Usermode Vita Loader, devs needed!


Italian, developer for fun, Android & GNU/Linux user, Microsoft hates me.

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  1. gagdet

    wololo = teen ***

    “People who dont agree with console hacking like to imagine we are nerdy kids living in our parents basement. They couldn’t be more wrong. We are actually grownups. Living in our parents basement.”

  2. dune dune

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees . Finally we got a Hero who can hack PSV
    So Keep going do ur best .

  3. Dynomite

    yifanlu is awesome. He’s the one who created the conversion tool for putting PSX iso into Xperia Play so people don’t have to rebuy overpriced PSX games for the phone. Look forward to his results 🙂

  4. gunblade

    werd herd anything about a mod chip fo da vita sumthing like the game cartige fo the vita anything about da port next to the game port notice on da board goes like to the cpu wat do sony use the internal emenry on da vita for 8 gigs is prety much wasent it saposed to have android wy not jus have lunix back…

  5. gunblade

    memory cam out hella bad (emenry)

  6. gunblade

    ooh any body no if u can use the psp go bluthooth as memory fo the vita jus wandering wanted to buy a bluthooth hard drive n see if it worked fo the vita

  7. Darton Staker

    Good luck devs, I wish you all well in your endouvers! Hope the Vita has a bright future thanks to each and everyone’s input. My luck is with you all.

  8. Reza

    Hi guys.
    I have ps vita 3.51
    I want play psp game in to my ps
    Please hellp me

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