When the PSP and the Vita show their battle scars…


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75 Responses

  1. Wololosupporter says:

    Wow that’s crazy do essentitiall if we can somehow remove the game from the list vhbl would always work

  2. 12loogies says:

    lol….wishful thinking, but in a perfect world would be nice

  3. Jd8531 says:

    ugh this makes me feel old -_-

  4. Sakuryu says:

    Ahh I remember the annoying Patapon demo load in lol

  5. Brody says:

    if i’m not going to have any internet access for the next 10 days (starting around 4am today) am i pretty much sc*** to get the new game for the new exploit?

    • jlo138 says:

      Dont know where your from but in the U.S, McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A, Lowes, Starbucks, Macy’s, T-Mobile, Whataburger all provide free Wifi where I’m at. Before I had wifi at home I had my rooted android do that for me. Wifi is pretty much everywhere. You shouldn’t have much trouble finding it.

  6. gotoHotSpotMan says:

    theirs gotta be an internet connection some where u can use…

  7. 1fff says:

    Can you release the VHBL before tomorrow because monday is school and i want to play a little bit with the vhbl

  8. trollkilla says:

    @Brody ,im pretty sure they have free wifi on cruise ships
    i used it while i was on a cruise ship. If your taking a cruise
    on a canoe, now thats a different story. :)

  9. booler says:

    Is this a 1.80 vhbl release?

  10. qwikrazor87 says:

    I was wondering what all those IDs were for when I was skimming through my flash. Maybe I’ll hex edit the blacklist and try out the exploits on 6.60. Thanks wololo.

    • qwikrazor87 says:

      Patapon 2 demo exploit on 6.60 works with edited blacklist but dbglog says “ERROR INITIALIZING CONFIG”.

      • wololo says:

        Many things have changed in VHBL recently, it is possible the latest VHBL does not work anymore for the patapon exploit, I am not very careful with maintaining compatibility with the old exploit… or did you actually download a hbl version from those days?

  11. StepS says:

    did you forget to add Super Collapse 3 to the list? :)

  12. Fabian says:

    So if I understand correctly run all these games the VHBL??

  13. rofl says:

    mostly not.. since i have psp 1k and i use cfw since DarkAlex’s one

  14. G0l3m says:

    I own the first 4 games as UMDs. I remember buying my first PSP. It was used and had GTA LCS within. I told the guy to not update the console otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it.

    Still, how could those usermode exploits lead to kmode ?!

  15. Leroy says:

    Some savedatas had a possitive respnse to the usermodekernal $ra wich means code could be implemented in the save with the game still working(not always) remember: Spartaaaaaaaaaaaa with gripshift? And from there they went furter to see if a positive response wasgiven to the kernalmode. if that is true you need to reverse engineer some modules to bypass the chain of trust. its a long process but here on Wololo there are alllot of threads which explain how to search for an exploit

    By the way, asking for the release of the Ninja release might even stall the release. So just wait patiently ple

  16. HeroKing says:

    i know it’s not a big deal, but you got a typo in the review. you wrote out sutdio instead of studio lol

  17. bahiano says:

    I did not know 7 Wonders of the Ancient World has been one vhbl

    • StepS says:

      no, read attentively: it could be potentially exploited because it has the same developer as Super Collapse 3. this is sometimes the case with exploits than a dev does a mistake on the majority, if not all, of his titles

  18. Pop says:

    So these are the VHBL PSP titles…

  19. Jones says:

    Dude I remember DarkAlex! I was so happy when he got backups working!!!!! Cause I had about a mil. or so!!!

  20. Jones says:

    Oh and the first downgrader I used with out a PSPTOOL battery, was with GTA. and HellCat’s app.

  21. razor says:

    Is 7 wonder of the world the game we’re waiting for the new vhbl? I wonder

  22. Zimond says:

    mmh… wouldn’t it be possible just to change some values in the firmware before installing it so that old exploits work? Or would that change some kind of hash of the firmware file cuasing the Vita to refuse the file?

  23. SofaKing™ says:

    oh ya, i still own my UMD of GTA LCS, also the first psp game i bought for my vita, yes even before SC3. all those years and the scene hasnt changed much, everyone still buggs the DEVs can i play free games, hurry do this, i need that, grrr i hated those guys, and still do, we all should JUST SAY THANKS or learn to CODE, which is out of the question for many as they dont even know how to read.
    thank you all for all your hard work,

  24. LUISDooMER says:

    the patapon 2 was agreat exploitsince it was the first (and the only) that i used 2 years ago… Damn, how i miss the patapon 2 song… 😛

  25. cscash241 says:

    Patapon 2 Demo, on the psp go, man I remember those days.

  26. razor says:

    Dear, Mr. Homie Wololo Sir =)

    I deleted my sc3 file by mistake after upgrading to filware 1.80 on my vita. Now SC 3 doesn’t work eventhough I try to re install it using open CMA.
    Is there a way to fix this? or do I have to buy another game to install the new VHBL whenever it comes out.

    Gracias Amigo in advance for the reply

    • wololo says:

      VHBL for SC3 only works up to firmware 1.67 AFAIK. On 1.80, the exploit has been patched, so you’ll have to get the next release

  27. Scarecrow says:

    Good times, hahaha

  28. openvita says:

    so if we knew wehre this list is located in a ps vita update file we could simply corrupt it by writing some trash with the correct md5 checksum to that location even without knowing the aes key, just whiping out one block of data?

    • StepS says:

      1. savedata_utility.prx is in PSP EMU flash0
      2. we can’t access PSP EMU flash0 from within user mode (=VHBL)
      3. all the prx’es are encrypted, and you will have to decrypt them to change anything.
      4. i don’t know how would you properly reencrypt it back to work on the psp emulator.
      5. there’s no point, because attempting to gain a psp user access from within already having psp user access is… you know.

      • openvita says:

        why would i have to decrypt it?
        isn´t aes encrypted in 128 bit blocks?
        woudn´t it be enough to change/delete a few blocks where the blacklist is stored?

  29. Nottulys says:

    I remember using the eloader back when GTA came out….and then 2.0…and then CFW and it was all uphill from there

  30. Fabian says:

    dear wololo, we all need soon back to school,
    so give a fast answer!!
    do u gonne release it before school time begins or later!!!
    plz we need to know it tell us plz. i dont wanne mis it again!!!

    i dont want a answer like : Do as everybody and follow the site!

    i need fast and Good answer !!! like every body here.
    every body here know’s that u and ur team awesome is!!!
    plz i dont wanne mis it again !!!
    do u understand me?

    we are waiting sooo long!!
    oke good bye :) !!!!

    • JinxMeTwice says:

      Your going back to school and..?
      I work 10 hour shifts and I’m still waiting patiently

      Crying for the release isn’t gonna make it happen any sooner. I hate to sounds like a dev but it’ll come out when its good and ready.

      That and from what I’ve seen so far in following the scene here the releases are put out on times when most people are about to get the game

  31. Norml says:

    Demo exploit = GOLD
    Pata pata pata PON!

  32. Leroy says:

    Dear Wololo,

    It makes me sick watching people beg all the time for the release of the Ninja release etc.

    Could you ip-ban them or somthing?

  33. Doesnt anyone of you remember the EPIC TIFF exploit??

    I think it was on FW 2.80 or something like that…

  34. AlienM says:

    Are you sure Sony is just comparing the hashes? Then it would be possible to reenable the exploit by just changing one bit in the savegame.

    • yosh says:

      no they don’t use hashes of savefiles, they just look for the gameid identifier and then manually check the right parts of the exploited saves where the security issue lies
      In most cases being bOfs they simply limit the string size(s) themselves to a specific length, the savedata_utility code handling that is pretty plain actually

  35. nCadeRegal says:

    My most favorite memory was playing both medal of honor games online. But at the same time nitepr started being used soon after i started to get decent at the multiplayer and ruined the online portion of the game. Both my best and worst memories are tied to the same two games ironic, but ill never forget the day that i downgraded my phat 1000 for the first time and ran homebrews on 1.50, aww the good ol days! Takes me back, and thanks to wololo’s site,and others for guidance on how to fully enjoy what the psp experience truly is and was! Good times

  36. Dovahkiin says:

    Is it possible to dummy/fake this module “savedata_utility.prx” since it holds all the blacklisted savegames?

  37. PAULO says:

    Wololo, before launching ninja, I want to thank you in advance for sharing your work, eye diariamento my e-mail and I will continue looking.

  38. Leroy says:


    WololoIsGay on September 2, 2012 at 2:21 am
    Want to be the first one? Why IP ban them for just asking a simple question? So what you’re saying is that anyone who asks for VHBL should get ip-banned?


    ME: So you’re saying that it’s normal if people keep on beging for the release?

    I’ts just not cool to do such a thing.
    He never replied to anything of the Ninja release to Non contributers, so why do you people think your special?

    Just sit tight and wait.

    • CATPowah says:

      True, true. And ninja release is a secret release that was not meant to be told to anyone else except the people that help in developing VHBL.

  39. ils says:

    hi, what will happen with the game when each savedata been blacklisted??
    will the still playable in the new FW? or they simply won’t load any saves?

    just my curiousity, is each savedata in 1 game got the same hashes? or how sony can determine which savedata is save to load or with (v)HBL exploit?

    thanks :)

    • matt says:

      I would assume that the hash is representative only of save data that contains the “bug” necessary to trigger that exploit, or that contains more data or data reflecting VHBL code rather than what would normally be contained inside one of the save data files.

      Sony would probably have a lot of upset fans and need to offer refunds if they repeatedly patched PSP games so you couldn’t save and thus couldn’t play them ;p

      Although I wouldn’t be surprised if they did that to a game at some point in the future, if the felt it was necessary to keep an exploit constrained to prior firmwares.

      • ils says:

        if the hashes reflect to VHBL’ed savedata then this hashes would change everytime we compile VHBL right?

        i think with Vita, $ony added ALOT of angry fans already
        “PSP game conversion” comes to mind :)

  40. isbric says:

    @wololo I need some pointers on how to contrebute to a lasting userland exploit or a last kernel exploit.

    Besides obvius founding for sustainable hacking, is there any help you culd share on how to get started?

    This exploit -> patch chase is not good enough for me so the least i can do is to pitch in.

    Side note, i would love to talk with some of you more involved about the attack vectors just to eliminate some well tryed out ways.

    • wololo says:

      Hi. You can contact me directly by email wagic.the.homebrew (gmail), or just post in the forums. I am far from being the cleverest guy in the community, so you might get much more interesting discussions with other people.

  41. Leroy says:

    I also send you a PM about the WP but you didn’t reply.

  42. CATPowah says:

    Hey, wololo. Is contributor is the same as donator ? Just asking. I mean donator help by funding and the latter was like technologically.

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