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Usermode Vita Loader, devs needed!


Italian, developer for fun, Android & GNU/Linux user, Microsoft hates me.

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  1. Chris M says:

    YES! Oh good god I am excited for this πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to see the kind of things that come out of this. I am not under ANY circumstances updating past 1.80 until I hear more about this. Rock on, guys!

    • Jdubs says:

      OMFG! You guys are gods! Wish I was smart enough to do something to help, but I will be on the sidelines watching and cheering you guys on! Speaking of….GO COWBOYS!! πŸ˜€

  2. MikeeM says:

    Wololo, sorry for asking this stupid question. What is a user mode Vita Loader? Thanks!

  3. empc says:

    Awesome News !! wish i could help , i have some programming skills but idk anything about psp/vita programming , promise ill study hard so one day i can help you guys. for now all i can do is say THank You !! and keep it on!!

  4. Elratauru says:

    Well, that’s a nice achivement you have there Yifan! Running unsigned code on the Vita would be pretty much badass, actually with a little more knowleadge It would lead to pretty awesome homebrew and emulators using that lovely Vita CPU/GPU we all know.

    I’m definitively gonna keep an eye on this one.

  5. MikeeM says:

    Wow! That would be awesome. Can’t wait for this to be released to the public.

  6. Dj Android says:

    I would be honored to work with you guys. I have worked with coding and others. Im a active user on androidforums.l, so this should be easy to me.

  7. Terry Rigopoulos says:

    this user mode hack will be through a ps vita game, right?

    • matt says:

      definitely a Vita game, or a Vita app. probably a really awful game, if the PSP exploits are representative of easily exploited games as a whole.

      • Terry says:

        thats great! it would be so much easier for everyone to get the hack, since we can just buy the vita cards at stores, as well as the PSN.

  8. ndh777 says:

    I appreciate VHBL, but it is time to move on lol good luck to you guys! I hope you can get this project running. I’d love to use my Vita at its fullest potential because Sony is not doing the job they promised us and these devices are capable of some amazing things…I can feel it! Good luck devs!

  9. James Way says:

    Yifan Lu is the best. He was the first to hack the Kindle touch and lots of thanks go to him. Nothing crazy or illegal of course, I bought the fully paid for 3G version but I wanted to get my own pics on it for the screensaver.

  10. Mr. Shizzy says:

    This is indeed great news – BUT:
    I don’t like the part that says: “VHBL is a very nice piece of work, but it’s about time we move on”

    Hopefully vhbl is still going to see a release? :O

    • wololo says:

      Yes. Freddy’s personal opinions do not impact the VHBL schedule πŸ™‚ As a matter of fact, even if progress is made on other leads such as Yifanlu’s one, I think there are good reasons to keep working on VHBL as well.

    • MakoChild says:

      Vhbl will definately see more releases. This UVLoader won’t be out for some time I assume so vhbl will most likely remain alive. Just that the UVLoader makes more sense to be on the vita rather than just VHBL.

  11. Stormchaserr says:

    Does any one know if we could run games like TES: Arena & Daggerfall…or even possibly morrowind for Ps Vita?

  12. Chase says:

    Im sticking with vhbl

  13. Multiboy2k says:

    I am also all for progress as well.

    BUT, it should not have to come at the expense of insulting the work that came before it.
    The ‘moving on’ statement reads as harsh towards the creators of vhbl. If there is a personal problem with the creators, separate that sentiment from the actual work. VHBL has been a blessing to those who use it. And, I am not new to the ‘scene’. I have been covertly involved since the wondrous haydays of the Commodore 64. I have seen MANY groups come and go. I may have even spearheaded a few in my day.(yes im older) And, the one thing I know for certain.

    Everyone wins when we can ALL work together.
    Ego, Greed, envy, and the lust to be “number 1!”, all of these emotional defects are what I call, Scene destroyers. Just remember why you decided to contribute your work in the first place. The moment you forget about the love of it all and it becomes about status or $$money$$, you have instantly conceded to failure.

    My 2 cents on that.

    • wololo says:

      I think it’s just wording. I won’t speak for Freddy, but I’m pretty sure he has nothing against VHBL, and this was just a weak choice of words because he’s not a native English speaker.

      • freddy_156 says:

        That. Read my comment below. My native languages are italian and spanish, so I apologize for any error or if my words sounded arrogant or anything, I honestly didn’t mean to offend HBL or HBL in any way.

        • Multiboy2k says:

          I am very relieved to hear that. Thank you Freddy for responding. Thanks Wololo for clearing that up.

          I dont know Wololo personally but I have been following him since the inception of Wagic.
          His dedication ranks amongst the top tier of all whom have contributed to the scene. Even now his contributions are stimulating the Vita community in a way that even Sony cant compare from a certain perspective. He is keeping the scene ALIVE. All of the excitement generated around HERE would not exist if there was no VHBL/HBL in existence. Alot of us are Wagic fans. However, HBL opened a door of new possibility when the PSP was all but on it’s final stages at one point. And now with the Vita, even greater possibility is present.

          It’s a wonderful day when all programmers/coders/hackers and even fans of the scene can respect one another. Wololo deserves our respect. Period.
          He hasnt a charged us a dime for sharing his passion and hard work in all of this.
          The only price fans have ever had to pay was with the currency of patience. And, that’s so that WE would gain better benefit from a more complete product.

          Sorry for the long post.
          It needed to be said.

          ATTN VHBL FANS:
          If you truly want to show the creator of VHBL how much you appreciate him,
          Take the few seconds out of your life to click on the ADS in this entire site.
          Make a game out of it, see how many ads you can find in this entire site and simply click on them. It doesnt cost You anything and this is how you can say Thank You in ACTION and not mere words.

          Thanks Wololo, Neuron, and all of the contributors of Vhbl!
          *clicks the Symantec Backup Ad at the top of this page*


          • Davee says:

            Your posts are very utopian and not really applicable to real life. Also, clicking on ads isn’t going to help the developers who are actually porting VHBL. If you really want to help developers message them and ask them if they’d accept a donation. Some would, some would ask you to donate it to a charity. That is how you help devs.

    • Davee says:

      This post is ridiculous; very utopian.

      • Multiboy2k says:

        Lol…somehow I expect this response from you Davee. No disrespect but an observation.
        I stand fully by my post 100%

        I find your view to be somewhat dystopian.
        Equally unrealistic because you dont seem to understand how ad dollars work.
        I make close $1100/month in just ad dollars. This is just pocket change compared to what major sites make. But, I digress.

        My motivation and intent was clear when I posted. It had YOU in mind.
        …but, im not so sure what your motivation was in the reply other than to insult me and methods to help You. Could there have been a nicer way to ‘educate’ me on this matter?

        As for donations, if you remember we tried that. And, paypal became an issue. Then Neuron couldnt accept donations, etc, etc..all old news. *sigh*

  14. snailcomment says:

    Question: Why is this exploit’s code being posted publicly before release? Won’t this allow Sony to patch it before the exploit is ready?

    • senas8 says:

      While the source is pubic to view.. its really not.. How many can really understand the source code? I believe while the source provides the loader.. it doesn’t provide the actual method from what loads the exploit. This is an exploit, but from what? Not sure yet.

    • Yifan Lu says:

      It’s not the exploit code, it’s the payload (what we run WITH the exploit). That’s perfectly fine and I’m hoping it can easily be ported to future Vita exploits.

    • matt says:

      As Yifan Lu noted, the code being posted doesn’t do anything to identify the exploit that he has. The code is for an exploit-neutral loader to monitor resources & handle requests from whatever homebrew Vita applications are ultimately written, I believe.

  15. TrECeNTeRs says:

    So I have a question. This is a User Mode Exp for the Vita. Once this is complete will it be possible to use all of the Vita functions? Just wondering what all would be available.

    Camera, Touch pad, Right Analog, Card reader, Expansion Port, Wireless Card and ect…?

    I am guessing it will only use what the exploited program is able to use? If that is the case this don’t need to be answered.

    Also wondering if this could go as far as loading up an OS.

    Sorry, I just didn’t see much about what is possible other then that it is VHBL for Vita User Mode.

    Thanks Guys, Congrats!

  16. Tonyuk73 says:

    I was thinking about the “moving on” thing just yesterday we have to, my psp 1000 will not last for ever in fact its on its way out and same goes with the ps3 scene too, them hot phat models are not going to last for ever running 3.55 cfw, even the slim models will start to fail in another few years then what.Same goes here.We have to move on.

    And yes i can run psp homebrew on my vita which is so cool.but will be nice when wololo releases his first Vita_brew.

    • gunblade says:

      yea think ill be using my ps3 as a backup server like my fisrt gen xbox wen the new playstaion comes out oooh day nasne thing would be cool

  17. freddy_156 says:

    I didn’t mean to insult VHBL, it’s an awesome project , and UVLoader itself will be based on HBL according to yifanlu; I only meant to say that it’s time we start looking into the PSV, that’s all.

    • TrECeNTeRs says:

      Freddy, It wouldn’t matter what you said people would find a way to twist it. You said “VHBL is Very Nice” so there is no reason for people to say anything.

      “but it’s about time we move on, isn’t it?” Great quote!, This got me excited knowing that there are people pushing past the PSP Emu roadblock.

      You shouldn’t apologize for anything. Good Post!

    • gunblade says:

      well dat was bacis plan wen hbl came out it was jus da sense dat it was like the fist vita hack thus da hello world

  18. w00tguy123 says:

    ZOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!11 This news is the best news :O F5 button prepare to be pummeled into molten plastic.

    If I had any idea how something like this would be programmed I would love to help. If nothing else, I’ll make sure to contribute some early vita ‘brews!

  19. Cercata says:

    That would be F***ing awesome !!!!

  20. rofl says:

    wooohooo it means we already grasp psvita memory structure :3

  21. yyy says:

    I hope that this wont lead to much piracy. The Vita really doesnt need to get this at this point. Even if the effect of piracy cant be messured, it is a fact that many western developers used piracy as a reason for not making games for the PSP. Who knows if it was more of an empty excuse or if it was an acctual factor that determained the PSP support or not, but at least this is one reason that was given by some developers. The Vita isnt exactly overflowing with games at the moment, so i hope that this hack wont make the situation even worse.

    By the way, what advantage does this hack gives compared to Playstation Mobile?

    • thevoiceover says:

      I get angry when developers blame “piracy” for not creating a game on a product to cover their main cause. $ony itself has made issues that keep the developers away (promising OtherOS and then taking it from us, etc..) Look what $ony said on the bluray front, “choose this way, hd-dvd has been hacked and we won’t anytime soon” then cinavia, etc… That and all the proprietary memory formats and devices (MD, etc, and content manager) they have enough problems that make developers angry.. My point, piracy probably hurts, but if the product is good enough and the games are good enough – people buy them and developers profit well.

      • yyy says:

        First i must say that MD (Minidisc) is not a proprietary device. Other companies like Sharp, Panasonic and TDK made MD stuff. MD was a solution that was tried before MP3 players took over. And if Bluray wasnt hacked at the time when Sony said that, then it is a fair selling point i think since no one knew when Bluray would be hacked at that time.

        About piracy, it is impossible to say how much affect it actually has. I agree that games that are very good have a good chance to sell very well despite piracy.

      • yyy says:

        I forgot to say one thing, the OtherOS stuff was more of a principle rather than actual usage. OtherOS was afterall available for about 4 years, but hardly any homebrew developer made much stuff for it, at least from what i know. I can understand the principle, but at least it wasnt something that affected tons of people when we talk about actual usage.

        • Rowan says:

          the reason OtherOS was removed is at the time it was cheaper to buy a ps3 then it was to buy a blu-ray player for your pc and you got the gaming side as well so what people did was buy a ps3, install linux and then rip blu-rays and upload them to the pirate bay

    • Yifan Lu says:

      I can’t say for future Vita hacks, but this one is basically what you have for PSP with HBL. You can load homebrews but it is physically and technically impossible to load ISOs/backups/pirated content/roms since we don’t have kernel access. In addition those stuff are encrypted and we also need kernel access to even think about decrypting.

      Now the advantages. 1) PSM has a limit on how much ram you can use. I think it was like half the ram on the vita. 2) PSM does not have access to back touchpad and camera and other Vita specific features (it can only use features found on psm android phones as well as vita). 3) PSM uses bytecode which is relevantly slower to run. That means no high performance emulators like N64 or PS1. There’s more reasons but I don’t have the time to type them all.

      • yyy says:

        Thanks for the info πŸ™‚ Since unsigned code can be run, how likely is it that future hacks will be possible? With PSP, HBL first came after that the PSP was hacked if i’m not mistaken. This time with the Vita, it seems to be the other way around, that HBL comes before the Vita is hacked.

        I see. Yeah, Playstation Mobile isnt really Vita specific, so i can see that it has more limitations to make sure that the PSM games will work on multiply devices.

      • gunblade says:

        well wy not guess write da dev app slap it on a modified game cartige n try boot the apps wit full vita game catrige saport probly even extra memeory

    • CATPowah says:

      I don’t blame dev for their lack of game library. If I were one of the devs, I too will have problem developing a game. You have to think about the character design, BGM, this story line and that. So much things to think about and you want it to be as perfect as possible. That’s probably the reason Vita don’t get that much game. The only thing we can do now is wait and wait until we see what’s out in the store and PSN.

      • yyy says:

        I think that the game support for Vita isn’t that strong yet is because publishers doesn’t believe that much in the sales potential of the system.

    • gunblade says:

      well sony way to deal wit piracy now days is there mobile apps since fully marketed games wer getting easy to aquare wit out purchise i guess they decide to make money on a 100 five dallers games den two fifty daller games

  22. Azezzara says:

    HOLY *** :O i can’t wait til the Emulators is so fast. Think about it! N64 almost flawless on the vita!! and snes and all the other older consoles WILL run flawlessly.

  23. Lodad says:

    All I want is counterstrike on the Vita

  24. Ryp says:

    HOLY ***, THAT is good news !
    Can’t wait to hear about an hello world on the vita !

  25. mirko8054 says:

    when can be released? maybe the beta!!

  26. HSV says:

    Hope one day the Vita can load PSP backup games!

  27. warfaren says:

    You’ve got a typo in there: that’s actually UserLAND Vita Loader

  28. Minimur says:

    is it like the vhbl but you can acces it straight from your vita not on a psp game ?

    • w00tguy123 says:

      Not really. They’re similar in that they both load homebrews, but VHBL games won’t work in UVL.

      UVL has the potential to use the full power/controls of the Vita, unlike VHBL, which uses the power/controls of the PSP.

      Developers will need to make games/apps from scratch, or adapt their PSP programs to work with the Vita hardware. I’m really excited to see what happens when the Vita is open to this development.

  29. what language is the UVloader based off of :P?

  30. jasonhdkr says:

    I’m not sure, but I think that is C

  31. Chris says:

    THIS is what I’ve been waiting for. Native emulation for Vita would kick some serious *** I bet. Thanks to the extensive functionality of the hardware homebrew could also be very creative and fresh compared to what has been done on PSP. I very much hope there’ll be a vibrant homebrew scene on Vita someday and that this is the first step towards it. Keep it up!

    • gunblade says:

      still not nowing wat hardware the vita may have saying dat wen the new slim ps3 came out wit the new cheap set there firmware came prety hard to crack is dat anything need to worry about wit da vita thiking dat dea is a reason wy they have a system report thing going on wit the vita wont sony be able to lock a hack vita consle like they do wit ps3 from getting on dea psn network

  32. PsVITAHackbeginner says:


  33. dimy93 says:

    1.How an usermode exploit can be used without specific info for Vita’s hardware
    2. Would it be instantly possible to use the potential of the exploit e.g will there touchscreen support, full use of vita’s ram and processor(as much as the user control enables) etc from the very beginning or it would take time to find the usermode calls for all that
    3.Is there any plans for release

  34. shades says:

    If this is true, then we may be one step closer to the gloriousness that is an Android and iOS emulator. It’d be as though we just turned the PSVita into the single most universal device in the world πŸ˜€

  35. >_> says:

    I’ll be set with a usrrmode exploit, as long as I don’t get banned fron SEN with full speed emulation this will be the ultimate device
    Tbh i expected u devs to hold off this kinf of exploit for a few years to let the game library grow
    thank you yifanlu,

  36. z-up says:


    i`ve some basic knowledge of Programming and C/C++, but i cant connect this to the hardware part. For example I wonder, how something like the UVL is compiled?


  37. 7 says:

    I have broken into NASAs main security, and have mastered all programming languages and I also would like to help, btw I am not affiliated or do not work for Sony as head security definitely am not πŸ™‚

  38. keane says:

    This is amazing news!!! Good luck yifanlu, wololo and the devs involved and to be involved, you are one great dev, yifanlu, very impressive, just like Wololo, neuron, Kgsws, Coldbird, Davee, Raing3 and so many more πŸ™‚

    Again best of luck! πŸ™‚

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