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Sony hacked, again?


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  1. BakaOsaka says:

    It sucks that Sony aparrently never learn.

  2. cercata says:

    Yeah sony, sue another hacker like geohot, ha ha, that was not a good idea !!!!

  3. Leroy says:

    I think the hackers could also pm sony, using a Thor email that they have security flaws and give them a deadline before they re “test” the security of their servers.

    Hacking is good in some way, because the security is getting stronger everyday, but hacking in to Sony just to proof their security is sh*t isn’t the right way in my opinion.

    I do hope sony learns from this and that they will be securing their servers even better.

  4. mohsin says:

    sony have made so many enemies because of shuting down all the old game servers which people loved
    🙁 i lost a game very special to me

  5. Jay says:

    They never learn, but yet we still purchase their product
    and trust them with our personal information.

    • wololo says:

      And how about you read my article, and realize you are talking of something that happened 3 weeks ago, while we are talking of something that happened yesterday?

    • Kevin says:

      “by Colin Moriarty AUGUST 15, 2012”
      The content within that link is about the tweet from Anonymous a few weeks ago. This article is about a different incident, caused by different people. I’m not saying this one is legit, but it has nothing to do with the tweet by Anonymous.
      On a side note, I don’t think anon are stupid enough to tweet for bragging rights and that tweet was probably from someone else.

      • clicks says:

        Don’t underestimate the raw stupidity and artificially inflated ego of those newfags calling themselves “Anonymous”. Ultimately they’re just a bunch of hipsters jumping on the bandwagon, so even if one went out on his own he’d soon get 100+ morons to follow him easily.

    • HoshikumaDoji says:

      I see that now, I apologize for that.
      I need to pay more attention, obviously.

  6. randy is pseudo says:

    I like sony, dont get me wrong, but they are idiots to be honest. They put their customers through a lot of ***. High priced systems, lack of support from 3rd parties for vita, gimmicks like touch screen and touch pad on back, sure some cool features, but that doesnt mean you have to price it too high. PS3 is ok but lacks sooo soo much compared to an xbox. all im tryin to say is that sony messed up, and they keep at it. i wish they could change

  7. Jayune says:

    Can these hacker punish Sony without involving the innocent users smh, if they wanna do some real good they should hack and get the psvita source code lol then they would really do Sony some damage.

  8. M says:

    If this is true, they deserve it for shutting down Studio Liverpool.

  9. trillerkiller says:

    my Bitdefender is blocking sonymobile
    The page is blocked by Bitdefender Cloud(Antiphishing).

  10. Jb says:

    Wololo – how come you haven’t posted on yifanlus new vita work? He is currently developing VHBL ported to vita called userland vita loader. He also found a usermode exploit on the vita os. Seems like this should be worthy of the front page.

  11. busterg says:

    sony should have never got rid of dual boot on the ps3 for linux.

  12. Squiggs says:

    Why should the customers get punished for what sony had or had not done?

    • matt says:

      We “vote” for Sony by buying from them. It’s the same logic as used for anti-state terrorism; even if individual citizens may have very little actual control of political policies, especially international & war policies, we are still seen as culpable because we allow the policies by our support of the existing system.

      It’s not nice, or particularly moral, but it’s enough justification to make the hackers not feel guilty for stealing your personal info. This is assuming that this isn’t a group that regularly hacks to steal people’s personal info, of course. If they’re willing to steal anyone’s info for personal gain with no guilt, then Sony is simply a more attractive & “bigger” target because lots of the internet hates Sony.

  13. Niceneasy92 says:

    Man, alright, fine. Sony is stupid for still leaving there stuff so insecure, especially after all that’s happened. But for the love of god, if hackers are going to *** with them, can they please do it without messing with us? That’s MY info that can get *** with.

    • gunblade says:

      well iam sure if they wanted to do anythng serius wit da cutomer info we could all get vita but think they was after more then customer info as to would be da more sense since the ps4 to is coming out soon and it probly makes use of the vita in there was sum primary files dat i no would be fun fo home brewing on the psn

  14. NinjaKakashi says:

    These hackers are rtarded couldn’t they just help us out like sexy wololo is doing? If they hate sony so much get me a vhbl screen that says fk u sony rather than hurt us:(

    • matt says:

      I would assume that hacking into a badly secured server and hardware hacking an electronic device require different skill sets, so there probably isn’t much they could do to help the PS3 or Vita scenes. And Sony obviously cares more about their hardware secrets than customers’ account info, rofl, so I doubt it would be easy to hack into Sony to get proprietary hardware info.

      Also, large companies would totally love if they could find examples of the device hacking scene using actual theft, as then they’d have a much easier time of painting the entire scene as illegal.

  15. mohsin says:

    sony made enemies because they were too selfish for money they are going downhill now.

  16. Wololosupporter says:

    Guys honestly. Anything can be hacked nowadays. Look at the iPhone. Look at the Xbox. Yes Sony is doing a crappy job on the software side but it’s not up to the whole company in which direction they go. It’s up to the higher ups. And these people using Exploits that they find isn’t them showing Sony up. It’s themselves in turn being greedy and using Sony as a scapegoat to get money. I love technology and everything can be broken into given the right resources.

  17. -X-77 says:

    Know a better punishment? Rereleasing unpatched gaming exploits! >;D or even worse for FREE so we all can install hacks on our Sony systems!

    hey, I can dream can’t I.. 😀

  18. PsVITAHackbeginner says:

    i mean Ist my IDEA THE SITES ARE NOT REAL!

  19. zorrodood says:

    what’s the point of showing sony’s customers that sony doesn’t care about anything? i’m still going to use their consoles and buy game for them.

    • gunblade says:

      well da hackers dat hit sony dis past time didnt realy mess wit the info they did get on the costumers but woes to say dat if say sum outher hackers hack in to make use of does bank n creadit card numers on a mass scale sony hase about a few millon comtomers half iam gussing use the cards on the psn a lot dats a lot of money sombody can transfer to a swiss bank account good thing dis hackers was jus cheacking sony security

  20. Leroy says:

    Dear Wololo,

    Why do you keep deleting my post’s?

  21. Leroy says:

    @ Wololo, the site wasn’t showing the post’s due to bad network, My apologies for the complaint.

  22. james way says:

    If they were really trying to do some good they would release the usernames and passwords to Sony, via email, not for the whole world. Give THEM proof that you got in, but keep us millions of users unharmed.

  23. DigiTak says:

    *Reads this and turns on Tor* There. I guess….

  24. AyeGuy says:

    Makes me like microsoft alittle more…

  25. Gui says:

    Hackers are such ***.

    Why blame Sony for something they can do to them.

    I mean it’s not hard to rob a bank at gun point. The public wouldn’t be enraged that they bank handed over there money, the bank wouldn’t get the blame for not having ‘bullet proof’ staff. Also the everyone would not be angry once the robber was brought to justice?

    Why is this any different?

    Hackers be hacking through non ‘bullet proof’ servers all the time. It is very difficult and impractical to create a completely bullet proof server. Just as impractical and inefficient as putting bankers in armoured bullet proof suits.

    Yet hackers still remain entitled bastards thinking just because they can they should and thinking Sony or whoever is at fault because they can. If they were any more dedicated or elite they could probably even hack anyone in fact. Not just Sony which they all seem to have a childish vendetta against for having them ruin there fun.

    Da Faq?

    • gunblade says:

      well i think hacking in to sony seems more fun but i have herd of hacks in to outher systems now day n truly a rightchess hack i herd would be more on the google aspect of asia herd they had a good gibsen dea but the us has a ps3 supercomputer werd…

  26. yyy says:

    Out of curiousity, what proof is there that this is real? I’ve tried to login using a few of those login/passwords on Pastebin, and none of them works.

    • wololo says:

      No proof. Just a strong gut feeling because the information has been relayed by a lot of trusted sources, and nobody has denied it yet. The credentials in the pastebin are login/hash, not login/password. You’d need to know the hashing used in order to get the password from that. These look like md5 hashes, so most likely they are very easy to “reverse”.

      • yyy says:

        Sorry, my mistake. I thought that the info was password:e-mail, but i see now that it is just username:e-mail.

        If the hases are easy to reverse, why havn’t anyone done it yet? I’m not saying that you’re lying, i’m just wondering if it its very to reverse it, this would also mean that it should be very easy to verify that the hack is real.

  27. Yol Morefi says:

    Je suis le seul à trouver le nouveau systeme de téléchargement de la vita pourave ?

  28. Whats the *** point of Hacking a Website? Are you too much of a wussie to do something with youre’ life besides sitting on their mom’s basement watching guy on guy xxx and hacking *** for fun. Hope Microsoft sends Sony a Giftcard and a pack of gum so they can learn their lesson.

  29. svenn says:

    Yeah, but then again with time and knowledge every system is breakable. I don’t blame Sony, generally Its these college hackers that start this ***. If they wanted to hit Sony a file names WE_WHERE_HERE would have been sufficient, and Sony might even hire them.

  30. yyy says:

    Whitehat hackers doesnt try to sell the information.

  31. Mario says:

    Haha they deserve it next time release more ps1 games lol

  32. gunblade says:

    so ..nullcrew.. got in to sony psn nice

  33. NeoTechni says:

    And I hope those jerks go to prison for it.
    That’s not the right way to get a site to improve security.

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