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PSN Maintenance September 10th

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  1. Lion_Amongst_Men says:

    will this maintenance delete the VHBL game from the store? :/ and i also heard Fate6 leaked the title if so is this our time period to retrieve this title?

    • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

      I have not had time to search if this is true or not i just want to be sure before making any accusations

      • Khyle says:

        I found a video of someone being *** at fate6 and they released the exploit game and said they would keep doing it if he didn’t resign as mod on forums, they have something against him but I don’t think he did it.


        • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

          Well all i can say is that you shouldnt believe it so far if you are not chosen for the ninja release you will have to wait with everyone else and going out on a whim can cost you greatly in the long run

        • Zyrkl says:

          Dude…Take it down. You’re just making it worst.

          • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

            stopping right now i wont answer any comments… so who else is going to but black ops II or lbpvita?

        • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

          you really should not have posted that link sir! you have just put your account at risk of banning

        • Kevin says:

          To get the ninja release, you just have to be a member of the forums. I understand the methodology behind it, but anybody can become a member, even losers who want to ruin the whole process. In the end it’s not very “ninja”.

          I’m not really sure how it could be done better, though. In any case, thanks for all you do Wololo!

        • Meow says:

          lol he did such a length to post that things.
          don’t take things too seriously..

        • wesg632 says:

          i highly doubt a trusted mod would leak the game probably the guy was warned by fate and when he found out the game decided to ruin it for everyone

  2. PAULO says:

    THANK Wololo
    Did you get my E-MAIL?

  3. Karma_Darkly says:

    What??? It was leaked!?

    • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

      I cannot say to be honest i know the games name but will not give any details to the subject all you will know is you dont want to go out on these leaks just wait for the release trust me waiting is the best way to go

    • Khyle says:

      I wouldn’t trust this video it was just something I found I would take my post off if I knew how too. I also know the games name like Lion_Amongst_Men said no details are going to be given you could waste money on a game for nothing.

      • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

        IM wololo to take it off he is the one with the power to remove comments

        • Khyle says:

          I did my friend posted both of those because he is against hackers… I messaged him hopefully he will remove them with out banning me =/

          • jdubs says:

            Not sure what ppl have against fate6. I’ve read plenty of his posts and he has responded to some of mine. Doesnt seem like a bad guy to me….

  4. Eric says:

    Does this mean there will be a firmware update as well? Just wondering It would be nice to see some new features.

    • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

      these maitnence updates arent usually connected to system updates so we will find out if you really want to know more about it goto google or playstations site depending on your country

  5. Karma_Darkly says:

    Iam confused now?

    • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

      this post is for the maitnence of the psn and other such things so if you have any questions please stay on this specific post thats all

  6. Karma_Darkly says:

    Any idea what the maintenance is for?

    • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

      you can find any information if it was given out on blog.us.playstation.com or blog.uk.playstation.com google also helps if you want more in depth information on this maitnence i believe it will help with certain game cross compatibility such as lbp2 or ico and shadow of the colossus 🙂 cross your fingers tho!

  7. Eric says:

    well that sounds like a firmware update. Very cool 🙂

  8. Karma_Darkly says:

    would be nice to have remote play functions for RE4

    • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

      just give it time and hopefully they will get to it the games are limited to remote play but they were working on more compatible games for cross platforming

  9. Pspmte says:

    I took a punt at 7.99 lol

    Hope it’s true, could add tho a psp game using a save exploit

  10. Pspmte says:


  11. nachtvlinder says:

    Thnx wololo, got the game on my vita before you announced it, so you made my day for not having to buy a new game again. Cant wait for the exploit files (but i will have to) so lets hope sony pulls the games from the online store asap ^^.

    Keep it up!

  12. Ricardo says:

    I access my psn account… but i couldnt see my friend list… so i sign out and tried to sign in, but i couldn’t, so i tried several times… times… times… and finnaly i sign in but i can only see 5 people in my friend list and i have like 100 of them… So i went to play Black Ops but my frikin game couldnt load. Then i got *** and came to this blog.

  13. Chase says:

    My psn store isnt working i keep getting an error message

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