[PSP] Minis: Those cool little games

After having played a lot of commercial games on my PSP, I started getting bored, and forgot my PSP in the far end of my drawer, but a few months ago I found something to “revive” my PSP: Minis.

Yes, those games you can buy in the PSN and that you think are not good enough just because of it’s size. Well, Minis are actually fun games and can sometimes be even better than commercial games. Cheap, small but fun. So, if you don’t use your PSP anymore, why don’t you try some Minis?

Personal recommendation
After having tried quite a lot of Minis, my Top 5 would be:

5. Angry Birds

The classic game for iOS and Android also for PSP, most of you know what it is about and have played it already, but it is still a good game for the PSP.

4. Who’s that flying?

Really fun game where you have to save the earth from the aliens. You start in New York and then head off to other cities until you manage to stop the invasion completely.

3. Zenonia

RPG that resembles the game Zelda for the NDS, GBA, Wii and N64. Even though it is a Mini the story is quite long and you can buy a lot of things to make your character a better warrior.

2. TNT Racers

Car racing game like Mario Kart, really fun to play and with good-quality graphics.

1. Age of Zombies

The story mode is quite short(Aprox. 1 hour) but what it really stands out for is for it’s survival mode, where you have to last as many waves as possible.

How about you guys, are there any minis you’d recommend? Some you didn’t like? Some that are really a good deal for the price?

  1. 950931’s avatar

    Wish I could download angry birds on my ps vita.


  2. Dave’s avatar

    I think Sony forgot they released the Vita


  3. MGB’s avatar

    You should try Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess its a good game :)


  4. ???’s avatar

    All of you should definitely try Age Of Zombies its so effin funny but like all minis its a little bit short but worth your money


  5. PSPcfwDUDE’s avatar

    I’m definetly going to try Zenonia. Is it as good as zelda wololo?


    1. wololo’s avatar

      To clarify, this article was written by Guest blogger m.rr, not by me :)


  6. Kid’s avatar

    Sony needs to hurry up and add the android market place to the Vita.


  7. svenn’s avatar

    Actually there is a homebrew alternative for that last game : Boxhead you can download it for free :)

    You can see me suck at it here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4w1lSBDM64


  8. dimy93’s avatar

    Try one epic game-it’s my favourite mini
    it’s addictive 2d shooter with simple but hard to master controls and very funny history


  9. a.s’s avatar

    vita hack!


  10. Xargoth’s avatar

    N.O.V.A. would have to be my favorite “Mini” on the PSP.


    1. xSpectrum’s avatar

      I have N.O.V.A. and I don’t think I COULD play it on PSP. I DLed it on my Vita with the extra money from SC3.
      I tried playing it on my PS3 and almost became an-hero. True story.

      Also, Angry Birds has an AWFUL framerate on both of my PSPs, I have to play it on PS3 for any positive effect. And my Vita is on a different account, so I can’t even try that.


  11. LeRoux’s avatar

    Having lots of fun with Farm Frenzy at the moment, downloaded Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess a while back but haven’t given it a try yet


  12. anonymous’s avatar

    The best Mini i played so far is THE IMPOSSIBLE GAME. Its really one of the greatest.


    1. SofaKing™’s avatar

      LOVE the impossible game , i was lucky only $0.99! cant forget tetris and retro cave flyer! zombie racers good times good fun!


  13. Bret’s avatar

    I loved 30-second Hero…It was difficult but enjoyable. It was pretty cool game!



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