Release: PS3 Cheats Editor 1.1

Cheats are now accessible to everyone on a CFW PS3 thanks to the reverse of PS3Usercheat by octox0r, and for those of you who’d like to dig deeper, developer aldostools has released a GUI to edit the cheats database.

The changes you make through this tool are compatible with oct0xor’s PS3UserCheat reverse.


Download PS3 Cheats Editor here

Download PS3UserCheats here

I’m curious, who here is using those cheats, and what games do you use them for? Are you generally using this to make the game easier to beat, or to achieve cool things that the game would not otherwise allow? (I’ve seen people flying in GTA…)

Source: aldostools via ps3hax

  1. rapgod’s avatar

    Can you use this for skyrim and nba 2k12 and max panye 3 if so then I would use it


    1. Wrozen’s avatar

      Doubt it bud. As of now, you must either convert your ps3 to a debug unit to use unsigned code and still play new games, or you have to have a 3.55 Cfw console with a dongle that allows you to play newer games on 3.55.


      1. fate6’s avatar

        you dont need that dingle berry any more :3



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