4th time’s the charm?


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252 Responses

  1. Raziel says:

    Huzzah Finally hahah,

  2. Raziel says:

    I believe you will give out the *SaveFile* once Sony has taken the game down ?

    • ils says:

      agreed… let SONY take them down first then release the exploit…

      i always wonder what will sony do if you never release the exploit 😀

      thanks for this “release”… waiting for the exploit :)

  3. Raziel says:

    Nvm Dumb comment >.<

  4. XDD128 says:


  5. Karma_Darkly says:

    I can’t wait. ^^

  6. Karma_Darkly says:

    I’ve actually had mhfu installed on my vita since day one of vita release in NA. I am very surprised.

    • MakoChild says:

      I purchased this game for psp back when it was about $50 and have been playing it on my vita since I got my vita as well. So glad I don’t have to buy another game.

  7. Rivroner says:

    Cool bro! :)

  8. victor says:

    so is the game MH;freedom unite in the usa please reply ASAP ihnx

  9. victor says:

    meant to say thanks sorry

  10. YES! says:

    YES! I already have this game xD

  11. Fernando says:

    Nice to finally see it public announced, can fell the smell of VHBL already.. hummmmmmmm!

  12. James Krause says:

    Gonna get it now

  13. ZeRo says:

    Ok, let’s test

  14. PAULO says:


  15. Zonic says:

    I think I just did cartwheels around my house since for the first time out of a burst of luck, I already own the game. Ahem…. sorry I uh just got a little excited for a second……

  16. darkanubis74 says:

    I wonder if this was the scheduled time? I just saw in the last blog post that some cumstain went on YouTube and leaked the info because of fate or somewhat. And then some idiot posted a link then immediately regretted it and tried the “my friend posted that,please don’t ban me” excuse. So Yeah, I wonder if that’s not why this was released now. Either way, good job Wololo and neuron.

    • wololo says:

      No, things go as planned. There’s a reason that guy leaked so late, he was one of the last people to know about the game, as planned by our trust mechanism.

      There were a bunch of leaks that happened, some of the people who leaked might have a bad surprise for the next VHBL release (incorrect game name, etc…). We didn’t do it this time for this guy because the game had already been leaked in several places before him, so it was not worth the effort :)

      • ImYourSpiderman says:

        So if we buy either of these games, youll release the vhbl for them? And what happens if sony doesnt remove the games because you said you wont release if there not pulled? youo also said some people will get a fake game next time which doesnt seem fair if you messed up the list :(

        • wololo says:

          Yes, we’ll release VHBL for all games mentioned here, although, as I said, freedom unite is the one we tested the most extensively.

          Obviously we will release the files even if Sony don’t pull the game, this was absolutely not a threat towards them. It’s just that usually, the timing is right when they remove the files.

          About the fake name… we’ll see about what we do against leaks. This was just one possible solution.

          • ImYourSpiderman says:

            Good. You should make a Wall of Shame on who leaked the vhbl. I think the people have the right to know hahaha and i saw on earlier leaks it was all because fate is an abusive mod who actually helped leak it or something

            Dont ban me Fate6!!! lmao

      • darkanubis74 says:

        I posted a topic on this in the forums, thanks for clearing that up.

  17. loketar says:

    Had MH:FU and MH:2 for ages now and can safely say I hate them and have no intention of playing them ever again so no hassles with save slots for me 😀

    • darkanubis74 says:

      Thats how i felt when i found out, although i do like rpg games so maybe when the next release comes i will give this game a chance

  18. ZeRo says:

    Let’s do it!

  19. jacob says:

    My friend just told me he contacted Sony about this, telling them the name of the game…

    Why the heck would anyone do that??!

    • wololo says:

      Sony will remove the game anyway, they always do. Your friend just wasted his time, and potentially his friendship with you :)

      • jacob says:

        Hahaha! Well, I’m happy to hear that it didn’t create much of an impact on this exploit 😛

        Thanks again for all you do, Wololo! Got the game, ready to give it a go when you release the files! Take your time though! No rush here! We all appreciate everything, man!

  20. loketar says:

    You say you’ve only tested for freedom unite, does this mean freedom 2 has a different compatibility list?

  21. ryan says:

    wohooooo lets goo!

  22. Alex says:

    First i have to say thanks. This is great! I didnt have this game, and the way i see it sony only stands to win with this. They are selling a bunch of copies of this game that, thanks to the team working on VHBL, just happens to come with an AWESOME!! bonus. Ive never played any of these Monster Hunter games, and who knows maybe ill become a fan of the franchise.

  23. Raziel says:

    Bah anyway thanks for the hard work again Wololo finally gonna be able to play Homebrews on the Vita.

  24. Raziel says:

    Also since some peopled leaked will you be perhaps be more harsh for the next exploited game, meaning people (For Example) that joined on a certain date won’t be getting the next Ninja release?

  25. yungj says:

    is ths game patched? its still on the psn store?

  26. MrRetard says:

    its on psn store right now if ur asking and wololo just released the info today so sony most likely will take the game down in god knows how long from now. i give it at least 6-8 hrs and then you wont see it for about two months and when they do reupload its a patched version

  27. Mr. Shizzy says:

    Awesome work from wololo & Neur0n!!! You guys are heroes to the scene 😀

    I bought the game as soon as I got the member announcement. I can not wait to finally get sweet, sweet emulation running on my Vita!

  28. Pspmte says:

    Didn’t think they patch the game just the blacklist in the firmware might be wrong tho
    Anyway big thanks to thou guys can’t wait to try this out
    Can you use a memory stick from another vita with the same game on it to run the exploit. Guess I’m asking is the game you download signed to the vita it was downloaded on ?
    Thank you

  29. Theone says:

    VHBL, :). I got mine early when it was released in the forum, thanks wololo, the game was apparently leaked by people who don’t like FATE6 from the forum and called him all sort of names, it’s on Sony’s blog too.

    I have a feeling that Sony will delay pulling this game for awhile, vhbl is harmless to them, so they don’t mind making that extra cash from that game, it’s a win win situation for them and the developer of that game and to homebrew lovers :),

    • Batman:Beyond says:

      Im positive that this wont be pulled until the files get released. If a guy been posting the leak all over the friggin internet and posting about it on sonys websites im sure they would notice. Theyll wait until a file is made otherwise i could make a wololo blog right now and say arkham city is the next vhbl game

      • jacob says:

        Well my question is, why is Wololo releasing the files only AFTER the game is taken down?

        I’m totally just wondering if there’s a reason behind this

        • fate6 says:

          well the hope is that by not releasing the files now then Sony will take longer to take down the game

          even if they never took it down the files would still be released BTW :3

        • Batman:Beyond says:

          He said in an earlier post about a month ago that he wanted to see if Sony would remove any game that he posts on his blog that has a hack to see how desperate they are

  30. saibermax says:

    Lets wait the tutorial!!!

  31. TheWizard says:

    heck yeah! just bought the game off psn:) this will be my first ever sony device exploit. i tried hacking my psp, but i didnt know about this website then and sold it cause tn-hen didnt work.. like at all:/

  32. KeZ says:

    Lets see if Sony believes in rumours and remove the game before VHBL release 😀

  33. qwikrazor87 says:

    People have reported the openCMA patch working on the latest official CMA on /talk.

  34. yungj says:

    doesnt the vita loader render this useless?

  35. JayFelice says:

    I know Wololo isn’t going to like the guy who leaked the game, but I personally do because I wouldn’t have purchased this game otherwise. I always miss Wololo’s releases until this one. So even know the guy who released it seemed like a whiney little brat, he helped me get Wololo’s new release.

  36. trill904 says:

    MHFU is a great game. Never tried it on PSP but was one of my first Vita downloads. Well worth the $19.99. Thanks for making VBHL possible guys. Greatly appreciated.

  37. ViRGE says:

    This may be a dumb question, but is there any way to buy (and load) this without first updating to 1.8? Since updating to 1.8 cuts off the existing SC3 exploit, I would be VHBL-less until VHBL for the new exploit is released.

  38. whose_next1123 says:

    How would i copy my homebrew to my psvita using my mac?

  39. KuroRyuu913 says:

    ***! Need to grab 20 bucks in the next few hours. BTW its like 2 am when i saw this. Need to get to the nearest Game Stop and buy a card.

    Also im not rushing cause of the VHBL, but because i wanted to buy this game since i got my vita but decided to wait, i need to grab it before it gets removed FAST!

    Funny thing is something in me was like, MH is gonna be the game with the exploits, Buy it before it gets removed, just in case.

  40. NEOGEO2600 says:

    Thanks for making VBHL possible guys. Greatly appreciated.

  41. celcodioc says:

    But… why didn’t you save the other two games for later? :(
    Or are you worried about Sony pulling and patching the other games, too?

  42. God says:

    I wonder if Wololo could emulate playstation 1 titles with VHBL, because sony is not releasing a lot of titles for America. They promised all these titles and didn’t deliver, we only have like 26 games on the psn store and most of them suck with the exception of Final Fantasy VII.

  43. Pspmte says:

    Sony is saying they will keep it up till the exploit is released

  44. valdemarmgn says:

    Thanks for release!!! I bought 2 months ago :)

  45. VUE_WARRIOR says:

    Everybody be thankful of wololo and his team to share this with us. I appreciate everything u guys do.

  46. Japanadian says:

    Will this work on the Japanese version of the game or will it only work on the English? I had already bought the Japanese version so I’m going to redownload it now just in case. Even if it doesn’t work for my version, thank you to everyone who made this possible and keep up the great work!!

  47. jlo138 says:

    I bought that game over a year ago and it’s still $20…

  48. Gustbran says:

    Graciasssssssssssss Arigatouuuuuuu

  49. Belly says:

    Downloading now! cannot wait. thank you so much for the good news wololo. and thanks to neuron as well. Anyone who has put time into this, you all rule!

    (can’t wait to play some mega man x on my vita lol)

  50. kalsjd says:


  51. aypro says:

    btw,the game is MUCH cheaper in the EU store, it is part of the essentials collection

  52. TrECeNTeRs says:

    Thanks guys, you are awesome =) Can’t wait till this thing gets cracked wide open.

    Can’t wait to see a good OS running on this hardware.

    The scene is getting closer and closer!

  53. Andrew Wright says:

    how come your saying about the vulnerabilaties in the other 2 games as well? won’t Sony pull them from the store and patch them too now? would it not have been better to keep them to yourself to use at a later date or have you got plenty more user mode exploits stockpiled away??

  54. Andrew Wright says:

    or did you expect them to pull the other 2 games anyway to check them for vulnerabilitys cos they were made by the same people?

  55. Fabian says:

    When comes the vhbl??????

  56. Azio says:

    Plzz wololo release the vhbl files.I cant wait. We all of us cant wait.Hurry up wololo.

    • jacob says:

      Dude. Chill. You’re not privileged to this. He’s being very generous and releasing this. You do realize that Neuron could had kept it a secret, kept it to himself and held onto it, so it would most-likely never be patched (unless someone else finds the same exact exploit…)

      He’s giving away HIS exploit for your greedy gratification.

      You’re going to wait. Don’t be greedy/Selfish

  57. Fabian says:

    I have freedom unite 1 it works also????!!!

  58. gokuhs says:

    And… what happens with my real save game. I’ll have to choose between VHBL and play with my real game or it’s compatible with my save game??

    • jacob says:

      IF it only holds one gamesave:
      1) Backup your gamesave to the pc, and restore to your vita when you want to play your game again (Remember to backup your vhbl save to your computer before you re-copy your real save back – you’ll want a copy of both on your pc)

      If it holds more than one save:
      1)Self-Explanatory. Just copy.

  59. l.o says:

    why do you use in expansive game

  60. toxanik says:

    Dear Wololo, may i buy this game from (sic) Russian store, and will be the saves for it. Or only EU,US,JP will be fine?

  61. AyeGuy says:

    I got MHU now I just need to wait for vhbl :)

  62. Fabian says:

    Wololo they are dont remove the game from the store anymore… So can you put the files for the vhbl today on our site?
    Bye and keep up the nice work!!!

  63. Fabian says:

    I have monster hunt unite the first mh it also works on that game???

  64. Viperuk1 says:

    Wouldnt it be funny if Sony didnt remove the game…

    • gunblade says:

      by now they probly trying to figure out the expoit n patch da game wihle dealing wit the fact they was said to have been have like twice in two weeks..

  65. Leires says:

    Huh..I um..I mean, i didn’t check til just now because i figured i was in trouble..but..er..I’m kinda turning myself in here, but Sir Wololo, i made a thread that got closed cause..i kinda didn’t think it through..Isn’t that grounds to not be told what the game is? I’m grateful, of course, albeit i don’t have (and won’t have til P4 The Golden) a vita, but..i uhm..Er.. o.o

  66. ricerrr says:

    will i have to update to this 4th release of VHBL or is it the same thing as the previous ones?

    i am on the 3rd release of VHBL

  67. Fabian says:

    I cannot waiiiiiitttttt Annnnnnyyyyyyymmmmooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


    • Darkanubis74 says:

      quit flooding every page asking when/where/why and ignoring people asking you nicely to be patient.
      chill out and take an aderol

  68. speedy1278 says:

    @ über mir….

    Alter, raff dich mal Mann!!

  69. Meow says:

    monster hunter 3 included ? i read on ninja release it’s not ? did i missread ?

    • wololo says:

      We only have a port for the JP version of Monster hunter 3. I didn’t mention it in the ninja release because I thought it would be good to keep it for later, but Neur0n told me Sony would probably patch all of them anyway, so I added it in the public announcement.

  70. speedy1278 says:

    Ok, just one question…
    How i can update my cma? Cause i dont see any possibility to update cma.. Pleas help guys..

  71. speedy1278 says:

    I know, there is no need to update.. I only want to know about..

  72. MC says:

    would be funny if they wouldnt remove the games, but let them stay for about a week… for 99$ 😉

  73. Helder says:

    Is funny if sony put the game free because of “vulnerabilities” in games (troll)

  74. Sakuryu says:

    Kinda sad, I was psyched when I saw the Monster Hunter game because I liked one version, happiness level went down to rock bottom when I learned I actually liked 3 and not this :/

  75. 2die4 says:

    4 gig back up memory card comes in handy for vhbl

  76. fruitydz says:

    excuse me, will you also make a vbhl for mhp2g on PSN asia(HK) server

  77. Fabian says:

    when its releasing???? wololo answer back !

    keeep up the nice workk!!!!

  78. CS72 says:

    Mhh in Switzerland is only Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Essentials in the store for Swiss Francs 13.90 (about 11 or 12 euros). I don’t know if the other ones are already removed in the meantime, or if they never were in the store. But I download now this version, and hope your untested MHF 2 VBHL files work with this version. Thanks for all, looking forward for the release of the files :-)

    • wololo says:

      Try to search for the game, it is not necessarily in the alphabetical list.

      • CS72 says:

        Oh damn, you’re right! I forgot this. When I search the game, it will appear. (I’m wondering why the alphabetical list doesn’t show all games.) Now I already bought part 2 and I have not enough money on my PSN account to buy also part 1. Mhhh so I hope, the VBHL files for MHF2 also work. (And if not, I still have a real PSP for emulators and homebrew, wanted VBHL more for testing how this stuff works on vita)

  79. Pokemaster says:

    hope its still out vita charging waiting anxiously

  80. biboune11 says:

    ok for me thks

  81. Fabian says:

    when it comes !!!!!!!!?!?!/!?!1!1? wololololololololololo
    byeee keep up the nice work WOLOLOLOLOLOololololol…

  82. KuroRyuu913 says:

    By the way, thanks for posting this information. Hope to see great things from your VHBL! Btw this is the first time ill be using it. :)

  83. Ronald says:

    WOooooooot I bought the game already.

  84. fruitydz says:

    i wonder why wololo never answer questions about asia server,is there anything unpleasant you met in HK?Even you don’t have a VBHL for asia PSN,just say the word no,then i switch to europe,ok?

    • wololo says:

      It’s just thant I’ve never used the HK servers so I can’t answer your questions. Lots of our beta testers are in europe, japan, us, but none of them in HK it seems.

      Hope that explains.

      • fruitydz says:

        thanks for the reply,and what do i need to become a beta tester? very glad to help but i don’t have any knowlage of programming or exploit,only followed this site since i bought a vita 3 months ago

        • wololo says:

          Beta testers are generally chosen among people who are actively helping on the forums. We basically look for people who have a genuine will to help others, are thorough, dedicated, etc…

      • fruitydz says:

        besides HK server offers mhp2g and mh3p,they seem to be japanese version games,and is it possible to use the vbhl loader for jp server directly on HK monster hunter games?

  85. RodPin says:

    Thx a lot for the Ninja Release! It´s a great game, and it´s on top downloaded for PSP store. If Sony pulls it out, they gonna lose a top seller… I wonder what they will do.

  86. Ebsplace says:

    Great news and big thanks to wooloo and neuron for their hard work looking forward to the exploit as I downloaded the game today

  87. randy is pseudo says:

    dont update the cma? ive already updated it to its newest firmware not long ago but surely you mean future reference in case a new firmware arrives correct?

  88. Ricardo says:

    Hey i have a question i live in colombia but i register my vita in the usa so i have the usa store , i want to buy the game but i dont know if they are going to accept my credit card anyone else have this doubt?

  89. MGB says:

    do i need to have Open CMA to do VHBL ?

  90. tony pepperoni says:

    i cant wait i bought this crappy game at vitas launch. i was sad that im not one who would enjoy this game. i will now lol, downloading from download list. im sacrificing ff9 for this, till i get a 32gb card.

  91. Mojo jojo says:

    Why doesn’t Sony just let people have the exploit cause if people know about the game with the exploit then a lot of people buy the game and if a lot of people buy the game then that means more money for Sony. So Sony should just leave the game in the the ps store

    • Riku says:

      Having an unchecked vulnerability on your system is dangerous. Now as a consumer you’re looking at the positive aspect. However a developer will look at the negative aspect. The way developers would see it: “Somebody found a vulnerability on a system, the vulnerability runs unsigned software, the company who makes the system is letting it go unchecked, if a vulnerability that allows users to pirate our games is discovered will it still go unchecked? Can we take that chance?”

  92. razor says:

    So If I’m not mistaken ” Moster Hunter Freedom Unite” is the new game needed to run VHBL 1.80 on the vita.
    Am I right?

  93. Hey, Thanks all who worked on VHBL finally I can Get my hands on some Homebrew 😉 Also Just to finalize everything DONT UPDATE CMA TO ANY NEW VERSION EVER. Thanks yet again i bought this game 4 weeks ago alongside the rest of the series 32gb Memory card I got for free off of a subscriber ;).

  94. razor says:

    I keep getting error (E-80182014) I can’t connect to CMA. How do you manually update the psp2-updatelist.xml?
    Mine says JP in region ID eventhough I have a U.S vita account

  95. razor says:

    Never mind I got it. Thanks to wololo and Neur0n and everyone else that makes the vita interesting again to play. You guys Rock. Chingon!!! in other words ” Bad Assess”

  96. TheBudds says:

    Wish scummvm was working but we can’t always have our way. Still great to see the devs here continue improving HBL.

    Lol, I still remember users asking what the point of HBL was during the era of PSP CFW. Heh, we’ve seen the point of it’s continued existance.

  97. TheBudds says:

    @wololo for those who like telling the usual lines… Direct them over to me, I’ll be glad to tell them who I feel more sc*** by.

    Sony or the hackers?… Sony wins bigtime and this comes from a long time supporter.

    People need to take the time they put into their horribly worded insults and go educate themselves.

  98. Jose says:

    I got the Ninja release on this weeks ago, but I think I’ll pass on this one.

    1.80 has way too many bugs, and I want to make sure to keep my system bug free, so I’m going to have to skip on this.

    I’ll wait for the full Vita hack that is in the works.

  99. Hom(o)brew says:

    If you want homebrew so bad then download Playstation Mobile (Suite). You can make your own apps for the Vita with that. So why do you want to hack it when Sony gives you a way to make your own apps? Just admit it, you want ISOs.

    • Jd8531 says:

      Seriously? You have no clue as to what you are talking about do you? You cannot do anything that VHBL does in PSM and psm is so limited it throttles performance and it ends in oct which will make everyone pay $99. This is not heading anywhere to piracy. Not everyone wants it, vhbl is a sound to that testament. Know what you are talking about before flaming.

    • TBH Sony is doing a Closed open source type of thing like apple. Same thing goes just like the iPhone like what we do on the PSP/Vita. We Jailbreak the iPhone to do more than what we could (pirating is just one detail example Installous). Homebrewing the PSVita will allow more functionality then the given PSMSuite can ever give a developer.

  100. Ash says:

    well the game is still on the uk store

  101. woto says:

    I remain sceptical this time it is real and less of a test as to if they will take a major selling game off the sore in fear of Hbl. I would have said disidia or persona 3 personally if this was the case but hopefully it isn’t and you can laugh at me later

  102. Wrozen says:

    I’m very suprised the game hasn’t been removed yet. Oh well. I’m got the game a week before the announcement anyway. Just hope the exploit is released soon :3

  103. el doctor swag says:

    i was lucky enough to get the game 😀 Lucky for me i had $5 and my aunt gave me 10 and my uncle gave me 5 😀 anywho cant wait for the save file

  104. PleaseReleaseWololo says:

    wololo release it today plz sony will fund a new update sooner r later plz wololo everybody is waiting i can’t no more you wololo rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Ks810 says:

    Thanks Wololo and Neuron!
    Love this blog!

  106. Squiggs says:

    I am so happy I already have this game, because I was off the community for awhile

  107. Jxx says:

    so i’ve got the game, now we play…the waiting game

  108. Hoshikumadoji says:

    Thanks so much for this! I’m surprised it ain’t down yet though.

  109. w7y7a7t7t says:

    i don’t have a vita, so i don’t follow the vhbl posts on this blog to carefully, but it’s only public now? it’s been so long since i got that little thing telling me about it on the forums (i guess i’ve been a member for 2 years, but still…) anyway, nice release.

  110. RayRay_Cc says:

    Can anybody add me on psn couse i dont know how to use the hack thing for the vita i have the game but how do u put the hack in my vita or the game my ps vita version is 1.80 so add me i need help plzzzz my gamertag is RayRay_Cc i repeat it is RayRay_Cc thank u

  111. Jagged says:

    It’s too bad you have to waste $20 on a crappy game just to use VHBL. Oh well. No other way, I guess.

  112. PAULO says:

    WOLOLO. I think the good files to be released before the 10th day since the PSN will be down for maintenance, it should modify the game this time.

  113. 李叔叔 says:


  114. Andre104623 says:

    Wololo why is the game still up thats a little strange dont u think so?? Sony pulls the game in a few hours we are on day 2

    • Bokees says:

      Because no VHBL files has been released yet.
      And there is an obvious video around here.
      it be bad if it is a joke of neuron and wololo for the ps vita

  115. GsyDonkey says:

    In the UK you have to use the search box as you cannot see the game when you browse through the titles! Game is still for sale @ £7.99 – 09/09/12 17:50 :)

  116. darkanubis74 says:

    I wonder if Sony won’t wait until the maintenance to just patch the actual game. It is a very popular game and removing it will cause a lot more trouble than say, super collapse 3 which no one would have bought if not for vhbl. Food for thought. I hope the files come soon as I can’t seem to focus on any of my current games now…lol

  117. sly1228 says:

    wait….. i downloaded the game but i am already on 1.80 does that mean that vhbl wont work?

  118. Bokees says:

    I have read a comment about someone with the essentials version on monster hunter united.
    But there wasn’t a real good answer on it.

    Will it work on that title or not?

  119. gjanko2 says:

    Is it essential to use open CMA in order to run the new VHBL?

  120. Chris says:

    Will the vhbl files come with full directions on installing additional games like super mario 64 or will I have to use something else?

  121. gunblade says:

    well sony never remove the game probly becuz of the vitas live screen update thell try to update the game on there server wilhle have the games dat one has on the vita needing a down load update ..

  122. gunblade says:

    linux on da vita would be awsume

  123. ryan says:

    Starting the think Sony wont patch till later…. Game still available in AUS.

  124. Addsy says:

    No one flame me for asking this. I have no idea about hacking or emulation but do u think we will ever see a gamecube emulator running on vita. I would love to play resident evil remake on my vita

  125. jaydamuss says:

    i downloaded monster hunter freedom unite from aussie store couple days ago and just checked the ps store and only monster hunter freedom 2 essentials is there now maybe its been removed?

  126. D4rk1 says:

    Looks like it’s been pulled from the eu-store, can’t find the game anymore.

  127. Azio says:

    When comes out new exploite sony push the tsunami to the all country.Then sink the game.haha.bt now we are servivor huh.Thanx wololo for Anounced before comes tsunami.Plzzz everybody cheer up to wololo.Our hero.We still waiting for vhbl files.I hope u ll release it today. 😉

  128. nene says:

    help please. i tryed all the vhbl an i get noting. an the new one for 1.80 were can i go to download it. i wanna play pokemon games lml an other gab an ds games. but so iam reading they took the game out for the vhbl or is there another way i can get the new one for 1.80?

  129. nene says:

    so we have to wait till he comes put wit the new one for 1.80???

  130. Dakota says:

    So the U.S. store everytime I click something says undergoing maintenance does this mean there fixing the game cause I got it last night at like 2 am and am wondering if it works?

  131. gunblade says:

    okay so getting totaly oof subject so wololo should o have my system in airplane mode or sumthing nowing dat da vita live screen updates its self like twice a day nowing dat it does retric games to needing live screen game updates

  132. snowman says:

    Forgive my ignorance, would Monster Hunter Freedom Unite work? I couldn’t find Monster Hunter Freedom Unite 2.

  133. Manuelito says:

    Hey guys, Monster Hunter Unite is still available in the US store, i confirm it, the playstation network service is back, and the game is still there.

  134. Telgar says:

    Thats really odd, is Sony just giving in and deciding not to pull MHFU due to its wide popularity? I know the game still sells well, maybe their choosing money over exploit? I remember people saying the name was leaked on a sony website so I would imagine they know it exists…

    If the game never gets pulled any idea how long we might wait for Vhbl or if it can even come out until its pulled?

  135. lattymadha says:

    i ve downloaded Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Essentials longtime ago, will this one works with vhbl?

  136. un3gr0 says:

    I downloaded it just now in US PStore, for U$19,99, the game isnt good, im playing it now. d:b

  137. shane says:

    ok its the 16th now and mhfu is in the store. is the game patched or somethin or is it ok to download and hack?

  138. My spouse ɑnd I stumbled over here from a different website and thought
    I should check things out. І like what I see so now i’m following you.
    Look forward to looking intο yoսr web page yet аgain.

  139. darkanubis74 says:

    Yes you have to update to 1.80 then buy the game. It is recommended that you also back up the game to your PC and use opencma to transfer it Incas of memory card corruption and the like

  140. wololo says:

    Thanks, fixed

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  5. September 10, 2012

    […] publicación por parte de Sony del firmware 1.80, cosa que ocurrió hace un par de semanas. Pero ahora si, el juego en cuestión es Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (Monster Hunter Portable 2ndG en Japón). […]

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