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Why the PSP is not dead… yet

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  1. ZeRo says:

    If the minis still being cool and PRO Online Client still updating, the psp will still alive 🙂

  2. matt says:

    I would say the PSP is still alive because of the “hacking” scene. If I didn’t already have a Slim and a Go, I would most definitely buy a 3000 just for the homebrew and emulators. I’ve probably spent way more time playing emulators on my PSPs, even though I have many UMDs and several PSN games.

    Also, if you know Japanese, there are still many Japanese games being released, but most of these are less than engrossing for me because I personally can’t read any of it. ;p

    Also the price point on PSP units is pretty good now, if you haven’t played most of the library already like a lot of the people on this site have. =)

  3. Sigmarius says:

    Whbl que é good nóis num have ¬¬

    I can confess that I`m thinking about to sell my psv to buy a psp…. =/

  4. qwikrazor87 says:

    You can also run Ruby code on the PSP using Joyau.

  5. Ambient_Malice says:

    No, the PSP is not dead. But it needs a shot in the arm.

    One problem I’ve found with PSP homebrew is inefficent programming. Most homebrew games are slow. PSP-designed IRC? Slower than a mobile java app run on PSPKVM.

    Honestly, the only truly amazing PSP homebrew videogame I ever played was Cave Story for PSP the various mods ported to PSP.

  6. Chase says:

    I have 6.60 god vi cfw on my psp sadly i cant load my umd games without my cfw being activated first

  7. th3pwnsh0p says:

    Didn’t Coldbird say he would also make some sort of “PSP HD” thingy? I know he said it somewhere on /talk. I just don’t know which topic it is :s

  8. PSPcfwDUDE says:

    I believe the PSP would NEVER die. PSP is a cheap to get, handheld, that does so much stuff(emulators,shells,homebrews,cfw installers,games,ebook readers,psp hardware checkers etc) that it reminds me of a portable PC.

  9. svenn says:

    Yeah, hitting Python is nice, however I’d prefered to see java, there a gazzilion games in java soo.

    But for me, I might give Python a try, its a nice language to play around with.

    PSP is kinda dead for avg joe, close to no new releases, not even in stores anymore. But for hackers this still is a very nice hardware. For me, I just love to program “hello worlds” on it 😀

  10. ArcAngelZz says:

    What “Online Features”?! You mean I can play MHF2 ONLINE?!! Like.. Infrastructure?!! Someone please answer!! I MIGHT BUY MY PSP BACK!!

  11. mohsin says:

    the psp will never die because of coldbird and wololo and all the other great hackers that made the psp 1000 x better than its supposed to be 😀 i think the thanks goes to them.

  12. coldjim says:

    Hey guys.. Looking at getting a new psp as ive got the old phat one. So wanted to upgraded for a better screen, slimer etc.. But which one do i go for? The new psp e1000 or the psp 3000???

    • svenn says:

      If you wanne go in 2hand market you get the same price as e1000 for a psp3k and 3K has wifi onboard.

      I would go for a 3K as you can get them prolly for less then 75 euro against 100euro psp.

  13. Toddimyre says:

    I love my PSP. I have a PSP2000 God of War edition running PRO-C (I think. My friend has it at the moment.). The emulators are awesome, especially Daedalus. It is by far one of the best N64 emulators I’ve played for any system. I really hope the scene stays alive to produce more epic software in the palm of my hands, one of which I hope to see blossom into something more is the Android Emulator for PSP. Android is my current favorite OS and seeing it fully working on PSP would just make my day. 🙂

    -Typed via BlueStacks (Android Emulator for Windows) 😉

  14. nCadeRegal says:

    The psp will never die! There will always be some1 somewhere that is going to develop for it. From my understanding its still one of the biggest platforms in japan. My affection for this device will never grow old. (Maybe that’s y I own 7 of them)

  15. muzz says:

    My PSP2k with PSP Phat 2300mah and aftermarket battery cover equals 15 hrs of gameplay FTW!!!

    • CATPowah says:

      What kind of battery you use ? and what brand ? Because I’ve been trying to get me some aftermarket battery too but I just don’t know where to get it.

  16. razor says:

    The PS vita can’t touch the PSP when it comes to emulators. The PSP still Rules

  17. hahaha says:

    my pc can get more emulation than a psp anyday. that said, if you look at europe and usa list for upcoming psp games this year its pretty much dead while asian countries still making games kinda like how ps2 outlasted america game wise in japan.
    gimme a ps vita emulator lol

    • CYDeviant says:

      Emulating games is not the same. There are some of use who would rather never hear poorly emulated audio, or see graphical bugs, it’s also FAR easier to play games on the systems they were intended for. Like N64, unless you have a usb controller/adapter then it can really be a rough experience.

      And who wants to play PSP games hunched over a desk?
      It’s a portable device for a reason, I love being able to play a few rounds of No Heroes Allowed, while on the toilet..

  18. sly1228 says:

    i love the psp because i can get free psp games unlike the vita right now….. and thats it….

  19. Xavier says:

    PSP ain’t dead for me yet. For my father won’t buy me a PS-Vita for it’s costly. PSP is fine, and I don’t want PSV anyways.

    The best homebrew I played was Minecraft 3D.

    My PSP –
    6.20 Pro B5
    Model – 4G
    MAC Address – ************

  20. CYDeviant says:

    I love my PSP! It will never die in my eyes, I’ll probably be giving it to my children XD

    @Muzz & CATPowah
    I run a 3200mAh battery, easily get 20 hours gaming time XD
    but I can’t use a cover, It’s slightly less than an inch thick.

  21. Kan'da says:

    Sorry, but I think that psp will not die until the end of this new generation… he’s competing with 3ds now…

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