Vita 1.80: the hidden “features” we didn’t really need


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  1. El Cut says:

    Hi Wololo, first of all sorry for my english (not native), but this was a feature thas was there sinces the begining of the vita and is´t new, so all the sites about gaming are crying about it.

    I don´t like $ONY much as you and the way to exchange acounts without formating the memory was like a trick discover by some guy, this time they don´t do anything new.

    just saying.

    • wololo says:

      The problem is that most customers don’t read what is, or is not, supported. It dos not matter that Sony never said it would work, the thing is, it used to work, and many gamers lost some important data (savegames, etc…) because of this change, which is not reversible. Once they realized they were losing their data, there was no way to “go back”, or say “cancel”. People who had several accounts with savedata, on the same card, basically got screwed because of this one way or another.

  2. Dissapointed guy says:

    Yeah I’ve found some unwanted features too like the “improvements” of the web browser that stopped PSVitaTubeDownloader script exploit to work. Also, before you could download videos from certain sites in the backround but since of the new update you can’t do that anymore. Instead your forced to wait and stare at the screen until the download finishes or you’ll get an error and you’ll have to start the whole download over again. Oh yeah, and they fucked up notifications too! This update just wasn’t worth it. More bad than good stuff.

  3. Minimur says:

    I dont like how when you download a file from the browser it uses the whole screen rather than background downloading which is really annoying,i know it makes it download faster but tbh id rather wait another 2/5mins

  4. Dissapointed guy says:

    Same with me to.

  5. Yol Morefi says:

    Notice the new download system that sucks too much, I wish I could downgrade ma psV just for that.

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