PS Vita debug firmware spotted at Gamescom


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  1. auron says:

    Cool! so this is what SKFU was trying to get his hand on? no one hasn’t donated to him in ages. I mean with that debug fw couldn’t we find more ways to hack the vita? I think its something someone should get their hands on.

    • new says:

      I know what you mean.. I would have guessed that the full amount would have been donated after 24hours of SKFU posting. Just to show you how ungraceful the community is. For those of you who donated.. A BIG THANK YOU:)

  2. Gerson Revolorio says:

    you think you can choose a different network using turbo sim. looks promising.

  3. PsVITAHackbeginner says:

    german guys hahaha

  4. Universal says:

    Really interesting info. I’m assuming in the near future, whenever CFW is available on the PSV maybe a “VSH Menu” will be ran through the settings app, VSH options will most likely be handled there.

  5. abdou005 says:

    WOOOW Woooww I was thinking about selling My ps Vita. just these 2 days I changed my opinion :D. Thank’s Wololo. what a good news. The hope Returns

  6. rafael707 says:


  7. ZeRo says:

    apparently thats a Oficial Cfw

  8. ndh777 says:

    Sigh…was nice until you explained that a leak still wouldn’t allow users to use it lol

  9. Karma_Darkly says:


  10. Norml says:

    Pretty irritating to see settings that should be in the official Vita firmware…change O/X, turn off sleep mode…I hate $ony.

    • No1 says:

      I agree that having the option to change between the X/O buttons could be nice (although i wouldnt use it), but can someone explain to me why they need more than 10 minute sleepmode?

      If you’re going to leave the Vita for longer than 10 minutes, why do you want the screen to be on? It also takes like 2 seconds to recover from sleep mode, so it a problem at all. Makes little sense to me why someone wants more than 10 minutes, but that is why i ask πŸ™‚

  11. Crimson says:

    Finally! The start of a cfw, maybe

  12. arturia says:

    i wonder if sony will figure out how nintendo keeps piracy maintained on their 3ds. anti piracy on game carts will make it hard for us to rip games. then we might need a dongle for our vitas lol

  13. Openvita says:

    I donated 20€ to skfu for the dev-kit because i think it is the best way to build a cfw.

  14. Acid_Snake says:

    It’s not anymore about homebrews, now it’s about features. This debug firmware has tons of extra features that should be on retail firmware: multiple PSN accounts, X/O swap, Power saving On/Off…
    Nice work Sony, keep adding nails to your coffin

  15. iawa2k says:

    Completely agree with others on here, even without us gaining access to a full debug fw that hackers could force activate against dummy servers etc. some of the features would be really nice to have on OFW especially the change of O and X buttons.

    Is there any more info as to whether the unit is special in some way or is it just the firmware? Would the public be able to sign up to the Sony Developer program to gain access to this firmware? Weren’t they supposed to be allowing people to be making games for the vita publicly like iOS, Android etc?

    Maybe no one has the answers to this but would love to know if someone has a bit more info/knowledge on the matter.

    • wololo says:

      the “public API” for normal people who want to make games is the Playstation Mobile program (formerly known as Playstation suite). IT does not require a debug unit, and is sandboxed in a Mono environment.
      This debug firwmare is for people developing AAA titles using the “full” power of the machine. Typically, big companies that have worked with Sony in the past

  16. StepS says:

    Very nice!

  17. BigCockSurprise says:

    lol around 4:30 you can hear the guys in the background “this thing gonna be stolen over night!” lol

    I’m still wondering where was that filmed? it’s really hands on an open firmware.

    • No1 says:

      There are several of Vita units at Gamescom (a game convension, the european version of E3). They probably just exited the game on one of these units and went through the menu from there.

  18. lows says:

    There is an Feature called “Core Dump” to see 2:30 at the vjdeo. SO is it like an PSPLINK in the OFW/Debug on the Vita?

  19. StepS says:

    I was thinking a bit on this, and some things aren’t clear for me.
    So if you say that this firmware could be “leaked”, then it wouldn’t be hard to install it as a firmware update (overriding xml, etc)? Wouldn’t then it be possible to do a normal firmware upgrade later to get rid of the debug one and its timebomb?
    That’s really interesting πŸ™‚

    • Yes says:

      Debug firmwares for the PS3 was released a long time ago, but it was’nt possible to install them on a retail PS3 until the recent CEX to DEX hack. I assume that its the same thing on Vita, that you need to hack it first to be able to install debug firmware on a retail Vita unit.

  20. StepS says:

    Also, before organizing the donations project, SKFU has said that he “already got a way around 3-months limitation”. I guess it’s this same timebomb as in debug firmware (and a debug firmware on the devkit console)

  21. openvita says:

    what about setting a proxy on a debug vita and downloading the update files with a notebook?

  22. nCadeRegal says:

    cool news sounds like a step in the right direction . Don’t care for piracy just want to have the same homebrew functionality as my psps do , but on my vita nice read.

  23. Nizar Nemer says:

    How could the re-activation fail?

  24. Crimson says:

    Just a few days left for update v1.80!

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