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Droid X360 Review – Part 2


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  1. Salah says:

    Wololo are you a chinesse guy ?

  2. Norml says:

    He’s from England if I recall right but lives in Japan?

  3. svenn says:

    you have only 300mb left cause of all the games I suppose (pre-installed) ?

    • wololo says:

      I guess, but there’s so much space you can take with 20 years old games…
      I basically have the OS + apps + roms + Wagic (wagic takes 1GB)

  4. Deen0X says:

    with 2GB you have enought space to install many apps.
    the main problem is that these kind of devices, generally uses the “sdcard” to mount the internal storage (flash), and “external_sdcard” or “extsd” or “sdcardext” or watherver to call the real sdcard.

    if you use any device with low storage (2GB, in example), then you’ll get running with not enought space to install apps and games, because any “decent” game you can install, i.e. Batman – Dark Knight Rises (size = >1GB), the “data” of the game will be downloaded to your “sdcard” mount point.

    the trick, use Directory Bind, and bind few directories to SDCard.
    in Android devices, i generally bind:
    sdcard\Android to “microsd”\Android
    sdcard\Gameloft to “microsd”\Gameloft
    sdcard\DCIM to “microsd”\DCIM

    understanding “microsd” is the real microSD card mount point.

    with this, when you install any app on “sdcard” (with options to install apps on sdcard from the operating system, or movin these apps from “tablet” to sdcard), you’ll installing on the flash (on “secure_android”), and generally these apps are tiny. (is only the .apk), but the data associated will be downloaded to the bind directory, and this is on the sdcard.

    i actually have many games and apps installed on another device, a JXDS5110, that only have 2GB flash, but I’m using a 32GB sdcard, and all data is on it. (and i can use this microSD on dinsctincts devices, because de “Android” directory is the same for all)


    hope this can be useful for you.


  5. That’s Angry Birds Space, and not Angry Birds in Space! xD It seems that chinese knock-off had an effect on you too! XD

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