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What will happen to your PS Vita the day Sony’s servers go down


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  1. Fabian

    wololo is it m0nzter1 or m0nzter2 ??

    i need to know it !!!

  2. Lelouch

    Digital sucks. Physical is better.

  3. Saidros

    Mmm i have question maybe silly.. can you copy games from your ps3 to your psvita if the servers are down or is the same deal?

  4. sencerio

    besides the servers crash down, it’s also about the safty of your personal info. A news that sony’s server in China was hacked. hopefully it’s not contain credit card info.

  5. Fabian

    dear wololo is the gam3 : m0nzztr 1 or m0nzztr 1 ???

    plz answer back dear wololo!?

    • SofaKing™

      the BEST thing about phsyical games is when i am done i can SELL them, i see so many people trying to sell their VITA with games on the card, when i add my PSN id no games there for me to play, i agree with the guy up there somewhere downloaded games should be WAY cheaper, no packaging , no shipping, no minimum wage sales person why arent they 35% cheaper and you only own the right to play it.

    • dimy93

      The Vita’s security is so high because Sony is checking every single file that goes on our console,because patches the firmware and psn content every time some exploit is released.
      Without PSN the Vita would be a brick but only until a hacker cracks the system through exploit. Then all those stupid limitations would stop working so this is a paragraph 22. As long as PSN exists Vita works fine but if it fails after suitable time Vita will resurrect from the grave

  6. tonyuk73

    Physical too right going of the last two days of downloading burning skies demo nearly 3 gig for a demo on 30 Mb connection with 3 Mb upload took 6 hours.and there’s something i’ve missed on the Vita everytime the screen went off into battery saving the d/load stopped and noticed the limit can only go to 10 min max.*** ????

    • yosh

      In the end digital technology was only acquired to be spoiled with such never-ending control over our products
      Kinda sad, this was originally a way to prevent wasting real physical resources, but in the end we’re better up using good old reliable physical supports ..

  7. clicks

    I knew about this little problem in full since the trend first started, I’ve actually only bought less than half a dozen digital downloads of games EVER.

    My first digital download was Mass Effect 2 for $5 (I mean come ON), then Super Collapse 3 ($10 for VHBL, yo), and Mighty Switch Force! on sale for $3 (easily worth it’s full price btw). I suppose League of Legend skins count too, but I was just throwing $30 Riot’s way after HUNDREDS of hours of free entertainment. Minecraft will likely be next on the list.

  8. James the Hacker

    monster hunter freedom unite

  9. mannyshame

    man and i got most of my games on the psn…that was dumb.

  10. AyeGuy

    I haven’t purchased any digital games for the vita but once vhbl comes out ill purchase my first.

  11. psp411

    thars so true, and that is wy I hate dowuloaded games, an vivid example is killzone psp, I oun the “rigtts” to play psp killzone in vita but chapter 5 is totaly mising, and can´t put it on vita even you have it in your computer, simply you can´t

    that is very disapointing on vita, killzone psp chapter 5 do not exist in the server you try to update yout “licenced” game and the server redirecs you to killzone ps3
    that´s tief and no grand auto
    it sucks

    after that experience I prefer fisical format, that´s rigth I expected the release of ps1 titles as resident evil, I have a 32 gb new mem format for vita, becouse 4 and 8 Gb cost so much than a 32 Gb but video is no taken in correct order (anime), do not accept carpets for orden reasons, music is the same, sony is full of idiots I am sure of that, wy becouse thats was the first thing the ouners of psp asked to psp sony wy psp have that funtion and vita users do not?
    I can complain all day long on vita but the screen and the touch capabilities but rhe games of vita actualy sucks, resistance was disapointing, gravity rush is lesser disapointing but unit8 is a totally bullsh….t, and do not deserve the mony pay for it, sony mus realice psvita remote play for ps3 titles is the only thing prevent downs of sales I love play ps1 titles via remoteplay in the hotel aut of my city, or even in the oficce when have some litlle time, I whis to play killzone 1, 2, 3, on my vita out or in my house, becose that´s my right, but I have to hack my ps3 to do it why sono do not understand that?

  12. psp411

    pd: is hard to write ok on vita too, but simpler than on a psp


  13. Gerbil

    PSN exclusives i have no problems downloading since they’re only around 200 – 500MB, when it comes to games that are available on physical copy, I will ALWAYS get the physical copy.

  14. zagzag

    thats ok if PSN dies some one jast gona hack ps vita and make CFW and we and well all gona be happy agen make piret server for PS vita we name PSS Piret Server Store

  15. zagzag

    if psn dies sony gona post all ps vita sorce keys

  16. alex

    I buy actual vita games on physical media for this very reason. I download apps and little free games like Treasure of Montezuma blitz from the psn store that I’m not to terrified to lose. PS1 games i run on my psp via popsloader. Just to be on the safe side I don’t use my credit card info on PSN; i buy the PSN cards at the store. One thing I don’t like is the Netflix PSN tie-up if you’re not on psn or the correct FW netflix doesn’t work. I really think Sony should really relax with all the network big brother stuff. Use it for security and bans for hacked or moded consoles that’s fine, but the rest is just way over the top, and personally i feel its unnecessary.

  17. omni

    Good point. You know, I’ve been grappling with the idea of how to go about purchasing the titles for the Vita when I do eventually get one.

    One of my major concerns before was the need to purchase an online pass code for some games just to play online, which can usually take you back up to the price of a normal game anyhow. But this just convinced me. I have a big enough hard drive on the ps3 for the occasional downloadable game. And while I have my games installed on the Xbox for the sake of the CD’s longevity, I can always delete those installations any time I run out of room (not likely) so that I never have to delete digital downloads.

    Thanks for the article, I think you helped me make up my mind. I’ll stick with a normal storage card for saves and the occasional media file and keep my games completely physical.

    I probably will end up getting a nice 32 GB one eventually, though, for the sake of PS1 and mini downloads and other things that I want to download, but will want to keep.

    Nice article.

  18. codestorm

    Well, there’s still that small possibility they will “unlock” the PS Vita Content Manager when the servers go down

  19. Enclave

    Well, this is why we have Open CMA isn’t it? Sure it’s not supported by Sony but that doesn’t change the fact that we have it.

  20. sony only smart in making technology when it comes to their customers and putting apps they are s2pid

  21. wenceslao

    Great article thank you very much. well, i bought a used psvita with 2 memory cards 32 & 8gb so ill fill them and continue to buy physical games after. PLEASE ANYONE ANSWER ME THIS: from what i understand, if psn ever goes down, i will be able to keep the games i DIGITALLY BOUGHT on my memory cards right?

  22. U-Fig

    If PSN should ever go down out of $ony going bankrupt, your ‘rented’ content will most likely not be available after that point. Just because Tony does not ‘have the time to create offline patches for each unique content’ but rather just kill it all in one swift blow. Harakiri style.
    If $ony decides to cut services to older platforms like the vita and PS3 (wich will likely be the case at some point due to ‘expected end of life of discontinued devices’ ) I truly hope $ony will at the very least make some sort of patch available so that we can remain to enjoy our bought/stored/locally/cloud available content without hitch. To add, this does mainly involve many of those ‘free’ PSN+ based titles as well as any game that has PSN+ as a mandatory feature, above any ‘just PSN required’ game or piece of content.

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