Best PSP/Vita/PS3 Homebrews for July 2012

Here are the best 10 homebrews as chosen by you for the month of July. Remember that you can constantly download and vote for your favorite homebrews on our community database, /downloads, no login is required!

10. Lamecraft (PSP/Vita)

The famous Minecraft clone, one of the most acclaimed PSP homebrews ever, winner of the genesis competition in 2011.

Download Lamecraft here.

9. Open CMA (Vita)

A Patch to Sony’s CMA, allows you to use CMA even if you’re not connected to the internet. Highly recommended for VHBL users.

Download Open CMA here.

8. Snes9xTYL (PSP/Vita)

The most used Super NES emulator on the PSP.

Download Snes9xTYL here.

7. yMenu (Vita)

A great alternative to the VHBL menu, for VHBL owners.

Download yMenu here.

6. SKFU’s Vita Pr0xy (Vita)

A network proxy especially useful for vita owners, as it has a few dedicated PSN features

Download vita pr0xy here.

5. PS Vita .pkg xTractor (Vita)

Extracts some information from Vita official games

Download pkg xTractor here.

4. 2D Paintball (PSP)

A simple Top view paintball game

Download 2D Paintball here.

3. PRXShot

A Screenshot plugin for the PSP.

Forget all other screenshot plugins, this one actually does what you want :)

download prxshot here.


2. Doom PSP (PSP/Vita)

A port of the famous FPS

Download Doom PSP here.

1. Chronoswitch (PSP)

The downgrading tool for 6.xx psps. Although downgrading is not really useful anymore, some people still like to stay on 6.20 firmware for some plugins compatibility, and the possibility to have a full cfw even on newer psp models.

download Chronoswitch here.

I’m seeing no love for PS3 applications, but we’ve got a growing number of entries for that platform, and let me remind you that you can add missing entries yourself, I’ll review them as fast as possible!

  1. garrei’s avatar

    downgrading is *not really useful anymore…


    1. wololo’s avatar

      Thanks, fixed :)


  2. Trecenters’s avatar

    I can’t wait to get a full PSPemu kexploit so they all can run flawless.

    I am not a programmer, but I do software support for a bank. I have tried to run all these of the SC3 U-exploit and I always have a few things giving me errors.

    It is usually that or they will not run the roms I put in the directory. I use winrar and turn off compression.

    I would love to get all of these and some EMU’s in one pre-made zip for the sc3 exploit.


    1. fate6’s avatar

      you should take a look in the forums you might just find a surprise ^__^


  3. surVfate’s avatar

    Typo error, he will fix it in no time… BTW, Chronoswitch is also good for reupgrade your OFW in case you mess with the flash0 (on purpose of course, Pro CFW won let you make a mistake here)… eg. 6.60 -> 6.60…


  4. GaDo’s avatar

    What is the use of Vitaproxy app?


    1. GaDo’s avatar

      and how to use it? thanks!


      1. SMOKE’s avatar

        You use it for grabbing the Vita .pkg and .pup files, among other things.



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