PS Vita firmware 1.80 blocks VHBL


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205 Responses

  1. Ryan says:

    Bad news for the scene today. Keep on at it!

  2. tusso says:

    Noooooo…. keep calm!

  3. Dadudeondacouch says:

    Well that is really *** news

  4. celcodioc says:

    That’s not good. On top of that, ProCFW is down again.

  5. meanmachine781 says:

    well…..that sucks :(

  6. Thecodebreaker says:


  7. hahahah..... says:

    hahaha….its good cause eventually vhbl will lead to piracy….

    • Tez says:

      no it wont.. VHBL works inside the PSP emulator, and is sandboxed. at the moment we are only using user exploits, which do NOT allow any type of piracy

  8. thorwak says:

    It seems unlikely there is VERY strict checking on the files being copied – that would require a huge DB with info on what is OK for every single PSP game out there.

    Since the .zip stores everything without compressing (“store” method”) it could be something as simple as a file name and/or byte sequence scan for “known baddies”. Perhaps a simple XOR over all the “savedata” before encryption would be enough to defeat it (XOR reversed by the exploit payload off course)?

    This shouldn’t really be too difficult to defeat, I’ll try it myself later today(at least copy some homebrews – should be enough for a POC right?)

    • wololo says:

      Yup, if you can copy some homebrews that would be good enough as a POC. I have some info and some leads, but I am reluctant to share them publicly for now just in case that gets used against us in 1.81 :)

      • thorwak says:

        Yeah I have some more advanced ideas as well, but they would require more from the user for sure, which is not ideal.

        It will probably be an arms race from now on since more active countermeasues are abviously being taken. To be honest I’m surprised it took this long. If I were Sony and wanted to block VHBL my first step would be the “virus scanner approach” I described. But, that’ll never work except for the current VHBL release (change XOR key) 😛

        • thorwak says:

          POC: I successfully copied pspfiler unmodified installer .zip via new (official) CMA to Vita, renamed to “SECURED0.BIN”. Deleted directory from PC, and copied back again to PC, extracted the SECURED0.BIN and out pops pspfiler.

          What was the problem again? 😉

          (wololo, if you have trouble replicating, PM and I will disclose exact game id and such, in case I just got lucky…)

      • master of shadows (MOS) says:

        Do you have use the ps3 for transfer the mod folder in the vita?
        first: use a pen drive o psp with save folder whit all the file and transfer it in the ps3
        second: copy the mod save to psvita from the ps3.
        the ps3 doesn’t check txt and zip file but the rar didn’t work.
        sorry for my poor english

  9. Jose says:

    Well this is disheartening. We’ll persevere, I have VHBL on 1.69 right now, but I do play online with games such as Resistance, so I’m going to have to update anyways. I’ll miss my SC VHBL, but I had great times playing NES on the go, can’r wait until the next VHBL though, if we get out of this ditch Sony created.

  10. sam says:

    加油 相信你一定能给党带来破解的希望的

  11. Randy is pseudo ) says:

    was thinkin the same thing , sony should think out of the box. i havent Updated my vita just in case something bad would have hapoened, unfortunately something bad did. can i buy the game from my ps3, upload it to my vita and homebrew away? thanks again wololo

  12. BigCockSurprise says:

    Ya that sucks, I think I’ll stay on 1.69 and see where the developments goes. Keep up the good work wololo!

  13. VitaHack says:

    Wololo, thank you for all of your help and hard work! There is nothing more I would like than to play some SNES and Cps1 and 2 on my Vita. I hope that you can continue your research and become successful at hacking 1.80.

  14. windgust says:

    wow 1.80 blocks the vhbl what a let down and i updated to.
    well if any luck something good might happen. but wololo i was wondering if i could be a beta test for testing.

  15. Davee says:

    Easy solution. Exploit in your savedata, then use savedata routines to load another savedata (perhaps of a game you do not own or another slot). In this, have a zip archive with manifest or w/e.

    PC tools can be made to decrypt/encrypt savedata so should be an easy enough process.

    • Davee says:

      alternatively, provide an api for a homebrew db and use it to install stuff, to ease things for users.

      • thorwak says:

        Depends a bit on exactly what they are scanning for, and where. I assume it’s done on the Vita side (unless they are morons). Say they are also doing a simple disasm to look for chunks of valid code code (no unknown ops, valid syscalls or whatever). But maybe I should shut up now 😉

  16. Alex says:

    Wololo when it will be ready vhbl.
    It will launch today hack yes or no?

  17. Raziel says:

    Dam really disappointed =( my dream of having to play N64, NES, Gameboy so on games has been destroyed at least for now. Thanks again for your hard work Wololo im sure your probably the most upset by this news then any of us since VHBL is essentially *your baby*.
    Hopefully the good fight continues and we get a break in the future with anew exploit.

  18. Zorak_Torok says:

    Im kinda lucky… I dont have to choose to update or not. I have yet to get vhbl on my vita, so still not having it, i dont have to choose between psn and mortal kombat online or avp on cps2. I am disheartened that i am stuck in the sony mold… I do not like that at all… Mabey, knowing that they loose money on each console, i should hit up ebay for a second one. I dont know if i can justify it or not, but i KNOW i cant justify that 100 i spent to upgrade my son to a 3dsxl… Dunno though, that ONE 3d movie avengers split into 10 files is awsome :-> You wouldnt beleive the huge awsome pixels our flashcart loads up on lego whatever! Off subject, just rethinking my spending decisions. §÷¬

  19. Acid_Snake says:

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.

  20. Ventirius says:

    This means we have waited for nothing ?
    Very nice <.<
    Does anyone know when it is possible again to copy not allowed files to the vita?

    • psVitovic says:

      oh my, that was the question nobody thought of asking. You my friend must have an IQ the size of an elephant /sarcasm/

  21. CrystalMusic says:

    Oh *** this news… why why???

  22. Fabian says:

    N00000000, what now?! No vhbl. Not today not tomorrow never !!! :,(

  23. Hassan says:

    When will the 1.69 be realeased

  24. KeZ says:

    Sony is laughing of us. But the hole’s still there. It’s time to donate to SKFU to get a PS Vita dev.

  25. bb says:

    I updated to 1.80 and I fear that I can’t go back or downgrade right? I really hope a solution is found. The emulators with an OLED screen = best emu ever.

  26. Roland says:

    Man I had this whole debate with myself: Could a ditch Wagic for awhile in order to play Legend Of Mana on my Vita?
    I decided yea, I’ll get Wagic again at some point.
    Come to find I can’t have Legend Of Mana and I can’t have Wagic!

  27. bb says:

    btw – b/c we were forced to wait until 1.80 is out, please only release the VHBL when a fix is found for 1.80 as opposed to wasting the exploit on a dated FW….

  28. mike says:

    Would it be possible to copy the files then update to 1.8?

    • StepS says:

      yeah, but you will not be able to adjust any homebrews to your collection after updating to 1.80.
      also i think that VHBL itself is going to be released after the removal of the game, so this will not work unless the tactic for releasing changes.

  29. squiggs says:

    my brains…. on the walls…. right now…. lets go

  30. Sk8elvin says:

    Man i was really exited bout this vhbl , shame on u sony n wololo keep up the gud work hopefully ull succeed , ill just have to be patient .

  31. Fabian says:

    wololo u think u can fix the problem today? or tomorrow?!!! answer back…

    ur the glory hero of the VHBL !!!

    p.s lets go tonight to the sony big boss, and we are going to slam his azz !!!

  32. dras says:

    Could wololo release another 1.69 Vhbl just with a different game.

  33. psVitovic says:

    wolo, do you have any info from those guys that supposedly have the kernel exploit if their thing is still working even on this firmware?

    it would be very interesting to know if sony developed this file transfer security to directly deal with vhbl

    • StepS says:

      I’m 99% sure that the unannounced exploits by themselves still work fine on 1.80.
      It’s just matter of transferring them to the vita.

  34. Jd8531 says:

    My day just got worse if that’s even possible, but no worries I have some ideas I think would work. I’ll go test them a little later.

  35. sal says:

    would it be wise to not update?

  36. Pirate Cat says:

    Looks like it’s firmware camping time.

  37. Noel Abercrombie says:

    Couldn’t an update to OpenCMA fix this?

  38. sal says:

    I am disappointed with sony again. They have to realize they are competing with tablets like the new nexus 7 by google that would have no problem with people like wololo. I wish i never bought the vita at the release date and I got the 3g model what a waste.

  39. OMightyBuggy says:

    Well my Vita goes back in the drawer to collect dust… No PSOne games yet or VHBL. :(

    Back to my 3DS with New Super Mario Bro 2. :)

  40. sal says:

    Oh P.S. I bought vita in intentions to play remote play they have tricky advertisement.

  41. Jvhellraiser says:

    Para los que no entiendan ingles,Wololo
    Acaba de informar que Vhbl fue blokeado
    In este update,firmware 1.80 y que no solo
    Eso a blokeado el content manager abierto
    Eso quiere decir que no habra manaera de
    Copiar el VHBL al Psvita y si se lograra hacer
    algo el les informara.

  42. ZeRo says:

    Will use a custom CMA to transfer the files, maybe work?

  43. Ryuji says:

    Is this mean “if you still in FW 1.69 you can install VHBL?”

  44. xoom says:

    Wat about the kernel exploits?? They blocked too??

  45. Khyle says:

    Wait so if we are still on 1.69 FW can we transfer everything with open cma then update for it to work?

    • anonymous says:

      yup definitely

      • Sycran says:

        Nooooooo! This is super sad.
        But I like Khyle’s point, can we still move the files on 1.69FW and just update then, boom, VHBL??

      • -X-77 says:

        whew, good thing i didnt update. i was tempted, but homebrew even the minor ones are more fun to me then BS restricted and limited official Sony ones. Im paitiently waiting for the…~µ¦µ¿ª R313453~ ‹_< ¬_¬ (u aint see nothin! €.€) …Hope the game is not too expensive.

  46. Arash Andalib says:

    The only possible light i see at the end of the tunnel is the recent find of the debug firmware if wololo or someone else gets their hands on that firmware and cracks the 90 day check or works something out during the 90 days we might have a working version of vbhl on the actual vita os not the psp one or an app like cydia thats on the ios but that will also bring piracy too because its not in the psp os anymore so it has its own pros and cons ….. just hope that wololo can figure something out on how to get a cydia like app working on the ps vita cause that would be awesome !!!!!

    • Jd8531 says:

      There is no way anyone can get a debug unit other than stealing/Illegally. Even so the debug unit doesn’t have many helpful things as shown in the video

  47. MGB says:

    Ohhh !
    i hope there solution for it :)

  48. cspaden says:

    Hey is there anyway of obtaining the latest firmware and trying to find a hole in the software so to speak?

  49. Jdubz says:

    Wow, such a long wait for such disappointing news. I am however still on 1.69. Is there still any plans for a ninja release for those of us who did not update? Also if I still do get vhbl and I do want to update to 1.8 afterwards, it sounds to me like I have to preload my vita with pretty much everything I want first, as I would not be able to add any files to it after the update. Is that accurate?

  50. anonymous says:

    Just want to clarify, if I’m already using fw 1.80, openCMA r3 is no longer compatible with the CMA that 1.80 uses?

  51. PAULO says:

    Wololo you could make the VHBL for those who have not updated yet? For those still on 1.69?

  52. PAULO says:


  53. PAULO says:


  54. Djdeath says:

    I’m still able to go on the PSN store and download PsP/Vita games by using a proxy and by modifying the psp2-update list, i dont know for how much longer this will work, so for now i wont be updating to 1.80 for the time being.
    I’m on 1.69.

    • PrincessGale says:

      I tried doing that but it didn’t work. Can you explain more about it? What proxy server did you use? and how exactly did you modify?

      I’m still on 1.69 too. ^_^

  55. auron says:

    its time to hack it like IOS. that should be interesting if its possible.

  56. Samuel says:

    With the FW 1.80 you’re not able to download youtube videos ( some countries doesn’t have youtube app for psvita )
    **** you Sony

  57. Josh says:

    Will Wololo be working on a way to get around this (/think of something else for the Vita)?

  58. keane says:

    To download YouTube videos, can’t you just put an ss in front of the video you want to download, it works for me on a vita, 1.80, I tried it, so say a video,
    Change it to http://www.ssyoutube

    It works :) and you get to pick type of download, mp4 high or low quality!

  59. keane says:

    Yes of course wololo and others will look and find work arounds, they have already said a few that they can try, even Davee has come up with two ways that could work 😀 so fingers crossed!

  60. Salfai says:

    So if we i’m not in 1.8 i can copy the VHBL on the Vita, update my Vita and it will work?

  61. michek says:

    ufffffff que mal, pero animo siempre tiene que existir alguna brecha de seguridad

    no nos desaninemos!!!!!

  62. keane says:

    If you get the new VBHL, from wololo, say you did, and copy all the files you want including lots of homebrew, then after update, the exploit will work as the save game hasn’t been patched, only the method of adding files like the vhbl exploit, so yes, if you did get vhbl that hasn’t been patched on the vita and then update it will work.

    Though you will not be able to add any more files like homebrew inside the save data anymore I believe unles they find a work around. And then also the exploit will be patched when announced with 1.81

  63. keane says:

    If you get the new vhbl on 1.69 or less…*

  64. Syko says:

    Wololo, please don’t back down from the ninja release. There are plenty of people who haven’t updated and will use it. You can still probably trasfer the game via a PS3. I’ve been waiting since the first announcement about VHBL for 1.69/1.80. Don’t dissapoint so much users, please.

    • James Way says:

      I don’t think it’s so much wololo’s decision, but the programmer that worked on the hack. VHBL is his baby, but others have worked to get it to work on the vita using their own tricks and psp games. Plus with the small number of possbile pspgame exploits out there, it may not be a smart move to release with only a few number of users with the old firmware. Most people, as myself, updated as soon as it came out, not expecting CMA to be patched as it was. VHBL will come for it, but I can see why they would choose to make sure the user base is large, rather than wasting a good game exploit for a small percentage of the vita population.

  65. keane says:

    That’s if actually got the new game, then have the vhbl for it from wololo, which hasn’t been released or announced, but if you did get the vhbl on the PS vita now, one thats compatible with the exploited game then yes,update and the exploit works, though you would to transfer before you update all of the homebrew you want on the vita before you update too because the new 1.80 firmware blocks the method of transfering files.

    But yes, exploit game thats not patched plus vhbl files on PS vita at 1.69 or less, update, the exploit works :)

  66. keane says:

    sorry for a re-post, the browser showed an old post and I thought it was the newest :/ lol!

  67. Chase says:

    I updated to 1.80 so i cant use vhbl?

  68. XHARO says:

    Damn so im sc*** haha cuz i updated and i only have a vita an im hearing tha you have to transfer psOne games using a ps3

  69. XHARO says:

    Is it true or will the ps store refresh and you will be able to download from the vita?

  70. bb says:

    DO NOT RELEASE THE EXPLOIT FOR OLDER FW. You made us all wait and now that it’s here, don’t go back on your word. Patience is key as a fix will be found for 1.80. Otherwise, we’re wasting the expoit on an old FW, reducing the use to so many as the majority updated for PS1 support.

  71. Dj Android says:

    You can always downgrade. The playstation site didn’t update the upgrade files. its still 1.69. BETTER HURRY BEFORE THEY CHANGE IT!!!

  72. Karma_Darkly says:

    Oh no. D:

  73. Khyle says:

    I just decided I am going to update…. I can wait I have a psp to play homebrew and emulators on thanks for all your hard work wololo!

  74. bb says:

    wait what? Downgrading the FW? Is that really possible?

  75. xoom says:

    At least announce the name of the game so we can get it while we can still access PS store on 1.69

  76. bb says:

    I guess that’s right – even with 1.69 you can’t even access PSN (for example my vita said must update to go into psn) and it appears there is a CMA issue with 1.69 even if you were able to somehow log into PSN (probly proxy workaround?) so it seems that finding a way around this 1.8 is the only option.

  77. xelaalex says:

    ……well this sucks!

  78. Dj Android says:

    Ill make a HD video (no gimics) showing how i did it. Im pretty sure there was a work-around to download YouTube videos.

  79. Karma_Darkly says:

    Does the new update block all vhbl files? I was able to still transfer the super collapse 3 vhbl save data to my vita on the updated open cma.

  80. XHARO says:

    =/ this is sad i just wanted to play psOne games but i need a fukn ps3

  81. XHARO says:

    ***??? why did my face chang?

  82. jlo138 says:

    Time to bring out the big guns. Here come the hackers. Sony, you made a big mistake. I’ll stick to my updated 3ds with a supercard dstwo that still works on the newest firmware. Oh yeah, and NSMB2.

  83. I got a problem on my ps vita and i’m on 1.67!!! I download the content manager assistant and when I get in it, it say I have to update the lastest firmware, but I don’t won’t to download 1.80!!!

    • No1 says:

      Use Open CMA instead. It isnt much use if you dont have the PSP game installed though. At least i’m pretty sure you need to update the firmware if you want to access the PS Store.

  84. Dombre says:

    Sony its open season for hackers now.

  85. Aneudi says:

    wololo never said that the exploit did not work on 1.80, he just said that the new CMA update doesn’t allow any files like emulator to be put into the vita. Someone correct me if im wrong

  86. Dombre says:

    every thing vhbl and homebrew works in 1.8 the issue is the way to transfer the files onto the vita is blocked.

  87. Omar says:

    What are the other unwelcome updates?

  88. Eman says:

    A good prediction is that something better will be released in the near future since Sony creates more roadblocks for developers and hackers to overcome! More people attacking the situation = closer to FREEDOM from Sony’s Rules using the system.

  89. stonie says:

    oh dang i jsut tried to download vhbl under the vitas broswer( thinking it might allow it seeing how i’m sure it would not be placed correctly) u can’t even do that 😛

  90. James says:

    Screw it ….anyone want a New vita………I am going to get something i can MAME on …portable……….

  91. 2die4 says:

    What about a dex ps3 to copy files onto the ps vita

  92. James says:

    It WILL be broken…….code cannot stop code…….everything gets hacked……but it might be old news by then

  93. matt says:

    hey, does anybody know how to avoid getting the “oldest” version of the comments when going back to different pages? I always seem to be stuck seeing the first few comments if I go to a previous comments page, even when there are actually hundreds.

    And also what’s the deal with VHBL? There likely will be a release at this firmware revision, if the problem with transferring through CMA is overcome?

  94. Yes says:

    Using a PS3 (CEX or DEX) to hack the Vita is not useful at all i think. From what i know, the PS3 just acts like a content manager, and then you might just use a PC, which is the most open platform at all.

  95. Psvitality says:

    They fixed it!
    Suck it Sony

  96. Ks810 says:

    This site no longer works correctly on my vita. Hmmm.
    Tomb raider does
    not even work right.

  97. Ks810 says:

    Thanks to the spys@sony.

  98. Riku says:

    Well this sucks :\

    If this is the reason 1.80 took so long to get here than, seriously, screw sony

  99. eviLucifer says:

    It’s all about time remember this, everything gets hacked on the right time. If Vita is already hacked then it’s incomplete because we won’t get all new features like in 1.80, Sony will patch the exploit and we’ll be stuck on an old FW like PS3 for example 3.55 after that it’s almost impossible to hack and now we miss a lot of features.
    Since Vita is a newborn baby, I think we should wait for a stable FW with the right features we need then it’s the time to release the hack in public and we wouldn’t care for future FW updates.

  100. GingerIpods says:

    Yass, neur0n has got VHBL to work with the latest CMA

  101. -X-77 says:

    Way to go Neur0n!

  102. CrazyWomen says:

    At least this is progress so i can’t complain.

  103. 2die4 says:

    You can create a installable vita pill like the ps3 does when you download it from psn you can sign it with official keys that are out spoof psn connection and the firmware on the dex and copy it over as dex 4.20 has vita functionality so install it on 3.55 dex move up to 4.20 dex and copy it

  104. 007 says:

    VHBL for 1.80 with latest CMA :)

  105. James Way says:

    I’ve frugal with my $$$ so I only buy stuff I need, want or is too cheap to pass off. I was never going to get the Vita, but I got it as a gift and I have some PSone games that I thought back in March I’d be able to use on it. I don’t intend to get a system in hopes that it can do more than what it is sold to do. Which again was why I was livid when psone games weren’t on it yet when I got it. I like what VHBL will bring to the vita, but I got what I wanted, a pretty high tech piece of portable gaming. Great graphics, ps1, psp, psvita games, PS?, and touch screen capabilities. When VHBL comes to it, which I know it will, hey I’ll take advantage of it’s uses. Sony is not all that bad, even though their minds are occluded and they are not getting the blessing in disguise wololo mentions. They offered us a device, to buy it with your own money expecting it to do much more than what Sony promised and being upset that Sony is trying to keep it as locked down as possible is just idiotic. That’s why people like SKFU are asking for donations, he’s not willing to pay for everything in hopes to succeed, or possibly fail. I recently got Sony’s tablet S. I had wanted it for the longest time ever, that or samsung’s galaxy tab, for the IR to control my entire AV system and even ACs and anything else with IR remotes. Only thing keeping me from buying it was the price. Then Woot had it on sale for like 250 with some extr goodies and I said eff it, good buy. I paid for what Sony said the tab did, not expecting more out of it. When they finally root it, I’ll take it as an added perk, but I in no way bought it for what Root would offer, as it is not sold to be rooted. Keep up the good work though guys. I have a background in networking, not programing so I’ll leave the hacking to the real minds around here.

  106. cris says:

    it is the time of cfw on ps vita ,sony is just killing the retro lovers with each update,oh well let us see where a vita will go mine is on the shelve as i use my tablet,pretty dissapointed to have a powerfull system with nothing more to do with it cause off locks everywhere….

  107. Adrian says:

    Wouldn’t it be possible to exploit the Vitas browser? Nearly every browser has a vulnerably in any form. This ancient browser can’t be soooo secure.
    From principle I could imagine:
    1. VHBL files can be download and are put into the browsers cache.
    2. Some exploit starts it.

  108. NobleVita says:

    Im glad it’s not copying over.

  109. Arnookie says:

    Has anyone got youtube and direct video download to work again on the vita? Why is the fact that sony stopped the direct video downloads with the javascript not being discussed or at least a warning that updating to 1.80 blocks it? I think that should be front page news also as it effects many users. :o(

    • StepS says:

      it’s not a javascript i think. it’s media files.
      a user from russian forum reports that some filetypes of video can be downloaded, some not

  110. eze says:

    please someone help mi i have ps vita 1.80 and i cuold hack ps vita

  111. K-PAX says:

    The solution can be a C-CMA…which acts like the real one…ask the system to update to a new firmware (CFW ofcourse)….

  112. Fabian says:

    dont mess it upp aggie there is HOPE! well not today for the VHBL, not tomorrow… NEVER!!! there is no hope anymore !!!
    boooooeeeboooe! *snif* *cry* *snif snif*

  113. F says:

    Congratulations, communist. Your iPeen is without peer.

  114. StepS says:

    I think i have answered you on this, but my comment has landed on the premoderation list.
    there are tons of ways to do it better, google “savefrom”… basically you just add “ss” before the domain

  115. Arnookie says:

    Maybe I miss-understand or you don’t get quite what I mean. I could use a java script within the psvita browser and download youtube video directly on the device. Now after the update it no longer works and gives error code co-4753-9 and won’t save.

  116. Arnookie says:

    Also the savefrom gives similar results co-4752-9 error again. Looks like youtube video download totaly blocked now.

  117. StepS says:

    so it happens when you click to download? weird, does it happen for other video sites?

  118. Arnookie says:

    Yes can’t download off anyware now. :O(

  119. StepS says:

    we don’t have access to file system to download and save to the paths we want

  120. DeadlyData says:

    The PSP Game it’s self would have access to it’s save data would it not?

    As well as it’s content unless I’m completely wrong and those are some how mounted packages that it reads it’s data from.

    And save data is being accessed via some sort of locked down API?

    In which case I’ve seen in game programming with SDKs the developers always have access to store new data within these packages as well as read data from them, it should essentially be possible using standard directories the game has access to that’s being exploited to save data in that said area.

    I guess it all depends on the size of the buffer being exploited which would determine the amount of data able to be stored unless they’re using NX flags in which case a payload from a buffer wouldn’t really be exploited and they’re probably using a ret to libc method in order to simply execute something on the file system.

  121. Dj Android says:

    hmm. I see, ill make a online program for the vita. It will take a day or 2, but i will make one.

  122. keane says:

    Oh sorry, I thought it worked, but i didn’t actually try to download something, my bad

  123. theknox1992 says:

    without an administrator account (correction)

  124. No1 says:

    It will always be like this. It was like this from day one of the Vita launch, and Sony will try to do everything to keep it secure. If it feels bad, why did you buy it? Just wondering. I dont understand why people buy something and then complain later on how it is.

  125. No1 says:

    I mean, i can understand if they buy something and the item isnt working properly. Then i understand the complaints. But it was known that the Vita was a closed system from day 1.

  126. wololo says:

    Not entirely true. The PSP was a closed system. The vita, on the other hand, is the mother of all closed systems.
    Sony did not announce how CMA would work, how copying files to the system would require constant internet connection, etc… that was discovered by early buyers after they had made the purchase.

    Even today, few websites explain clearly how restrictive CMA really is.

  127. No1 says:

    I still dont see the big problem with CMA. Having to have internet connection is not really a problem at all in these days, generally speaking. I mean, certainly in some cases people dont always have internet access, maybe if they are traveling with a laptop to take on example. But for the most part, having internet connection is not a problem for most people.

    How CMA works is pretty self explanatory from my experience. You install the program on your PC, then connect the Vita. Then you get option on the Vita screen what you can do.

  128. No1 says:

    In 2 years, definitelly. In 10 years? No idea to be honest. 10 years is a long time, much can happen by then.

    But if the servers is being shut down in 10 years from now, i hope that Sony updates the CMA so that it doesnt require internet connection. I’m not sure why it requires internet connection in the first place. I mean, seeing that OpenCMA works fine, it doesnt seem to be any heavy online checks going on. Based on this, i guess that it shouldnt be a problem to do an official CMA that doesnt require a internet connection.

    But i guess there will be some solution in the future, official or unofficial :)


  129. No1 says:

    Sorry, no idea why that “B” came at the end of my previous post.

  130. No1 says:

    I probably hit some button by accident.

  131. wololo says:

    So, you trust that Sony’s servers will still be here in 2 years… how about in 10 years?

  1. August 28, 2012

    […] Per maggiori dettagli vi rimando al post di wololo—>LINK […]

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