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[PS3] Retroarch 0.9.7, The multi engine emulator


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  1. Squarepusher says:

    Don’t forget that I/we have a Xbox 360, Wii and Xbox 1 port of RetroArch to go along with it too.

    I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing a PSP port eventually – I’ll have to see how/if that pans out.

  2. Squarepusher says:

    Cave Story/NXEngine runs on PC – the problem porting it to the big-endian consoles is down to the little endian nature of the data files – this will require a lot of tracking down and I could really appreciate a keen and able guy to help along with the process as it’s time consuming.

    NXEngine/Cave Story technically runs right now on Wii/PS3, but the game logic is totally broken due to endianness issues – enemies don’t move, destroyable star tiles don’t get destroyed, and so on.

  3. trillerkiller says:

    sweet finally a emulator to play Sega CD games on xbox360

  4. SalahIsAnIdiot says:

    When is 1.80 coming out?

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