Release: PS3UserCheat 2.3 by oct0xor

3 days ago, Developer oct0xor released a new version of his custom ps3UserCheat.

(As a reminder, PS3UserCheat was one of the infamous PS3 dongles. People who bought this dongle were essentially paying for cheats that were being stolen from a free project, then wrapped into some nasty DRMs to prevent you from getting those for free.)

In addition, oct0xor posted a link to a series of codes that should help, as a starting point for those of you who want to write their own cheat codes for this app.

So there you go, free software to replace an expensive dongle, and you won’t have the bad aftertaste of paying for stolen content.

By the way, this goes without saying, but this site does not condone cheating online, so if you’re the type of person who does that, please abstain from asking questions on that subject here. In particular on our forum, discussing online cheating techniques could get you banned without a warning.


download PS3UserCheat here, as usual

source: oct0xor

  1. natsu’s avatar

    wooo.. nice.. but i would love to see any report regarding TONY’s CFW… :D


  2. Temik007’s avatar

    COOL! (=


  3. chaotic0’s avatar

    This one wont work with TB FW v2 :(


  4. bahiano’s avatar

    Too bad just launch to version 3.55 and and who is not in this version can not enjoy

    desculpe pelos erros, sou de outro pais e estou usando o translate para comentar.


  5. jhonny’s avatar

    thank you very much from Colombia for your great contribution


  6. rico’s avatar

    not work in ver 4.30, can’t play this usercheat



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