_User says:

    My firewall caught Open CMA 5.0 trying to connect to a UK website, anyone else noticed this?

    It wasn’t just localhost either, it was an IP address beginning 178.x.x.x. I thought this was supposed to stay offline.