4th time’s the charm?


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  1. RayRay_Cc

    Can anybody add me on psn couse i dont know how to use the hack thing for the vita i have the game but how do u put the hack in my vita or the game my ps vita version is 1.80 so add me i need help plzzzz my gamertag is RayRay_Cc i repeat it is RayRay_Cc thank u

  2. Jagged

    It’s too bad you have to waste $20 on a crappy game just to use VHBL. Oh well. No other way, I guess.

  3. PAULO

    WOLOLO. I think the good files to be released before the 10th day since the PSN will be down for maintenance, it should modify the game this time.

  4. 李叔叔


  5. Andre104623

    Wololo why is the game still up thats a little strange dont u think so?? Sony pulls the game in a few hours we are on day 2

    • Bokees

      Because no VHBL files has been released yet.
      And there is an obvious video around here.
      it be bad if it is a joke of neuron and wololo for the ps vita

  6. GsyDonkey

    In the UK you have to use the search box as you cannot see the game when you browse through the titles! Game is still for sale @ £7.99 – 09/09/12 17:50 🙂

  7. darkanubis74

    I wonder if Sony won’t wait until the maintenance to just patch the actual game. It is a very popular game and removing it will cause a lot more trouble than say, super collapse 3 which no one would have bought if not for vhbl. Food for thought. I hope the files come soon as I can’t seem to focus on any of my current games now…lol

  8. sly1228

    wait….. i downloaded the game but i am already on 1.80 does that mean that vhbl wont work?

  9. Bokees

    I have read a comment about someone with the essentials version on monster hunter united.
    But there wasn’t a real good answer on it.

    Will it work on that title or not?

  10. gjanko2

    Is it essential to use open CMA in order to run the new VHBL?

  11. Chris

    Will the vhbl files come with full directions on installing additional games like super mario 64 or will I have to use something else?

  12. gunblade

    well sony never remove the game probly becuz of the vitas live screen update thell try to update the game on there server wilhle have the games dat one has on the vita needing a down load update ..

  13. gunblade

    linux on da vita would be awsume

  14. ryan

    Starting the think Sony wont patch till later…. Game still available in AUS.

  15. Addsy

    No one flame me for asking this. I have no idea about hacking or emulation but do u think we will ever see a gamecube emulator running on vita. I would love to play resident evil remake on my vita

  16. jaydamuss

    i downloaded monster hunter freedom unite from aussie store couple days ago and just checked the ps store and only monster hunter freedom 2 essentials is there now maybe its been removed?

  17. D4rk1

    Looks like it’s been pulled from the eu-store, can’t find the game anymore.

  18. Azio

    When comes out new exploite sony push the tsunami to the all country.Then sink the game.haha.bt now we are servivor huh.Thanx wololo for Anounced before comes tsunami.Plzzz everybody cheer up to wololo.Our hero.We still waiting for vhbl files.I hope u ll release it today. 😉

  19. nene

    help please. i tryed all the vhbl an i get noting. an the new one for 1.80 were can i go to download it. i wanna play pokemon games lml an other gab an ds games. but so iam reading they took the game out for the vhbl or is there another way i can get the new one for 1.80?

  20. nene

    so we have to wait till he comes put wit the new one for 1.80???

  21. Dakota

    So the U.S. store everytime I click something says undergoing maintenance does this mean there fixing the game cause I got it last night at like 2 am and am wondering if it works?

  22. gunblade

    okay so getting totaly oof subject so wololo should o have my system in airplane mode or sumthing nowing dat da vita live screen updates its self like twice a day nowing dat it does retric games to needing live screen game updates

  23. snowman

    Forgive my ignorance, would Monster Hunter Freedom Unite work? I couldn’t find Monster Hunter Freedom Unite 2.

  24. Manuelito

    Hey guys, Monster Hunter Unite is still available in the US store, i confirm it, the playstation network service is back, and the game is still there.

  25. Telgar

    Thats really odd, is Sony just giving in and deciding not to pull MHFU due to its wide popularity? I know the game still sells well, maybe their choosing money over exploit? I remember people saying the name was leaked on a sony website so I would imagine they know it exists…

    If the game never gets pulled any idea how long we might wait for Vhbl or if it can even come out until its pulled?

  26. lattymadha

    i ve downloaded Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Essentials longtime ago, will this one works with vhbl?

  27. un3gr0

    I downloaded it just now in US PStore, for U$19,99, the game isnt good, im playing it now. d:b

  28. shane

    ok its the 16th now and mhfu is in the store. is the game patched or somethin or is it ok to download and hack?

    • wololo