VHBL: Updated list of compatible homebrews with Neur0n’s upcoming release


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60 Responses

  1. keane

    Wow! Good job with all months screenshots and compatible home few, that is alot xP

  2. keane

    Also I will add that I love Neur0n 😀

  3. keane

    Sorry my auto correct is being mean.. *all the screenshots, *Compatible homebrew, * Thanks alot 😛

  4. Fabian

    hey frwololo do u need to be a member of the forum? to get it? how can i join the forum??

    bye :) keep going !

  5. Fabian

    hey frwolol when i put the game mario 64 in the n64 emulator, there comes an error..

  6. Fabian

    if i put the file mario64 in the roms menu.
    comes an error

  7. nicola

    there is a homebrew that play all the video files?

  8. >_>

    I don’t get it wololo if u guys have a few kxploits why not release just one u guys have backups, I mean give us hope so we can keep our vita a lot of people are selling their vita because these exploits u guys release do nothing to improve the scene js

    • wololo

      Coming from the guy who “promised” “something big” by the end of July, I think this comment is quite hilarious, but let me answer: the people who have those kernel exploits are different groups. The one group who gives away their kernel exploit basically publicly “gives up” on their exploit. It’s a tough decision, also not all of these groups are willing to publish their kxploit.

  9. shaplayer

    Hey wololo,
    You wrote on the “HOMEBREWS/APPS THAT DON’T WORK”-List:

    Lua games in general

    Does that mean that no LuaHM,PGELua or LuaPlayerPlus Homebrew works on the vhbl ?

  10. Abdou

    Thank youuuuu wololo and your friends that are making sens to the vita day after day :D. without you, no one will buy sony products lool :D. Guys it is so easy to join the forum. Just above you will find “talk forum” you enter and then click on “register”. it is an interresting forum. You will get more news about the vita. Personally, i know that ps1 emulator and psp kernel exploit will be realised :D. So join the FORUM :D.

  11. Chocogow

    Hey can anybody explain to me how to get Geometry Wars Working On Super Collapse 3 cause sopivly it works now

  12. Goody

    Nice. Well done, I’m really eager and excited for the 1.80 release. ^_^

  13. Ats

    Cool! Do Frontier 1337 savefiles works ?

  14. OMightyBuggy

    I hope that this homebrew list gets bigger. :)

  15. Asmith906

    I use NesterP with SC3 VHBL and it works fine with savestaes and rewind.fast forward. Just make sure to put wait for Vsynch to on to prevent screen tearing


    it would be nice to see if OPENBoR works :)

  17. multiboy2k

    Wololo that shot of Bookr looks amazing! (yeah i know nerd alert!) lol

    Thanks for the update.

    You DO realise that you are the only reason I am keeping my Vita at this point?

    Outside of Vhbl, there just isnt enough incentive to hold on to the device. Sony doesnt seem to care. And, when Monster Hunter is announced for the West on the 3DS, Vita may slip into irrelevance.

    • garrei

      “You DO realise that you are the only reason I am keeping my Vita at this point?”

      ^very true, wololo is actually HELPING sony with this blog until they get some decent games released on it. For all we know wololo could be an employee of sony 😉 lol wouldnt that be something!

  18. multiboy2k

    So Thank You for keeping the scene ALIVE!

  19. ZeRo

    Yeah! Kurok, I liked Thanks for hear me :D. Heretic was awesome! :)

  20. Multiboy2k

    Hey Wololo,
    Could you please confirm if the homebrew, Rhythm 8, works with this vhbl?
    Thank you.

  21. jrcpy

    that good …. dying of impatience … I hope that when published will have time to be downloaded and can reach as many people as possible

  22. Abdou007

    thank u wololo for the news , thats good i feel like there is a storm coming on the vita’s scene specialy after the releasing of debug firmwares
    and i have a question : do you think that the vita system is hard to be hacked than the ps3 system ? i mean wich keys are hard to be found ?

    • Helder seven

      I think if hackers or e3 get ps3 4.x keys will be possible get vita keys from ps3 and unlock vita

      ***my theory only***

  23. StepS

    This popular Lamecraft mod still used the PSP’s OSK, which doesn’t work on the Vita. I didn’t bother testing any further since this is a “no go” for the Vita.

    Remember what I said? 😉 it depends on the exploitable game. On some exploits the touchscreen OSK works, but you must test it on vita!

  24. jdubz

    This is a little off-topic but I was wondering if anybody knew of the release date of 1.8? Anywhere I read, it slated for the summer and its now closing in on steptember. Anyone?

    • Aneudi

      August 28 but i do not know if VHBL will be released on the exact same day

      • jdubz

        Thanks for the reply. yea vhbl will be nice but I am patient. Actually looking forward to being able to play my ps1 games on my vita w/o having to use remote play.

  25. Alex

    how downgrade ps vita 1.69 to 1.67?

  26. Bublah

    I have a question about NZP: is that homebrew dual stick compatible on VHBL?

  27. razor

    Wololo did the new VHBL came out yet by Neur0n?

  28. XHARO

    cant wait

  29. Ryp

    Hey ! Congrats on the last VHBL, you guys are amazing !
    By the way, Why “NinjaSudoku” is on the Homebrew list ? Lol it’s an very early version that is almost unplayable xD ! If people are curious about a serious sudoku homebrew game, I could finish it however =) !

  30. >_>

    Guess I can’t transfer my brothers psone games from his ps3 because of different account right? Smh

  31. Metalliphyll

    does the StellaPsp “atari 2600″ emu work on this VHBL

  32. Dorron

    Great! Gotta try it!

  33. Mr. Awsome

    I am happy with the exploitable game and the game list here. Im SUPER EXCITED to get back to playing Street Fighter 2 but with better controls and these other emulators and homebrews.

  34. Mr. Awsome

    But you also forgot CPS2 emulator. But I would assume it works like CPS1.

  35. NEOGEO2600

    Thank you wololo and your friends

  36. NEOGEO2600

    prometheus iso loader does not work?

  37. Jan

    thank you wololo

  38. Wimmy

    Spectrum emulator??

  39. Manuelito

    I can’t run the MVS and the CPS1 emulators on my vita, always they give me the erron on SystemButtons.prx, can i do something to fix this?

    And thanks for the release.

  40. jdubs

    The picodrive sega emulator download is not set up for vita install (at least not the same as other emulators). Is there a link to a pre-set version or is there a different way to install this using eboot file?

  41. Austin

    I have one question i have done everything it says to insrall homebrews and i also installed ymenu but when i go to the save files they are empty and dont do anything. Help would be much obliged. Thanks wololo for all your hard work especially neur0n (>”)>

  42. Austin

    I guess my question is what am i doing wrong lol

  43. James Way

    About daedalus, anyone have issues with too fast a game? Games are running too fast at default settings, with or w/o sound. I disable some stuff, as I see that most people have the opposite issue, too slow a game and as such most settings are set to speed it up, and then it runs too slow. I’ve checked their forums and like I said most have issues with games running too slow.

  44. mecksg1

    sweet xmass is going to be awsome

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