…And Pro CFW is back on googlecode :)

The googlecode page of pro cfw is now back online, and I just had a very interesting chat on the subject with Coldbird.

It appears that the pro cfw google code page had been “turned off” earlier today by Google, as part of a “witch hunt”. It is basically unclear to me what they were after, but apparently they turned off a series of “abusive” projects (what do they mean by abusive? DMCA type of infringement?) today, and procfw was part of the projects taken down.

Where this becomes interesting is that Coldbird contacted google and asked them to explain why the project had been removed. After a thorough verification, Google concluded that there was absolutely no reason to shut procfw down, so they kindly apologized and put the project back online.

Don’t you love it when a story has a happy ending like this? And google, I still love you, no hard feelings, we all make mistakes :)

  1. svenn’s avatar

    You cannot only host binary’s on google code, in general the target audience is freelancers who can’t afford source hosting. Perhaps its that, or perhaps its a bug in the security of google. Good thing its up again! :)


    1. codestation’s avatar

      Yes, i hate those that only use google code to just host a few binaries but PROCFW wasn’t one of them since they have the complete source tree as well.


  2. Sylen7Nato’s avatar

    thanks for the updates wololo…i was very much concerned about this topic…ur the best.


  3. mcgee’s avatar

    Lol, after all this, all I can think about is being #1 on post. Lmai


  4. Cheryl’s avatar

    looks like it’s down again :(


    1. toBsucht’s avatar

      Sad bad true! :( wth!



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