Alright, VHBL is back on 1.80!

So, how cool is that? Less than 48 hours after we thought VHBL was locked out for good, we’re back on our feet!

To be honest, I must say I basically freaked out for just a small thing. After a few hours of investigation, it became clear that Sony was not really after VHBL, they just cleaned up some of their filename rules in CMA, in order to comply to the FAT naming conventions (also known as 8.3).

As I mentioned, I had started working on those limitations a while ago (see here and here) since the limitations already existed when trying to copy files from the PS3 to the Vita. So in hindsight, it seems Sony just unified CMA to the restrictions already in place on their systems.

I realized how obvious this was when many people contacted me about this, and since I had already all the bits and pieces ready in VHBL to support it, it was just a matter of confirming, adding a few compilation variables, and recompiling the thing.

As I am writing this, the JP and US versions of VHBL are being tested, while I could confirm it works fine on 1.80 with the EU version. Below is a screenshot of GPSP running Advanced wars. The overlay shows one of the new options of the touch screen in 1.80 :)

Neur0n also figured this whole thing out I assume, but he hasn’t sent me any file yet, so for now we’ll go with my changes. This shouldn’t matter too much anyway, the core of the changes here are still from Neur0n, as he is the one who made most of the compatibility fixes for homebrews here.

Yes, the files are ready and the Ninja release will happen, from now it is not a matter of “if”, but a matter of “when”. For obvious reasons, I cannot give you any precise date, just know that it is happening, soon :)

  1. tiago_tommy’s avatar

    wololo..i can update 169 to 180 normal?…with no fear…i have much games 4 games demo an 2 games free(thanks to the two free ;) if i have 180 i can run hvbl with no money ;) ????


  2. tiago_tommy’s avatar

    It’s Me That You understood!!!!? ;)


  3. psvita_user’s avatar

    is this true


  4. PAULO’s avatar

    Anonymous Did you get this information directly from neuron?


  5. tiago_tommy’s avatar

    have vhbl to 1.69?
    need money in 1.69?

    pleeeeease wololo


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