Droid X360 (PS Vita Clone) Review

The Droid X360 is a Chinese PS Vita knockoff. To put it simply, it is a 5” Android 4 tablet with an integrated gamepad. It also awfully looks like a Playstation Vita, and its specs make it sounds like it could actually be a very decent emulation machine. Looking at its description and its price, I decided it could actually be the device that would replace my Vita, and if not, my PSP, as my gaming/multimedia portable machine of choice. So I bought one, and here is my full review.

Ordering and shipping experience

I bought this device from a third party seller at aliexpress.com. This was my first time shopping on that website and I am not affiliated with them in any way. The seller was this one.

My order was made on July 26th, and the package arrived on august 5th. Since I paid extra for EMS (advertised as 3 to 6 days delivery), I think 11 days for the shipping was way too long. “Processing” my order took 5 days, while a 3rd party seller on Amazon’s marketplace will usually process an order within half a day. I am assuming the seller actually doesn’t have any stock, and this delays the shipping a lot.

Other than this significant delay (which, by the way, is clearly announced on the seller’s page – “order processing: 5 days”), my shopping experience was ok. The seller was available for chat when I started to think this was taking too long, and he responded quickly to my requests, and in ok English, so this was good customer support.

The package was protected well enough, and the device accurately matched the description on the site, so absolutely no bait and switch type of scam here. I would use aliexpress, and this specific seller again in the future.

The price of the device was $112. With shipping, it cost me $125. Shipping would have been free for “regular” mail.

The package and the promises

The Droid X360 ships in a nice cardboard box describing it as an “Intelligent Gamer tablet”.

The outside of the box shows it running Angry Birds, and describes the Machine’s overall specs in both English and Chinese:

  • Android 4.0.4 Icecream system (They mean ICS here, close enough)
  • Allwinner A10 multi-core processors, the highest speed 1.5GHz
  • 5-inch 800 * 480 high-definition screen
  • 5 inch capacitive touch screen
  • Front and rear cameras
  • HMDI HD video output, double screen on at the same time. Support 2160P ultra high definition video playback
  • Support M3D video decoding, smooth 3D film run
  • Support the latest version of flash 11
  • wifi wireless internet access, QQ video chat
  • 9 game emulators (arcade games, Nintendo 64 3D games, Sony PS1 game, Nintendo, the GBA, Nintendo, the GBC, FC (NES) games, SFC (SNES) games, Sega MD games, Sega GAMEGEAR games)
  • wifi direct double machine rally
  • Android gravity games
  • Android touch games
  • Exclusive gamer mode appearance

Ok, that’s a lot of promises for $112. Lots of things to digest, and some of them are a bit inaccurate, but I’ll dig into each one of those later. first let’s see what’s inside the box.


The box is filled with a bunch of accessories, which to me was a good surprise considering the price: A manual (which is really not useful at all, but the English on it is not as broken as I would expect a Chinese knockoff to be), an A/C Adapter (compatible from 110 to 240 V, that’s pretty cool), a usb cable (for file transfer and as an alternate way of charging), an HDMI cable (this is actually pretty cool, buying one of those independently can easily cost $10), and crappy earphones.

And, of course, the device itself. Ok, let’s turn this thing on.

Next – 2nd part: First impression, hardware, OS, and benchmarks.

  1. Because someone had to’s avatar



  2. arturia’s avatar

    so basically its a android phone in a mimic vita casing? cause my android phone also does all the emulator stuff


    1. wololo’s avatar

      You are over simplifying. It has a physical pad, which your phone most likely doesn’t have, and costs a hundred bucks for reasonnable power. How much was your phone?


      1. Deen0X’s avatar

        exact!. i think this kind of devices are playing in another league, not the same as phones and tablet.
        this kind of devices are in middle of tablets/phones and handheld game devices (portable consoles).
        Phones never will be a serious alternative to play games in nomral way (with phisical controls).
        all this new devices such droid x360 are alternatives to phones and tablets, that not have phisical controls, to play as normal portable console. (apologize my english. hope you understand what i mean)



  3. jordan’s avatar

    Please tell me that this supports pressing 2 buttons at the same time. I bought the Yinlips a while ago, but couldn’t play quake 3 properly because of this… Also, the battery life sucked (like less than 2 hours on a full charge…)
    Has anyone tried this out? I’m considering buying one, since I love android! :)


    1. Deen0X’s avatar

      until now, i don´t feel button overlaps problems.


  4. oartalk’s avatar

    Can the Ps Vita, be erased, or flashed, and have Android, installed?


      1. oartalk’s avatar

        Thank you.


    1. E’s avatar

      I thought about that too. A Vita with Android could serve to be quite the piece of hardware


  5. McLoven’s avatar

    this device sounds pretty cool for that price, but I don’t like choosing between devices when I want to go play on the can :), how do u do it? Also I don’t recall you mentioning about the storage capacity(memory card or onboard).


  6. VagosDJ’s avatar

    In this device you can install psp emulator so it is pretty close to the psp.



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