Vita 1.80: the hidden “features” we didn’t really need


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    • zach says:

      Probably blocked because sony has a team of spies that monitor the hacking seen daily. Cannot trust anyone these days.

      • Clad says:


        Really if they even saw a single post in the last month they could of blocked this. Judging by the PS3 and lack of Vita sales, I give this one 8 years to fully crack open.

        • svenn says:

          Judging from the amount of actual users, chance is small pspVITA will be around for more then 3-4 years tops.

          This will be a good example in how some markets are open, and can’t be corporate closed anymore. You don’t buy a car that can only ride from fuel of a single fuelpump …

          As for me, I don’t even want a psp vita. There is not 1 feature that is worked out properly and not 1 feature an old psp din’t have or my mobile phone doesn’t have.

          • F says:


            And gaming on mobile phones is for halfwits. Real gamers use dedicated hardware.

          • Reza says:

            i just dont get people comparing mobile phone gaming to dedicated gaming handheld like Vita! Seriously you know that having dual stick + button makes for much much better experience. And Vita is the best you can get today.
            I love my Vita and play uncharted still, actually bought YS seven last night as well.

        • Guy says:

          “could of”?

      • Keyblade Spirit says:

        They don’t exactly need spies, though. The homebrew scene is highly public. To get information on it, all you need to know is that it exists and how to use Google.

  1. jotax says:

    for my, the control pad in the menus is useless.

    • xXEmilXx says:

      In my opinion this option is nice. I don’t need to soil my screen and it’s fast to navigate.

      • Norml says:

        Touch screen is great but not always needed, the option should always be there. But it’s half-*** at this point, not even OFFICIAL Sony apps have this feature implemented.
        Baby steps, very long, year long baby steps…

  2. Alberto says:

    The nes that was playable on the suite sdk on vita has been blocked

  3. meanmachine781 says:

    sorry for my ignorance, but why would you want several accounts???

    • Zero says:

      Get demos or games that come out in Japan or other regions. You can’t change your region on PSN

    • mvd says:

      Well in my personal experience you wouldn’t but sometimes it might become necessary. For example I have three. One is good and useful, one is a slave account and cannot access all of psns features, and one has a terrible username which basically contained and my first and part of my last name. I started with the third, added on the second, and eventually sucked it up and fixed everything with the first account. All of these accounts contain purchases I don’t want to give up, so sometimes if I really want to play a game on the second or third account I have to do some switching magic. However this could have all been fixed if Sony had some sort of modern account managing system. First off a slave account can never become a master account. Ever. Also a username can never be changed even for my obvious privacy reasons. Ever. Finally purchases can never be moved from one account to the other no matter how much you can prove you are the same person. Ever. So basically Sony’s stupid *** up account system makes me do a *** juggling act just to continue using the stuff I purchased from them online. It really makes me feel like a valued customer. That is why I say *** Sony. If hacking my device makes it easier to play some games I legitimately purchased from them, that they won’t help me do themselves I’ll do it all day long. It’s unfortunate that a company with such a good hardware capable device, has to use the business practices of a five year old.

    • Norml says:

      Even more so, say you live with family or your a parent yourself…like the PS3, you’re going to have multiple accounts for each family member. Now you can’t switch your account to gain your own trophies, you can’t use your own avatar, you can’t use your own screen name, you can’t talk to communicate with your friends on your friends list…the list goes on & on. $ony is messing up, big time, having to restore your device just to do *said* actives is absurd now you need your own memory card also??? A memory card that’s not worth it’s price…yeah, OK, Sony. I hope there’s as big a backlash as would be the case with the PS3. They are saying F U to the customer at this point.

  4. Sambo90 says:

    Simply unacceptable!

  5. dunno says:

    wololo did you update yur psvita?

    • Zero says:

      Yah he did. VHBL works but you cant transfer it to you vita. You have to have it before you update so only the people who have tested, helped, created it can use cause they probably have not deleted it of ther vita

  6. garrei says:

    this is just getting ridiculous with amount of “security measures” they are undertaking. how about getting some better security coders to protect the vita instead of getting ametuers to make it as difficult as possible for end users? eat a *** sony.

  7. >_> says:

    Fxck I’m sick of Sony, first in T&C its says we have the right to “use” the vita and not own it, what the fxck is happening here I didn’t pay top dollar to rent a device I WORKED hard for that money ! Freedom is gradually fading…

  8. laurencef says:

    if you format your memory card will this affect your online game pass also? do you need to buy it again on psn?

  9. Zer01ne says:

    We can assign the corner of the touch screen for using like a PSP Control.
    The Snapshot are saved on a category from where we take the snap (Settings, WebBrowser.
    Have new button in the WebBrowser for go back to top of webpage.
    Something have change in the OSK.
    the CMA have new thing like PlayStation Mobile Cpntent Managing
    The notification system have new look.
    The look of near have change.
    The PSVita was more fast for execute any operation (Think upgrading the clock)

  10. byron mikalishen says:

    after many hours the ps1 games made it to the PS store, still can not copy my Crash bandicoot from my PS3, but i am glad i did not foolishly spend my PSN money after the disappointing news, and now NEURON has found a way! YAY!

  11. Spectro1111 says:

    Well how you like that Sony did all that for nothing. Must have been cheap security since its already been beaten.

  12. Norml says:

    Wow, the developers need to speak out about all these restrictions that will hurt not only their profit but also prevent potential future customers. $ony has introduced a none user friendly handheld and continues to degrade the customers experience. This is absurd, it’s an attack on the end-user. Yet again, what developer wants to support a company that does this to their customers? Provoking the inevediable $ony.

  13. Small World says:

    just resently my ps vita froze and force reboot and this message on crash report when it started back up and i have taken a screenshot of it if some how i could post it on your blog for everybody to see but the message say “Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and its affiliates (collectively SCE) would like to collect a report about the software problem that occurred on your PS Vita system. The report will include information about your use of this system as well as information about your hardware and software. It may alos include personal information such as your Sony Entertainment Network account information, conteat saved on your PS Vita system and your e-mail address, if this information was being used on your PS Vita system at the time of the problem.” it allow you to leave any comment before sending the report and like i said before sony can get information on you with their system.

  14. thematic says:

    for using multiple accounts in 1 memory card, just backup to PC using CMA and restore it to other(s) account you backup earlier. it’s pain in the *** but it works. 30++ minutes to restore 4GB backup file.

    after restoring, all games/apps is back right before you back it up.
    it helps me (or others) with limited internet speed.
    i only got 64k here 🙁

  15. cain kirisgai says:

    not only that he said VHBL still runs on it you just cant copy over a newer one so if it was already on the vita then it can still be ran (that is if i didn’t read it wrong)

    • HIMFan says:

      Neur0n is just showing what Wololo already explained. That if it was already there, it still works. He didn’t defeat it anymore than Wololo or anyone else that tested a PSP game exploit that was never released.

  16. Chasez671 says:

    These security measures are just ridiculous! I didn’t know Sony was this paranoid when I decided to buy this Vita. Next time Sony comes out with a new Handheld, you can be sure that I’m not gonna buy it!

    • HIMFan says:

      I guess I was wrong, he defeated it with the NEW cma. I didn’t notice it said that.

      • wololo says:

        Right. I’m at work right now but will try to give a detailed explanation soon. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

  17. ThAt_GuY says:

    Its Neur0n, you can believe or hope its really.

  18. James Way says:

    I jumped the gun and updated before getting vhbl on the vita… Oh wells. Nothing is hackproof, I’m networking, I’ll leave the hacking to the better minds and enjoy ff7 till then. Keep up the good work Wololo, Neur0n and the rest. I’m sure VHBL will be on it soon, until then, I got 10 psone games on my vita, Chrono cross doesn’t transfer =(, and I’ll enjoy them until then. Fyi the games listed on the store are sure to work, the rest can be transferred, but may or may not work. When I first updated, I got ff7 on it, and the button mapping was not working in game. It was the ps3 version that I transferred via CM, all other games worked fine that I had on my ps3. The store was down during the day from my vita, so I tried at 10pm again and the store was up, FF7 was listed, downloaded it again from psn to the vita and now it is fine. Some features are ehhh not so great, but the option to use them or not is there. I’ll keep them on as it may come in handy, but I’m personally happy with the update. When VHBL comes to it, I’ll have some psone games and some snes emulators ready to load. I hope chrono trigger works, but I am still sad chrono cross isn’t being “read” by CM as a ps classic to be transferred to even check if it works.

  19. HIMFan says:

    Neur0n probably just rewrote VHBL (since its open source) to look for different file names and just renamed everything to look like savefile files. Then when VHBL boots you can just rename the pic1.png to and extract it and play all of your NES roms as usual. Sony is a pretentious *** and thinks we’re not smart enough to bypass their stuff. He may not have done what I suggested, but I bet the solution is so minuscule that we’ll all have VHBL within a week.

  20. ienmity says:

    Maybe the age of android has spoiled me, but I like being able to use my device as I see fit. I had the intention of doing this when I bought the vita, thinking it was going to be another device I could use to read books and watch movies on while on the go and save my phones battery. It feels like I bought the vita, but I don’t own it. At this point, I’m just going to throw it on Ebay and use the money to buy the Google Nexus tablet. If Sony keeps going down the road they are headed, it’s going to fail.

    • wololo says:

      You are in the situation I was in when I got my first PSP. It was so obvious to me that installing a pdf reader, or decent movie player would be possible on the device, that I didn’t even bother checking on websites at the time to check that it was completely locked down (I had never really owned a console before, so I didn’t know they had these kinds of limitations).

  21. Sakuryu says:

    Can you switch over without a Memory card in? Ie boot up, switch, turn off, put the card back in?

  22. Sakuryu says:

    Sorry for double, I haven’t updated to 1.80 because I wanna get the ninja before I go on so I can’t test this I personally would love to play on my japanese and my american accounts

  23. Darcio says:

    I knew sony would not facilitate anything, but if you remember what happened when they took the ps3 linux, the racks were to break beyond the protection then sony will pay equal with the vita just listen to what I talking about!

  24. TheBudds says:

    I have two accounts due to Sony not letting you turn a sub account into a main. Left no other choice, I created a second account to finally have a main account. Sadly, all my ps1 games are on my sub account 🙁

    Both accounts are mine, I’m not trying to work angles or loopholes or anything. I would simply like a feature that the almost 7 year ps3 has.

    I.E. Mutliple accounts and the ability to use them freely.

    • wololo says:

      Yup, completely agree, I have games that I purchased with real money on both a JP and French accounts, not trying to screw anyone over, just trying to play the game I paid for, and Sony is making that exceptionally difficult on the vita.

  25. Evilmarx says:

    Maybe coldberg will help us to create a hack for vita as wololo mentioned that he contact coldberg.

  26. jd20dog says:

    you can not screen shot some ps1 games
    threads of fate gives this message when trying
    “you cannot take a screenshot of this screen”

  27. Evilmarx says:

    Wololo as i mentioned on my late comment if we could decode the vita to transfer a games downloaded from other account to play and share it on free downloaded site. So again is there any other ways to do so? Or maybe create a patch for cma to validate other games from deferent accounts to transfer on your present account? if the vhbl you guys created are posible to run on vita then why this concern of mine will not be possible? of maybe coldberg will help us..

    • wololo says:

      No, this is not how these things work.

      also, it’s Coldbird, not coldberg 🙂

      • Evilmarx says:

        Hehhe okay my mistake so, do you have any plan for our latest firmware and thanks for your website its realy help to know all the details on ps vita

  28. ndh777 says:

    I’m really sick of Sony. The new things I hear about the new PS4 make me want to stay away from that system too.

    I think it’s time for me to sell my Vita. No new games are coming for it that are really appealing to me, Sony is full of jerks just like Apple…I’m sick of it. I’ve got a new Android phone that I use more than my Vita for gaming. How insane is that?!? I don’t think I want to continue getting Sony products until things change. I have VHBL already on mine, but I want PS1 support too…this is disgusting.

    To all spies reading this board, tell your bosses at Sony that we are upset and not happy at all with Sony. We paid for your devices, we didn’t steal them. Now we want to do what we want with them plus continue being able to buy your games both cartridge and web content. I’m sick with your company sc*** with us every step of the way. This may be my last Sony product ever. Including gaming, cell phones, MP3 players…everything. You lost big time to many of us. And your lack of commitment to the promises you guys made makes us even more sick. I can’t take this anymore. I can’t keep holding onto this worthless system.

    • OMightyBuggy says:

      I agree on this being my last Sony system.

      • CATPowah says:

        Yeah, buy PS4 and you got even stricter rules. Far worse than any device that ever created. PS Vita has lots of potential and Sony just ignore that fact and put some more s**t in it. I think PSV too will be my last console next to PSP.

    • No1 says:

      You should tell this to the people who just pirate games and never buy them instead. Piracy is 99% the reason why systems are locked down like this. If it wasnt for piracy, it wouldnt be that much need to lock down a system like this.

      The reason why it is important for Sony (and Microsoft and Nintendo) to block piracy is because their business model rely heavily on software sales. If Vita wasnt relying on software sales, it would have cost $400 – $500. This way they would make the big money of the hardware sales instead. But on the other hand, if it cost that much, it would probably not sell very well, which means very little software support.

      But yeah, i would recommend you not to buy anymore Sony products if it *** you off that much. I’m not trying to sound “rude” here, sorry, i honestly mean it. If a company bothers you much, then dont support their products. It would probably save you from more annoyance in the future as well, because it is unlikely that these systems will be open like a PC.

  29. Karma_Darkly says:

    this is upsetting.

  30. Shadow2436 says:

    I have notice that my battery drains a whole lot faster now i use to get about 5-8 hours of game play now my battery drops more than half just browsing around

  31. Multiboy2k says:

    I PM’d you over a month ago telling you that all of this was going to happen. I even tried to tell you in a subtle manner that vhbl was not going to work directly upon the release of 1.80.
    You may disagree with me here, but sometimes it actually is best to release what you have.
    Sony is a billion dollar company. They are very very smart when they need to be.

    • wololo says:

      In hindsight, it would probably have been better to release VHBL on 1.69, and release another one on 1.80. But at the time 1.80 was announced, nobody could predict that “1.80 release in Summer” would mean “end of August”, and nobody could predict there would be changes impacting VHBL in 1.80, when all the previous firmwares let it work perfectly fine.

      So, nobody could have guessed we would have to wait for so long, and that the result would be additional work. But fear not, a solution is in progress.

  32. MGB says:

    That’t why its hidden 🙂

  33. feno says:

    Hey Wololo I have a big questoin for you should I update the firmware or not because I want ps1 but I want homebrew 🙁

    • Hihi says:

      Sir, how are you going to get the VHBL hacked game if you can’t access PSN on 1.69? Unless you’re on 1.67 with a previous VHBL go ahead and update.

  34. jamesssss says:

    Sony suck!! had to join the list :), can’t describe how p****d off with them I am. Had to phone them and rant last night to get it off my chest.

    This multiple account thing sucks, I like many of you have games on 2 accounts (crime that I can read and write 4 languages how wrong of me). These memory cards are a con and I am sure that is the only reason they have made this limitation!

    I have just had a new game from Japan shipped over (yeah I now have to get sc*** over and buy my Japanese games physically to avoid this account nightmare), once I have played this game to death this Vita will be going on to Ebay.

    Love the hardware think its great, games (although a little thin on the ground) are mostly good but the disappointing support of its users by Sony makes me sick.

    Imitating Apple and there sheep by being control hungry w*****s doesn’t make being a complete *** of a company good for the rest of us!!

    Hope the Sony spies are watching and that the Vita continues to flop and die, until Sony change there way they don’t deserve customers!

  35. Gui says:

    Off topic a little. But are you able to transfer data from 1 memory card to another without having to re download stuff on a new memory card? I’m going to need to up mine soon.

    • jamesssss says:

      You can but it is a nightmare, I had to waste an hour last night transferring all my games and saves to my laptop via CMA as they were unusable signed on to my UK account. Then I had to fiddle moving my japanese games and saves to the correct profile folders within CMA, formatted one of my memory cards (luckily I had a spare 4Gb card) and then loaded all my Japanese content back on using CMA once signed in using my second account.

      Pain in the *** but it is doable! in fairness $ony did say in the beginning that the content was locked to the memory card which is why I bought a 2nd (they didn’t mention the factory reset though). I then started using my 2nd card because it didn’t seem to mind being either profiles providing it was in the slot when I factory reset.

      Looks like 1 of $ony’s promises came true then! shame it is one that nobody wanted!

    • jamesssss says:

      Forgot to say, if it is a simple memory card upgrade just use the backup/restore option in CMA to your laptop or PS3.

  36. ryuichiban says:

    youtube downloader in the browser is not working in the new update

  37. TheBudds says:

    What’s sad is that while trying to tell people about this and what happened with me. I got told that I was either trying to “exploit the system” or couldn’t read the EULA (even though I told them both of my accounts are the same region)

    For the psp/vita I have a good amount of games spread between my two accounts. What’s even more sad is how we discovered the debug firmware allows for such a feature I’m searching for. Raptr claims that one of my accounts alone beats out the other members, and Sony doesn’t want me to enjoy my games 🙁

    • wololo says:

      Yup, basically that’s the problem of being a minority, everybody will discard your use case with things such as “nobody wants to do that”.
      Story of my life since I moved to Japan, everything I want to do in the digital world is seen as “suspicious”. Examples:

      – Blizzard almost banned my Diablo3 account because I am playing on a Japanese IP address with my friends in France, on the european server. I had to send a copy of both a French AND Japanese ID.
      – I have a French credit card but can’t use it on the Japanese PSN. When I created a French account on my PS3 in order to be able to buy stuff, all the European specific features of the PS3 (buying movies, vidzone, etc…) rejected my IP
      – There was a backend issue when I first tried to purchase a Vita game with my JP account. When I complained to customer service, based on my name and the fact that I complained in English, they immediately assumed I was trying to purchase a JP game while living in the US, and told me I shouldn’t do that.

      When you have a use case that a bit atypical, most people will assume that you are trying to do something illegal. As I mentioned a while ago, I can’t watch my legally owned French DVDs on my Japanese PS3. If I want to watch the movies I purchased, on that device, I have to rip them, which is illegal in many countries. When I mentioned that in an interview to Kotaku, some commenters on that site assumed I enjoy pirating movies.

      • jamesssss says:

        Sony have made this a mess, I am slightly different but have a similar problem. I am UK based but have studied Japanese for years to the point that I have enough understanding to play games without a problem or translation.

        Why I am I not allowed to take advantage of this? I have a thing for rhythm games as in the type you punch the heck out of you controller for not the crappy Nintendo Wii or Kinect style games. Japan is the only place you can get these style games from nowadays, and to be honest I prefer the music than European type games, but Sony think i shouldn’t be playing them.

        I don’t see the problem, they are never going to release these games out of Japan so where is the harm in me paying (normally through the nose) to play them in the UK? in fact in some games (Final Fantasy for example) I would prefer to play them in Japanese as I generally prefer the voices and emotions being portrayed in the there version.

        I am thinking more and more at going back to PC based gaming, its less BS and more playtime which is what we all are here for at the end of the day.

  38. Rj says:

    Soooooo only allowed to download one thing at a time now. ***!?!?!?!?!?! I liked baxkground downloading