Heads up. God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition ships with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate link)

No guys, PS Vita keys did not just get “released”


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  1. auron says:

    ok so. its not what we think it is and were back to the same situation we were previously before this.. got it!

  2. Wololo, I am eagerly waiting for VHBL please give me an estimate!

    • wololo says:

      It will happen a few days or weeks after 1.80 is released

      • OsirisFael says:

        I was wondering what I should do going forward, so I figure I’ll ask. I’m currently running 1.67 and the SC3 flavor of VHBL. Should I update to 1.80 when available and grab the next game, or am I probably safe staying where I am? I guess what Im asking is in the future is there the possibility for a kernel exploit to be ported to SC3, and if so what is the likelyhood? Thanks in advance.

        • wololo says:

          I cannot predict what additional security measures will ship with 1.80. As soon as 1.80 is made available, I will of course test neur0n’s VHBL on it, and I am sure people who have kernel exploits will let us know one ay or another if their kernel exploits still work on 1.80. Which I’ll do my best to report as soon as I know.

          • OsirisFael says:

            Alright, I’ll keep a watchful eye. Thanks for the answer. Good luck to all of us when 1.80 turns up.

          • ipadboy00 says:

            When you do release the exploits if they still work, please inform which exploit does what and which one is most recommended based on compatibility.

          • auron says:

            do you thing the PSP CFW on vita will be released after 1.8? or do we still have to wait?

        • ndh777 says:

          I would highly recommend that you stay away from updating if and when a new VHBL is released. If you followed the days following SC3 (my version too), you should remember how many homebrews were not working correctly. This is typical for brand new releases, so it’s best to keep what you have had all along. Plus, some members in the /talk community create revisions to help users of older VHBLs run homebrews that wouldn’t work before. So basically, the older it is, the better it usually is.

          As far as updating for a kernel, in the past, it’s always been best to just wait and stay on the oldest firmware that you can have. If you ever do need to update to 1.80 because that’s the only firmware that will work or whatever, you can always just get the 1.80 update package from some site and manually install it on your Vita if that’s what needs to happen. But generally, it’s best to stay with the oldest firmware possible.

  3. Necrotek says:

    It’s quite stupid question but is it known the length of PSVita keys? How impossible it is to bruteforce them using something like BOINC? In pure theory.

    • wololo says:

      In general those are 128 or 256 bits keys. We’re talking of billions of years to crack this with brute force, assuming every single human on the planet participates.

      • WolfRamiO says:

        somebody can do a p2p program that make a super computed network usin a lot of home pcs and servers everywhere, some PCs today got 4 or 8 CPU cores at high speed and a lot of ram, a far dream but its possible… theres a guy that try to crack that kind of encryption and make some progress a years ago.

        • wololo says:

          You didnt read my answer. Billions of years is what it would take with a solution like what you describe. Otherwise, we are talking of billions of billions of years.

  4. DeadlyData says:

    And… Once again the “Media” distorts the truth and give’s everyone false hope just like they would if it were not on the internet ;).

    Mostly due to either form of media’s lack of understanding of the actual concept at hand no matter the topic.

  5. Zonic says:

    And that kids is why ya don’t get your hopes up too high

  6. tonyuk73 says:

    Thanks for putting us back on the straight. .for this is such a bendy road.

  7. SSJ-Vita says:

    The main thing I’m wanting out of my vita, is weather in-motion. Adobe can’t be the only “whatever” available can it? Is there a possible way around adobe on the psp side via the vhbl? Thanx and good luck devs, eagerly await 1.80 since my ps1,2 and 3 all kicked the bucket before I could finish abes odyssey.

  8. IV Wololo says:

    Bummer, I almost thought it was real too

  9. thecodebreaker says:

    Thank you for the clarification!
    And now to delete a few sites from my favorites bar. Haha

  10. ThePr0nGuy says:

    Thank You for clarifying

  11. Praxis says:

    Quick off topic question:

    Treyarch released images of black ops zombies heading to android exclusively to Sony Xperia devices. Excuse my ignorance, but Xperia uses play station mobile suite right? Does this mean we can easily play this on our vitas with the beta we currently have?
    Thank you and have a great day.

  12. Lakerfanalways says:

    The minute the PSP Vita is fulled hacked I will purchase one. Not sure when the newest firmware is supposed to come out but hopefully it will be soon. A fully hacked PSP is why I purchased that to begin with, so will do the same with the Vita

  13. Zabzeeb says:

    Just be patient young padawans everything well all come together sooner or later

    • Lakerfanalways says:

      Well when it does I will purchase a Vita..it will be worth it than. Hopefully once the new firmware comes out(Im hearing maybe Mid August?) than things will start moving fast. If it can be hacked like the PSP I will order a Vita right away

  14. ×_× says:

    Wololo is arrogant he barely knows anything about hacking, like the other guy said the “media” distorting the truth , I’m sure there are hackers out there who now how to crack aes,

    Wait didn’t Sony have a securitt breach before? And isn’t there security type AES? Duuuuurrrrrrr

  15. Lodad says:

    I’m sure posting an article with headlines like those sites did would bring in more views and more f5s from people waiting on updates

  16. Anon says:

    Why not make every Vita application require online activation? Make a purchase get sent a key to your a special account online…sorted.

    Would that not work? Too costly?

    If I said something stupid then forgive me.

    The system isn’t even on its feet yet and people are trying to destroy it. Sickening.

    Hacking can be ethical. These hackers are likely able to play these pirated games/run all this software on hardware they already own so why the *** would they want to bury the Vita? And SO SOON as well?! At least have the decency to wait.

    • wololo says:

      What are you commenting about exactly? I don’t think this is really related to this article. There is nothing in there related to piracy, or to “destroying” the vita.
      The “online activation” thing is already used with success for many online games, such as Diablo, etc… IMO it is a pretty efficient way to protect games without restricting how users use their device. It does require to be connected regularly (if not always), which can be a restriction though…

  17. arikzil says:

    wololo please give an estimate when will i be able to put ios games(like uncharted) on my ps vita

  18. Helder seven says:

    Maybe e3 team will release 4.X keys in 1-2 months for ps3

    My theory is, ps3 have the psvita keys, maybe with a hacked 4.X ps3 we can get the new vita keys…

  19. Fabian says:

    hey FrWololo
    in my psn store i can still download Every body tennis.
    the psp one.

    but if i buy it can i play still homebrew/emulators on it?

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