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Droid X360 (PS Vita Clone) Review


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  1. Because someone had to says:


  2. arturia says:

    so basically its a android phone in a mimic vita casing? cause my android phone also does all the emulator stuff

    • wololo says:

      You are over simplifying. It has a physical pad, which your phone most likely doesn’t have, and costs a hundred bucks for reasonnable power. How much was your phone?

      • Deen0X says:

        exact!. i think this kind of devices are playing in another league, not the same as phones and tablet.
        this kind of devices are in middle of tablets/phones and handheld game devices (portable consoles).
        Phones never will be a serious alternative to play games in nomral way (with phisical controls).
        all this new devices such droid x360 are alternatives to phones and tablets, that not have phisical controls, to play as normal portable console. (apologize my english. hope you understand what i mean)


  3. jordan says:

    Please tell me that this supports pressing 2 buttons at the same time. I bought the Yinlips a while ago, but couldn’t play quake 3 properly because of this… Also, the battery life sucked (like less than 2 hours on a full charge…)
    Has anyone tried this out? I’m considering buying one, since I love android! 🙂

  4. oartalk says:

    Can the Ps Vita, be erased, or flashed, and have Android, installed?

  5. McLoven says:

    this device sounds pretty cool for that price, but I don’t like choosing between devices when I want to go play on the can :), how do u do it? Also I don’t recall you mentioning about the storage capacity(memory card or onboard).

  6. VagosDJ says:

    In this device you can install psp emulator so it is pretty close to the psp.

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