What will happen to your PS Vita the day Sony’s servers go down


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98 Responses

  1. Andalia says:

    That’s tha reason I buy my games on a physical device :)

  2. Mr. Awsome says:

    Get games on their respective cards, and use OpenCMA. Problems solved!

  3. Turd Sandwich says:

    People must be that poor to not be about to afford a 32GB. I for one ain’t rich and i got two 32GB.

  4. CATPowah says:

    That really sucks if it happens and I never like digital download.

  5. Jd8531 says:

    Nice article ^_^ but like i said in my article, about onlive, they could of shutdown without any notice to the users. Sony is in such a bad financial state that its completely reasonable they could shut down at anytime. DRM is just another problem on its own. A good example; Diablo 3 where you cant even play OFFLINE or single player without being connected to their online DRM servers. Guess what? The servers were down for days at launch giving the ERROR37 message. Its all bad and Its sad but true.

  6. Metalliphyll says:

    There is an open CMA fot 1.80 im using it check the forums

  7. Chozzehnwahn says:

    I have a 32 gb memory card. Wololo ur just a cheapskate, what with your highly paid job and all. I only buy physical games as well cuz they consume to much space as a digital copy.i use my card for movies and such

    • Jd8531 says:

      Hes not a cheapskate nor is everyone else. A $32gb card is expensive especially when the economy is affecting people and that money could be easily spent on bills or necessities.
      Sony jacks up the price of their special vita only card.
      You could easily buy a 128gb sd card for the same price as a vita 32gb. WHY would you want to support that? Its a scam.

      • chozzehnwahn says:

        i was only calling wololo a cheapskate, not others who are less fortunate. he has stated in the past that he is a well paid professional. for the record i support sony’s actions because i enjoy their products. doesnt mean i agree with their pricing strategy. then again i dont much agree with the pricing strategies of my utility companies or banks, repair shops, etc….the list can go on forever

        • wololo says:

          @chozzehnwahn: sure, but the fact that I’m well paid for my job does not mean I should spend my money on scams (such as Sony’s overpriced memory sticks). I also have a wife and kid to support, can’t give all my money to Sony 😛

        • Mr McGoo says:

          Yo, check yourself. Wololo works hard for what he has. I work hard also but I do have bills to pay. He has done so much for the community. Where is your name out there??? I have seen the voluntary work created by wololo. Where is your user release? U better have some clout before you start bashing others who are actually doing something for the community.

          • chozzehnwahn says:

            not bashing anyone. im just a dude who enjoys reading this blog. been reading it for a few years now actually.i never claimed to have any kind of “release”. Im sorry, i didnt realize one was required in order to state an opinion.last i checked freedom of speech was still supported by wolo. the only one offended here is you.

          • Mr McGoo says:

            Your absolutely right. To each their own. I was a bit twisted and tend to get roudy from time to time. The community is filled with ungrateful people and the comment was leaning more towards that than just a statement of your own opinion.

    • wololo says:

      Yeah, it’s true I kinda went cheap on this one, but it’s more a matter of principle. The Vita memory sticks cost 5 times more than SD cards for no good reason, this is a scam.

      • yyy says:

        Its is not a scam, it is a part of the business model. The memorycard prices is one of the reason why you get a Vita for $250. If they should have gone the cellphone route, the Vita would probably be $400.

        • bottle says:

          Then the smartphone pricing is the biggest scam ever. $400 for 16GB build in, $500 for 32GB, $600 for 64GB, you pay $200 for a mere upgrade of 48GB.

          • yyy says:

            Yeah, that is one way to put it :)

            There is no doubt that the Vita memorycards are priced much higher than what it cost to make them, but this is just a part of the business plan. Sony try to make money on the games and accessories instead of on the Vita hardware itself. Other business models, like cellphones, they try to make money on the hardware itself.

            Cellphones are sold for a much higher price than what it cost to make them, but does that mean that cellphones are a scam? Not at all. Its simply a business model.

          • Quaeton says:

            iPhone isnt the only smartphone you know. You can get a 32gb microsd card for a HTC for less than £30

      • malin says:

        +1 wololo, I did exactly the same and for the exact same reason as yourself. Sony are notorious for using proprietary storage mediums when something already established could be used instead and it always seems to be sold to us as “Anti-piracy” when it is infact just another monetary stream.

        I love Sony’s products in the main, I just can’t stand the way they view their customers.

  8. Darkanubis74 says:

    I have a mixture of digital and physical, and I am kind of nervous about this as well. The saving grace will be the modding community. God help the other 82%

    • Kari says:

      +1 Darkanubis74

      i have recently bought a PS Vita system, i wasn’t cheap. and i bought 2 games with it and since then i haven’t bought any game on it cause i kinda can’t afford it. i always say that i will buy a game when i get my next paycheck but till now something always seemed more important when i saw my paycheck. so i am placing my trust in the modding community.

  9. Adin says:

    Well a few years ago all my games dissapeared from my Download list worth about $400, I spoke to sony they did nothing…

    • Mr McGoo says:

      I had a similar issue, it was no where near $400. More like $100 but that is where I learned my lesson. All I do is physical unless it is a vhbl or an exclusive.

  10. jotax says:

    personally I do not buy digital games, does not bother me much. But, you need a server for transferring information to the vita, yes? that difficult situation

  11. jd20dog says:

    what about the multi-player games you git on psn that they remove so you cant play with any one any more
    like tmnt turtle in time arcade game and a few others that git pulled after a brief time

  12. Ricardo says:

    I think sony will release a CMA and a FW update that let us transfer anything without internet. And they will probably say: please download all the content with CMA directly from you computer and transfer to you vita when you need.

    it will happen in 5 years.

    (yes I know my english sucks)

  13. stonie says:

    thats something awful, least it isn’t as bad as eshop games on the 3ds, my GF’s zelda 3ds got stolen out my back pocket and i had all my eshop stuff on it for keeping til i traded mine for the xl, but nintendo does not have a way to recover contents even though there is a log of every game i ever bought from them on my nintendoclub account. so i will NEVER buy a retail game as a digital purchace, as long as there are other options

  14. oxMUDxo says:

    Yup, for 5 more bucks its well worth getting a real copy of a game, and save space on that itty bitty memory card..

    It really sucks that PSP and PS1 games only work in digital form, I’ve bought Final Fantasy 7 three times now. on PS1, Windows and now PS Vita. Kinda hate Sony for that, at least update the graphics or add something new to it..

  15. MakoChild says:

    I will only pay for a vita game on cartridge. The only digital games I have are a few psp games that weren’t expensive and one ps3 game when sony gave its psn users one free ps3 game and psp game for waiting for the psn to come back up. I just wish I could play my psp UMDs on my vita :( although I like the new cartridges better.

  16. ??? says:

    Digital download is a scum and the need to be connected to the internet just. To copy games the shitiest idea ever(its like they assume everyone has an internet connection or high speed internet)

  17. James Way says:

    Same here. I mainly buy none digital stuff, only relying on that medium for digital only games. You can’t buy used off the PSN store. I could buy uncharted 39 bucks off psn or 20 bucks off ebay. I feel you with the whole notion that why pay full retail price, when the savings for not having to store the game on a flash device is for Sony only. That is why Steam is so popular and why Ouya(?) is such an interesting idea. I got the 32gb card, I mainly have psp and psone games on the vita. I got the physical version of rayman and the digital version of asphalt cause it was on sale. Other than that, I want blueblaze off ebay and for now I’m good with 8 psone games.

  18. UltaGGames says:

    I actuall think digital downloads are great. I only payed for an 8GB memory card and I store the extra stuff on my PS3. And I have PS+ I get free games for PS3 (coming soon, PS Vita) every month and they are digital downloads. And I’ve never had a problem. And games I delete, I usually never play again. For $19.99 digital download I got LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 PS Vita and I played it, then deleted it for room and haven’t used it for 2 months now. I like the digital download thing. I think you guys should look at the good thing about digital downloads. Now that Nintendo’s getting into it, I don’t have a system that doesn’t have a digital download on it. So please change your attitude. It’s not that bad.

  19. UltaGGames says:

    LOL, different time zone from where this websites from. I posted this at 9:50 PM September 5, 2012. But it says it Sept. 6 5:49 AM. LOL!

  20. Asmith906 says:

    this isnt just sony’s problem. What happens to your digital games when nintendo.microsoft servers go down. Also when you lose your internet while on steam sometimes it will lock you out of your games. I like digital games for handhelds because of the convienece but this stuff concerns me. This is why i;m so weary of consoles going Digital only. I wish people would attack more than sony over this ***

  21. jdubs says:

    A lot of this has been addressed in recent blogs. Digital should be cheaper whether it’s on the vita, ps3, 360, pc and any other device you can get digital content on. Period end. I don’t mind paying a little extra for digital games that are older and no longer in print, but why should we EVER pay the same as a physical copy when we, as consumers, are saving THEIR company money in shipping/production costs by buying digital. At the very least they could at least give bonuses for digital buyers. Buy 1 get 1 free comes to mind, and they would still be making money.

  22. svenn says:

    One sided truth ofcourse, you buy a UMD/physical drop it on the floor, and your 50$/€/Y is out the window, you download it digital, your stick drops, you buy a new stick and for a foreseeable future your game is still there to download.

    Its no news that company’s like Sony (ab)use that grey zone to get there advantage (CMA). But for the price of stick its just a margin of profit, I wouldn’t be suprised if the VITA in its hostile envirment is beeing sold without lose, so they have to get some profit on other parts.

    I agree on most parts but there’s always a flip side to it. As for now I haven’t seen sony remove video/music play, like they removed otherOS on the PS3 so no reall reason to complain yet …

  23. jlo138 says:

    Even if Sony made it so you could transfer games without Internet, then it doesn’t change the fact that their memory sticks are proprietary. And even if the hacking community came and fixed these issues that still wouldn’t change. Also if ISO loaders were developed then you still need their memory sticks anyways. Since they are the only ones to make them then the cost won’t change much in the future. If they discontinue vita support then no more memory sticks unless another company buys the rights to produce them.

  24. David says:

    nice post man. i always think about that ever since my beloved burnout revenge servers were taken down :( so anytime i buy a game for my vita i buy the physical copy (unless its only available digital like sounds shapes). besides its only like 5 bucks cheaper for a digital but yet there are sales in stores for the physical copy. recently i bought wipeout 2048 for 20 bucks at walmart and its still 35 or 40 on the vitas store!

  25. ricodrilo says:

    use vhbl

  26. TheSpillmonkey says:


  27. solidsnake says:

    I usually keep a backup of my backup of my backups on all the memory sticks and hard drives I own.

  28. Mjolnir says:

    When I first bought the Vita I was excited for the fact that I may never have to buy another physical copy again. I wouldn’t have to deal with switching cards to play anything. Then as I started to add up the cost of the “exclusive” cards and the fact that digital versions were only a few bucks cheaper then the hard copies. I decided that I want hard copies until they figure out their price structure.

  29. yosh says:

    Yeah we’d really need some new openCMA version fully working on 1.80 ..
    Also indeed nowadays it sure isn’t worth at all buying digital games, except if you like having nicely encrypted files wasting space from your expansive vita proprietary memory stick.
    Now what I really fear is if one day all games become entirely digital only, then gamers are really sc***.

  30. Cercata says:

    That’s one of the reasons for not buying the Vita. If sony doesn’t change, I’ll buy an Archos Gamepad or a Wikipad instead !!!

  31. yyy says:

    I trust that the Vita servers will be here in at least 5 years. In 10 years, it is harder to say because it is such a long time.

    If Sony goes bankrupt, it will take many years from now. And if the worse case senario should happen, then i’m sure there will be a solution to it. At this time, i’m guessing that there already is a unofficial solution to the issue anyway. Just look at OpenCMA, it works (or worked) fine, and this shows that the internet access stuff is not heavy checks at all. It should be very easy to fix this, official or unofficially.

    I can see the concerns around this, but honestly i see no reason to be worried about it at this point. We have a saying in my country that goes like “that time, that sorrow”. It basically means that there is no need to use energy worrying about things that might happen, because there is also a chance that these things might never happen. And just worry about it if the time comes and the problem becomes a reality.

  32. keane says:

    I like getting games on a physical card, the PS vita cartridges are great! I swear I heard somewhere that someone was trying bring a law in the EU where digital downloads have to add a possibility of re-sale like to buy second hand digital copies, but I don’t think it will work out and I might of heard wrong.

    I still think why are the memory sticks so expensive for the PS Vita, hmm gets you thinking obviously apart from the easy first answer, new device, more money to be made.. Good article!

  33. Viperuk1 says:

    Its the same with all digital content, we only actually rent it. Thats why it should be cheaper.

    Look at the recent thing with Bruce Willis, when he dies he wants his daughter to have all his itunes music and movies, but apple have said no, if you look at the terms and conditions nothing can be transferred because you dont actualy own the rights!!

  34. giavol says:

    Dude, I read in the Bible a passage about this. We are going to have to send Arnold Schwarzenegger back in time to protect the Boy.

  35. Shade says:

    What most of you guys seem to misunderstand is that not every memory card is made equally, locking their own medium may be a barrier to prevent hacking but it also prevents idiots who would by a cheap $10.00 card and expect good results. If you check amazon you can easily find 32gb sd cards going over the $100.00 area because of their transfer rates http://www.amazon.com/Lexar-Professional-UHS-I-2-Pack-LSD32GCTBNA6002/dp/B007TCSVN0/ref=sr_1_7?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1346928630&sr=1-7&keywords=class+10+sdhc

    • wololo says:

      Wait, so you’re actually happy with the file transfer rate on your memory card when you use CMA? I’m not.
      This warrants a more in depth test, but I’m pretty sure Sony’s memory sticks can’t compete with SDHC

  36. Zyphs says:

    I waited and bought a 16gig memory card so i think i’m cool and i have a lot of movies and music, games on mine so i don’t think it will be useless.

  37. Fabian says:

    wololo is it m0nzter1 or m0nzter2 ??

    i need to know it !!!

  38. Lelouch says:

    Digital sucks. Physical is better.

  39. Saidros says:

    Mmm i have question maybe silly.. can you copy games from your ps3 to your psvita if the servers are down or is the same deal?

  40. sencerio says:

    besides the servers crash down, it’s also about the safty of your personal info. A news that sony’s server in China was hacked. hopefully it’s not contain credit card info.

  41. Fabian says:

    dear wololo is the gam3 : m0nzztr 1 or m0nzztr 1 ???

    plz answer back dear wololo!?

    • SofaKing™ says:

      the BEST thing about phsyical games is when i am done i can SELL them, i see so many people trying to sell their VITA with games on the card, when i add my PSN id no games there for me to play, i agree with the guy up there somewhere downloaded games should be WAY cheaper, no packaging , no shipping, no minimum wage sales person why arent they 35% cheaper and you only own the right to play it.

    • dimy93 says:

      The Vita’s security is so high because Sony is checking every single file that goes on our console,because patches the firmware and psn content every time some exploit is released.
      Without PSN the Vita would be a brick but only until a hacker cracks the system through exploit. Then all those stupid limitations would stop working so this is a paragraph 22. As long as PSN exists Vita works fine but if it fails after suitable time Vita will resurrect from the grave

  42. tonyuk73 says:

    Physical too right going of the last two days of downloading burning skies demo nearly 3 gig for a demo on 30 Mb connection with 3 Mb upload took 6 hours.and there’s something i’ve missed on the Vita everytime the screen went off into battery saving the d/load stopped and noticed the limit can only go to 10 min max.*** ????

    • yosh says:

      In the end digital technology was only acquired to be spoiled with such never-ending control over our products
      Kinda sad, this was originally a way to prevent wasting real physical resources, but in the end we’re better up using good old reliable physical supports ..

  43. clicks says:

    I knew about this little problem in full since the trend first started, I’ve actually only bought less than half a dozen digital downloads of games EVER.

    My first digital download was Mass Effect 2 for $5 (I mean come ON), then Super Collapse 3 ($10 for VHBL, yo), and Mighty Switch Force! on sale for $3 (easily worth it’s full price btw). I suppose League of Legend skins count too, but I was just throwing $30 Riot’s way after HUNDREDS of hours of free entertainment. Minecraft will likely be next on the list.

  44. James the Hacker says:

    monster hunter freedom unite

  45. mannyshame says:

    man and i got most of my games on the psn…that was dumb.

  46. AyeGuy says:

    I haven’t purchased any digital games for the vita but once vhbl comes out ill purchase my first.

  47. psp411 says:

    thars so true, and that is wy I hate dowuloaded games, an vivid example is killzone psp, I oun the “rigtts” to play psp killzone in vita but chapter 5 is totaly mising, and can´t put it on vita even you have it in your computer, simply you can´t

    that is very disapointing on vita, killzone psp chapter 5 do not exist in the server you try to update yout “licenced” game and the server redirecs you to killzone ps3
    that´s tief and no grand auto
    it sucks

    after that experience I prefer fisical format, that´s rigth I expected the release of ps1 titles as resident evil, I have a 32 gb new mem format for vita, becouse 4 and 8 Gb cost so much than a 32 Gb but video is no taken in correct order (anime), do not accept carpets for orden reasons, music is the same, sony is full of idiots I am sure of that, wy becouse thats was the first thing the ouners of psp asked to psp sony wy psp have that funtion and vita users do not?
    I can complain all day long on vita but the screen and the touch capabilities but rhe games of vita actualy sucks, resistance was disapointing, gravity rush is lesser disapointing but unit8 is a totally bullsh….t, and do not deserve the mony pay for it, sony mus realice psvita remote play for ps3 titles is the only thing prevent downs of sales I love play ps1 titles via remoteplay in the hotel aut of my city, or even in the oficce when have some litlle time, I whis to play killzone 1, 2, 3, on my vita out or in my house, becose that´s my right, but I have to hack my ps3 to do it why sono do not understand that?

  48. psp411 says:

    pd: is hard to write ok on vita too, but simpler than on a psp


  49. Gerbil says:

    PSN exclusives i have no problems downloading since they’re only around 200 – 500MB, when it comes to games that are available on physical copy, I will ALWAYS get the physical copy.

  50. zagzag says:

    thats ok if PSN dies some one jast gona hack ps vita and make CFW and we and well all gona be happy agen make piret server for PS vita we name PSS Piret Server Store

  51. zagzag says:

    if psn dies sony gona post all ps vita sorce keys

  52. alex says:

    I buy actual vita games on physical media for this very reason. I download apps and little free games like Treasure of Montezuma blitz from the psn store that I’m not to terrified to lose. PS1 games i run on my psp via popsloader. Just to be on the safe side I don’t use my credit card info on PSN; i buy the PSN cards at the store. One thing I don’t like is the Netflix PSN tie-up if you’re not on psn or the correct FW netflix doesn’t work. I really think Sony should really relax with all the network big brother stuff. Use it for security and bans for hacked or moded consoles that’s fine, but the rest is just way over the top, and personally i feel its unnecessary.

  53. omni says:

    Good point. You know, I’ve been grappling with the idea of how to go about purchasing the titles for the Vita when I do eventually get one.

    One of my major concerns before was the need to purchase an online pass code for some games just to play online, which can usually take you back up to the price of a normal game anyhow. But this just convinced me. I have a big enough hard drive on the ps3 for the occasional downloadable game. And while I have my games installed on the Xbox for the sake of the CD’s longevity, I can always delete those installations any time I run out of room (not likely) so that I never have to delete digital downloads.

    Thanks for the article, I think you helped me make up my mind. I’ll stick with a normal storage card for saves and the occasional media file and keep my games completely physical.

    I probably will end up getting a nice 32 GB one eventually, though, for the sake of PS1 and mini downloads and other things that I want to download, but will want to keep.

    Nice article.

  54. codestorm says:

    Well, there’s still that small possibility they will “unlock” the PS Vita Content Manager when the servers go down

  55. Enclave says:

    Well, this is why we have Open CMA isn’t it? Sure it’s not supported by Sony but that doesn’t change the fact that we have it.

  56. sony only smart in making technology when it comes to their customers and putting apps they are s2pid

  57. wenceslao says:

    Great article thank you very much. well, i bought a used psvita with 2 memory cards 32 & 8gb so ill fill them and continue to buy physical games after. PLEASE ANYONE ANSWER ME THIS: from what i understand, if psn ever goes down, i will be able to keep the games i DIGITALLY BOUGHT on my memory cards right?

  58. wololo says:

    I think Playstation+ is close to what you describe. They are pushing a lot for that service, it could save them if done properly

  59. xSpectrum says:

    I’ve had PS+ since it was new, and I must say that its improved greatly in 2012. Only thing is, they don’t update the free games anymore like they used to. I guess that’s just the price to pay for better quality.

    That’s all PS3 btw, I don’t think they’ve done anything over PS+ for the Vita.

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