VHBL: Updated list of compatible homebrews with Neur0n’s upcoming release


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60 Responses

  1. Manuelito

    I can’t run the MVS and the CPS1 emulators on my vita, always they give me the erron on SystemButtons.prx, can i do something to fix this?

    And thanks for the release.

  2. jdubs

    The picodrive sega emulator download is not set up for vita install (at least not the same as other emulators). Is there a link to a pre-set version or is there a different way to install this using eboot file?

  3. Austin

    I have one question i have done everything it says to insrall homebrews and i also installed ymenu but when i go to the save files they are empty and dont do anything. Help would be much obliged. Thanks wololo for all your hard work especially neur0n (>”)>

  4. Austin

    I guess my question is what am i doing wrong lol

  5. James Way

    About daedalus, anyone have issues with too fast a game? Games are running too fast at default settings, with or w/o sound. I disable some stuff, as I see that most people have the opposite issue, too slow a game and as such most settings are set to speed it up, and then it runs too slow. I’ve checked their forums and like I said most have issues with games running too slow.

  6. mecksg1

    sweet xmass is going to be awsome

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