(PSP) Memory Stick Adapter + MicroSD, high memory for low price?

I am writing this article to let you guys know my experience with these special type of Memory Card for the PSP, and maybe, in a near future, for the Vita.

Well, the first advantage you immediately get from this great invention is the fact you get a high memory storage for a low price comparing it to the original memory stick. First of all, we need the Adapter which is fairly cheap, usually 0.99$ + shipping fees, depending on where you live in the world it might even be cheaper.

Next, you need the MicroSD HC, which depends on how much memory storage you want for your PSP. The second advantange of the adapter is the fact you can put two MicroSD HC inside, so for example you can do all types of combinations, like 8 GB + 16 GB and things like that, the maximum I have tried is 16 GB + 16 GB or only 32 GB MicroSD HC, I have not tried 32 GB + 32 GB. For example, say you want an 8GB MicroSD HC, it will be around 3$ + shipping fees. So lets add everything up (Shipping fees not included):

1$ – Adapter

6$ – 2 x MicroSD HC


7 $ – 16 GB Memory Storage for your PSP

Compare it with Sony’s Memory Stick:

47 $ – Original Memory Stick 16 GB

If you want to buy the original, won’t blame you, so there you go:

Original Memory Stick

I have made this table comparing the advantages of each type of memory to summarize:

Original Memory Stick 


  • Original (Do not think that is an advantage)
  • Warranty (Also, I do not think this is an advantage because if you break the adapter  you can get another one for 1$)
  • High reading speed
  • Compatible with MagicGate


  • Really high price

Adapter + MicroSD HC


  • Really low price
  • Accepts any MicroSD up to 32 GB


  • Medium reading speed

So, reckon you are going to buy an Adapter, or are you going to stick with the original Memory Stick? Comment!

  1. man_of_power05’s avatar

    i’ve seen that same exact model on amazon but i got one that only uses 1 micro sd. i got a 16GB sd card for cheap for this and that’s enough for me but this is probably good too.


  2. npissooawsome’s avatar

    The only problem with buying one of these adapters would be that you’d be able to put any data you want on it. Which would probably end up pissing sony off and causes these adapters to be rejected by the vita


    1. Dude’s avatar


      The Vita uses a completely different memory card format with no currently known adapter.


  3. WilliamBMX’s avatar

    I use an adapter that a year ago!
    E já quebrei um…


  4. Pirate Cat’s avatar

    Sony charges $3.75/GB
    Microsoft charges $.40/GB ($100 250GB drive)
    Internal HDD $.05 – $.45/GB (2.5TB – 40GB)

    Microsoft is only about two times the cost of a same size drive, Sony is 15 times the cost for the equivalent space with their memory cards. I should totally be happy with the price Sony set, a mere 15 times the going rate!

    It’s fairer to compare the price to other flash memory but, it’s an overinflated price no matter how you look at it.


    1. Pirate Cat’s avatar

      That figure is for how much Sony is charging for Vita memory cards.*


      1. Gui’s avatar

        Tell us how much it costs for 1gb of floppy disk storage to while your at it.


      2. The Rare Tiger’s avatar

        A 2GB PS Vita memory card is 97$ excluding vat.


        1. Exitus’s avatar

          Sorry, mate, comparing HDD prices to memory card prices makes no goddamn sense. Yes, Sony robs you blind. So does Microsoft and not only with their overpriced Xbox hardware.


  5. Rusty Sullivan’s avatar

    I have been using one of the dual adapters in my PSP for about 2 years now. Up until last week, I had a 32 GB + 16 GB going in it with no problems. I eventually took the 32 GB out to put in my Nook Tablet (this mofo likes to read). Now, I have 2x16GB. Works like a charm. The difference in read speed can be minimized by using high speed cards, so, it’s worth the extra few bucks per MicroSD card.


  6. CJW’s avatar

    I have also been using one of these for many years in both my older PSP fat and my PSP Slim 2000. It was a single card model and seemed to limit transfer speeds to about 10MB per second. From what I can tell my 16mb Sony Magic gate card never did speeds better than that so I doubt the PSP bus can really take advantage of it. I was using a type 4 microSD 16GB card for a long time but just got a SanDisk type 4 32GB card from OfficeMax last week for $20. Works great and I have just about every good PSP and PS1 game I want to play plus videos and mp3 on it. I would really like to see a vita adapter but don’t count on it. The vita card is just slightly bigger and I think it is using some DRM hardware so unlikely we will ever see an adapter. I did get a 16gb Vita from NewEgg for $46 and free shipping a few weeks ago so that is a lot better than street retail for those looking to upgrade. Happy I held on to my 8gb with the new card/accounting locking crap in 1.80. Really enjoying the PS1 games though as I have good old Suikodan and SOTN on Vita now and they look pretty. Looks like no multi-disc support yet on Vita PS1 so I have to wait for FF and ChronoCross.


  7. plinker’s avatar

    micro sd adapters are very convenient. I believe that the reason some adapters break easily when the owner often removes or interchange the memory card. This can also happen with regular memory cards regardless if its original or fake. If you want it, Get it. set up that adapter with the micro sd combo that you like or can afford. insert memory card adapter to psp and start using it. its cheaper to get a mini usb cable. stop using that card reader.


  8. Gui’s avatar

    If it doesn’t mean noticeably slower load times for games stored on memory. I would buy 2 of these for the Vita the day they’re created!


  9. Novak!SrbinBRe’s avatar

    i’ve been using this adapter for over a year now… it’ss the same model as on the picture… i’m using 8+8GB… i also think that it has greater reading speed than the original MS, probably due to the fact that i have 2 exactly same microSDs’ and that they both are the high speed models…so if you mix different types of cards you don’t get that kind of speeds. On windows 7 transfering files using usb cable connected to the psp, when the original HS MS 4GB is used, i get max 3,5MBps, and when my 8GB+8GB adapter is used, i get 5-6MBps


  10. Novak!SrbinBRe’s avatar

    the only bad thing about the adapter is that it is very fragile, infact, my has the top lid brokend on the edges, but it still works, from time to time when i eject the adapter and reinsert it again in my psp i have to do it 2-3 times before i get it in in the right position so that it reads well the cards, but once inside, i have no more problems, even when shaking my psp it doesn’t lose the contact position. i guess i’ll buy 2-3 adapters more, cuz they don’t cost me nothing and are preety useful


  11. BigCockSurprise’s avatar

    Good article but it`s nothing new.. also I have a hard time seeing how they could make such an adapter for the vita


  12. toBsucht’s avatar

    I use a dualslot adapter myself with a singel card it work pretty well 4gb class4. The r&w speed on my psp is similar to an orginal with magic memory gate .. the r&w via usb is much better. I´m a littel sorry that it seems like close to no alternativ product is @ the market. I saw some other adapter (exter) which make psp read sd cards but they are very expensive. I had a look if can build a psp card reader myself by the use of an pro duo card and a lan cabel which i want to conect to an card reader.. i was a littel shy so i did a new web search and i found / bought that cr-5400.
    I doubt that my own build adapter /card-reader had a chance to work as fine as the one from china :) .. it should be possible but i don´t want the melt the usb-fuse^^

    Is anyone using adapter for psp go m2 card?!


  13. 007’s avatar

    i just bought some single slot adapters for $1.83 each and some 16GB class 10 lexars for $14.99 each (sale not fake) works great.

    im happy with the decision. dunno if adapter will last or fry just got em. if they last amazing!

    i only had ordered 3 adapters. going to order more as spares now that i got to try this first hand.


  14. GottZ’s avatar

    i’ve got my 16 gb stick since it was worth 130€

    i never ever cried for buying this one. its fast, its big and i can literarely put a hell lot of games onto it.


  15. crazyc’s avatar

    I use a single slot adapter with a 16GB SDHC card without any trouble.


  16. MoonShell’s avatar

    i own photofast & 2x16gb class 10 TEAM microsd.when i tried to copy file into the psp directly using usb connection,i got around 7,5MB/s write speed(win7).and when i tried blackspeed v2 to benchmark the card,i got around 16MB/s max read speed and around 10MB/s write speed,i think the speed is quite good


  17. Acc’s avatar

    So does this mean they’re faster than original MSduo (since I read in the comments it’s comparable only to class 4, even the originals with MagicGate)? Or does the adapter limit the speed itself?


  18. lincoln777’s avatar

    please help i have big problem at hand. my psp only reads magicgaye unsupported memory sticks and reject magicgate supported memory sticks how do i fix this ?


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