(PSP) Memory Stick Adapter + MicroSD, high memory for low price?

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  1. wololo says:

    I have been told that the Vita’s memory sticks are exactly the same archtecture as the PSP memory sticks with a different form factor, but I kinda doubt that. I wouldn’t be surprised if they shipped with harware support for account-bound type of data, maybe encryption, etc… which would make such an adapter difficult to provide for 3rd parties without a licence.

    As a matter of fact, the Vita has been out for 9months, and I am still not seeing any chinese alternative on the market…

    That being said, we don’t seem to have any trouble extracting/writing data from within VHBL, so who knows

    • SIM sk says:

      Hey wololo, I dont think that there will be an arapter for the vita.
      How small has the card inside the adapter has to be? 1 mm?

      • KuroRyuu913 says:

        Well the vita mem cards are more thick than micro SD cards. So it could be possible.

        • z3 says:

          A Vita memorycard is 1mm thick. Wikipedia says that MicroSD is also 1mm thick. I’m pretty sure that it will be impossible to make a MicroSD adapter for the Vita, unless it is sticking out of the Vita.

          • Mr McGoo says:

            Aactually only one part of the micro is 1mm thick. Its the same for the adapter. It is incredibly thin hard plastic. Probably thinner than a sheet of paper on each side. In essence, they could create a top adapter like the og sd has.

          • z3 says:

            Yeah, i checked my MicroSD card in my phone now and only the end side is 1mm indeed. The rest of the MicroSD card is about 0.7mm or 0.8mm i would guess. Maybe it isnt 100% impossible afterall, but i think it will very difficult without having it sticking out of the Vita.

  2. Chris says:

    I’d definitely say get the adapter, the only real advantage on the original is MagicGate, which i’ve found to not actually matter for anything.

  3. thecodebreaker says:

    I’ve been using the adapter since I got my first 2000, and I got another one for my 3000. I don’t find that they’re all that slow… especially when you use mem card acceleration in cwf

  4. Darkanubis74 says:

    I would consider getting one for vita if they became available. i never got one for any of my psp systems, i kind of just ended up buying the overpriced mem stick pro duo lol

  5. ken says:

    I had been using one of these adapter too and I’ve yet to experience any problem. No crash, no hanging, no lost of data. I haven’t tested it but the reading speed is pretty much the same, hardly notice any difference.
    Another major advantage of using Adapter + microSD is the ability to play music and video on both my PSP and phone.
    I didn’t know there is a smaller memory card than microSD? And AFAIK, the Vita memory card is pretty much the same size as the microSD… so I don’t think an adapter will work.

  6. -X-77 says:

    Cool thnx for the heads up! Got my monster hunter and would love to get a mem stick adapter. Screw sony’s BS money making stretegy. Sd cards all day!!! ^.^

  7. squiggs says:

    This is great for people who use there psp for every thing. Even god forbid isos . Btw this article is long over due

  8. Raziel says:

    Im surprised there hasn’t been a adapter for the Ps Vita yet,really tired of paying for these insane prices.

  9. Dontreallycare says:

    Lol I’ve had these adapters for years, they never lug, but it would be nice to have a 64gb ps vita if an adapter for it memory cards ever come out, 32gb isn’t enough for me

  10. Nephurus says:

    I wish a via form was alvaible, 100$ USD for 32 gigs is a joke .

  11. SSJ-Vita says:

    I understand making a dollar I really do, but at the expense of the users your trying to sell your internet handicapped touch screens to??? It’s already the only tablet that is in no way a tablet, why double whammy yourselves sony?

  12. Super says:

    Well,I had tried an adapter , which was combined with two 8G micro SD.

    After using for two month ,
    some files inside turned out to be damaged , including the ISO and the save data.

    I tried many ways to recover those files but in vain.

    So , I decided not to use this thing anymore.

  13. meanmachine781 says:

    i have this on my psp and it was really slow at times and my psp wont even read it at times but taking it out and putting back in does the job

  14. jlo138 says:

    Never had any problems except I had to format each card separately at first. I had two 16gb in that. You can get them (remember me from the forums) off eBay from a trusted seller where I only buy my memory from for around <$25. That is two 16gb and the adapter. Fast shipping if your in the U.S.

    On another note, Micro SD cards will never be adaptable (from my understanding) to a M2 or Vita Card because they are totally different technologies. I've searched everywhere and never seen one either.

  15. b2p1mp says:

    I have 2 of the exact ones. They are eggshell thin so removing them and reinserting them into the memstick slot will event eventually render them useless, though it cost me 20 bucks for about 32GB of memory that lasted 2 years. Just be extra careful.

  16. Kosuke says:

    i was also thinking that since the vita uses cartridges like the ds then you think maybe we may get something similar to the r4

  17. Dragng8 says:

    Yea i have 2 for my 1000. Solved ALL my space issues. I highly recommend it. Cant wait til we have one for vita. Given the space requirement for vita games, the cards do seem over priced

  18. qwikrazor87 says:

    I already have a bunch of memory sticks.
    I’ve always been iffy about getting the microSD cards with the adaptor but now I’m considering it.

  19. SixtySixHundred says:

    I’ve been doing tests on a couple of these types of adapters and with the very one in the picture, I frequently get write errors when copying large files to it from my PC with a card reader. No such problem with the card inserted in the PSP and the PSP acting as a card reader. Other than that, they’re great devices. I also don’t think 2x 32gb SDHC cards will work, due to the maximum capacity of this type of card.

  20. Darkova says:

    I’ve been using this adapter for awhile now. If you want good speeds just get the class 10 MicroSDHCs to put in the adapter. I’m also using class 4 MicroSDs and they’re not slow at all. Amazon has them for really cheap. Sign up for a trial Prime account on Amazon and get free 2 day shipping in US. I paid about $20 for 2 class 10 16gb Cards and an adapter. I am interested if you can put 2 32gb cards in the adapter though.

  21. rog says:

    Not sure if you guys haven’t noticed, but the vita memory cards are about the same size as micro sd. The size alone makes an adapter impossible.

  22. Zorak_Torok says:

    Anyone seen one for the m2’s?

  23. Tony says:

    LOL! I have been using this for three years
    don’t use two cards though, it would be a nightmare

  24. jlo138 says:

    Here’s where I get them from. This listing is for two 16gb class 4 and the adapter from U.S seller. http://www.ebay.com/itm/MICRO-SD-HC-2x16GB-32GB-MEMORY-CARD-STICK-PRO-DUO-ADAPTER-FOR-SONY-PSP-CLASS-4-/360480114225?pt=Digital_Camera_Memory_Cards&hash=item53ee4a0631

    I’m not affiliated with this seller but have purchased cards from him several times and never had issues. And at 99.9% feedback you can’t go wrong. I believe he only ships within the U.S though.

  25. KuroRyuu913 says:

    Used one. Aside from speed, i would HIGHLY recommend getting one.

  26. Shinny says:

    This is so outdated..

  27. mohsin says:

    i bought a 4gb for 6 pound -.-

  28. nicola says:

    when this product is created for psvita? :(

  29. ゆえ says:

    I’ve been using this adapters since the old PSP1000 days without any troubles, if you have several SD cards and start leaving your console on your desk gathering dust you can always use them for your phone or whatever.

    I also have an original Memory Stick and there’s a readspeed difference but it’s barely noticeable, of course it probably deppends on the quality of the SD you get.

  30. Arash Andalib says:

    I had like 10 of these from like 3-4 years ago and used them all the time and they were absolutely the same they still work !!!! i got them from my dads shop and he got them from china .

  31. jd20dog says:

    go to http://www.dealextreme.com/
    i get 16gb sony band name memcards for $20 and free shipping about a year ago
    also parts are cheap there to like sharp lcd’s for the psps and there other parts are very reasonable too

  32. Different55 says:


  33. Pirate Cat says:

    We need off-brand options for the Vita memory cards, an adapter seems unlikely given the size of the MC.

    People are probably less likely to purchase games from PSN when it incurs the extra cost of needing a suitably sized memory card. Something funny to think about.

  34. razor says:

    I have a psp memory Stick Adapter on my psp slim with two 16 gig micro sd cards.
    I higly recomends the memory stick adapter because it gives you more memory for your psp.
    It saves you from carrying or buying alot of the regular psp memory sticks.

  35. Chris says:

    Wow wololo….little late on this one lol I had the cr-5400 for over 3 years now and u r just now talking about it :) it is a great deal…I had 32gb in it and I paid under $80 for all of it…much better than paying over $150 for a regular 32gb. I never really had any lag problems except when u first went into the mem stick from the game xmb. It would just take a little longer to read all my games lol. But other than that…TOTALLY worth it!

  36. oxMUDxo says:

    Just bought 3 for all my PSPs. :)
    Thanks for the info Wololo.

  37. Mr McGoo says:

    That would be awesome it was released soon. I have 60g on my psp. It almost holds all of my games

  38. MrRetard says:

    i believe there wont be a 3rd party memory card because sony made their vita mc the proprietary card and the vita wont accept any other ones cause i remember sony talking about it before the vita released

  39. HaYNigloo says:

    Im actually using the two 32GB micro SD cards in my adapter. Works fine in my PSP 2000, something like this would most definitely be beneficial for the VITA. The VITA games are from PSN are big files, only could fit about 20 games before you needed another 32GB for the VITA.

  40. ZeRo says:

    The SD adapter it’s better, I don’t care the speed of copy &paste Only want play nice :). Or I have PSPgo xD

  41. NoUsernameMan says:

    I had one of these when I had my CFW PSP. Had 2 8GB sticks in it, and I could hold just about abything I wanted to, it was awesome.

  42. Asmith906 says:

    I wouldn’t recommend going with Chinese knockoff of memory sticks. I doubt there will be an adapter unless it sticks out of the machine and the knockoff cards usually end up being unreliable. I’m really sick of people whining about memory card prices. We knew the prices before the machine came out. You can go to amazon and get an 8gb card for $30. Just suck it up and buy it. Micorsoft charges $100 for a 250 GB sata hard drive and I dont here people complaing about that.

    • D says:

      Problems like price are what lead to innovation. That “Whining” is consumer population voicing what they want. Sony is making money hand over fist on memory as per their business model. A model that is failing them, because it takes advantage of the consumers. People don’t like to be taken advantage of. You are right though, we all knew that Sony would be using extreme pricing tactics on their proprietary memory cards before they ever released the vita. That is the number one reason I decided to leave the vita out of my collection…

  43. mystic_shadow says:

    It can handle a 64 xc sd and a 32 gig at the same time I posted a YouTube vid proving it and all my games worked fine

  44. nCadeRegal says:

    I had read a few years back that the photofast adapter with 2 32gb sdhc cards in it would only show the psp reading about 42 gigs of memory. I never purchased one for obvious reasons. I could be wrong, has any1 here tried this same setup? What does the psp read whats in the slot? Is it 60 or around 40 like i had read previously? I recently saw a 64gb pro hg duo for 117$ from one of amazons partners. But they now have 64gb sdhc micro cards, i wonder if the psp would read all of it? I will purchase this adapter and 2 64gb sdhc micro cards and will post back my results. Would that not be sick 120gb worth of storage on your psp?

  45. Noel Abercrombie says:

    I’ve had 3 of these, and within 4-5 months of purchase, They all stopped working. I’m currently using a single slot adapter, And that has held up much better (I can remove it from the console without fear of it falling apart).
    The idea is good, But they are really badly made.

    • Noel Abercrombie says:

      Oh, and just before suffering physical failure (i.e. Them breaking apart despite never moving from the console), They all started to randomly corrupt files. My savedata ;_;

  46. D says:

    I bought two of that exact model of adapter a few years ago. I bought two because I read that sometimes they fail. I have had 0 problems with it and I have used it extensively. I use two class 10 16 gig cards in it and read/write speeds are blazing fast. I would have gone with two 32 gigs, but everything I read said that psps can’t utilize more than 32 gigs. One thing to be aware of is that there are “authentic” adapters that work great, and knock off adapters that sometimes work and sometimes don’t. The original and “authentic” ones have silver wording on the packaging.

  47. man_of_power05 says:

    i’ve seen that same exact model on amazon but i got one that only uses 1 micro sd. i got a 16GB sd card for cheap for this and that’s enough for me but this is probably good too.

  48. WilliamBMX says:

    I use an adapter that a year ago!
    E já quebrei um…

  49. Pirate Cat says:

    Sony charges $3.75/GB
    Microsoft charges $.40/GB ($100 250GB drive)
    Internal HDD $.05 – $.45/GB (2.5TB – 40GB)

    Microsoft is only about two times the cost of a same size drive, Sony is 15 times the cost for the equivalent space with their memory cards. I should totally be happy with the price Sony set, a mere 15 times the going rate!

    It’s fairer to compare the price to other flash memory but, it’s an overinflated price no matter how you look at it.

  50. CJW says:

    I have also been using one of these for many years in both my older PSP fat and my PSP Slim 2000. It was a single card model and seemed to limit transfer speeds to about 10MB per second. From what I can tell my 16mb Sony Magic gate card never did speeds better than that so I doubt the PSP bus can really take advantage of it. I was using a type 4 microSD 16GB card for a long time but just got a SanDisk type 4 32GB card from OfficeMax last week for $20. Works great and I have just about every good PSP and PS1 game I want to play plus videos and mp3 on it. I would really like to see a vita adapter but don’t count on it. The vita card is just slightly bigger and I think it is using some DRM hardware so unlikely we will ever see an adapter. I did get a 16gb Vita from NewEgg for $46 and free shipping a few weeks ago so that is a lot better than street retail for those looking to upgrade. Happy I held on to my 8gb with the new card/accounting locking *** in 1.80. Really enjoying the PS1 games though as I have good old Suikodan and SOTN on Vita now and they look pretty. Looks like no multi-disc support yet on Vita PS1 so I have to wait for FF and ChronoCross.

  51. plinker says:

    micro sd adapters are very convenient. I believe that the reason some adapters break easily when the owner often removes or interchange the memory card. This can also happen with regular memory cards regardless if its original or fake. If you want it, Get it. set up that adapter with the micro sd combo that you like or can afford. insert memory card adapter to psp and start using it. its cheaper to get a mini usb cable. stop using that card reader.

  52. Gui says:

    If it doesn’t mean noticeably slower load times for games stored on memory. I would buy 2 of these for the Vita the day they’re created!

  53. i’ve been using this adapter for over a year now… it’ss the same model as on the picture… i’m using 8+8GB… i also think that it has greater reading speed than the original MS, probably due to the fact that i have 2 exactly same microSDs’ and that they both are the high speed models…so if you mix different types of cards you don’t get that kind of speeds. On windows 7 transfering files using usb cable connected to the psp, when the original HS MS 4GB is used, i get max 3,5MBps, and when my 8GB+8GB adapter is used, i get 5-6MBps

  54. the only bad thing about the adapter is that it is very fragile, infact, my has the top lid brokend on the edges, but it still works, from time to time when i eject the adapter and reinsert it again in my psp i have to do it 2-3 times before i get it in in the right position so that it reads well the cards, but once inside, i have no more problems, even when shaking my psp it doesn’t lose the contact position. i guess i’ll buy 2-3 adapters more, cuz they don’t cost me nothing and are preety useful

  55. BigCockSurprise says:

    Good article but it`s nothing new.. also I have a hard time seeing how they could make such an adapter for the vita

  56. toBsucht says:

    I use a dualslot adapter myself with a singel card it work pretty well 4gb class4. The r&w speed on my psp is similar to an orginal with magic memory gate .. the r&w via usb is much better. I´m a littel sorry that it seems like close to no alternativ product is @ the market. I saw some other adapter (exter) which make psp read sd cards but they are very expensive. I had a look if can build a psp card reader myself by the use of an pro duo card and a lan cabel which i want to conect to an card reader.. i was a littel shy so i did a new web search and i found / bought that cr-5400.
    I doubt that my own build adapter /card-reader had a chance to work as fine as the one from china :) .. it should be possible but i don´t want the melt the usb-fuse^^

    Is anyone using adapter for psp go m2 card?!

  57. 007 says:

    i just bought some single slot adapters for $1.83 each and some 16GB class 10 lexars for $14.99 each (sale not fake) works great.

    im happy with the decision. dunno if adapter will last or fry just got em. if they last amazing!

    i only had ordered 3 adapters. going to order more as spares now that i got to try this first hand.

  58. GottZ says:

    i’ve got my 16 gb stick since it was worth 130€

    i never ever cried for buying this one. its fast, its big and i can literarely put a heck lot of games onto it.

  59. crazyc says:

    I use a single slot adapter with a 16GB SDHC card without any trouble.

  60. MoonShell says:

    i own photofast & 2x16gb class 10 TEAM microsd.when i tried to copy file into the psp directly using usb connection,i got around 7,5MB/s write speed(win7).and when i tried blackspeed v2 to benchmark the card,i got around 16MB/s max read speed and around 10MB/s write speed,i think the speed is quite good

  61. Acc says:

    So does this mean they’re faster than original MSduo (since I read in the comments it’s comparable only to class 4, even the originals with MagicGate)? Or does the adapter limit the speed itself?

  62. lincoln777 says:

    please help i have big problem at hand. my psp only reads magicgaye unsupported memory sticks and reject magicgate supported memory sticks how do i fix this ?

  63. Dude says:


    The Vita uses a completely different memory card format with no currently known adapter.

  64. Exawhy says:

    How does it feel to be one year late ?

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