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Psvita RemotePlay coming soon

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  1. Cheesethief says:

    Special programming? Really? I kind of doubt that.

    In order to get a game running on PSP remote play all hackers needed to do was edit an .sfo file in the game and tada, remoteplay PS3 game on PSP.

    So what is this special programming? Editing a file?

    • squiggs says:

      it is not as easy as you think it is because the ps3 doesn’t even have enough RAM to do party chat. they probably have to work on running the games dumbed down.

      • Cheesethief says:

        The games played pretty well on the PSP, minus a few controls that the PSP did not have. So I honestly do not see your point.

    • Asmith906 says:

      The fact that most of those games play terrible is probably why they weren’t supported in the first place

  2. Bret says:

    Holy cow…who cares what it takes, lets just hope it comes sooner rather than later. “Almost ready” could mean anything in Sony terminology!

  3. aypro says:

    It is only a patch for ICO HD, not a firmware update for universal remote play.
    Disappointing …

  4. china says:

    I want vhbl.
    Server where?
    Japan or Hongkong or United States

  5. TelcoLou says:

    I’ll be impressed when(IF) I can play Skyrim via remoteplay!

  6. Thibor says:

    Some time ago that this is possible, I’ve tried it, connecting the PS Vita (OFW 1.80) using remote play to the ps3 (cfw 3.55 Wanin v2), as if it were a cell phone in the connection menu of ps3 and matching. This way I can play some ps3 emulators (snes,gba) on ps vita, anywhere with remote start, and also play some classic remotely like metal gear solid or crash 3, without changes .Sfo files. Changing these files, so I played PS3 games like need for speed and more.

  7. NinjaKakashi says:

    We don’t need the screen to play all our games so hopefully they havn’t thought of that and will implement just the psvita pad but I’m sure they have ofcourse.

  8. busterg says:

    i bought the psvita to play bf3

  9. Arnookie says:

    Omg when if ever will we get full remote play? PS4 Maybe?

    • ViRGE says:

      Real time H.264 encoders are cheap/small enough that the PS4 including one is a real possibility. Once you can do video encoding without encroaching on the rest of the system resources, the whole thing becomes a lot easier to do. Though there’s still that pesky little matter of input lag due to the time it takes to encode.

  10. Ollie says:

    Well thay better actually bring this patch out. You’ve probably all forgotten but last year they showed off killzone 3 using remote play before the vita released at E3 last year but never released the patch or even any information.

  11. OsirisFael says:

    I too have been able to do this from day one on my OFW Vita just by editing my ps3 games’ .sfo files to allow remoteplay. It works on everything, So the whole “special programming” thing isn’t really the case…

    You can even force 1080p on some of the games that only support 720p without any fuss.

    Hopefully the higher resolution won’t give the streaming speed a significant hit.

  12. Adrian says:

    I would be impressed, if I could play any game via Remote Play. Through Playstation+ I’ve got about 50+ (PS3) games and none of them is playable. I’ve tried them all.

    This is not a feature, this is scam.

  13. shaitan says:

    You can edit the param.sfo to enable remoteplay then update to a DEX firmware eg.4.21 to use the PS Vita remoteplay and not the Mobile Phone remoteplay, picture looks excellent with Dead Space 2 and no lag with key presses,

  14. Mr McGoo says:

    My question is to wololo, how would this affect the upcoming release. Would it postpone until after the patch/update of would we be looking at an entirely different exploit?

  15. It’s actually going to be a patch for the game ICO HD so you can play it via remote play, You think Sony will actually give us Remote Play? lol yea right, Just buy a hacked ps3, it’s more awesomeness since all games work via remote play. Wololo, change the title. “Remote Play Patch Is Coming For the Title ICO HD soon, Stay tuned”.

    • Mr McGoo says:

      Ive had a 3.55 for some time. I am the one that reached out to deank to ask him right direct boot from the mmos. Honestly I was shocked to find out that he did. I wish I knew new more programming so I could be of more use. I was actually thinking of taking a could in “ethical hacking”. Its offered out here. Lol

      • Nelly says:

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  16. Zimond says:

    The HD in ICO HD is just another Joke since the remoteplay feature only works in psp resolution

  17. meanmachine781 says:

    hope they would make it for all games, playing skyrim on the toilet= priceless

  18. Johnette says:

    Thank you, Patty. I’m so sorry about your mom. It’s an insieettrng process realizing I know a very small part of her, but God is always teaching us, right? Love to you.

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