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Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified coming to the Vita


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  1. qwikrazor87 says:

    The only CoD game I’ve played was Black Ops for PS3. This one sounds like it’d be cool with the Vita’s controls.

    Is the Call of Duty franchise being brought to the PSP or the PS Vita? I didn’t know they were still making games for the PSP.
    (there are some awesome *games on the Vita,)

  2. nCadeRegal says:

    i agree i figured there would have been more fps for vita but this system is still in its infancy wait till we have full homebrew support and vita has about 2 years under its belt but i thought unit13 was great it got a bad review imo i own 12 games and im not disapointed with any of em. imo i feel people are trying to compare vita to current gen consoles its close but its a handheld and always will be. let me know if ya need help on doin some blogs wololo i pm ya gimme some time i know im new here but would love to pitch in and take some weight off your shoulders just ask

  3. Xemnas says:

    I’m disappointed with this game. It looks like another half-*** FPS like Resistance. I think Nihilistic is the worst thing that happened to the FPS genre. The graphics are very lacking, and there seems to be no zombies (for now at least). Killzone Mercenary looks more promising.

  4. ZeRo says:

    Don’t like FPS, not the game, but it’s better with 3th person

  5. Zimond says:

    i hope some fps will finally use the kind of control uncharted does when you aim your weapon. Its a lot more precise than only the right analog stick.

    • Norml says:

      Totally agree, after playing Uncharted and playing the Unit 13 demo, I kept trying to move the device to aim…so I thought, let’s go into the options and change it….NOPE.
      W T F! Mad

  6. Sp33 says:

    Looks great, only thing that is disappointing is only 4v4 multiplayer? Personally I would hope for at least 8v8. Regardless it looks like a good game.

    • OMightyBuggy says:

      Ya that is what disappoints me most. Doesn’t feel like a war game when its just 4 people and you know that half your friends just camp (wait) for you. The 4v4 needs to increase if its gonna interest me. Even 4v4 with bots would work.

  7. senas says:

    I think Unit 13 looks and plays better.

  8. dunno says:

    why nihilistic?? they created resistance burning skies but low on graphics maybe this game may be low graphics too

  9. Crimson says:

    Hope there’re some zombies in this one

  10. Luis says:

    Well, it’s just compare the screens from COD and Assassin’s Creed III and see that nihilistic has near 0 coding experience.
    There is a huge difference in graphics, and I am quite sure the ubisoft game won’t disapoint in frame rate as well as internet connection and so on. Sony was doing very well on Gamescom until this, why nihilistic??? Can’t understand them sometimes…

  11. mohsin says:

    hey guys the ps vita is bout 160 quid in exactly one years time how much will it be?

  12. trecenters says:

    Unit13 was 3rd person.

    I would love to see a Battlefield port, but that will never happen.

    • Norml says:

      Quite wrong there, they were going to have a bunch of FPS on the PSP but morons complained(not skilled enough without a second analog stick apparently) so they canceled them.

  13. trecenters says:

    Doesn’t matter the dev on this because it is all already created… the engine, the textures, hitbox’s, ect..

    They just need to have quality assurance and some good coders for the netcode.

    I am sure there is some skill needed to put the engine on this system also.

    What is it though an amped up quake3 engine?

  14. CycloneFox says:

    It is true, that the Vita lacks First Person Shooters als Uncahrted and Unit 13 are 3rd person Shooters. The sad thing about this is, that Nihilistic ignores the possiblity of using sixachsis for aiming. That would make the game two times as good and would totally compensate the bad graphics for me.
    Well I think, I have to stick with Killzone, which will be alot more beautiful and greater anyway. 😉

  15. bsanehi says:

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified runs at 30fps *confirmed* , and the trailer looks awful. Nihilistic don’t know how to make good FPS’s.

  16. Norml says:

    Remember guys, it’s “CLASSIC” Call of Duty, see those graphics for detail.

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