What you should expect from Neur0n’s VHBL port


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  1. Fabian says:

    hey frwololo do u need to be a member of the forum? to get it? how can i join the forum??

    i love ur good work,
    can we play also n64 games? like the psp?

    bye 🙂 keep going !

  2. james way says:

    I’ve been a member at /talk, how will we be notified of the release? Mass email to all members? If so I need to enable that as if the forum has a setting to not get emails, I probaly have that option checked. If it is a matter of checking the forums, ie no mass email, does this mean that it will be posted on /talk before being posted here? I check this site more often than the forums.

  3. Squiggs says:

    hey can we get a price like 20$ or 50$ card because i always have a hard time getting a card and i dont want to spend to much money if the game is 15$, and i buy a 50$ card. thanks for all you have done

  4. 7se7en says:

    So all I have to do is register to your forums to get the game name a day earlier than the blog post?

    Can’t Sony do the same thing?

  5. Josh says:

    Nice article. You have been taking a lot of time to do this, and you have been very patient with everyone. Thanks for the hard work (;

  6. Jennings says:

    So I understand all of the above.

    My question however; Will you be able to run unsigned (or even from other users PSN accounts, as I have a few PSX games on an old PSN Account) eboots on VHBL? I’d just like to play my games that I’ve ripped from disc with the extra analogue stick.

    I know it’s a no-no for vita and psp games, but since 1.80 brings PSX to the Vita, I’m wondering if it’ll be possible to play my ripped games.


  7. ZeRo says:

    Nice, I want to be a tester. I like your job 🙂

  8. ZeRo says:

    Thx for kurok, it’s nice. More homebrew to test 😀

  9. blueman08 says:

    I have 1.61 and super collapse 3 runs on it for me with vhbl

  10. Leires says:

    Really hoping a VHBL will be ready when P4 comes out for the vita. As it sits (i think i said this already, though D: ) it’s all i (currently) plan to use my vita for. *** that game was incredible. So many replays, sooo many hours put into it. It’s many months away, so I’ll just have to keep on watchin’ for your announcements. Good luck, sir Wololo. You too, Neuron, if you come here. If you haven’t played it btw wololo, you really should. Though you’d probably wanna wait for the enhanced port. D: D:

  11. XHARO says:

    yo wololo ok iv been a member for like three months will i get an email or do i go on the talk website and see whats good with the ninja release here’s my email xharo420@gmail.com and good job to everyone that made all this possible for the vita =]

  12. XHARO says:

    sorry if i broke any rules my bad O_o

  13. francisco says:

    hey wololo i just joined the forums does this mean i get an email when u release it? or should i continue to check daily on ur site?

  14. Courtney james says: