RELEASE: Open CMA 1.80


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113 Responses

  1. snii says:

    No love for GNU/Linux?

  2. Khyle says:

    Am I the only one that has to restart my Vita every time in order to not get an error code?


    Well im having problems just installing music with this -_- but its a great start

    • Jd8531 says:

      Whats happening? Just a reminder the Vita doesn’t support all formats.It only supports MP3 (MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer 3), MP4 (MPEG-4 AAC), and WAVE (Linear PCM).

      • When I installed the patch, I kept receiving a error code every time I wanted to copy music and videos into the vita. I pre-installed OpenCMA, and now its working perfectly. thanks for the reference on what music files the vita can play. On a side not, I did notice that backup speed decreased, It took me almost one hour and a half to back up my 4gb memory card.

        • Jd8531 says:

          It shouldn’t have, i compared speeds and it was actually faster. There are other factors that could of caused you to be slow like if you were not using a usb 2.0+ port

  4. AyeGuy says:

    Seems simple enough!

  5. jdubs says:

    So this will be required to install/transfer homebrew onto my vita assuming I get vhbl loaded here in the near future?

  6. Nasseem says:

    How do i know when i have successfully done it

  7. Zonic says:

    Whew glad this got released. My internet keeps cutting out on me so thankfully I won’t always have to be connected :D. It’s almost like Sony wants us to end up losing everything we have eventually and buy their next device. Greedy bastards

  8. NitsudR says:

    wololo i cannot access my talk account. i lost my hard drive, passwords were saved to browser. is the forget password option case sensitive? i always get username/email combo not found :/. why cant i just send a password reset to my email? i cant remember my exact user name for the talk forums. can you help me please?

  9. Norml says:

    Sony hates the consumer.

  10. TheSpillmonkey says:

    Huzza! It works!

  11. Saiber says:

    I dont know what am i doing wrogn i floowed step by step and turn of my pc and vita wifi but i always get E-80182014 error, i uptaded also the xml files but it doesnt work :(

    • Jd8531 says:

      what region are you? If you are AU i might need to make a new one. Try starting CMA on both and connect with internet then disconnect when at the file browsing screen.

  12. quetz says:

    Would be awesome if someone could code a open CMA for Mac OS 😉

  13. spooky86 says:

    1. Download the patch and extract the files to your desktop (
    2. Run ((C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony\Content Manager Assistant).
    4. Run the “set.dll” file (run everything as Administrator)
    5. Then Run the batch file named “run”
    6. It should load everything within the window and it’ll install CMAWatcher and CMADownloader in that same folder.
    7. Run “CMAWatcher”, it should open and close quickly (you might not even seen it open)
    8. Run “CMADownloader” and re-install the de-compressed package
    7. After that let it re cache the database
    8. You are all done!
    9. *Restart Your vita before connect (if you get Error E-80182014 ).

    Thank You ,works for the EU-Version..No “E-80182014” Error at this Time..Greetz from Germany (:

  14. NEOGEO2600 says:

    this works without any problem

  15. NEOGEO2600 says:

    glad its working ٩(O_O)۶

  16. Orlinad says:

    I reinstalled CMA on computer many times, but still climbs error (((

  17. Orlinad says:

    And, Do I understand that with the help of this you can download free PSP games?

  18. MrFreeze says:

    its working Yeahh!! without internet :)
    tankz to spooky86

  19. Tony s says:

    when i turn wifi off on vita and computer i get error code, but when vita wifi is on and computer is off it lets me connect did i forget to install something?

  20. Minimur says:

    thankyou ! :)

  21. Andrew Wright says:

    sweeeeet keep up the good work everyone!!

  22. Wuldorf1975 says:

    Big thanks to jd8351
    Another thanks to spooky86, I also had to reboot the vita to get this going.

  23. No1 says:

    Unless something changes, i think OpenCMA will excist for quite some time. So i dont think it is much need to worry about Vita servers shutting down :)

  24. por says:

    what do you mean by: “7. After that let it re cache the database”?
    Do i go to CMA -> Other -> Rebuild Database for PS Vita System?

    • Jd8531 says:

      Yep! Just make sure all the folders where you want to keep all your content is correct or where your stuff is to put on the vita.

  25. por says:

    Ok, no need to reply to my last post, it worked after replacing the .xml file with the EU version. Thx to all parties involved in this release :)

  26. meanmachine781 says:

    from what i understand if i dont install this sony can sneak a patch in CMA right? and can i delete games on my vita and backem up on my pc with this???

  27. zakaiya says:

    -grips chest tightly- >.<
    Do my eyes deceive me?

  28. shaitan says:

    I was trying for about an hour to get it to work but kept getting the error so I tried creating the folder structure… Program Files (x86) and the rest(I’m on Windows 7 32bit) and installed it there and it worked. Do you think that made a difference or did I just get lucky

  29. nicola says:

    what is the difference between real CMA and open CMA?

  30. SSJ-Vita says:

    Could someone help explain step 4 on up, don’t be afraid to explain it as if I’m 9 or 10, the more details the better. Thanx wololo and everyone else for this ultra awesome loophole!

  31. SSJ-Vita says:

    After installation open the folder openCMA_vita_180 and copy everything to where the official CMA is installed at. -Run (<–DOUBLE CLICK)the “set.dll” file (run everything as administrator). On those steps the only way I've found to access "set.dll" to double click it is the files i downloaded and not in the ones i copied and pasted into the official cma. For me anyway it's a curveball and lost me.

    • Jd8531 says:

      oh alright i see. It should be setdll.exe double click that. All the files you got from my download inside the folder goes to where its installed, something like this:
      C:\Program Files\Sony\Content Manager Assistant

  32. SSJ-Vita says:

    I think I know where I goofed, I copied and pasted into the actual cma application itself instead of the folder that it and the others are in.

  33. Bobby Harrell says:

    Do I need openCMA for the new VHBL? Or can I just use the Official CMA?

  34. zorb064 says:

    Nothing above gets rid of the “E-80182014″ Error for me. I followed the install instructions to the letter, I’ve replaced the xml and Wi-Fi and Internet are off…all to no avail. However I’m confused about Jd8531′s instructions in the last section…if you have the error. So ok, you remove everything and install CMA setup again and then everything works, well yes, but that gives you the original CMA not the fixed version…wth?

    • Jd8531 says:

      No,it is the fixed version because when you first attempted it, it already adds the reg and binaries.. that’s a special CMA setup as well not an official Sony one.

  35. MakoChild says:

    Works great! Thanks.

  36. Dazman says:

    I keep getting this error E-80182014.

    The only time I don’t is if the wifi on the vita is connected to my network and I don’t want that.

    I have windows 7 and used the EU version.

    Can anyone help please.

  37. saibermax says:

    I got it work and it work great, Can i use aun old vhbl with this?

  38. zorb064 says:

    Update to post above..

    Problem solved, goto the forums, you need the right XML file for your region, there are more available than the 3 above

  39. zorb064 says:

    Thankyou Jd8531 for responding to my question.

  40. alex says:

    I had the error, but i fixed it by editing the xml. I simply changed the region and two lines from “jp” to “us”

    Working fine now. Thanks and keep up the AWESOME work.

  41. M says:

    Is there a specific xml file for region 6/HK? Can’t seem to make my OpenCMA work. :(

  42. Peleep says:

    Really sorry guys… I’ve tried to install OpenCMA 1.80 Eur bundle 5 times… and each time i follow the tutorial that comes with it, and I still get an error when i connect my Vita 1.80. I have it on Flight mode. The only way i can get it to connect without error is to turn wifi on, on the Vita.

    Any ideas/clues/hints please?????

  43. Peleep says:

    HELP! 6 times installing, uninstalling, trying again and again and again. I keep on getting errors when i try with opencma. what am i doing wrong? the trouble shoot steps aren’t working either.


  44. hassan says:

    can some one share a game with me so i i dont need to buy it

  45. Th3lllUnkn0wn says:

    I cant download The CMA always says Error

  46. ageispolis says:

    It’s working on me in Windows 7, with wifi turned off on the Vita and PC. I was able to copy several vita/psp games over, and restore them back onto my vita after disconnecting/restarting CMA.

    I did have to manually update the psp2-updatelist.xml file from the links above, and reboot my vita to get around the error code I was getting.

    Thanks to everyone involved in putting this together!!!

  47. BrianK says:

    got it working by using the install instructions and editing the .xml file (“jp” to “us”) now where do I place the PS1 and PSP files so they show up to the content manager? and what file format should they be in (iso, cso, eboot.pbp, ect.) directory structure?

    • Jd8531 says:

      where ever you have it set up to show them Right click the CMA icon in the taskbar then go to settings it will show you. The files have to be ones that you have bought from psn you cant copy any psone games you download off the internet.

  48. razor says:

    I keep getting error (E-80182014) I can’t connect to CMA. How do you manually update the psp2-updatelist.xml?
    Mine says JP in region ID eventhough I have a U.S vita account

  49. BrianK says:

    Just rt-click on it and select edit then change it and save it.

  50. nero says:

    am i the only one who doest have this problem?

  51. Empirix says:

    Thanks a bunch.

  52. oxMUDxo says:

    Thanks for the fixed psp2-updatelist.file works now! :)

  53. CS72 says:

    Mhh I uninstalled old CMA completly, then I installed Open CMA step by step as the readme shows. But when I run CMA after that, the program “hangs” and nothing happening, no error, just 100% CPU usage and no reaction, so that I have to kill the CMA process with the task manager. I am running XP SP3. The only special thing: After starting run.bat a error in the console appears, that the kill command to kill cma processes doesn’t work. (So I kill cma.exe and other cma processes with task manager, before I start run.bat) But anyway – CMA just freezes after start. Any ideas ?

    • Jd8531 says:

      try the new update on the blog i posted

      • CS72 says:

        Thank you. I tried the new update, but same problem. I will try now on my office notebook, then I will see if I am doing something wrong, or if it’s a problem with my system. But anyway, new VHBL is already working on my vita, I had no problems with the official cma. (But anyway, I will continue to try install the open cma)

    • flynn says:

      Moi aussi même problême! j’comprends pas.

  54. Wrozen says:

    yay :) it worked

  55. meanmachine781 says:

    do i have to uninstall the original?

  56. meanmachine781 says:

    do you have to uninstall it from the vita? if so how???

  57. Andresmka says:

    mmmm. I don’t know , but once again my PSV says error.

  58. jim says:

    I just want to say thanks to the devs. awesome work all around. I read all posts and I am seeing people with error problems. I am not getting and error. What I am getting is can not connect to pc problem. I am going in circles because I can not figure out what I am doing wrong. I even updated the xml file and tried different ones and restarted the vita.

    • jim says:

      update I noticed that when I run.bat it will shut down my cma. is that normal cause after that I run cmawatchers.exe and thats when vita says can not connect to pc.

      • jim says:

        third post please dont hate me. after i install everything and run cmawatcher.exe… I then ran cma.exe and it opened up and I ran rebuild database now it works. so those of you that have the same problem that I was having try what I just wrote and I hope it helps you.

  59. psp411 says:

    I just get something rare, I have two Vitas, 1 for me and 1 for my little one kid, mine go perfectlywith open cma, but the one for my kid dos´n error 81014, (in win XP service pack 3) number error something like it, but install the same open cma in a diferent computer (win 7) and runs without error inclusive my vita runs open cma content in rhe win7 whit no errors but my little one´s do not in xp

    strange isn´t?

    enyway there´s no problem only have to run the 2 vitas in a diferent computer ich

    tanx 4 the update

  60. Miguel Silva says:

    i need internet to install open cma?

  61. Miguel Silva says:

    and can i play games on vhbl or its just only the homebrew games if yes quake 3 have playable fps(30+)

  62. dr.swag says:

    i have done everything you have told me to do to install and when i try to copy something to the ps vita it doesnt copy

  63. dr.swag says:

    i mean i have installed everything and i can get into the cma but when i try to put the homebrews i want in my ps vita it finishes copying but it didnt copy anything

  64. Kayrim says:

    everything has worked, but out of nothing the content manager assistant asks me to update the system software in order to proceed.. What shall i do?

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  66. jose says:

    It seems to only work on 32 bit system not 64 bit. Disconnect internet on both vita and windows

  67. Jd8531 says:

    It runs completely fine, ind3x-gosu helped test it on his computer which is x64. Again try the trouble shooting steps. Also are you guys AU?

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