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Apple beats Samsung in court, now what?


Italian, developer for fun, Android & GNU/Linux user, Microsoft hates me.

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  1. JoseA2110 says:

    Apple will use the money to pay the jury and the judge that
    obviously.This really was a handicap match like wrestling American company and American court vs. South Korean company. the ugly truth

  2. Aces says:

    i’ve been doing pinch to zoom on laptop touchpads for ages

  3. Bob says:

    If you don’t know anything about these things then why are you writing a hate post? Maybe take a quick glance at the e-mails Samsung were exchanging? They were obviously infringing on purpose. Yes, the infringements were stupid, but the malicious intent was definitely there on Samsung’s fault.

    -Sent from Galaxy S II

    • wololo says:

      I’m with Bob to some extent on this one. I’ve always seen Apple as an evil corporation, and that’s not going to change anytime soon, but in-depth discussions with people who have been following Apple (and Samsung) for a long time convinced me that Samsung were really intentionally trying to copy Apple.

      In the end, it was no surprise that their most popular devices were the ones that were so close to Apple’s products, so to me, they got this coming.

      I am personally against software and design patents, but in this case I really think Apple was not trying something edgy.

      In the end it’s not Apple that is to blame here, it’s the patent system that allows to patent such trivial things in the first place.

      Edit: and I agree that the ones losing the most from this are consumers. Apple, instead of losing so much time in court, should simply keep being one step ahead of the competition, this is what they’ve been doing for years, and as far as I can tell, it’s worked pretty well for them so far.

    • freddy_156 says:

      Apple’s argument on design patents was “Their deviceslook like ours, costumers are confused and buy them thinking they’re Apple products”
      Samsung was doing this intentionally? Most likely, but I don’t think anybody ever bought a Galaxy S thinking it was an iPhone 3G.

      • kuro kitsune says:

        id have to disagree… you be surprized how many times im on my s2 skyrocket and people go “oh cool you havean iphone?” i glare at them for a moment woundering if there.kidding and there not then i have to explain its a samsung s2 skyrocket then i get looked at like im the *** lol ranting aside these stuff is stupid.. imho orginailty does not exist no matter how crazy or complex your idea are something had to of sparked it

  4. w7y7a7t7t says:

    not sure if your aware but apples currently being sued by Motorola (now owned by google now), but there not just hitting the iphone, no there pretty much hitting ever peice of hardware apple makes. i’m not to sure about the details, but i know if google wins, there will be an import ban in the us on iphones, ipods, imacs, macbook, macbook pros, mac minis, and ipads

    • Clad says:

      Not sure if what your saying is true, but if it is then you can be sure as heck that an import ban in America won’t last. The public here would consider it as too much of an intrusion, even if it is legal. I still can’t believe that were running on the same patent system that we started with.

      It was made to protect major inventions that differed greatly from normality at the time, not the shape of a device. Yes Samsung copied, but really? The length of a current patent makes it where if nobody copied we would all be using flip-phones and one company would be selling smartphones nowadays. All in all without competition the lack of innovation to draw public attention would mean a slower rate of progress for the system as a whole.

      • Zerojett says:

        An import ban is what Apple is doing to Samsung…

        Sony was using rounded edges on their phones years and years ago?

        What else is square with rounded edges… lets see who else we can sue! Go Apple! v_v

  5. James Way says:

    I’ll stick to android. Got my galaxy S hacked every which way. It is tailored to MY needs, not the needs Apple allows me to have.

    • thecodebreaker says:

      After owning an original galaxy, I’ll stick to my iPhone. I have it hacked every which way, and it is also tailored to my needs.

  6. Kevin Cho says:

    I just sold all of my apple products in my house. Gotta get a new phone, computer and a tablet…

  7. PSPcfwDUDE says:

    I get the point of copying some stuff from apple. But Apple doesnt understand that their prices are ridicilus. 700/800 euros/dollars for a *** device? Well atleast 300/400 is better.

  8. ffff says:

    I always knew Apple is a bunch of moaners

    Sent from Samsung Galaxy S III

  9. Dovahkiin says:

    So let me get this straight if I code/have something similar to any iOS features it is infringement? Aren’t all os’s based on Unix anyways… if that is the case then technically everyone ie. Microsoft and Apple is infringing right o.O …

    really confused now…

  10. svenn says:

    Infinte Irony. They all stole it from each other they forgot who had it first. I bet they stole it from the bible, mozes hit the stone twice to gain water …

    I’d be a great judge.

  11. Acid_Snake says:

    I bet the judge uses an iPhone

  12. Chasez671 says:

    Honestly, it’s just like kids fighting over how the other one copied them, but the difference is: they’re not kids, they’re (supposedly)adults. Apple is so dang greedy. I mean, even to the point where they’re suing over something so small as a “Bounce” feature while scrolling? Pathetic.

    I hope someone sues Apple and they get their *** handed right back to them.

  13. analysis230 says:

    apple is just jealous that they could not match samsung galaxy S3/// ๐Ÿ˜›

  14. PrimeNexes says:

    Well I have an iPod Shuffle which ( I know ) Have the processor of samsung and Apple buys products from samsung.
    Apple is NOT Behind samsung after all THEY WANT ANDROID !!That’s what Apple wants !! They Have Awesome hardware ipod sounds great but there software sucks Apple makes Products for rich and Google’s Android … You can find it anywhere in any device ! Apple should make there software User Friendly NOT RICH User Friendly ๐Ÿ™‚
    In funny Part Apple should file cases in China !! Well there will be 100’s of cases there ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. droyd666 says:

    Ha, I actually own a Samsung Captivate which is one of the so called design infringing phones. Why does apple want everyone to suffer by using their crappy, useless, expensive phones? And that case is total ***, apple obviously has the judge paid off.

  16. Josh says:

    Nokia have been making phones with grids of icons as part of their menu for 15 years, they should sue the *** out of Apple. If Apple own the scroll bounce and pinch to zoom then they can sue every phone, tablet and laptop maker for the thousands of products that use those things. Come on. How can you patent pnich to zoom?

    How much of the iPhone is made with Samsung hardware anyway? It’s ridiculous.

    • freddy_156 says:

      Latest iPad screen and iPhone/iPad/iPod processors are manufactured by Samsung.

      • matt says:

        Luckily a contract probably prevents Samsung from ending production out of spite ;p

        Seriously, though, these ideas should be insufficiently complex to stand up as infringing on Apple’s patents without the related proof that Samsung was “copying” intentionally.

  17. SSJ-Vita says:

    Yeah true that, I may just have to get rid of my apple stuff as well. I know a good gaming store that buys used goods in store credit, my vita could use some minis and whatnot via psn cards. “Smell ya later” -Gary Oak-

  18. The good thing is that Android is safe, only Samsung has got affected. Actually Samsung was not just sued for pinch-to-zoom and all, but its icons and placement of the icons and docks blatantly copied Apple’s iPhone, and unfortunately Apple has strong proof over that(They leaked a 138 page document about Samsung comparing Galaxy S with iPhone on what to copy and improve.)

    But seriously pinch to zoom? Double tap to zoom? Then how should we zoom it, by clicking a freaking zoom button on the screen!? And the bounce on the scroll? Everybody learnt in physics that a every action has equal and opposite reaction! Samsung was just using it! ๐Ÿ˜

    I’m happy that at least Samsung won the Galaxy Tab case. The curves now can be used again!

    -Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note


    Well, For me I could care less about apple. I owned an iPod touch 4g and I trade it for a ps vita system and I never looked back. Also I own a Galaxy S lll and the phone just kicks ***.

    sent from a Samsung Galaxy S lll

  20. lattymadha says:

    Simple, Apple realized they cant beat Samsung in the market competition,n apple’s new iphone 5 needs a room in the market.Apple acted like a cry baby n went to his Mum(court). So they drag Samsung to their home turf court. wat’s better way to beat them than dat?

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