PS Vita firmware 1.80 comes out on August 28th, brings PS1 Games support and other cool features


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48 Responses

  1. Oscar Betancourt

    so now i got to wait 10 more days T-T

  2. Kevin Cho

    YES! Thank you Wololo for your hard work.
    I cant wait till the day i finially get to use VHBL!
    Please keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Zonic

    As happy as I am for the update I can’t help but be upset that I’ll be back in school and unable to use my vita that often :/

  4. Andalia

    Perfect, so I don’t have to panic every day. Thanks Sony. And of course wololo and neur0n

  5. Kimomaka

    The new vHBL will be installed for demo games or we ned to buy games to install the vHBL ? 🙂

  6. Lakerfanalways

    The second the hack is complete I will go out and purchase a Vita..I want the hack to be just as good as the PSP hack which was amazing, its the main reason why I even bought a PSP at the time

    • Wololosupporter

      Just in case. Most likely the game you need to put VHBL on your vita will be taken off of PSN as soon it’s announced on here. If not within a few hours so it’s better if you have the vita before hand

      • Lakerfanalways

        yeah but that game would probably end up being posted anyway after the hack is released. As far as this hack goes(Once it does come out) will it be like the PSP hack when it came out or will this one be different? I dont use PSN network so just want to get an idea what this hack will allow us to do

  7. CrystalMusic

    As I thought, SONY will not bring the ps vita down because it’s clearly it has so many great potential as a handheld gaming console and SONY is cooking some unannounced games? hmmm…

  8. KitKat

    Lol screenshots ingame is Home+ Start. You’re not confused wololo. Maybe they are talking about the Cross control games.

  9. shennaichuangji


  10. James Way

    O_O so to make sure,once VHBL is installed, no more PSN access? Thus the mention of getting your psone game fill before the release? Either way one can still download the needed game for the install and NEVER delete it, so as to install VHBL later. Right? Or wrong?

    • Wololosupporter

      PSN will run just fine after you install VHBL The only thing that will most likely happen on the PSN is that they take the game down that you need in order to put VHBL on your vita in the first place

      • necrotek

        Not really. It’s obvious that after VHBL release, “they” will release new firmware which will fix exploit (won’t it?) and this firmware will be necessary to access PSN. So, yeah, after getting VHBL, you won’t have easy access to PSN without losing exploit.

        • Wololosupporter

          depends, sometimes they do release a new firmware and it does bar you from accessing the PSN and sometimes it doesn’t. Majority of the time the take the games off and patch the game itself.

          • Green Ranger

            1. You’re still able to connect to the PSN-Store until Sony drops a FW-Update which would patch the Savegame-Exploit.

            2. After the announcement of the game-title which is needed for the VHBL Sony will remove the game from the Store like they did with the other games in the past. They even delete the game from your download-history and if you have the game stored on your PS3, you won’t be able to tranfer it to your Vita.

            3. To avoid stuff like “Ohhh i accidentally delete my game and i can’t download it again…” just make a backup of your game to your PC via CMA.So you would be able to use your VHBL even when you’ve deleted the game or format your memorycard.

            4. Those backups would just run on the Vita which is connected to your PSN-Acc.

            So: As long Sony won’t release a new FW which would patch the VHBL you can connect to the PSN and buy PS1 Games and stuff 😉

  11. Wololosupporter

    Thanks wololo can’t wait for it been wanting to update my vita for a while now

  12. >_>

    Gtfo “fate6” AKA wololos person secks slave

  13. Xemnas

    Damn, now I need to update and lose SC3 VHBL.

  14. super

    For those who have VHBL on the other firmwares


    You don’t want to update having to find out VHBL didn’t work on 1.8

  15. TelcoLou

    I’m pleasantly surprised about the face button-screen-navigation thing!

  16. Watching The World Burn

    As long as the game for the next vhbl is under $10 bucks I am completely on board 🙂

  17. Sp33

    Any chance you will release the price of the PSN card needed, $25 or $50 say a day before VHBL release?

    • Sp33

      Or a few days before would be even better.

    • wololo

      If you know how ninja releases work you will have that information long before the VHBL release

      • pedro

        Hello wololo. Can you please explain how does the ninja release work? im waiting for vhbl for so long and i wouldnt wanted to loose it again this time. keep up the great work. best regards

  18. StepS

    Controls improvement: It will (finally!) be possible to use the pad to navigate the PS Vita’s menu (instead of having to constantly use the touch screen), as well as some applications such as the mp3 or video player. To me, that was a long awaited feature.

    wow, really? I’m shocked a bit 😀 that looks like a dream came true

  19. natsu

    love the improvement of controls… hate using the touch screen every f*cking time.. 😀

  20. Raziel

    Can’t wait, Happily waiting for the release Wolo, =)

  21. HIMFan

    There is a screenshot feature. The only place I can never seem to use it is in VHBL. Other than that, it’s just the start and home button at the same time and it takes a screenshot.

  22. Gilgamesh

    The Cross-controller feature already existed as well (works for Marvel vs. Capcom 3), so I’m not sure why Sony is bringing it up again. Like Remote Play (which is also supposed to work with “select titles” yet there is none to be found yet), I’m sure we won’t see too much support of this feature.

    • LezGrl79

      Remote play works with ps1 games. and a couple downloaded games I have on my ps3. like bejeweled 2 and high stakes poker work via remote play.

  23. unbornchicken

    So still no support for EAP-PEAP wifi clients? I don’t know you guys but, to me, the fact that Sony only provides support for the same types of wifi authentication than the PSP 7 years ago shows a huge lack of respect to us…

  24. Aye Guy

    Been waiting for this 😀

  25. picciue

    Ciao Wololo,,oltre a sintonizzarmi frequentemente su questo sito,come faccio a sapere per tempo quale gioco permetterà vhbl su 1.80,prima che sarà rimosso da PSN.
    Grazie per il vostro impegno.

  26. VitaGenic

    I wonder if the release date for fw 1.80 is worldwide or just in North America? Im in Australia so that could mean a 29th of August for me maybe? What format does Sony usually work around regarding regions and release dates?

    I will surely be one happy Aussie when I get VHBL on my vita… I have been waiting since april… Keep up the good work mate 🙂

  27. BattaTrattaKill

    You can use the ps vita as a controller on the ps3 and pc via FuSa Gamepad on ps vita firmware 1.66 via psp custom firmware running on the vita via kernel access.

  28. nCadeRegal

    shhhwwweeeetttttt u guys da man kepp it up PEACE!!!!!

  29. mike

    To take a screenshot on your vita on the current firmware, all you have to do is press the start and playstation button at the same time while playing a game.

  30. Asdfjuma

    Yo Wololo people be talking ’bout yo ‘n’ this ‘ere VHBL reelease! With all this attention you’ll have to be extra careful to give things a chance this time?

  31. Qwerty

    You think some hacks like “Tony’s” will be available on 1.8 or is it still too early.

  32. Messi10Barcafan

    kool features . but is there any new emulator? such as “Dolphin emulator” and “Pcsx2” ? or “N64” ? =]

  33. Bobby Harrell

    Another Quick question, is the Game needed a download only game from PSN, or will it be a retail game?

  34. Goody

    1 day to go ^_^