Killzone: Mercenary coming to the Vita in 2013 (watch the trailer!)

Some more vita announcements from Sony yesterday during a Gamescom conference rich in promises!

As I mentioned earlier today, Sony is trying to satisfy our thirst for FPS, with the announcement of Call of Duty for the Vita, as well as the very promising Killzone: Mercenary. This one is to be expected for 2013 (yeah, that’s way too far in the future :( )

From their press release:

Today we’re really excited to present the first official gameplay trailer for Killzone: Mercenary at Gamescom. Designed specifically for the PlayStation Vita platform, Killzone: Mercenary is a first-person shooter that makes full use of the device’s graphical and input capabilities. It was built on the same powerful engine as Killzone 3, and it enhances the familiar twin-stick FPS control scheme with touch pad functionality for interesting new gameplay possibilities.

With Killzone: Mercenary, we want to offer PlayStation Vita owners a fresh perspective on the brutal conflict between ISA and Helghast – literally. For the first time in a Killzone campaign, you’ll be fighting alongside Helghast forces as well as ISA specialists, carrying out missions that the regular soldiers just won’t — or can’t.

The trailer itself looks pretty good:

So, which side are you guys going to choose? Killzone, or Call of Duty?

source: playstation blog

  1. OMightyBuggy’s avatar

    Killzone > Call of Duty


  2. Asdfjuma’s avatar

    Was thinking the graphics were gonna be shit until I got to the end of that.


  3. Zyphs’s avatar

    Well it all depends if the COD game has zombies or not (For the Vita).


  4. CrystalMusic’s avatar



  5. Luke’s avatar

    STOP with the touch screen controls on shooters….silly and not competitive


  6. CamSpanners’s avatar

    I’m getting an eery feeling that this will be another mission-based FPS like Unit 13…


  7. UE’s avatar

    Well killzone certainly takes the cake for best visuals of the two


  8. LK’s avatar

    Hope there will be multiplayer as well


  9. Yc096Ps’s avatar

    is it just me or the guy sounds like the singer from Killswitch Engage?


  10. TK’s avatar

    Seeing as how CoD Vita is being developed by the team that made the lackluster Burning Skies, I’m holding out more hope for Killzone.


  11. TheWizard’s avatar

    yeah, im definitely more excited for killzone. i dont even like cod, and the vita version imo just looks bad.


  12. Norml’s avatar

    I love FPS, I’ll be getting both but this one is bar far the better choice if you ask me. COD = played out


  13. CycloneFox’s avatar

    From what I can tell from both trailers, I say:

    Killzone > COD
    (by far)

    Killzone > COD

    Killzone created by Guerilla bytes, while COD handed over to Nihilistic:

    Killzone > COD

    The fact the Nihilistic ignores sixachsis-aiming, while Guerilla always tries out all PS-Control-Features:

    Killzone > COD

    Overall, I’d say Killzone might be a real AAA 90+% title, while COD might turn out as bad as Resistance Burning Sky…


  14. UraniumDude’s avatar

    Gonna get both most likely for the cod series I still love black ops



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