Alright, VHBL is back on 1.80!


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  1. nine1 says:

    Great work on fixing vhbl on 1.80. Cant wait. FF 7 and homebrew 🙂 thanx wololo 4 ur work

  2. Ef2256 says:

    I think I’m going to explode of excitement can’t wait for the name of the game.
    I’m 100% to the end with u wololo

  3. Yasin says:

    Damn i am so tired and want to sleep but i am also scared to miss ninja release xD
    (just a question: Does someone else have a problem by installing Resident Evil 2 on psvita? I can Download it but always get an error when try to installing it/ have no ps3)
    Sry for bad english 😉

    Anyway thx for the great work Wololo and all the others who made these possible.

    greets from Turkey 😀

  4. Harith Kumte says:

    i cant wait for it to come out

  5. Saidros says:

    instead of asking for the release date you should ask for the donation account!!!

  6. jotax says:

    where my F5? has deleted!! XD

    well, i go to sleep it’s too late.

    luck with the VHBL, see tomorrow

  7. Fabian says:

    Hey every one , i hope that the VHBL comes tomorrow!
    But now sleepy sleepy !!!

    Bye every one!!!

  8. shennaichuangji says:

    that‘s a good news.waiting…….date?

  9. SofaKing™ says:

    i LOVE you!

  10. str8balln says:

    heck yeah, can’t wait to get vhbl on my vita!

  11. TheBudds says:

    I’m still mad about the account lockout, but at least this makes it somewhat better.

  12. nCadeRegal says:

    Thanks wololo for all your hard work these last few days, since 1.8 was released. I knew ya would pull through. Looking forward to see what the next few weeks bring. But take a timeout, and get some R and R!!! You deserve it. Thank you.

  13. jdubs says:

    Love the suspense and I love you guys here. Thanks so much for the hard work you guys have been putting into this.

  14. Counter says:

    Hello you and your Team do a great job can you send me an e-mail with the new vhbl Game so sony can´t see them please i´ve slow i-net so it will take some time
    and if you can´t send me it can you tell me if it works in Germany ?

  15. Etnies22 says:

    I woke up thinking that vhbl will make ​​my day nicer and nicer… 🙂

  16. 1fff says:

    is there a full PS Vita “jailbreak” in promising

  17. china says:

    Server where?
    Japan or Hongkong or United States


  18. ladfx says:

    this is awesome

  19. Raziel says:

    Nice knowing most of the annoying uses that beg for the release date will get a warning and might miss on the ninja release date. Don”t wanna sound like a *** just really gives me the *** When they don”t read any other posts until one has a “mention” of a possible release.
    Anyway I’m checking the website everyday and my email for the release, thanks for the hard work wololo

  20. wimmy says:

    para cuando el vhbl para 1.80?? y que juego será el que permita funcionarlo??

  21. Frank says:

    Is there anyway we can have the post emailed to us when it becomes available?

  22. AnyColour says:

    So where can i get the game necessary for the exploit? I’m on 1.80 already:/ with my US Vita. Am i sc*** at this point?

    • jdubs says:

      Seriously? Given the name of the post I though you could’ve figured it out. You are not sc*** and the name of the game has yet to be revealed. We all have to be patient while they work their magic.

    • trolololol says:

      Yes you are sc*** HARDCORE! 😀 Enjoy your Vita. 😛

  23. Saez says:

    Merci beaucoup pour le travail réalisé ! Bon courage !!
    Muchas gracias por el trabajo realizado ! Ánimo !!
    Thanks a lot for the good work !

  24. Fabian says:

    yo wololo well, when do u know more about the VHBL release? (Ninja release)

    well can u give us some more information?
    not only this info: ”do the same as everybody and follow the ninja release”

    ok good bye 🙂 !

    • Metalliphyll says:

      He wont give information untill the Ninja/public release settle down, and be patient pal it will happen when they know its ready

    • Felixnanaki says:

      What is this? like your 5th time asking almost the exact same question?

      You’ve received the exact same answers for your question each time. Wait it out like the rest of us.

      You obviously have time to continue to come back here for answers.

  25. Sergio says:

    Gracias por tu trabajo

  26. Nose says:

    He leido que el juego es Dead or Alive: Paradise, perdere todos los avances que tengo ya¿¿¿

  27. Nose says:

    X cierto ese es el juego que hay que descargar el Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, para que todo el mundo lo sepa!!!

  28. Hay k ser troll says:

    Mira k hay trolls en el mundo….
    En fin…

  29. Nose says:

    He leido que el juego es The 3rd Birthday, perdere todos los avances que tengo ya¿¿¿

  30. Yalose says:

    Pues nada, el Gran Turismo PSP, corred insensatos!!!

  31. Jd8531 says:

    No one should take any rumors as correct until it is officially announced.

  32. 12loogies says:

    Great work! All is appreciated!

  33. Nosabesnada says:

    Dijo un amigo de un amigo que podían valer todos los juegos del PSN … 😉

  34. Nosabesnada says:

    Ah ! y el mismo dijo en el 2000 que iba a ser el fin del mundo o sea … 🙂

  35. Sylen7Nato says:

    Im praying to the video game gods that i dont miss this release!! thanks to wololo and company for all the hard work just the same…KIU

    • mingmong24 says:

      me too, im checking the site every 5 mins cos i feel its close and i dont wanna miss out either, if i do then the psvita is getting leg dropped

  36. Wimmy says:

    Creeis que saldra el nombre del juego este finde?

  37. Sk8elvin says:

    Still waitin very patiently , wololo take ur time n realease it when u feel is the right time to do it . Even thou i cant wait to snes , gba on my vita 😀

  38. Fabian says:

    I hope its come soon! Maby tomorrow!!!!
    All the work is done, they need only to upload the vhbl and saying the game name.
    I’M really like how those guys do hard work for us!
    We need to be happy even it take some days!
    Good bye every one (and the VHBL gang)!!!
    Keep up the nice work guys!!!
    🙂 !!!

  39. Nose says:

    Hay tenis TODOS la respuesta a los que preguntan cual es el juego que se necesita