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Usermode Vita Loader, devs needed!


Italian, developer for fun, Android & GNU/Linux user, Microsoft hates me.

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  1. Rusty says:

    All I just want is for you guys to NOT release this AT ALL. Seriously, you’ve given us non-hackers and jailbreakers enough problems, especially when your hacks happen to screw over a struggling game company trying to mass-market a struggling game console to the public, all the while being pummeled by the likes of Apple and Nintendo.
    Can you for once please think of the consequences for doing such an action?

    • Yifan Lu says:

      My goal in life is to destroy everything gamers cherish and love.

      • No1 says:

        Well, at least you take responsibility for your actions? 🙂

        • dimy93 says:

          as we opened the topic:
          I do not want to be a bad oracle of sth but when this gets released there is great chance for Sony to go after Yifan Lu because he is violating some of the long terms and conditions of device use as they did with geheot

          • No1 says:

            Does he live in the US? Nothing happened to the Fail0verflow guys, and most of them live in Europe. One of the guys live in the US i think, but i dont think anything happened to him either.

      • JMJorge19 says:

        I support Yifan Lu, even in his sarcasm

      • Jonathan Tung says:

        Please tell me you’re being sarcastic. Also, I agree with No1: Releasing this exploit will be like using a double edged sword: one side could lead to improvements to the system while the other would only lead to mass piracy, killing off the system entirely.
        Do you really want the latter to happen?

        • No1 says:

          This exploit shouldn’t allow any piracy to work, so Yifan wouldn’t enable this by himself directly. I’m more curious if this will lead to more exploit being much easier to find though.

        • dimy93 says:

          Do you really read…………
          It’s only usermode and i really doubt to see native kernel exploit on Vita any time soon so this remains purely on the possitive side.
          Moreover like all exploits a very limited group of people would take advantage of it(this is a wild guess as I don’t know exactly which part of the FW is exploited but Vita has many security measures to prevent massive number of people to hack their console as you can now on PSP).
          Last but not least in the lifecycle of every console there is a moment when piracy becomes available to the mass public. Is not that bad as you think especially taking under consideration the limitations that i introduced thus far.
          Last but not least not the exploit is what we should fear from but its commercial use (the thing that happens with the PS3 scene right now).
          In conclusion, you are far from the truth my dear friend

    • No1 says:

      Hacking a system could increase the hardware sales and awareness. But if piracy happends, and software sales doesnt increase, then increased hardware sales alone doesnt mean much for the companies, especially with Vita in specific, which is sold with minimal profit, or maybe even sold with a loss.

      But i agree with what you say about responsibility. Hacking a system could lead to a lot of stuff, good things and bad things, so there is a responsibility that should be taken here in my opinion.

    • thevoiceover says:

      Nintendo seems to release the games and have been EASY to hack on every system, what has that destroyed for the nintendo fans? They still release fun systems with some good titles. As for apple, IOS happened the way it has b/c of the hackers, remember IOS was once web only and the hackers created the first apps for it.. along with that, the direction apple took with it has been apparent from hackers (even many of their patents are things hackers did first.) Xbox, hmmm XBMC sure looked like the 360 Dashboard. Come on, linear minded people like you are the end to creativity and thought.

      Imagine where this world would be now if all software was GPL (yeah some *** of developers as they have made tons from it.) I think the same concept goes for things like pharmaceutical companies, yeas R&D needs support, but should children and others (in many countries) have to pay that much (some thousands a month) for HIV and cancer medication? No, share info for the better of our people (at least info that really helps this world.) I think this is the general way these people think and supporting these things I believe lead to the struggles our world already is in. Take the greed out, let these guys continue doing what they do for knowledge and yes keep your beliefs as someone soon will hack it anyway.

      • thevoiceover says:

        Ohh yeah and chill out guys, nothing has been released yet and who knows if it will by this team. I would only hope so and wonder why people think these releases are the reason $ony is not profiting. heck we all are paying x amount of dollars to purchase a game to enable homebrew. Surely we would all purchase a game that is actually good on a system that is engineered for the people, not against them.

    • gunblade says:

      well its a tuff market but apple n nintendo systems were hacked hacks for the nintendo did not even faze nintendo apple jailbreaking did get shity wit virus n werd as$ spy apps but realy iphoones jus dont have a lot of room to save a lot of pichers n music but sony thens to be *** saying dat wen jailbreaking the ps3 sumbody gotn in trouble using the outher os to do outher thing they had to care dat realy they should jus leave dea systems alone wen they do get hacks would jus be easier dat way saying i would have like it alot wen i herd the first update patch fo the vita was coming out expecting sony to make updates fo there web brosers n deal wit frezzing the systems had i had it once my screen wouldent load n the sony vita home button was like glowong blue thought it was loading den was about to shut down but minets tern to hours not think i notice the system was hela hot wishing it was like the psp were i could jus pop out the batery but i had to figure fo my self to hold the power butten till it truned of n it took almost a min before it dis trun off

  2. Pirate Cat says:

    I know you asked us not to ask dumb questions but, should I keeping chilling on 1.66, or should I update to 1.80?

  3. D says:

    How about you *** code things for PlayStation Suite instead of enabling pirates and killing off support for Vita the way CFW killed the PSP in the west?

    • warfaren says:

      How can’t you see it?

      The CFW is what made the PSP awesome
      If that console was never hacked or modded in any way, Sony still wouldn’t have been able to make it even 1% as awesome as it is on CFW. Want proof? The PS3 wasn’t hacked for several years, just look at how awesome it was before that…

      And before you think of anything like that, no, I’m not talking about piracy here. That’s not what is awesome about a modded PSP.

    • wololo says:

      There’s nothing in this about piracy for now, you are jumping to conclusions.

      About Playstation Suite, I personaly lost interest when they rejected my registration for the Beta, does that answer your question?

    • gunblade says:

      well the psp got shity in da west cuz thing like itouch n smart android fons cam out n being able to have newly hundred of apps dat let u do thing from play games to edit a picture right after u take the picher or even have apps dat let u buy coffe wit ur fon gagets dat do things like dat is wy portable gameing is low wit sony wy sony did try to get in to the app market

      • gunblade says:

        i still buy psp game cartige even do i had a psp 2000 wit cf on da like da dual 8 gig mery card i jus did not like the load time from the merory card to the load time to the disk but it wasent much i guess i also save money n space buy buy games used wen they got cheapper n have game dat did jus come out downloaded on my card

  4. Hello.
    As a game developer currently developing for a certain platform, I’d like to say this–

    Please don’t ruin this platform like the one before it. It’s a wonderful piece of hardware that I’m having a lot of fun with my team on right now, and we’d like to continue.

    I hope you’ll sort of consider the ramifications of what this means for new content for the system and are willing to somehow stop actual piracy.

    I hope you all enjoy the upcoming titles from the Playstation Mobile teams, and I really, really hope you’ll help us enable great games of what is really the last bastion of great handheld hardware and software.

    I’ve included my contact email if you wish to speak more.
    Wolfgang Wozniak
    Creative Director

    • Jd8531 says:

      In no way did “we ruin” the last console. Piracy doesn’t affect a console or device. You’ve obviously not looked at the iPhone which is jailbroken and you can pirate games with ease yet record setting profits are being posted. The psp isnt dying, there is still a strong community and new versions of the psp are STILL coming out over seas. I am a game developer too and in no way is a problem. If your product is good enough people will buy it. There are so many positive affects of piracy.With that said kernel exploits are way off maybe even never. Homebrew is NOT piracy.

      • No1 says:

        It is a bit different when games costs $30+. Smartphone games are like 99 cent, maybe a bit more, but not really that much more.

        But i agree that piracy is definitelly not the only factor for a game sales. It is impossible to messure exactly how much effect piracy has on sales.

        • Danniemon says:

          This is a Usermode exploit, you cant pirate games from a Usermode exploit and pirating games does not kill a system, Pc gaming is very popular and people pirate games for it ALL the time. Its up to Sony to make buying the game worthwhile by restricting DLC and multiplayer to purchased copies of games somehow and providing great customer support and service to its customers. Just look at Valve’s Steam.

          • Jd8531 says:

            I was just using it as an example, there are other platforms where it still applies. Ive seen a ton of games on the iphone run $9 and still make huge amounts of money. You can pirate games on the ps2,xbox360 ect and those are still making huge amounts of money. Yes flashing a console is harder but it is just as used as any and PC is a prime example. The only reason people pirate on there is because of DRM like on diablo. You should see the steam profits, its absurd.

          • No1 says:

            I know, i was just saying that there were a difference between 99 cent games and $30+ games 🙂 It wasnt really related to this Vita exploit, just piracy in general.

          • No1 says:

            @Jd8531: Yeah, i agree that piracy isnt always as bad as someone say it is. But it can have an effect on systems. For example, some developers said that they wouldnt be making PSP games because of all the piracy. It could just be an empty excuse for all we know, but that is what someone said at least.

        • thevoiceover says:

          yes but in app purchases is where they kill you.

          I like this idea though releasing the kit like apple did – indie developers finally get to make money instead of these “teams” that work in office, expecting to make “millions” (usually by underpaying their developers) and releasing crappy titles each year with minor upgrades.

          I still think if you release a good title for a great price you will profit way more than an ok title at a high price.. This in my opinion is why apple is succeeding and many indie developers are finally seeing some money.

    • wololo says:

      Sent you an email

    • new says:

      Here is the funny part.. If you ask what people run the most on their hack PSP, they will tell you Nintendo Games NES/GBA/SNES/..second Sega/CPS1 and CPS2/NeoGEO. I have a PSP GO and I use it for GBA/GBC/GB. I wish Wololo would have another post on how they would use the Vita if they had “user mode” vita. I know that I would use it for NES/SNES/N64/Genesis/MAME/CPS1,2/NeoGeo/AMIGA.. If Sony blocks my ability to play those emulators\games with a firmware update then I will never update and Sony and game developers will not make a penny out of me. That is what happened to me on the PSP. What I’m trying to say is that Nintendo seems to be the one more affected by this “user mode vita” and should be like FFFFFF..You know that everyone is waiting for a perfect SNES on the GO:)and yes in my “opinion” Emulator equal piracy but take a look at the Digital old consoles games pricing model from both Sony and Nintendo and tell me if that looks right to you.

  5. Damon says:

    You guys are basically developing a stepping stone for the other hackers to enable pirated games to run on the vita,plz do not do this,have some respect for the developers who work their *** off only for their games to be pirated,this is just a hobby for you guys but it’s their livelihoods which will be affected,hope you understand

  6. Danniemon says:

    Where are all these people that are hating on wololo and trying to make yifanlu not release the exploit saying it will kill the vita come from?

  7. Old wise man says:

    Im still on 1.61

  8. Bob says:

    Keep it up and I may buy a Vita. Sony’s definitely not doing anything to entice me 🙂

  9. Asmith906 says:

    won’t this destroy what little interest devs had in making games for the system? I like vhbl because it doesnt lead to piracy on the scale that the psp was.

    • wololo says:

      This is very early work and has no intent at enabling piracy. Let’s see how it unravels before reaching any hasty conlusions

      • Rowan says:

        @wololo well atleast it will hopefully enable a decent nintendo 64 emulator that can play banjo kazooie or some other game that never ran on the psp version of dedalusx64 emulator, maybe other emulators as well like gameboy or sega, maybe even sega dream cast (a guy can hope cant he?

        • Clad says:

          To do that they would have to rewrite the entire emulator from scratch. Including removing the ME sound module which gets most of the speed that you are referring to.

      • Anonymous says:

        Whether it’s intended to enable piracy or not, they need to accept that it will. And if they’re going to freak out and pull everything like some people I’ve seen in the past *cough* Nightwolf *cough* then I’d rather they did it now than later and just let someone else take over.

        That said, it’s also a fallacy to just assume with so little basis that enabling piracy would somehow destroy the console. Sony has pushed the Vita out and replaced the PSP with it. Did piracy destroy the PSP? If anyone say yes I’m going to have quite the laugh at their expense given that the system STILL exists in some stores and there’s still the rare few releases for it now, seven years after it was first released worldwide.

        If people are judging its lower popularity to be due to piracy, they’ve fallen into the trap that the likes of the MAFIAA have been trying to trick people into for ages now: they’ve assumed that anything that reduces sales in any way whatsoever must be ultimately due to piracy. This just simply isn’t true! Remember, the PSP was competing with the likes of the DS which has a very different style of games for the most part and, not coincidentally, has appealed to a more generic (and larger) audience. That didn’t make the PSP bad or even as lacking for games as one might assume, just less popular with the general populace (who consist mostly of people who aren’t really gamers — they just want to play something for a few minutes here and there — and kids who don’t play anything serious either.)

        No, I suspect enabling piracy really won’t make things any different. The Vita still competes with other things such as the 3DS and sadly these days even smartphones and still has a tendency towards more serious games that might be less popular in total sales (but better to those of us who don’t prefer casual games.) Besides, the 3DS will probably be hacked someday as well (and my personal opinion in the long run we’ll be using software rather than hardware methods there just as with Sony’s hardware as the 3DS is a lot more like a PSP/Vita/etc than a DS in methods and functionality.)

        In fact, I’m not convinced most of the real devs really worry nearly so much about it as people assume. Companies like Sony do obsess over DRM and such, but to some extent I think anti-piracy is more just a convenient excuse — what they really want isn’t the supposed sales that evidence does not conclusively prove or even necessarily support claims that they have have actually been lost. They want control. Absolute control over exactly what you can do with the content they have the rights to, where you can load it, how often you can use it without paying more, and so on. Piracy is more the convenient scapegoat than anything truly holding anyone back and even without it they’d just find something else to blame.

  10. Jonathan says:

    Awesome work guys!
    So far I have used my vita as a Mobile TV and thats about it LOL. I never really was interested in the VHBL scene since I already got old darth vader slim. I literally use it as a SNES-in-your-hand.

    Cant wait to play OoT:MQ and Code Veronica X on this baby!

  11. Piet Pompies says:

    Just leave the thing alone you sad little ***. You know where this will lead. Don’t deny it.

    • wololo says:

      Will do, since you ask so nicely 🙂

    • KonataRola says:

      >.> why the haters are reading this site….? hahaha is easy make you hater webpage and post your ¨hating¨ stuff there ,dont like piracy? dont use it then , this site is for HOMEBREW and nothing else ,even you like it or not ,you cannot nothing to stop it here. so.. stop making useless post`s and if you want to do something make it on the Right forums or blogs.


      Have a nice day ._.

    • MikeBeav3r says:

      I have no intention of using my PS Vita for pirated games, mainly as there is nothing I want to play on it. More than happy to use it for homebrew and emulation, but the actual releases for it are ***, hacking it won’t lead everyone to piracy, just the people who wouldn’t be buying the games anyway, it’s not like Vita games are small in (memory) size, they must weigh in at a good few GB each, and with the cost of Vita memory cards being quite high, there really is no benefit from pirating anyway.
      A couple of good emu’s (N64 mainly would be nice) and a function to convert you OWN PS1 games to run on it (why should I buy a digital version of something I already have?) and I’ll be happy.

      • gunblade says:

        ill probly still buy game dew to how much space they take up but i want to add a hard drive to my vita fo music videos n taking picture n *** got a 8 gig now probly get a 32 soon but larger storage would be nice.

  12. gagdet says:

    “This is very early work and has no intent at enabling piracy. Let’s see how it unravels before reaching any hasty conlusions”

    LOL, poor juvenile denial liar.

  13. Walter says:

    Here’s to hoping this will lead to emulators and homebrew, without piracy. We’ll get the best of both worlds that way.

  14. Game store owner says:

    This will lead to piracy, and it will affect the sales of the console and games. Before you release this please think of the struggling games industry, and the thousands of people it employs who are all in fear of their jobs in these harsh times.

    • wololo says:

      ew, can we stop one minute with the gross cliches here?

      1. Nobody’s talking of a release, the thing does not even compile yet, we’re talking of months of development before anything happens.

      2. Even if that loader is finalized AND released (that’s 2 “if”), who tells you it will lead to piracy? Do you have a single clue how security is done on the vita?

      3. The video games industry has never been so healthy, do you have numbers to confirm your arrogant affirmation that it is “struggling”?

      4. Video game developers have a tough job, mostly because every kid who knows how to program wants to become a game developer. This is why they are underpaid for their jobs. If they are afraid of losing their job, they can move to other types of industries where developers are needed, and where they will make more money. I am tired of people in the entertainment industry who believe that doing a job in a field that you love is a right. More people struggle much more than them every day and it is sickening to talk to people who can’t think for a minute that they could be doing another job if they’re not happy with their work conditions working on video games.

      5. The end of a platform does not mean the end of the video game industry, otherwise it would have died years ago.

      6. Based on your user name, I assume you own a video game store. Are you sure it’s not the shift to digital content that is making you fear for your job? What share of your market/revenue/benefit does the Vita represent? Is it even significant for your business?

      Seriously, I’m open to discussion with people who have good arguments, not ones that are trying to make me cry a river.

      • Game store owner says:

        You are talking jive wololo. I respect that the intentions of the homebrew scene are good, but it always leads to piracy, and the detraction of sales from the retail sector. be that by the avoidance from publishers due to piracy, or direct effects of piracy from users. The best case in point for this is the DS. When it was first brought to market we had awesome demand for JRPG imports that never came to Europe. After the homebrew scene got hold of the DS and the R4 was subsequently released the “hardcore” customers who would usually purchase the niche games just got an R4 and whacked it on there. This also stifles innovation on a platform. Publishers want safe bets where piracy would perhaps be an issue, but the sell through would reach past the demographic that would know how to run pirate software on their consoles. I have 3 friends who worked on PSP and DS projects that fell flat thanks to piracy. The pirate bay figures showed how many more times their games were illegally downloaded that purchased. Both studios were shut down.

        Just want you to know that your little bedroom hobbies are *** up peoples lives. Just so you can play NES and SNES games on one more device in your house… Get a rasberry pi or GPX32 or one of the many other devices meant for homebrew, and have a blast on that. I have, and the scene is expediently bigger than the PSP scene with far more interesting projects coming out of it daily.

        • wololo says:

          The sales of video games in the world rise faster than the world population every year, numbers prove you wrong. Piracy is one facet of the issue, but the real problem is that competition in the video game market has become extremely strong, that’s the main reason your friends’ projects didn’t make it through. Another reason is failure from their company to see that mobile gaming was being taken over by iOS and Android, wrong choice of platform. When did their projects get cancelled? 2005, or 2008?

          Again, don’t work in an artistic/creative field if you can’t accept the possibility of a huge commercial failure.

          You used to sell NDS imports, you must be super happy that the 3DS is region locked then, aren’t you? Clearly Nintendo is on your side to help you make beter sales with imports… or maybe not? The R4 allowed my wife to get a French teaching game on her DS that all stores in the world refused to ship to Japan because it was “reserved for the European market”. Fix all the major problems in the gaming/retail industry like this one or region locking, then come back and complain about how piracy is the reason people don’t buy imports.

          About other homebrew communities such as Raspberry Pi: in all honesty I don’t have much time to program or hack these days, if you’ve been following me for a while, you might have seen that none of the Vita hacks I’ve blogged about in the past 9 months were done directly by me. I got some minor involvement, sure, but nothing critical. That being said, you’ve probably seen I started blogging about the Ouya, as well as some Chinese Android portable consoles, so yeah, I do have an interest in other platforms as well, except I don’t have that much time anymore to do anything with them, just like with the vita. In other words, you might be arguing with the wrong person, because I am not involved with that hack whatsoever, so far. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even write this article 🙂
          But yeah, agreed, other scenes look extremely interesting, and I am ooking forward to receiving my Ouya 🙂

          I guess my point is: there are many things threatening the physical retail stores nowadays. Piracy might be one, but I think it should not be your main concern, not when digital purchases are taking most of the business. So going mental on a blog article talking of a possibility of maybe running unsigned code (not even pirated games!) in maybe 6 months if we’re lucky… well let’s just say I hope you’re putting the same energy into fighting the PSN, Steam, Amazon, and all these other people putting you out of business.

          As far as your developer friends are concerned, being a developer myself, I am not worried for their future: nowadays, good programmers always find a job, as long as they are not too demanding on the field/specialty they will work in.

          My personal opinion set aside, I would be interested to get the numbers of piratebay dwnloads VS sales of your friends’ videogames. I am thinking of writing yet another article about the impact of piracy on the video game industry, and real-life numbers would help me to get more than my own opinion on the subject.

          • Game store owner says:

            No problem dude. I do respect you and what you do, but why can’t we keep the homebrew on the open devices. I accept that digital is now affecting retail, and the iphone/android is taking huge chunks out of the hand held market. I guess if you put up any form of security on your software/hardware that’s like a red flag to a bull for hackers out there. Personally I still hold old school values with regards to my content. I like having physical copies. (saying that I am getting the Ouya via initial kick-starter pledge…) I don’t want everything to go DRM overkill and download only.

            At the end of the day easy piracy deterred publishers from a platform. Piracy stems from the circumvention of the security of a closed platform that millions of people purchase to play games that were intended for that platform. Less games = less fun. Homebrew should stay off the closed platforms, and if someone manages to hack it keep it to yourself. put a video up on youtube even… just don’t ruin it for everyone else.

            I’ll have a word with my friends regarding their games, but all the info is freely available on the interweb.

          • Game store owner says:

            sorry, and the games were released pre iPhone/ android. There have been documented statements from the developer pointing their finger at piracy being the reason for poor sales. Look forward to reading your article.

          • seriously? says:

            Why can’t we keep the homebrew on open devices?

            Because any device I buy is mine and if it isn’t open I’m going to *** make it open. When a device refuses to allow me to copy *** onto it with a simple *** folder structure then it is trash unless I make it otherwise.

        • zz says:

          ah pls just shut up,your opinion is worth less than ***

        • Serafino says:

          Okay bad idea bringing in the ds okay it started diein because after 4 releases it never got better and the graphics suck and the 3d/3dxl just make ppl sick. Just because other *** people pirate DOES NOT mean that we are going to pirate. The PSP started dieing off yes partly because of piracy but its also a 8 year old device only updated once and it only made it thinner. And don’t even start on the pap go

        • shades says:

          Kiddo, understand that games sell consistently depending on their value as a GAME. Good games sell, bad games (usually) don’t. Obviously there will be discrepancies one way or the other, but in that case it usually comes down to how said game is marketed. The Xbox 360 and now PS3 are two of the most easy consoles to pirate on, yet I see no good games with market penetration consistently flopping because of piracy. And don’t even get me started on the NDS.

          If you wanna fight against piracy, try fighting against PC piracy. You might actually have a case.

    • gunblade says:

      well buy next year we should have the ps3 tree fully hacked den since the ps4 is coming out n it wont be much market to sony nowing people will get in to the new ps4 sytem. n sony should stop working on update fo the psp n ps3 since dea psp has a secound gen for it n da ps4 is coming out soon..

  15. nwert says:

    omg, if everyone who is whining here would have actually looked at how an operating system works, you would know that usermode is usually restricted, and I don’t think sony is that stupid and is going to export syscalls to mess with any encrypted content/binaries to usermode code.. From what I can tell when I was reversing the ps3’s lv2 kernel, it’s going to be interesting to find a kernel exploit in the vita’s kernel *if* they secured it the same way as they did with lv2, but that remains to be seen.

    • No1 says:

      Just wondering, how do you mean with “it’s going to be interesting to find a kernel exploit in the vita’s kernel *if* they secured it the same way as they did with lv2”?

      Do you mean that if the Vita is secured in the same way as the PS3, that it will be easy (or at least very possible) to find a kernel exploit in the Vita?

    • gunblade says:

      yea da vita mothoer borad also is interseting even wit not nowing wat the port buy the game port is for n hearing of spy tech n *** does seem hard to crack the vita tought it seemd like the vita has sum extra internal memory did not find out how much yet but ill have to get me an extra system before i start trying hard wea modes but hope this exploit will help atleast add a usb hard drive or sumthing like fo the psp or even let me use like a phone camera *** a camera fo the vita

  16. Piet Pompies says:

    Can’t wait to play Pong on my Vita! I needed another device to play it on. Who cares if nobody will want to make actual Vita games for a device that’s hacked to ***?

  17. gagdet says:

    “This is very early work and has no intent at enabling piracy. Let’s see how it unravels before reaching any hasty conlusions.”

    piece of juvenile denial ***, liar !!!

  18. 7 says:

    Very good read, I too would like to hear what this “game.store owner” has to say 🙂

  19. Norml says:

    I sure hope it does not show up in that error log…

  20. jp says:

    hope it doesnt lead to piracy

  21. Jonathan says:

    WOW! So much HATE! These people just dont understand, If it wasn’t for this “Game industry” that put so much restrictions on who can develop on their device or what they can develop or how much of the CPU they have access to, we wouldn’t be trying so hard to hack it!

    I mean, I cant even have a CALCULATOR or ALARM CLOCK on my ps vita! I remember hearing rumors that the android market would be on the ps vita, Oh how I wish that was true!

    Sony cant even make good games or apps ON THERE OWN DEVICE! The camera app is ***, the video camera app is ***, the video playback app is major ***. For games, All they release is garbage opening titles and hundreds of minis (aka “flash games” on the pc) and since then there has only been ONE or TWO good games.

    I will give props to sony for one thing, and that is the only company making a portable game device with MODERN hardware and ACTUAL physical buttons. But since all they care about is money and control.

    Sony is afraid of anything innovative if it doesn’t make them, and only them, money. They have dictatorial control over developers and they completely don’t support Adobe Flash. You know what, I hope this leads to piracy, just to **** with sony for there lack of interest in actual game development and solely on “security” and money.

  22. Walter says:

    Thankfully, the Vita has nothing to pirate.

    • Rowan says:

      +1 to you there buddy, all i would do with a hacked vita is run emulators for old games with physical buttons (unlike android and iPhone) not touch screen buttons (i hate touch screens, yes i no the vita has a touch screen)

      • Walter says:

        I’d use it like how I would’ve used the OpenPandora had they not run into an unbelievable amount of problems while manufacturing it.

  23. Demix says:

    I support this not because I want pirated isos and *** but cause Sony just cant deliver final product it took ages for sony to put PS1 support and then there is lack of content 1 big title in 6 months is just not enough. Would be nice to see PS2 games on Vita. To all those whining about future of game devs support – I dont think there is any, compare how often are games released on Nintedo DS and how often on PS vita. As for piracy what is there to pirate really minis? PSN Doesnt have all psp games either(Id like to see some DBZ games I use to own on UMD). Dont take this as attempt to get pirated games on Vita but as attempt to do something Sony should’ve done at very begining.

    • gunblade says:

      yea sony should sell game catrige games dat have ps2 or psp games on dem for da vita dat way ill be more like updating to a new consle but sony can actuly market on older games n trying not take up to much memory card space.

      • gunblade says:

        but they should have realse the vita wit r2 n l2 but i guess they can have a acesery for secend trigers nowing dat look likee the acesery port plug right in to the cpu/gpu

  24. Vitaaaaaa says:

    is it possable to run just the update file
    from the psp to psvita say, psm sdk?
    because that be nice makeing psp like” menu useing
    psp’s boot key to start the enter file then
    booting that to run the psp, like basicly dosbox
    or windows emulator.

  25. Rowan says:

    someone should figure out a way to put stuff on the vita normally not with that stupid content manager

  26. DS_Marine says:

    Sry for the noob question (I got my psv hours ago).
    But what’s the difference between using this loader, or just using sony PSM SDK (open beta)to code your apps?

    • gunblade says:

      well think dat the loder works of exploit from games n runiing sum psmsdk app might be easier nowing dat the apps dat did come wit the vita proboly did get much of updats wit patchs since they techinly aint the acutul os but the conten manger fo the vita to copy from the pc dosent reconis dies apps saying if u was to use a dev sdk app u would have to have it to easily modify does apps to load in to vita system mode noticing dat conten manger help u assec file only in da picher video n save games n ps vita n psp games so i guesing ull have to proboly go after da near or the remote player apps

      • gunblade says:

        also i geussing dat wen dea is a relase fo user mode dat we should have also work on sony snifing ***

      • That Guy says:

        PLEASE! learn to at least spell properly.. I just read your comment and had a hard time getting some of the words and for the people that are not fluent in english, it would be impossible for them. So please use spell check.

        P.S. i am not dogging on you, just asking as a fellow forum user.

  27. 7 says:

    I think Sony is taking extra precaution on the alarm, calculator ect. Apps even the simple ones to make sure their is no critical bugs to allow these hacks

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