PSone Games List and Release Date

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  1. lismati

    There’s a mistake on the list – Abe’s Oddworld Oddysee should be Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, oh, and also: Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus

  2. jamesssss

    Nice one looking forward to some PS1 fun, feel like we are nearly back to PSP functionality on our next gen console now 🙂

  3. Raleen

    no more love for North America? 🙁

    • Chris Highwind

      Sadly, SCEA’s never really cared about the Vita.

      • nero

        if they didn’t care about the vita, do you really think they’d be releasing more stuff for it? just because america is usually the last on the release list doesn’t mean anything.

  4. Zett

    Grandia confirmed… Thats all i need!

  5. riö

    i just wish they would release some PS2 games!

  6. KasperBrewski

    Just a note for everyone in the UK looking for the PSone games in the online store. I don’t see PSonein the online store on the Vita, but I have managed to transfer my downloaded PSone games from my PS3 to my Vita.

    Hope this helps anyone whose stuck.


    • Josh

      Yeah you’re right. If you want them now and have a PS3, download and copy to the Vita and it’ll work.

      I’m disappointed really, they behave just like PSP games, none of the manuals, health warnings and stuff have been scaled up so they are horrible PSP resolution. Not a big deal but the whole experience feels cheap and 2nd rate, which would be fine if they didn’t take 6 months to add the feature.

  7. Zorak_Torok

    Chrono Cross… Damnit… Okay, if forced to the dx360 is okay. Sony, why wont you let me pay for what i want?

    • BigCockSurprise

      usually it’s the PS boutton or hold the touch screen (can’t remember wich game i played but i had a menu that pop up when i held my finger on the screen)

  8. Natjack

    Do somebody know how to switch from CD1 to CD2 in the PSX Games? I want to play RE2 with Claire first… And i am too stupid to change the CD :X

  9. Acid_Snake

    People: DO NOT UPDATE until further confirmation.

  10. Raziel

    Do not Update ? I believe that is only for the people that ALREADY have their Vita *homebrewed* you can’t buy the PSN game in question because you NEED to update to 1.80 to even get into PSN. Correct me if I am wrong.

    • wololo

      It is also possible that you already have the game if you have your own collection of PSP games, and that you’d rather stay on 1.69 if 1.80 causes problems with hacks.

  11. DrROBschiz

    Complete North American List

    Must have PS3 to transfer

  12. Crimson

    I’ll just hafta wait until something good happens 😀

  13. Josh

    If you’re in the US try with the PS3 if it’s not on the list of 9, works for me.

  14. Gogo

    Well… We lost megaman for ps vita…

    • azleerico

      We do have it on Singapore store but in japanese…sooner or later i believe they will bring it in English…i hope…

  15. Roland

    Something interesting that may be worth knowing for the homebrew scene, it appears that the PSX games run under the PSP Emu. It displays the PSP Health & Safety Warning at the start up.
    New venues for crash options for VHBL?
    Probably not, but I think that’s gonna take awhile to determine.

  16. Zorak_torok

    Hmmmm…. Lets just say that if the vita could connect with a 3.55 ps3 through content manager instead of the remote play mobile settings, something could work out for me…. obviously there is a bad side to this… but I did purchase most of the rpgs on my ps3 befor my bluray died and I went to kmea….. now no way to partake of those on the go….

  17. azleerico

    In Singapore, 90% of the titles are all in Japanese. Sony didnt do their research and concluded that all asian countries as Japanese and Chinese speaking.*** Sony! Lucky I still have my psp go and brite for all my homebrew needs. So for me, this update is pretty useless considering almost all the titles on sale are titles I cant play!

  18. Sakuryu

    I want my chrono cross!! and Legend of Dragoon! Then I’ll be happy ……till ps2 backups are announced >.>

  19. Xianten

    harvest moon is not on that list but it still allowed me to transfer the game to the vita….plays just fine too.

  20. stonie

    US vita, could not downlaod my copy of abe’s exodus from the download list, might try to copy form ps3 later tonight

  21. ArcAngelZz

    Thank god for RE:Director’s Cut!

  22. Jvhellraiser

    That list did not happen today only
    9 games are release today only sadly.
    I cant believe Sony did this but they did
    That means they really dont care about us
    at all,this will be the last portable device a buy
    From Sony or console. Not happy at all and dont
    Came telling oh take them from ur PS3 cause i dont
    Have one!!!!

  23. sean13128

    Confirmed most titles not on the list still transfer from ps3 and play on the Vita with no problem, however Chrono Cross doesn’t even show up to transfer.

  24. Jesse