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PS Vita firmware 1.80 blocks VHBL


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205 Responses

  1. XHARO

    =/ this is sad i just wanted to play psOne games but i need a fukn ps3

  2. XHARO

    ***??? why did my face chang?

  3. jlo138

    Time to bring out the big guns. Here come the hackers. Sony, you made a big mistake. I’ll stick to my updated 3ds with a supercard dstwo that still works on the newest firmware. Oh yeah, and NSMB2.

  4. I got a problem on my ps vita and i’m on 1.67!!! I download the content manager assistant and when I get in it, it say I have to update the lastest firmware, but I don’t won’t to download 1.80!!!

    • No1

      Use Open CMA instead. It isnt much use if you dont have the PSP game installed though. At least i’m pretty sure you need to update the firmware if you want to access the PS Store.

  5. Dombre

    Sony its open season for hackers now.

  6. Aneudi

    wololo never said that the exploit did not work on 1.80, he just said that the new CMA update doesn’t allow any files like emulator to be put into the vita. Someone correct me if im wrong

    • No1

      Correct, but since you cant copy the files over to the Vita, it is efficiently blocking the exploit to work properly.

  7. Dombre

    every thing vhbl and homebrew works in 1.8 the issue is the way to transfer the files onto the vita is blocked.

  8. Omar

    What are the other unwelcome updates?

  9. Eman

    A good prediction is that something better will be released in the near future since Sony creates more roadblocks for developers and hackers to overcome! More people attacking the situation = closer to FREEDOM from Sony’s Rules using the system.

  10. stonie

    oh dang i jsut tried to download vhbl under the vitas broswer( thinking it might allow it seeing how i’m sure it would not be placed correctly) u can’t even do that 😛

  11. James

    Screw it ….anyone want a New vita………I am going to get something i can MAME on …portable……….

  12. 2die4

    What about a dex ps3 to copy files onto the ps vita

  13. James

    It WILL be broken…….code cannot stop code…….everything gets hacked……but it might be old news by then

  14. matt

    hey, does anybody know how to avoid getting the “oldest” version of the comments when going back to different pages? I always seem to be stuck seeing the first few comments if I go to a previous comments page, even when there are actually hundreds.

    And also what’s the deal with VHBL? There likely will be a release at this firmware revision, if the problem with transferring through CMA is overcome?

  15. Yes

    Using a PS3 (CEX or DEX) to hack the Vita is not useful at all i think. From what i know, the PS3 just acts like a content manager, and then you might just use a PC, which is the most open platform at all.

  16. Psvitality

    They fixed it!
    Suck it Sony

  17. Ks810

    This site no longer works correctly on my vita. Hmmm.
    Tomb raider does
    not even work right.

  18. Ks810

    Thanks to the spys@sony.

  19. Riku

    Well this sucks :\

    If this is the reason 1.80 took so long to get here than, seriously, screw sony

  20. Metalliphyll

    Neur0n found a way according to his tweet

  21. eviLucifer

    It’s all about time remember this, everything gets hacked on the right time. If Vita is already hacked then it’s incomplete because we won’t get all new features like in 1.80, Sony will patch the exploit and we’ll be stuck on an old FW like PS3 for example 3.55 after that it’s almost impossible to hack and now we miss a lot of features.
    Since Vita is a newborn baby, I think we should wait for a stable FW with the right features we need then it’s the time to release the hack in public and we wouldn’t care for future FW updates.

  22. GingerIpods

    Yass, neur0n has got VHBL to work with the latest CMA https://twitter.com/neur0ner/statuses/240580334427729923

  23. -X-77

    Way to go Neur0n!

  24. CrazyWomen

    At least this is progress so i can’t complain.

  25. 2die4

    You can create a installable vita pill like the ps3 does when you download it from psn you can sign it with official keys that are out spoof psn connection and the firmware on the dex and copy it over as dex 4.20 has vita functionality so install it on 3.55 dex move up to 4.20 dex and copy it

  26. 007

    VHBL for 1.80 with latest CMA :) pic.twitter.com/jMHSywWM

  27. James Way

    I’ve frugal with my $$$ so I only buy stuff I need, want or is too cheap to pass off. I was never going to get the Vita, but I got it as a gift and I have some PSone games that I thought back in March I’d be able to use on it. I don’t intend to get a system in hopes that it can do more than what it is sold to do. Which again was why I was livid when psone games weren’t on it yet when I got it. I like what VHBL will bring to the vita, but I got what I wanted, a pretty high tech piece of portable gaming. Great graphics, ps1, psp, psvita games, PS?, and touch screen capabilities. When VHBL comes to it, which I know it will, hey I’ll take advantage of it’s uses. Sony is not all that bad, even though their minds are occluded and they are not getting the blessing in disguise wololo mentions. They offered us a device, to buy it with your own money expecting it to do much more than what Sony promised and being upset that Sony is trying to keep it as locked down as possible is just idiotic. That’s why people like SKFU are asking for donations, he’s not willing to pay for everything in hopes to succeed, or possibly fail. I recently got Sony’s tablet S. I had wanted it for the longest time ever, that or samsung’s galaxy tab, for the IR to control my entire AV system and even ACs and anything else with IR remotes. Only thing keeping me from buying it was the price. Then Woot had it on sale for like 250 with some extr goodies and I said eff it, good buy. I paid for what Sony said the tab did, not expecting more out of it. When they finally root it, I’ll take it as an added perk, but I in no way bought it for what Root would offer, as it is not sold to be rooted. Keep up the good work though guys. I have a background in networking, not programing so I’ll leave the hacking to the real minds around here.

  28. cris

    it is the time of cfw on ps vita ,sony is just killing the retro lovers with each update,oh well let us see where a vita will go mine is on the shelve as i use my tablet,pretty dissapointed to have a powerfull system with nothing more to do with it cause off locks everywhere….

  29. Adrian

    Wouldn’t it be possible to exploit the Vitas browser? Nearly every browser has a vulnerably in any form. This ancient browser can’t be soooo secure.
    From principle I could imagine:
    1. VHBL files can be download and are put into the browsers cache.
    2. Some exploit starts it.

  30. NobleVita

    Im glad it’s not copying over.

  31. Arnookie

    Has anyone got youtube and direct video download to work again on the vita? Why is the fact that sony stopped the direct video downloads with the javascript not being discussed or at least a warning that updating to 1.80 blocks it? I think that should be front page news also as it effects many users. :o(

    • StepS

      it’s not a javascript i think. it’s media files.
      a user from russian forum reports that some filetypes of video can be downloaded, some not

  32. eze

    please someone help mi i have ps vita 1.80 and i cuold hack ps vita

  33. K-PAX

    The solution can be a C-CMA…which acts like the real one…ask the system to update to a new firmware (CFW ofcourse)….

  34. Fabian

    dont mess it upp aggie there is HOPE! well not today for the VHBL, not tomorrow… NEVER!!! there is no hope anymore !!!
    boooooeeeboooe! *snif* *cry* *snif snif*

  35. F

    Congratulations, communist. Your iPeen is without peer.

  36. StepS

    I think i have answered you on this, but my comment has landed on the premoderation list.
    there are tons of ways to do it better, google “savefrom”… basically you just add “ss” before the youtube.com domain

  37. Arnookie

    Maybe I miss-understand or you don’t get quite what I mean. I could use a java script within the psvita browser and download youtube video directly on the device. Now after the update it no longer works and gives error code co-4753-9 and won’t save.

  38. Arnookie

    Also the savefrom gives similar results co-4752-9 error again. Looks like youtube video download totaly blocked now.

  39. StepS

    so it happens when you click to download? weird, does it happen for other video sites?

  40. Arnookie

    Yes can’t download off anyware now. :O(

  41. StepS

    we don’t have access to file system to download and save to the paths we want

  42. DeadlyData

    The PSP Game it’s self would have access to it’s save data would it not?

    As well as it’s content unless I’m completely wrong and those are some how mounted packages that it reads it’s data from.

    And save data is being accessed via some sort of locked down API?

    In which case I’ve seen in game programming with SDKs the developers always have access to store new data within these packages as well as read data from them, it should essentially be possible using standard directories the game has access to that’s being exploited to save data in that said area.

    I guess it all depends on the size of the buffer being exploited which would determine the amount of data able to be stored unless they’re using NX flags in which case a payload from a buffer wouldn’t really be exploited and they’re probably using a ret to libc method in order to simply execute something on the file system.

  43. Dj Android