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PSN Hacked again? Not really…


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  1. wololo says:

    I think that making generic conclusions about anonymous based on isolated actions should be avoided, because
    Anonymous do stuff on so many levels, and in so many directions. There are some things done by anonymous that I feel are actually good.

    The PSN hack last year, or that prank today, is more of an “edgy” thing… but I remember that at the time this happened, I was completely in agreement with the general idea of messing with Sony, with their “let’s sue all hackers” policy at the time.

    I agree with you that this type of hack has close to nothing to do with a peaceful form of Activism. But let’s not forget what they’ve done in other fields, fighting against cults, etc…

    • freddy_156 says:

      Let’s clarify: I am not against hacktivism.
      I’m not really into activism in any form, but I’m happy people have different ideas and try to make their ideas count, as long as they do it peacefully.
      I am not even against REAL anonymous. Remember, real anons aren’t the ones on twitter, or on the public irc channels, those are mostly skiddies seeking for fame; I dealt with many of them, and some of them don’t even know the idea behind Anonymous.
      Real Anons were the ones who attacked Scientology, the ones who flooded the online game Habbo and so on.
      The problem with anonymous is that everyone can claim to be one, and get attention, even if it’s something incredibly lame like this.
      What I mean with “don’t support anonymous” is “don’t support the people who claim to be anonymous”, real anonymous don’t expose themselves like that on twitter.

    • DigiTak says:

      Actually what I hear was it wasn’t even anonymous, just some idiot trying to look cool or something stupid.

      • freddy_156 says:

        According to them, it was “Sabu”, ex leader of the lame “hacking” group Lulzsec, now working for FBI. Not sure about that. That’s the point: anybody can claim to be anonymous and post anything.

  2. Andalia says:

    They should put this efford in hacking the vita.

  3. Osu says:

    wololo, your name is Freddy ? 😀
    I support Robin Hood hackers, but not hackers that steal your personal stuff.

  4. Shonic says:

    What I find hilarious is “10 million people at risk”. And what are the odds that someone will specifically target you if it was real?

  5. James Way says:

    I am anonymous. Really, you don’t know who I am. Same with them. There are many who call themselves so. So to say that they are bad or they are good is pointless. They need to be judged by their most recent action.

  6. ??? says:

    Anonymous is a group of virgins sitting in front of their computer all day and their are millions of them all over the world

  7. rafael707 says:

    haha funny thing is when i woke up this morning, the first thing i saw was this on twitter, immediately i go on IRC, and freddy_156 clarified this

  8. Jason says:

    It happened to me just last week the last thing i bought online was a couple games from the psn and then the next day my card was used by someone else in a different state.

  9. arturia says:

    so basically theyre like those phishing websites that use ur credit card information and charge ridiculous stupid stuff from walmart? you people asked for it cause u watch *** on psn

  10. SS says:

    I cant find my name on the list?
    Please help me find it! I even got the 50GB data.

  11. No1 says:

    “I think us, the PSP and the PS3 developers, showed more than once that Sony has poor security, and we harmed no user in the process.”

    I think that is somewhat debatable i think. I know that with “users” you mean the end-users getting information leaked, and in that sense it is true, but game developers are also users of the platforms. When systems are hacked, it also opens the floodgates for piracy. Even if this isnt the intention of the hacker(s), he/she knows that it will happen. And some of the hackers are pirates as well.

    With that said, i dont think that piracy necessarily is hurting the sales THAT much. But the developers dont want piracy to happen, so they’re getting hurt in that way, something happends to them that they dont want to happen. Kinda the same way if someone gets their e-mail adress leaked. It might be a small chance that the e-mail adress gets abused somehow, but people dont want their e-mail adress to be leaked.

  12. w7y7a7t7t says:

    i don’t think you can ever really have a proper opinion about anonymous… since it’s an organization with a very rough goal in mind, has no leader, it’s members are literally anyone who wishes to be one. and it targets anything that someone in the group views as “bad”. some of what they do i agree with, some i don’t. generally i do agree with what they do (REPEAT, generally. meaning not always, just making that extra clear)

    …and you gotta give them credit, they pretty much came up with a way to make terrorism possible, with very few consequences. even if someones caught, technically that person was acting alone, as there is no distinction to weather your a member or not. so anonymous as a whole can not really be blamed.

  13. tonyuk73 says:

    These guys crack me up.yeah ok they find problems with security but the decent thing would not be broadcast it around the world and put us normal Joes at risk.just a simple email to $ony would hit the nail on the head.but only people out for gain jump on the media wagon.no care for u or me.

  1. September 5, 2012

    […] information has been relayed by enough trusted people that this does not seem to be a fake (unlike some similar announcement made a few weeks ago), however the reasons behind the hack are quite unclear. Hacking group […]

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